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Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

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Summary: *CH 51 Added* Buffy jumps through Glory's portal, but her body doesn't pop out the other side. Considered AU after that. Willow takes the logical step of looking for Buffy before attempting to resurrect her. She discovers that the Slayer is alive.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered(Past Donor)DrkPhnxFR155482,41410220196,24821 Jan 0429 Jul 06No

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

Title- Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

Author- DrkPhnx


Disclaimer- I almost literally own nothing, not to mention BtVS or Anita Blake

Rating- PG-13

Pairing- None as of now

Summary- Buffy jumps through Glory's portal, but her body doesn't pop out the other side. Considered AU after that. Willow takes the logical step of looking for Buffy before attempting to resurrect her. She discovers that the Slayer is alive. The story of Willow searching for her lost friend.

Spoilers- Through season 5 for BtVS and Cerulean Sins for Anita Blake.



"Hmm, little bit bumpier than I thought it'd be. Oh well, if interdimensional travel was easy, everyone would be doing it," Willow commented to herself after repacking her athame and the precious and irreplacable vile of Dawn's blood that had allowed her to travel to this particular dimension in search of her vanished sister, aka Buffy Summers, the Slayer. The little glass container was protected by a variety of layered enchantments that made it rather hard to break -a major understatement- but she was still exceedingly careful with it. Willow doubted she'd be able to open a stable portal back to her's and Buffy's home reality without Dawn's blood.

One last check to make sure that all her vital parts were in their correct places and Willow pulled her laptop from her backpack and keyed up a map of St. Louis. She'd updated Buffy's position in this universe with a quick locator spell before opening her portal, but she had no way of knowing just how similar this St. Louis was to its analogue on her Earth. For now, she'd have to rely on her computerized atlas until she could get her hands on something local. Hopefully her money would be able to pass for the native currency. If not a little creative casting to grease the wheels of retail...

Willow giggled to herself as a mental image of an Anya horrified beyond description came to life in her mind.


Difficult wasn't a powerful enough word to describe the months following Buffy's plunge from Glory's cobbled together Tower of Doom. It was bad enough that Buffy had vanished through a chaotic portal to who knew where in the megaverse, her safety a complete unknown to her friends and family. It wasn't until much later that Willow was able to confirm that Buffy lived and wasn't trapped in some far flung Hell dimension.

Cleaning up the effects of the short-lived, though powerful multi-dimensional portal left Willow and Tara little time and even less energy to mourn the lost Slayer. The spells to return displaced chunks of various realities were complex and exhaustive in nature. A barely functional Spike, along with Xander and Giles were left with rounding up and dispatching the wildly varied host of creatures who had been sucked through the portal.

Thankfully, the dragon had run afoul of the US Air Force when it attempted to mate with a fighter plane on patrol, or so Giles' improvised divination indicated.


Whether it was good karma or sheer dumb luck, Willow didn't have to expend much effort in locating Buffy. Her name and picture were plastered across the front page of virtually every newspaper in the city. Of course, the good forture lasted another three seconds or so, when Willow actually read the article which had attracted her attention.

The gist of the article came down to three simple facts. Vampires were legal citizens of the United States of America. It was illegal to destroy vampires without a legal order of execution. Buffy had destroyed approximately fifty seven vampires before being apprehended in a local hospital where she was being treated for a dislocated shoulder.

Willow noticed that the muscles in her right cheek were twitching randomly just about the same time that the paper held in her white-knuckled, clenched fists burst into angry purple flames. The lapse in control would have drawn more attention if the magical flame hadn't turn the paper into less than ash in the instant between heart beats. Reflexively, without need for conscious thought, Willow pulled a pair of mirrored shades from her coat pocket and hid her eyes from view. With great power comes great responsibility, or so the saying went, but there was also a need for great control. Willow had control 'most' of the time.

What kind of warped universe was she in? Vampires as legal citizens...with civil rights...and advocate groups...

Try as she might, Willow simply could not bring herself to understand the thinking behind such a decision. Had the president been turned? Did vampires rule the world? Buffy was the Slayer. She slayed. It was pretty much her sole reason for existing, yet she was on trial for murder for dispensing her sacred duty. The paper indicated that prosecutors were seeking the death penalty. At that thought, the witch's vivid red hair began to noticeably darken at the roots.


"No way, Mrs. Maison. I'm not crazy. I don't care what the papers say." Buffy glared across the table at her attorney. Catherine Maison-Gillete was good at her job, and therfore her services did not come cheap. Buffy was silently thankful that HAV -Humans Against Vampires, a bastion of reason in an apparently insane world- had forked up the cash to hire the attorney, even if the woman was getting on her last very strained nerve.

"Ms. Summers, I'm afraid you're overlooking the seriousness of your predicament. Fifty seven counts of first degree murder, to which you freely admit committing. If that alone were not enough to convict you, there are no less than three security tapes with a clear view of you murdering three vampires, numerous fingerprints and various crime scenes, and a multitude of DNA evidence. Frankly, you're only chance of survival is to plead insanity and throw yourself on the mercy of the court."

Buffy redirected her glare to the flimsy cuffs and chains restraining her wrists and ankles. It would be so easy to break free, and if it really came down to the wire and these wackos tried to execute her, that's exactly what she would do. For now, though, she had to hope that someone in charge would grow a bit of common sense and repeal Addison vs Clark, the disgustingly stupid ruling that made vampires citizens.

"Mrs. Maison, I'm the Slayer, not some wannabe executioner. I was literally created to kill vampires and demons. Created by higher beings, gods, angels, whatever you want to call them. I didn't want the job and tried to get rid of it more than once, but that doesn't work. It's who I am and it's what I do. It's been that way for thousands of years." Buffy took a deep breath, trying to keep herself from losing her temper again. Mrs. Maison was here to help her, no matter how annoying she may be. "Just because this country has gone fucking insane for the past few years doesn't mean I can ignore my duty!" So much for not losing her temper.

Catherine didn't respond to her client's outburst. How could she, when she believed every word the young woman was saying? Polygraph testing revealed that Elizabeth Summers -a girl who didn't exist in any record prior to her arrest- was telling the truth, or at least what she thought to be the truth. Blood tests proved that she wasn't a lycanthrope or any preternatural creature disguised as human and there were no foreign or exotic substances in her body. Yet the girl had violently murdered -i.e. torn apart- nearly five dozen vampires. More than one state appointed Coven had examined the girl for magical augmentation or demonic influence. Other than possessing an overwhelmingly powerful vital aura, they could find nothing unusual about her. If holy objects held the divine power to ward off the undead, a widely known fact, then who was to say what other vessels for such power may exist?

Some people were denouncing her as one of the most vile serial killers in American history while others just as vehemently proclaimed her a hero of the human race.


Author's Notes - I've been wanting to write a BtVS/Anita Blake x-over for a while now. Hopefully I'll continue it.

Anyway, I could use a little help. If anyone knows the procedures someone would have to go through to visit a person being held during a murder trial, I'd greatly appreciate getting the ins and outs. Law & Order tends to gloss over that part, you know?
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