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Master Chief Harris

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Summary: Xander gets hit by the lighting from Dawns portals and is de-aged and sent to another dimension, and is then kidnapped to join the Spartan program. As the rear half of the Forward Unto Dawn floats in unknown space. On Hiatus

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Star Wars > Xander-Centered
MasterChiefHarrisFR211956182,20220 Feb 1320 Feb 13No

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Master Chief Harris

Setting: Post-The Gift. Pre-Halo and Post-Halo 3. Pre-Clone wars.
Summary: Xander gets hit by the lighting from Dawns portals and is de-aged and sent to another dimension, and is then kidnapped to join the Spartan program. As the rear half of the Forward Unto Dawn floats in unknown space, a strange ship comes to salvage it, finding a strange man and a stranger being in a computer.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. Joss Whedon owns Xander. George Lucas owns Star Wars. Bungie owns the Halo games.
Pairings: Xander/Harem
Rating: FR-21
Author’s Note: You guys get to decide who is in the harem, but there a couple already in it. I know that some of the vehicles are not quite accurate so bear with me please.


Xander felt pain all over his body as a bolt lighting hit him straight in his chest, sending pain down his nerves as he saw a portal opening in front of him, as the pain stopped he stumbled into the portal, which snapped close after he fell in. Xander felt his body changing, shrinking, as he fell into a new dimension.


Strange men taking him from the family that had adopted him, and taking him to a strange planet.


Him going through surgery after surgery to enhance his body to the utmost top physical condition.


Him going through basic training with the other children, that where taking. Hand-to-Hand combat, weapons training, and everything else.


Him being given a green set of armor and told to put it on. Being showed how to take care of and fix it if need be.

He drove the Warthog along the crumbling infrastructure of the Halo, with the Arbiter in the passenger seat shooting down guilty sparks.

“Hurry Demon.”

“Any time you want to drive let me know.”

Arbiter looked over at the Demon, “Did you just make, what you humans call, a joke?”

Chief just glanced at the Arbiter, and then turned his attention back on the crumbling road, “Yes.” Chief just turned the last corner and saw a Pelican Dropship, with its hanger open, is waiting at the end of the road, he pushed the accelerator to the floor and the Warthog jumped forward with the increased speed toward the natural ramp, that would help them get on the Pelican. They jumped the ramp and slammed onto the floor of the Pelican.

The Pelican flew into the hanger bay of the frigate ship Forward Unto Dawn. When Master Chief and the Arbiter exited, they headed for the bridge.

When the Halo self-destructed and the slipspace opening splitting Forward Unto Dawn in half, with the Arbiter on one side and Master Chief on the other. When Forward Unto Dawn split Master Chief ran towards the auxiliary bridge to close the air tight door to keep all the air from getting sucked out into space. With all the air tight doors closed Chief slid the chip that held Cortana into the computer terminal.

“Well that sucks,” Cortana stated as Chief prepared one of the stasis pods, to get ready for cryonic sleep, she activates a distress beacon, “You know that it could be years before we’re found don’t you Chief.”

“Yes. Wake me up if you need me Cortana.”

“You got it Chief.”

Chief entered the stasis pod and activated it. Cortana watched as ice started covering the clear lid of the pod.

Three months later

Cortana watched as the Master Chief slept on as the frigate Forward Unto Dawn silently drifted in space. A red light started to flash on the nearest computer terminal. Cortana looked over and accessed the emergence channel, and found that it was the proximity alarm. Cortana tried to get a view of what it might be, from the external cameras but couldn’t get a good look at what it was.

It wasn’t until ten minutes later that she got a glance of several humans but also strange looking beings, there was about forty of them. They came to a four way hallway and split up. Six where heading towards the bridge, opening doors, and what looked to be making lists of what was in each room.

The scavenging team first caught sight of the strange ship on their way back to their home planet, just drifting along, so they all decided to scavenge it for supplies, so when they came across the first four way hall they split up when they came to a four way hallway. Drexa Vaga and his five friends made their way through the hallway, opening doors and making lists of what was in each room, until they came to a dead end with a door blocking the way.

“This must be the bridge of this strange ship. Ritveze get the torch and cut through the door.”

“All right boss,” Ritveze said as he grabbed the torch and started cutting through the door. It took precisely thirty minutes to cut through the door; they pushed the door inward, and walked into the room, gaped at what they saw. The room was full of computers and strange looking pods.

Drexa walked around the room taking inventory of what they could take when Mygren gave a shocked yelp. Everyone raced over to see what was wrong, but all he did was point at one of the pods, which spooked them a little when they saw a green armored thing in the pod, “All right boys lets open this thing up and get that thing out of there.”

Cortana’s eyes widened in shock, she then did the stupidest thing she had ever done, she rushed out of the holoterminal, “NO!”

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Master Chief Harris" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Feb 13.

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