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Racing Slayer

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Summary: Summary: Buffy was tired after Sunnydale and decided to spend some time in LA with her brother Jesse. What do you know? Sometimes in the Fast Lane you can heal, and Buffy was never very good at going slow.

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tentative plans

Thank you to the reviews from kittenpoker, SlayerandWereLeopard, spk, SariLane andimmortalsilence

Buffy awoke with the early morning light feeling sated; it turned out that it really was better with three. They had a lot of fun and all had fallen asleep happy and unconcerned with what might happen.

In the morning light though Buffy realised that she might have a few questions to answer. Like how did she make the uber-bad guy run away with a look, and just how had she stopped Dom’s fist cold; those were not things that Californian princesses were usually associated with. Still Buffy was glad that she had been afforded the luxury of waking first and getting the chance to see her lovers peaceful.

Dom woke secondly, slowly and stretching languidly, like a waking panther. It was a good comparison and he smiled seeing Buffy awake, “Didn’t we tire you out?”

“Nope,” Buffy grinned as she pecked him on the mouth mindful of morning breath. That was one power that the slayer didn’t fix for her.

He didn’t seem to care about small things like morning breath as he pressed closer, kissing her deeply. Buffy’s eyes fluttered shut and she enjoyed the casual intimacy.
The bed dipping from Dom shifting his weight caused Brian to wake, and he was greeted with the sight of his two lovers pressed against each other. It was a great way to start the morning but he was a little jealous, “Hey you started without me?”

Buffy and Dom shared a mischievous smirk, and without a word said - had already planned a coordinated attack on Brian. Brian found himself at the mercy of two pairs of lips and four hands and he really did get a morning wake up that he wouldn’t forget in a hurry. They showered separately and met back up in the bedroom, seemingly reluctant to leave the bedroom. It was like they knew that it could be a shelter from the craziness outside.

“I don’t want to leave this bed.” Brian pouted looking sexier than any man had a right to be Dom thought.

Dom silently agreed with him but his sensible head reared and he knew that Tran would not take last night lying down. He would be out for a quick revenge his misguided sense of honour would see to that. “Sadly we need to prepare for what Tran will do.”

Buffy snorted, “No you don’t,” Her voice was pure steel, “Leave him to me. I already have someone working on it.”

Brian was a little surprised, and guessed that he and Dom had a lot to learn about Buffy. “Just like that?”

Buffy shrugged, “You’ve seen I’m friends with powerful people.” She startled herself when she came to the dawning realisation that she held a hell of a lot of power herself. “I have power that I can wield.”

Dom was thinking, “You hold more than political power though.” He said as he looked at what looked like delicate wrist. There was nothing delicate though about that hand that could stop one of his fists cold.

Buffy sighed, and she was really glad that she had got to enjoy at least one normal night. It kinda sucked that they had learnt her secret so quickly. Still trust and no secrets were supposed to be the foundations of all stable relationships so maybe trying it from the beginning might help this one. It couldn’t be any worse than her others serious relationships.

Buffy sat on the bed and pulled her knees up so she could rest her face on them, and she didn’t want to look at them while she said what she had to say. Taking a deep breath she began to recite the familiar “The world is older than you know ...

Once she finished, she looked up to see what the guys thought of what they’d been told. She expected disbelief and anger, instead she saw casual acceptance. It couldn’t be this easy – could it?

Dom smirked, “I’m an ex-con whose new girlfriend made his worst enemy run away with a look. I can dig that, besides him being a demon is as good as explanation as any.”

Buffy laughed softly and waited to see what Brian had to say, already though she couldn’t but feel an overwhelming rightness that she had come to stay with her brother. Brian motioned to Dom that they should sit on the bed besides Buffy. One either side acting like silent Sentinels; Buffy was now in the middle of a most delicious man sandwich - one that she knew Faith would be very jealous of.
Brian snickered, “And I’m a cop pretending to be someone else, who has fell in love with a maybe suspect and the most badass princess he’s ever seen.”

Buffy chuckled, and relaxed into the comfort freely given and knew what she would do to keep it – anything. Buffy started to strategize, “So we make Tran go away - we have the supernatural taken care of and I’ll even bring in help - Brian can deal with the human members of the crew, but Dom - how do we keep the family safe?”

Brian sucked in a breath, as that was the problem that he had been mulling over in his own mind ever since he’d come down from his morning high. “Not sure that is what I’ve been tryin’ to figure out.”

Dom smirked, “Well it’s simple. The Race Wars - we move everything into place so that it all comes to a head there. It will give us time to plan and make sure that we protect our own.”

Buffy liked it, more time, meant that she had more allies she could call upon. The most important being that she made sure that the asshat detective didn’t try to destroy Dom or Brian’s life in a fit of rage. When they had met, she sensed that Bilkins was trying to be a good man but one, who had a temper that an elevated position had afforded him.

Brian shrugged, “If we have a tentative plan … Does that we can go back to bed?”

Buffy leant over him, causing him to fall back against the bed - she was so close that he could feel her breath against his skin. He closed his eyes but there was no kiss, much to his disappointment. Buffy was grinning as she grabbed her cell. “Sorry babe gotta go remind some people that I am in fact the big cheese.”

Dom stood, “Want back up?”

Buffy tilted her head to the side contemplating that offer. It would be fun and besides if she was serious about them, and in her heart she could sense this wasn’t a fling then it was best they get used to her crazy life before they all got too deep. “You know what the more the merrier.”

Faith was bored at the hotel, but was watching in amusement as Willow and Giles were being given the diplomatic run around. They were so sure that they were right that their arrogance would be their undoing, and everyone knows how the old adage goes – the bigger the ego, the greater the fall. The best bit was that according to the text that she had just received off Buffy Faith’s entertainment was about to increase tenfold. How could it not? Buffy was about to visit with both of her boy toys. It was sure to make nearly everyone’s head explode.

Giles was getting annoyed, “So who should be the one to initiate the transferal of funds? Or did you miss the bit where I said I am the only surviving member with access codes.”

The clerk rolled his eyes, “I am not stupid Lord Giles I graduated with a First Class Honours degree from Oxford and I am telling you that control of all council assets. The minute of the attack – all control fell to the active General of the Council Forces.”

Giles was exasperated and trying to rack his mind for whom exactly held that title. “Can you give me the name of the ‘General of the Council Forces’?”

“That would be me,” was the answer from an assured familiar voice.

The door to the hotel was open and several weapons pointed at the new arrivals. Everyone was still a little jumpy from Sunnydale.

In the doorway was a much more relaxed and healthy looking Buffy, who was being flanked by two very big males? Giles noted that all had not even blinked at weapons being flung their way, in fact the more muscled one snarked, “Friendly welcome.”

Buffy smiled brightly, “Oh babe they get worse. Least they haven’t kicked me out of my home again.”

Oh this was going to be so much fun Faith thought and the men got hotter? Buffy was back and she was standing up for herself – let the fun and games begin.
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