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Racing Slayer

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Summary: Summary: Buffy was tired after Sunnydale and decided to spend some time in LA with her brother Jesse. What do you know? Sometimes in the Fast Lane you can heal, and Buffy was never very good at going slow.

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Race Time!

Acknowledgements: Thank you to the reviews from Sirena, isugirl, SlayerandWereLeopard, Jobi, kittenpoker, bradsan, immortalsilence, danielbuffyfan, SariLane, shelli

Brian, Buffy and Dom walked back into the garage and the others took note of the flushed appearance of all three. Mia just quirked an eyebrow in response, but said nothing, as there comes a time where you just don’t want to know about your brothers sex life, especially when it was looking to be as complicated as Dom’s was becoming.

Vince just stood tall, “What’s the plan? You know Tran will be gunning for payback and we’re down a driver in Letty.”

Dom shrugged he wasn’t thinking about Letty just yet; he was still getting over the little things like Brian being a cop and Buffy being stronger than him. That was enough to ponder for now he figured. He shrugged, “You’re wrong if anything we’ll get more money.”

Vince snorted, “Oh yeah - how’s that?”

Then Dom smiled and it was like a cat who got the cream, “No one will expect my new buster and bunny to be so good at racing.”

Brian grinned liking where this was going but Buffy’s eyes narrowed, she only like playing the ditz. “So it has nothing to do with me having to wear something skimpy?” She said in a tone that made the men wince.

Dom and Brian shared a grin at just the mere thought of what Buffy’s outfit might look like. Leon though was the one to break the tension, “Bunny? I thought you were Buffy.”

Buffy rolled her eyes, “My mom was Cali not mean.”

Mia snickered she was beginning to really love Buffy. Dom sighed, “Look you clearly have a lot of surprises and we want to keep them.”

Buffy smirked, seeing no end of irony in his statement, “So what you are saying is that in order for me to hide I have to wear nothing?”

Vince shrugged, “There are race bunnies and very few racers. Still at least you won’t have to be glued to Dom’s ass like an eager puppy.”

Buffy had a filthy grin, which with a pang made her think of Faith. She wouldn’t stay away forever and soon she would introduce her sister slayer to the races. Faith would fit into the scene easily and would enjoy it. “I’d rather stare at Dom’s ass.” She was a slayer probably the longest lived one in records so she’d given up on coy a long time ago. Faith had in some part been responsible for that she thought with a fond thought.

The races were in full swing when Dom and his team turned up. The crowd admittedly went a little crazy when the self-professed King of the Streets turned up. Hector, the organiser of the races, jaw dropped upon seeing the very gorgeous blonde who got out of the Charger and then was seemingly swamped in Toretto’s arms.

He walked up to the team, and Hector smirked realising that while she may look like a bunny anyone who could talk shop with Jesse wasn't stupid and at a guess they were siblings. The other new player that the street would want to assess was the blonde guy.

Hector was gracious, "Let me welcome you all the races, and who is the beauty? And the snowman?"

Dom shrugged knowing the less said the better and he hadn't forgotten that Brian was a cop as much as he wanted to. "This is my buster and my new girl."

The audible sigh from the bunny population was just too funny and Buffy barely resisted the urge to roll her eyes - barely. Instead Buffy decided to deflect the attention, "Babe you promised me some races." She even threw in a sexy pout for good measure.

Hector chuckled and was more than a little envious of the Street king. "Well I would hate to disappoint such a beautiful little lady."

Dom knowing the dangerous ground his old friend was in when Buffy stiffened his arm asked the most important question. "Who wants to race one of mine?"

Tran stepped forward sneering, "Well, well, well so you think your little ass toy can beat me?"

Buffy had frozen, not because of Tran's appearance, but rather because she felt something demonic at least a trace. It would bear investigating as if he was a demon then she could get him anytime. Surprisingly it was Vince who stuck up for Brian, "Hey just because he is pretty no need to be jealous."

Buffy did snicker at that not that anyone could blame her. Tran tried to unsettle her but failed miserably, "Don't you hate that your boy is straying on you?"

Yep he was definitely going into the must kill category. She didn’t let the question phase her; in fact she smiled and a little bit of the slayer peeked through, “Nope in fact I’m encouraging Dom that life is better with three.”

Brian stepped forward making it clear that it wasn’t just one icy blonde running with the Toretto’s but rather two. It looked like Toretto had a new type. He had a bored look, “Are we gonna race? Or are you going to keep delaying?”

Tran had no choice but to race. Dom watched at the finish line and he bent down to whisper in Buffy’s ear, “This is going to be fun.”

“Not as fun as my stake up his ass.” Buffy muttered under her breath.

Dom frowned, “What was that babe?”

Buffy played clueless, “What was what honey?”

Dom chuckled message received loud and clear, “Okay, okay I give let’s watch Brian beat Tran.”

It did not take long - in fact it was rather like taking candy from a baby. Buffy smirked when she realised that Brian was waiting to inject the NOS he was toying with both the crowd and Tran. He past the line and did so in a flourish, fist pumping in the air. This race had just netted him 10 large - not too shabby for 10 seconds work.

Of course Tran was a sore loser. He came bustling over all, taut and angry, radiating a casual coiled violence and that was a big no in Buffy’s book.

Tran sneered, “He cheated. I want my money back!”

Buffy hated many thing things in her life - demons trying to end the word at the top of list, but sore losers were up there as well. She rolled her eyes, “Back off - if you can’t stand the heat then don’t race.”

“I’m not going to listen to a bunny.”

Buffy was getting standing up in his face now and even though she was of diminutive height she suddenly seemed so much taller, “My name is Buffy Summers idiot.”

Buffy smirked seeing him freeze for a second and she felt no sorrow in letting the slayer essence loose for a few seconds. He stayed there for a few more moments and the whole crowd was tense. No one was quite sure what was happening, all they knew was that Toretto’s new girl seemed to be fierier than his last - Letty.

Then something amazing happened, whatever Tran had seen had made him back off. He left in a huff; Buffy had played it coy, giving a hapless shrug to the crowd, whilst sharing a mischievous grin with Brian and Dom.

Just what was happening with the world? It was like topsy-turvy if Tran ran from a Californian blonde. That was the main thought running through the crowd, apart from one feisty brunette who was wondering when her sister slayer had learnt to have fun and with two such fine specimens. She would like to think that she was a positive influence in that respect - well she wasn’t going to find anything skulking that was Angel’s job.

“Yo B.”

Authors Note: Sorry for the delay but hope to have a new chapter up as soon at Easter!
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