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Demonic Complications

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Summary: After the final battle, Xander drifts from the world of Slayage and finds a home with NCIS. But what's dead doesn't always stay dead. Including Spike, who manages to heap a mound of trouble on Xander's shoulders.

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NCIS > Xander-CenteredLazerWolfFR1512,683092,89420 Feb 1320 Feb 13No
A/N: Hello.

This is actually an old story of mine, originally posted on (you can find it under my penname Lazerwolf314) that I decided was in desperate need of a facelift and I was hoping I could receive some constructive criticism on it.

So, I do hope you enjoy, and I would like to mention that nine chapters are already written, they just need some serious revision, which means there shouldn’t be too long a wait between chapters.

Disclaimer: Don’t own anything but the plot and yada-yada. Property of the creators of NCIS and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Special Agent Alexander Harris of NCIS nearly groaned when he walked onto the crime scene. As it was, he barely held it in and stared at the bleach-blonde head and leather jacket lying, sprawled on the ground. As soon as he had seen the body, he had known he was in for a brutal day.

Xander had been woken rudely by his boss, Special Agent Jethro Gibbs, demanding him to get his ass to 32 Main Street, Virginia, only half an hour before. The call had jolted him out of his chaotic dreams, causing him to panic slightly. When he realized it was just his phone, he had had a wooden stake in one hand and the call had already gone to voice-mail. He dropped the piece of wood and had hit redial; frantically hoping Gibbs wouldn't be too pissed. Once his boss answered his cell, he had snapped out orders before Xander could say anything. Then he had hung up.

The case was a John Doe found near Quantico naval base. There had been no identification on him but there had been a navy issue weapon and ID beside the body. That's all Gibbs told Xander before ordering his ass on scene. The address had been familiar to Xander. It was a bar.

It took almost half an hour to get to the crime scene, and the whole team was already there. Ziva and McGee gave him pitying looks and Tony smirked behind his camera. Gibbs had ignored him completely, simply telling him to get photos before going to talk to the first on scene. What made matters worse was that he knew the bar. It was a local demon haunt that was owned by none other than Willy the Snitch. Luckily for Xander, Willy didn't seem to be on the scene yet, so he could avoid the awkward questions that would've surely arise if the team knew he knew the bar and its patrons. Or what the patrons were, for that matter.

However, Xander got a good look at the body when he stepped around Palmer to take sketches of the area, and cursed under his breath. Once he recognized the man, he knew first off that he wasn't dead… erm, not dead again, because if he was, the man would be just a tiny pile of dust. Second, Xander could barely see the slight twitch of the man's left eyebrow, above the scar. No one else had bothered to look.

He was stretched out in the shade of the shabby bar, inches away from the sunlight. He was badly beaten, and looked like he had taken a good whack to the back of his head. Xander knew immediately that he would have to face some major issues when he returned to the navy base. Then again, he might not ever get back there. Not with what might happen in the next few minutes and what Spike was doing in Virginia.

Of course Ducky happened to be just about to use the liver probe when Xander showed up. Xander leapt forward to stop him with a shout that had all eyes turning to him, but it was too late.

The probe broke through flesh at the exact moment Spike regained consciousness. The vampire had surged upwards with a growl, rolled to his feet and was in a defensive crouch with his back to the bar in a matter of seconds.

At least he had kept his fangs in, Xander noted wryly. And he was standing in the shade.

The entire NCIS team had reacted instantly, drawing guns and shouting orders to drop, freeze, whatever. Palmer had helped Ducky to his feet and they were both wide eyed behind the police line. All the while Spike was swearing viciously.

"What in the bloody, buggering hell is going on?" He demanded.

That's when Xander stepped forward, against the direct orders of Gibbs for him to stay back.

"Spike!" He snapped.

The vampire whipped his head around, and he smiled. Slightly. And toothily. "Xander! Told the old brit I could find you. Of course, I didn't except it to be like this."

"Spike. What the hell are you doing here?" Xander sighed heavily.

Before Spike could answer, Gibbs broke in. "Harris, how in the hell do you know who this man is?"

"Sorry Boss. That's classified information." Since Xander was an Agent for the NSWC (National Slayer and Watcher Council) he had no authority to tell his boss. Well, his boss at NCIS.

Once Buffy and the Scoobies had defeated the First, Giles had put together a council for slayers and watchers. It was made so both parts could be seen as equals instead of the watchers thinking they ran the show. It had setups with many different national and international agencies, with agents in place all around the globe. Xander was a liaison with NCIS (all though his team didn't know it) and had been for 3 years. Xander was the only agent from the NSWC in Washington, D.C at the moment. He could've chosen to work with the F.B.I or any other agency but Xander like the idea of a not-so-well-known federal group. It reminded him a bit of his life in Sunnydale. The anonymous factor because the only thing that town was known for was its high mortality rate. And that wasn't something to be proud of.

But, as the years had passed, Xander had felt less and less like a member of the NSWC and more like part of the NCIS ragtag family. Because, that’s what they had become to him; a second family. Despite various attempts to the otherwise, Xander had drifted from the other Scoobies, and try as they all might, there didn’t seem to be much in the ways of fixing the gap.

Besides, Xander had always been the odd one out.

The NSWC had also put together schools where all young slayers could be taught to handle their powers and once they graduated from a two years course and were over the age of 18, they were sent to different Hellmouths and places with the most demon activity. Since there were thousands of new slayers, the Scoobies had taken a year to round them up and tell them about their destinies, duties and powers. The NSWC was still finding young slayers today. It was amazing how many potentials had still been alive when the Bringers had been roaming the world searching for them.

All of the NSCW agents had a special phone made just for the long distance calls that came from anywhere on the globe. Giles always sent word when slayers or agents would come to Washington, how long they would probably stay and what they were doing in Washington. It was usually a demon of some sort they had tracked from the other side of the world. Xander would let the slayers crash at his place, provide some weapons and backup until whatever demon was threatening the streets was dead.

Xander kept up regular patrols of his own in the streets of D.C. It wasn't a Hellmouth or anything, but some vampires and minor demons liked to come and lurk in the bars. Xander had had very few major incidents in the past three years, and since he had taken a major self-defence course at the NSWC headquarters in London, he no longer fought like an incompetent idiot. He had even beaten Ziva during a workout session. When his teammates had asked where he had learned to fight, he just said he took intensive martial arts when he was a kid. He could tell that no one believed him, but he couldn't exactly say that he had been in training with girls that were stronger then about 10 grown men. And that he had fought countless demons. But the team had backed off when he used his glare on them, the one that he usually reserved for Spike.

"What the hell do you mean, 'classified information'? And explain to me how our dead John Doe is now up and talking?!." Gibbs stared at Xander. For the first time in three years, Harris had defied a direct order and it shook Gibbs slightly. And since when did Harris know or have access to classified information?

"Put down your weapons. He's harmless." Xander hissed, completely ignoring what his boss had said.

"Hey! I resent that Xander-boy!" Spike muttered.

Xander just looked at him and said dryly, "You have a liver probe stuck in your gut."

Spike glanced down and mumbled, "well, whatda'ya know." He then proceeded to draw the metal wand from his flesh. It made a sickening pop when it came free and it clattered to the ground, covered in gore.
Behind Xander, McGee made a choked sound that sounded like a whine and from the corner of his eye, Xander could see Tony holding in his horror. Ziva's face was covered in an expressionless mask and her gun never wavered from where it was aimed. At Spike's head. Xander doubted that it would kill the vampire but it would probably be extremely painful. For a half second, he debated on simply just letting Ziva shoot the pain in the ass vamp.

The thought was dismissed when he thought of what Giles would do if the Watcher found out.

"Harris! Explain!" Gibbs demanded getting increasingly worked up. The unidentified corpse that was his case had just woken up, gotten up and pulled a liver probe from his body as if it was a mild nuisance.

And even more so, Harris seemed to know the man, was unsurprised by his miraculous recovery and was conversing with him like friends. Gibbs motioned with a hand for the rest of his team to lower his or her weapons because the man had made no move to attack or harm anyone. But he kept his side arm ready. He watched as Ziva, McGee and Dinozzo followed his orders reluctantly.

"Boss, I can't tell you. Seriously."

Just then, a furious roar came from inside the bar and Spike and Xander barely hesitated. They burst through the door together and Xander saw one angry Fushna'k demon throwing a table at an unfortunate human that happened to be sitting nearby.

A Fushna'k demon looks fairly human in shape but that's mostly it. They have almost impenetrable skin; it's thick like the amour on a rhino and looks just as appealing. They have two very pointy horns sticking out from the side of their necks and a long whip-like tail that's very strong and can cause serious damage. This one had glowing red eyes and its skin was an unattractive puke brown.

As soon as Gibbs and the rest of the team charged through the door, the remaining demons had vanished down into the sewers. There were very few who ventured inside during the day, and it was a good thing too. The only reason the Fushna'k hadn't left with the rest was the fact he was currently trying to gut the idiotic man that had tormented him in the first place.

Willy's bar had a strict policy that when police showed up, demons would leave immediately, some magic would be done and the police would leave without a clue that the bar was a haunt for demons. This rules had been implemented by the NSWC when Xander had first landed in Washington and had been his responsibility to uphold.

It only took a few stakings and one particular venture with a war axe before the patrons accepted this regulation. Xander was the only human that the demons fully understood and respected. They knew he was with the NSWC and that he would kill them if they either killed an innocent or let the world know of their presence. Xander had actually made friends with some of the nicer demons in D.C.

The entire NCIS team had frozen when they got an eyeful of the Fushna'k. Behind Xander, Tony muttered horrified, "good god." The team stood motionless, even as the demon roared and bellowed as it sought its prey.

Spike and Xander moved on straight instinct. They leapt into the fray in an instant after judging the situation. Since they had each fought together over the years, they knew each others fighting styles, although Xander's had changed with his time at the NSWC training compound.

Spike rushed forward with a whoop. He launched a flurry of punches at the Fushna'k's face and danced out of its furious grasp. The vampire crouched then sprang up, delivering a punishing blow to the Fushna'k's gut with his foot as he jumped over its head. As the demon turned toward him with a growl, Xander dove and kicked the things feet out from under it. It landed with a thump, making tables rattle and cups shake. Before it could regain its footing, Xander whipped a heavy tarnished blade from his boot. Xander crouched and stabbed the Fushna'k under the chin, in its weak point.

It shuddered slightly, let out a pained wail and dark blue blood started to seep from the wound. When Xander drew the blade from the thick flesh, it was covered in gore and the blood began to flow faster. Spike stuck out a hand and Xander took it gratefully. The vampire hauled him from his position over the body easily then said with a grin, "well, you've improved. You could've let me wale on him a bit more." He added ruefully.

With a glance at Gibbs and the team, who still had their guns drawn and ready (although, at this point, they truly didn’t know where to aim but Xander could see a knowing calm in Ziva’s expression. He filed that away for future reference), Xander turned toward Willy as he came rushing from behind the bar.

It startled the NCIS agents from their shocked state to react by swing their aims toward the bar owner. Xander looked sharply at them and signaled for the firearms to be lowered. It was never a good idea to bring guns into a demon bar, and since Buffy had been shot by Warren once, Xander was wary of them. He did carry one, but was always the last to draw his. Gibbs still seemed stunned and he followed the order without question. Xander figured it was the follow orders part of being an ex-Marine kicking in.

"Common man. He wasn't going to… oh. Um, hi there Xander…Spike… Never mind." Before the short man could make his escape, Spike reached out and grabbed him roughly by the collar and lifted him bodily off the ground. Willy made a choked sound as he swung from the unbreakable grip.

"Hey there Willy. It's been awhile, hasn't it?" Spike grinned at the man. Willy turned white and started to sweat.

"Spike…" Xander murmured warningly. The vampire just turned his smile on Xander. Before either could continue, the front doors burst open with a blast of sunlight and noise. Spike was forced to scramble backwards out of the light. He dropped Willy with a hiss when the man slammed his elbow on Spike's wrist. Willy wriggled free with surprising agility but Ziva caught him before he could disappear into the sewers. Xander smiled gratefully at the Israeli women; she glared back coldly.

Xander wondered what else could possibly go wrong today.

A British voice reached their ears and Xander turned his head to stare incredulously at Giles and Buffy as they walked through the doors.

Well, this just keeps getting better and better, Xander thought to himself wryly.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Demonic Complications" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Feb 13.

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