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Racing Slayer

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Summary: Summary: Buffy was tired after Sunnydale and decided to spend some time in LA with her brother Jesse. What do you know? Sometimes in the Fast Lane you can heal, and Buffy was never very good at going slow.

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Well I'm off

Dislaimer I do not own the characters - I only own my twisted imagination. All rights belong to the respective owners!

Authors Notes: Gift fic for ConstanceTruggle, it's not finished yet but deserves a treat anyway!
N.B This is not kind to the Scooby's so if you like them then don't read!.

Buffy had seen the writings on the wall and wanted her GTO safe. She had it transferred to her place in LA. The GTO was hers and she had worked on it whenever she’d needed to de-stress and she couldn’t find any vampires. Her half-brother Jesse had given it to her. She liked Jesse, and had loved getting to know him. His Step-dad gave him a hard time as he struggled to pay attention in school. Buffy had shrugged; she couldn't say much, as she'd been expelled from Hemery for burning the gym down.

When she'd been in LA, she'd met up with him several times and he'd made some new friends. Buffy was ecstatic as they let him be himself, which is all she ever wanted for her big brother.

They had never told anyone else that that they'd found each other. It wasn't about keeping secrets but having something just for themselves. Jesse was the result of one of her Dad's quick and dirty affairs but Buffy didn't care. Jesse was family and that was that as far as she was concerned. Jesse though had given Buffy a great gift - a car that was suited to her reaction times. His big love was maths and hers, was now martial arts but Cars? That was a mutual love.

They kept up talking over the phone. Jesse was there for her and listened, even when he was half-baked he'd always have time for his little sister. He listened all about Angel's return and the internal conflict. He made her giggle over Riley. She'd called distraught and okay so he may have been half baked but the half an hour that he'd waxed lyrical about the walking toothpaste ad had made Buffy laugh her ass off.

The secrecy stuff didn't work though when she'd died. No one had told him and you could have knocked him down with a feather when he had his little sister in tears on the phone.

Buffy though got to listen to everything going on in Jesse’s life. When she knew that Sunnydale was going to go bad – she’d phoned Jesse to come and get her, which is exactly what he did.

The team all looked strangely at their young friend. They all loved Jesse dearly but bless him, he was a space cadet. Not today though, if anything he was the most lucid he’d been in a long time.

Dom was never one to let his curiosity fester, “Where you off to Jesse?”

Jesse grinned and all could see his excitement positively vibrate, “I gotta go collect an important package – I’ll be about 2 hours.”

Before Dom or anyone else in the team could object, Jesse had split – to go and collect his ‘package’.

Buffy was sitting on the edge of the crater that was the city formerly known as Sunnydale. She could hear all the conversations, and plans and something just snapped inside of her and she vented.

She put her fingers to her lips and whistled, as the ear-piercing sound caused everyone to stop arguing. Buffy’s tone was cold, and brooked no argument, “How dare you plan my life!”

Giles looked shocked and even affronted, “Come now Buffy, you have a duty.”

Buffy snorted just knowing exactly what cards he’d play, “Yeah about that, the night before last you thought it great to sack me from my position.”

Xander interjected, it was becoming an irritating habit, “Come on Buffy be fair, you’d made some bad decisions and we were scared.”

It sounded so reasonable to his ears and Buffy laughed with bitter irony. The sad thing was she didn’t doubt that he actually felt that way. “Yeah Xander, it was totally okay to kick me out of my own home, onto the street with bringers on my OWN. It was totally alright to rip from me my duty, after you ripped me from HEAVEN.” Buffy took a deep breath, it was like a train on a track, once it started, it had to finish, she forged on, “Yeah Xander I mean I totally deserved that. Am I perfect? ... NO, but goddamn it, we were at war and you left with me with human children in a fight. You made them collateral and then blamed me when I couldn’t protect them all.”

Buffy felt lighter for venting – what do you know? It really was cathartic. And perfect timing from her lovely brother she could hear the purring rumble of the Dodge Challenger that he was fixing up. Buffy grinned, “What do you know my brother is here. Don’t find me, I’ll find you when I can look at you without feeling disappointment.”

Her brother, looking suspiciously clear headed smirked, “Come on, I got your baby ready for you.”

Buffy brightened; she really loved her car, “Is the paint job done?”

“It’s a car fit for a slayer queen.” The irony was that he didn’t realise how true his statement was, Buffy just smiled, “Come on, I’m ready to get the hell out of dodge.” Buffy had a wide smile for her fellow slayer, “Faith don’t be a stranger.”

Jesse could see that his sister needed time, so did what he usually did when nervous – he babbled. He talked all about the car that the new buster had brought into the garage. It was soothing in a way that let Buffy enjoy true rest. The night before she’d been settled but lying so close to Spike had meant something else. She had also yet to truly grieve over the small fact that Spike was dead.

The car pulled into the garage in a squeal of tyres and the team almost fell over in shock at seeing the stunning blonde who stepped out of the car. Vince wolf whistled, Buffy guessed who this was and took a page out of Faith’s book. She slid to his side and looked him up and down in a suggestive manner and said, “Not impressed!”

Dom chuckled at the blatant put down and given Mia’s impressed look, the blonde had made a friend for life. “Who’s your friend Jesse?”

Buffy had a wicked smile on her face, it was interesting - two men and both took her fancy. The one light and very LA looking; the other tall, dark and she guessed all gravelly. The difference between her and Faith though was that she would pick one, Faith would chase both at the same time. “Not a friend.”

Brian cocked his head to the side, he could see the conclusions that the others would make. His money was that this was a half-sister, but if the friendly mechanic decided to string the others along he wouldn’t say anything.

Dom was intrigued, “So not a friend. Do you have a name?”

Buffy smirked, “Yep, didn’t say I’d give it just yet, maybe next time.” Buffy liked the little bit of power she held over them and snickered as she put them out of a little bit of misery, “Come on bro we ready to hit my place?”

Jesse looked a little lost, “What about Dad?”

Buffy looked unimpressed, “Jesse he’s a grade A ass and my place has space for two.”

The siblings ignored everyone around them as they each tried to comfort the other. Buffy smiled softly at her brother, she could see he was about to get lost in cars once again. She had a good way to tempt him back into the here and now. “Jess unless we go to mine how will you see the work I put into my GTO?”

Jesse looked from the RX-7 back to his sister, “My place Jess, remember Hank’s guilt trip and my GTO.”

The place they were going to was exactly that, a guilt purchase on Hank’s part. The irony was that he’d never even realised that Buffy had struggled so much in raising Dawn and trying to keep a roof over both of their heads. As a conciliatory “sorry I’m an ass present” he bought her a comfortable home with a garage attached.

The others in the garage watched the retreating pair in shock. Vince had just picked his mouth of the floor in shock, “Man she’s hot.”

Brian grinned, “She knows about cars too. She didn’t seem all that impressed with you though.”

Vince rose to the bait, “Why you little ...”

Dom rolled his eyes, and stepped in between the scrapping pair. They really were like scrapping puppies, and the best bit was that they hadn’t noticed that Blondie could probably take both of them. He was definitely intrigued by Jesse’s sister. As soon as she’d entered the garage she had checked out each and every one of them to assess if they were threats. It was something that he’d found a hard habit to break after Lompoc so it raised the question of why she would do it. There was definitely more than one question that needed to be answered about Jesse’s sister - starting with what was her name?

He just hoped Letty didn’t do her skank routine on Blondie as he felt that for once his sweet tempered Letty would lose - big time. Still things just got a lot more fun.

Authors note SO this story is meant to cover just the first movie. It is a gift fic that so far has another 2,500 words to edit. What I want to know is love? Hate? Ideas of what they might want to happen.
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