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Racing Slayer

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Summary: Summary: Buffy was tired after Sunnydale and decided to spend some time in LA with her brother Jesse. What do you know? Sometimes in the Fast Lane you can heal, and Buffy was never very good at going slow.

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Plot twists

Acknowledgement: Thanks to the reviews from danielbuffyfan, Plato, SlayerandWereLeopard, SariLane, amie, slatergirl, Chaoskitten, WickedMagic, shelli, bradsan, imperailjadefox, serenityselena, bloodroses

In the garage the whole team wolfed the pizza down and Buffy got to enjoy the teasing banter of the team whilst they ate lunch. “You okay buster? You’re looking a little hot under the collar.” Vince said a little smirk on his face.

Brian shrugged, “Yeah we got a little distracted.”

Letty grinned, although there was an edge to her comment, “You’re really a perfect Cali-couple.”

Buffy played along but noticed that Letty’s boy wasn’t looking in her direction but rather hers and Brian’s. Awkward much? She played dumb to it, “Well he is very pretty.” As if confiding a great secret that caused both Mia and Letty to giggle, which was good. The last thing Buffy wanted to do was cause problems.

“Hey I’m not pretty. I’m a man!” Brian pouted, which Dom privately thought wasn’t helping his case but was wise enough not say.

Brian felt Buffy pet his shoulder, “You’re not pretty your very gorgeous ... In a manly way.”

The laughter in her voice was infectious and all the group were smiling - none more than Jesse. Brian may have just been beautiful but now he was practically Buffy’s favourite person. It had been a long time since he’d heard Buffy laugh like that and he wanted to hear a lot more of that. It was awkward that Dom couldn’t stop staring at them but hey, he wasn’t going to get in the middle of that brewing storm.

“So can I race?” Buffy asked eagerly, with her reactions racing was about the only option available. Her reaction times due to being the slayer were simply too quick for most cars apart from those designed for racers.

Dom knew he was playing with fire and he could feel Letty practically hissing, but if he was going to plan and pull the trick he wanted at Race Wars he needed to see what they could really do. “Sure I want to see both of you race. See if we’ll make money out of you for Race Wars.”

Jesse did a fist pump as that meant he could work with Buffy on fixing up the Supra. “Come on beautiful we need to get your car fixed up.”

Brian scowled sensing that he wasn't going to lose that nickname anytime soon. The siblings and undercover cop worked in the corner happily. The others would hear the siblings talk and at times they would understand the adorably confused expression that would appear on Brian’s face. The irony was it wasn’t Cali-speak but rather conversations about cars on a technical level. Buffy was never stupid and if it was about a subject she loved then she would soak up all the knowledge she could.

Mia laughed as she handed the buster a drink, “You know I’ve lived in LA all my life but I have no clue what they’re talking about.”

Brian smiled and looked a little goofily, “Yeah I’m following about one word in ten. She likes to play dumb.”

Buffy’s outraged, “Hey! No secret givage. I’ve worked hard at my act.”

The act was somewhat lessened by her current look, she was in leather trousers and a wet white tee. She knew what she looked like but she was absorbed in her task and it wasn’t like she couldn’t verbally or physically flay the person alive who was stupid enough to say something misogynistic.

Dom was struggling to keep his eye off the Supra that was quietly taking shape in the corner of the garage. The three blondes were working well together and two of them were looking so ridiculously attractive that he felt like calling a photographer. As even in LA they were fit to grace the covers of magazines and make models weep with envy.

Dom liked the fact that Buffy being around seemed to have settled her brother. Jesse was definitely more lucid with Buffy around at least that was for sure. It wasn’t taking long for the Supra to take shape under their talented hands. He wondered what exactly Jesse’s sister did for a living as she was clearly a little stronger than most. After all, when she wasn’t paying attention she was picking up several of the heavier car parts as if they weighed nothing.

It was watching these little quirks that was about to cause him a whole host of new troubles.

Letty watched Dom and her temper was getting worse the longer the afternoon went on. It wasn’t Buster or Buffy’s fault, but damn did they have to casually strip as they got hotter. White bread might not be her type but even she could appreciate Brian’s muscles and looks. They certainly weren’t the shy retiring type that was for damn sure.

“Screw this. Dom let’s talk.” Her tone indicating that she had no intention of not getting her way and Dom knew it.
Dom could tell that Letty was in a mood and wisely brought her into the house and up to his room. He sighed “What is it?”

Letty practically spat, “What is it?”

Dom sighed; he was hoping things wouldn’t end up being thrown. “Yes Letty or did you miss the part where we’re trying to fix the cars up.”

Letty snorted, “Yeah you fix up much today besides watching the pretty people on the Supra.”

Dom snarled right back, “Look I know I’ve screwed up but I agreed no more bunnies.”

Letty was just sad, they’d been together for a long time but she wouldn’t play second fiddle to anyone. She had seen the looks Dom was giving the new couple and her heart had broken. If he’d looked at her with even half of the lust he was throwing their way then there would never have been a race bunny.

“You know what I can’t do this.” She screamed.

Dom was alarmed, “I don’t understand.”

Letty could see that he actually didn’t understand, “You look at Buffy and Brian like you want to devour them. You haven’t looked at me like that in a long time - Who knows maybe both of them can be enough?”

Letty saw how thunderstruck he was and smiled sadly kissing his cheek, “I gotta get out of here papi. I’ll be back for Race Wars.”

Back in the garage, Buffy winced upon hearing the whole conversation. She had wanted to giggle upon hearing Letty’s comment about maybe both of them being enough. Still the scene wasn’t over as Letty stormed into the garage.

She looked over them, “Good look obviously his tastes have gone Cali.” She was being the bigger women but she still had fight in her, “I hope you can share as he owns your asses now.”

Okay, Buffy was sad for her but she wouldn’t be disrespected. If she wanted that she would have stayed in Sunnydale. She took a step forward and her whole nature seemed to change with it. Letty unknowingly took a step backwards as Buffy turned menacingly, which was stupid. She looked like a barbie was all Letty thought. Yet when she looked in Buffy’s eyes she saw something deadly.

She snarled, “Get out of my face. You won I’m outta here.”

Buffy didn’t back down, racing was about respect. If Letty wanted to leave she could walk around and she did.

Buffy saw the frozen team and gave them her teasing smile, “So are we gonna race or stare like idiots.”

Dom kind of adored the blonde in that moment but frowned upon seeing a soldier standing in the driveway. He had enough to contemplate with Tran, Race Wars without adding another complication.

It did beg the question of why a Marine major was in Echo Park. Buffy though was more direct in solving a problem, “Hey Graham. Why are you here? Congrats on the promotion and if Riley is in trouble I’m shoving my boot and anything else I can find up his ass.”

She certainly had a unique way with words, and the group didn’t grin seeing the shared worried look from Dom and Brian; not one bit. Things were awkward as tensions and feelings were raised and not talked about. The Marine was something new to focus upon and ignore their problems, “Relax. He’d have to be dying before he asked for help. You know that!”

Buffy snorted, “Yeah. Will you take back a present from me?”

“Will it explode?” Graham asked cautiously.

“No. And you forget you sent me a rocket launcher?” Buffy said eyes glinting.

Graham chuckled, “It was the least I could do for saving my ass and the men.”

Buffy shrugged, she was just doing her job but it was nice to be appreciated. She went to her bag that was in her car, rifling for the new toothpaste she’d bought back. She handed it to Graham who promptly burst out laughing and with no little mirth, “I shall hand it to him myself. He can’t court martial me for a gift from another.”

Buffy grinned loving when she had a willing accomplice. “So why are you here?”

Graham knew how much Buffy hated the army but knew she must be informed, “There was an unauthorised hack made on your DoD file. It originated from LA.”

Buffy was counting backwards from twenty – it wasn’t helping. “I’m gonna flay him alive, make no mistake. Stupid arrogant man. He clearly can’t take a hint.”

Brian knew who she meant and clearly Bilkins was more of an arrogant asshole than either of them knew. He was a little concerned by the deadly serious tone, “Err Buffy.”

Buffy was pacing now and building up a fin head of steam, “You quiet a minute.”

Buffy grinned and knew her exact plan first she picked up her cell. “Hey Angel. It’s so on. Bury him in red-tape have fun. The more tedious the better.”

Dom broke in when that phone call finished, “Err what’s going on?”

Buffy smirked shushing him with a finger to the lips. “Give me a minute I’m planning absolute torment.”

Her cell was racing through her speed dial. “Hey Nancy. Yeah. Sorry to call but can you pass a message to Fitz. Tell him his warning didn’t work.”

Buffy laughed, “Yeah he is trying to make my life difficult – So I’m paying it back three fold.”

The team had frozen again wondering just what was going on and the questions about what Jesse’s sister did for a living – rose again. Buffy dealt with Graham once more, “Listen the jackass seems to have it in for us. If you can make his life legitimately hard then you can have one get out of free from me whenever.”

Graham laughed in surprise; it seems this agent had made the mistake of crossing Buffy. It was to his misfortune that he wasn’t demonic. Buffy killed the demons that crossed her but humans were people she could toy with until she felt that revenge was served. He kissed her cheek and had a cocky smile. “I’ll leave you to your hot racers and good to see you again.”

Buffy waved as Graham left and weighed up what needed to happen. She wasn’t stupid and knew that the longer Brian waited to tell Dom the worse it would be. She wasn’t looking forward to this bit but life sucked when secrets were kept – better to rip the band aid off before it hurt too much.

She looked at Brian who was looking worried and rightfully so he wasn’t dumb and had clearly put two and two together. She gave him a small smiled and surprising even herself she grabbed his hand to comfort him. She stood firm, “Dom we need to talk just us three.”

Dom figured in for a penny, in for a pound. “Follow me.”

Authors Note: So I hope people are still enjoying and love to hear people’s thoughts and opinions and what they like, what could happen?

Sadly my teaching term starts again on Monday and therefore the next update is unlikely to occur before next weekend :(
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