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Racing Slayer

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Summary: Summary: Buffy was tired after Sunnydale and decided to spend some time in LA with her brother Jesse. What do you know? Sometimes in the Fast Lane you can heal, and Buffy was never very good at going slow.

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Better with 3?

Acknowledgement: Thanks to the reviews from SariLane, isugirl, shelli, Duchess, kittenpoker, SlayerandWereLeopard, bradsan, danielbuffyfan, immortalsilence

The atmosphere was tense amongst the trio of people left in the garage watching the retreating figures of Buffy, Dom and Brian. Leon, who was usually so hard to rattle, just looked at Mia and asked, "Has Letty really just ended it with Dom?"

Mia shrugged, "Sure looks like it. She didn't like the way he was looking at Brian and Buffy."
Well that much had been blatant to everyone in the garage.

Leon snorted as that was Mia’s polite way of saying that Dom had looked like he wanted to climb them like trees. Jesse who was still a little spaced muttered, "Buffy will need two men to handle her."

Leon looked wide eyed at Mia but she herself was fast coming to that opinion herself. She may have taken a brief shine to Brian but clearly he was meant to be with other people. After all there was a reason that she didn't date her brother’s friends.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, which was where Dom had taken them sat three very silent, none talking people. Buffy looked to Brian and then back at Dom and lost her temper - honestly men. You can’t live with them, but can you live without them?

"So great chat." She said with fake cheerleading cheer. She never thought that she would have to pull those skills out of the bag again.

Dom snorted and Brian was looking at Buffy as if he was questioning her sanity. Buffy rolled her eyes and sadly in recent years she favoured the rip-the-Band-Aid-method-off of dealing with problems. "So Brian needs to tell you something and then you CAN'T kill him."

Brian knew that Buffy wouldn't let him hide any longer and truth be told - he didn't want to. "I'm a cop but listen ... please." He pleaded.

Buffy had seen what was about to happen and had taken measures to make sure her new pretty guy - stayed pretty. The minute that Brian had said cop, Dom was up and his fist was swinging. Buffy stopped it cold and before it could register for Dom that the tiny blonde had stopped his fist, she sat in his lap - wiggling her eyebrows. It was at times like this that she realised how much she'd been influenced by Spike.

Dom snarled, "Why are you defending him? What about Jesse?" He felt betrayed and it was clear for all to hear in his voice. He hated letting people close and for Brian to be a cop it was like the worst possible result.

Buffy didn't react to his anger much to his annoyance, instead she argued rationally, "I love Jesse and if Brian had been a genuine threat I'd have made sure that he would have never come back from the pizza."

Dom could sense that there was much more to the gorgeous blonde - like the fact she could stop his punch cold. "He is still a narc."

Buffy sighed and hoped that he could see reason before he sounded like a broken record. "Not by choice. He was trying to make friends and a Fed, who really doesn't like you took advantage. Brian really doesn't want to do his job and has been looking for a way to tell you."

Dom took a breath because really after Letty just leaving him this is a little more than he could take. He could see that Brian had clearly earned Buffy's trust and that did count for something. If there was one thing that he’d learnt about the blonde was that she was clearly protective of Jesse, and yet all afternoon they had all worked quietly on the Supra happily flirting in Buffy and Brian's case.

"So is it because he is pretty that you trust him?" Dom baited he needed to get to the heart of this before he could think reasonably.

Buffy laughed huskily, "Whose lap am I sitting on?"

Dom quirked an eyebrow in amusement; that little fact had not in fact escaped his notice. "And yet Brian doesn't mind."

Buffy's smile was blinding she knew the minute that Dom called him Brian that things could be salvageable. "The Fed has it bad for you and he is looking at truck jackings and Brian has been ordered to find the dirt."

Dom wanted to protest but Buffy shushed him with fingers to lips, "Whatever happened we haven't seen it and therefore he can't report it. No evidence - No crime."

Brian chuckled and was beginning to really love Buffy's outlook on life; he had to as she had taken something so very complicated and condensed it down into something unique and simple. "What she said I like the family and I feel more at peace with you guys than I ever did in the force."

Dom looked into the mercurial blue eyes and could see the startled surprise in Brian’s face as he actually acknowledged the truth for the first time. He wouldn’t know it but that unhidden surprise would be what convinced Dom more than anything else. He did wonder exactly how Brian had made it as a cop, as it was a pretty dumb undercover cop, who completely broke cover. Later on, once he’d gotten to know his blonde lovers he’d most certainly appreciate the irony of how badly they both sucked at keeping their identities quiet.

“Okay so Brian may not be the bad guy but this agent is sniffing around.”
Buffy snorted, “The agent is about to have a very bad day ... That was what I asked Graham to do.”

Dom racked his brain and remembered that the random soldier that had dropped by was called Brian. He could hear the satisfaction in her voice and daringly he pulled her closer. “Yeah? Why is that?”

Brian stepped tentatively closer trying to see where he fit in the new cosy picture. He got the impression that it wouldn’t be him and Buffy or Buffy and Dom, but rather all three of them. Strangely he was okay with that thought.

Buffy could sense that the lethal anger was gone.

Dom chuckled Buffy certainly had shaken things up. "You okay with the idea of me and Brian chasing you?"

Buffy laughed and Faith would have been proud. "Oh yeah it might just be fun to get caught. Question is - are you okay with Brian and me chasing you?"

Dom thought about it and unlike many; he was secure enough not to have a sexual identity crisis. "You know what I think I can learn to cope with that but you promise the agent is gonna be miserable?"

Buffy's smile would have made a shark feel uneasy, "Oh I haven't even begun to play with Agent Bilkins."

Brian huffed, "Oh and calling the head of the Joint Chiefs and setting Angel O'Conner on him was tame?"

Buffy grinned, and stood up, stretching so as to highlight the toned stomach and smooth muscles. She looked back as she headed back to the garage. "Yep. Sure you can keep up boys?"

Dom barked a laugh, "I'm game. Go finish the car we'll talk."

Brian looked hopeful; talking generally meant that he'd stay alive. Buffy looked at them dubiously and much to everyone's amusement - Dom raised three fingers, "Scouts honour."

Buffy laughed, "You were never a scout."

Dom shrugged, "I won't kill him but we need to talk."

Buffy walked out into the garage with a fresh smile and she just hoped that she would keep her smile when all was said and done.

Dom looked at Brian hard, "Is she right? Should I trust you?"

Brian winced he hated betraying someone when he cared for them - you could thank his screwed up childhood for that.

"Bilkins put me under hearing about my past and knowing I'd struck up a friendship. I have been actively looking at shifting attention away from you Dom - you gotta believe me."

Dom sighed because he did believe the fair haired buster. His life had just gotten infinitely more complicated. "I do buster. Listen to me and god knows why I'm telling you this - I did the first one. Tran came to me as he needed drivers and we needed the cash."

Brian nodded and didn't judge - why should he? He had kind of guessed that might be the case. He took the gamble, "So do you know who is doing the recent ones?"

Dom shrugged, "Look I did the first one as he threatened my sister and to make us financially secure. Now - who knows?"

Brian had a cocky grin, "Well I guess we best get to a race and find out."

Amen, Dom thought. Of course when he turned up to the race with Buffy on his arm and a new buster in tow - the streets were alight with gossip. Even more when the buster won his race and the biggest bad ran away from someone they had assumed was a bunny.

Next Chapter: You get to find out what exactly happens at the race!
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