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Racing Slayer

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Summary: Summary: Buffy was tired after Sunnydale and decided to spend some time in LA with her brother Jesse. What do you know? Sometimes in the Fast Lane you can heal, and Buffy was never very good at going slow.

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Catching up

Acknowledgments: Thank you to all the reviews posted by SlayerandWereLeopard, FireWolfe, serenityselena, immortalsilence, kittenpoker, SariLane, bradsan, danielbuffyfan

Buffy would that distinctive smoky Bostonian accent anywhere. She was so glad that she’d caught up with Faith. She turned away from the team and towards her sister slayer. It was great to catch up and the ever present bond that belonged between the two slayers was humming brightly.

Faith looked over at Buffy and liked what she saw, even if there was a bit more of her on show than normal. She looked good, at least a hell of a lot better than she had at the crater. Faith could see that gone was the sunken eye look and she had lost the sharp edges from her bones.

The two men that were orbiting her were new as well but all Faith could think was fair play to B. She definitely wouldn’t kick tall, dark and muscles out of bed, nor the blonde surfer.

She smiled and smirking, “One not enough for ya B.”

Buffy shrugged, trying for coy but failing miserably, “One can’t handle me.”

Faith smirked, “I like your style. Well I want to catch up with some old friends but could so with some back up - fancy tagging along.”

Buffy thought about it, it was strange but being around Brian, Dom and the others had helped her find herself again. However she wasn’t stupid - she knew that she couldn’t ignore the slayer inside her.

She grinned, kissing Dom and Brian both on the lips, a quick fleeting kiss that was seen by most of the crowd. “Be back later, have fun.”

Buffy sauntered away with Faith feeling empowered and like the Buffy of old - the powerful slayer. She still wanted to race and would make Dom take her to another race. For now though she got into her car and showed Faith just how well she could drive when she had a car that could in fact keep up with her reaction times

Faith looked carefully at her old friend, she looked a little different - cut-off denim shorts, white tank teamed with a fitted, black leather, jacket cut to the waist. “You doin' better?”

Buffy took a deep breath, “At the end of Sunnydale I was running on empty. They took me away from rest and it was my fault. I let them take so much and I never put my foot down.

Faith listened patiently and let Buffy carry on sensing that she needed to unburden herself. “And it was okay until they kick me out my home. It wasn’t that they didn’t want me to be leader ... it was that they chucked me out of my home where they were bringers.”

Faith nodded slowly, “You know I hated them for that ...”

Buffy sighed, “I know and I will get over it and try being friends again but I need to stay with my brother.”

Faith chuckled, “Are you sure it has nothing to do with his hot friends.”

Buffy snickered, “They help and I won’t kick either one out of bed.”

Faith cackled, “Well let’s go and clear out that nest so you can get all hot and horny.”

It was a brilliant plan. The girls were bored so they toyed with their prey a little. It might have been mean until you remembered that they were all blood sucking fiends who drained there victims. After remembering that it seemed quite okay really as far as the Slayers were concerned. They decided to go with drunken co-eds looking for a rave.

They stumbled into the abandoned factory, giggling like they were drunk. Then Buffy looking around, feigning confusion said, “Err F I think we got the wrong place.”

“No shit, where is the music?”

Fang creep one appeared out of the shadows looking like all his Christmases had come at once. “The DJ is merely late you are the first to arrive.”

“Err this blows I’m out of here.” Buffy was dipping more and more into her cheerleader skills.

Two more of the fang gang appeared, “Where are you going the party is starting?”

Buffy barely resisted rolling her eyes as it was quite obvious that the last time this guy had partied it had been 1970 at the latest. “A party is not five guys.”

Faith shrugged, “I’m with B.”

Then the rest of nest appeared positively salivating at the potential meal in front of them. It was too bad that this was one meal that was going to give them deadly indigestion. Buffy and Faith moved back to back so that they could help each other protect their weaknesses.

The first fanged guy made an attempt to go up to them and received a stake to the heart. Faith chuckled, “Ain’t no drink from this tap.”

Buffy smirked, “Hey what do you know? It’s just become a party.”

The fight didn't really take too long but did scratch more than a few itches. Buffy was laughing and joking around, “Oh you know how to show a girl a good time.”

Faith was pouting, “But now I gotta go back to the hotel before I turn into a pumpkin.”

Buffy figured that if Faith had to go back to the hotel she should do it in style - in her car. “Oh can you ask king geek to look into a supernatural connection around Johnny Tran?”

“Sure thing.”

The car finished in a flourish of chrome, pulling up to the sidewalk and Faith jumped out feeling happier and lighter. She was glad that Buffy was okay and just maybe in the near future she could convince the Scooby’s to pull their collectives asses out of their heads.

Giles was frowning when she walked through the entrance. “Faith we’ve already discussed this no slayer should patrol on her own.”

Faith had a smug smile and looked directly at Kennedy as she said it, “Yeah, well, guess what G? I wasn’t alone just needed some on my level.”

He took his glasses off, “Buffy?”

Faith’s smile went mega-watt, “Yep now nighty night I want to go and find and Robin.”

Across the city in Echo Park Buffy pulled up outside the Toretto home knowing that the party would be in full swing. It was a typical racing party bunnies and people all over the place and yet when she looked for Brian and Dom they were talking quietly on the steps, sharing a Corona.

She felt content to be back here, “Hey boys having fun.”

Dom looked her up and down in a slow perusal, “I am now.”

Brian’s winning smile, “Yep definitely got a whole lot better.”
Buffy knew what she wanted, “Well let’s hope your bed is big enough for three as I really want to sleep.”

They did sleep later - eventually after fun was had by all three.
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