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Mutant X

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Summary: When Buffy makes a careless wish she sends her friends into a world where they are changed.

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Mutant X

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the Marvel Universe.

Prologue: Changes

Summary: When Buffy makes a careless wish she sends her friends into a world where they are changed.

‘I wish you knew how it felt to be different from everyone else. How it felt to have these powers that you didn’t ask for and keeps
you separated, and alone.’

Xander yelled out in pain as new memories rushed into his head to combine with his own. Seven years worth of memories just suddenly there. He was born Julian Keller the son of a rich business man who only cared about money and his image. Even at the young age of seven Xander had known that his father didn’t care for him like the parents of the other kids at his school. He had never met his mother, though his nanny told him that she was one of the gold diggers that always followed his dad around. She had been paid off by his father to give him the child and never show her face again. He was to be the heir his father desperately needed but his father didn’t want any baggage that came with having a wife.

Xander absorbed all of this in seconds. He looked around his room and was shocked to find everything was floating in the air from his huge bed to all of his toys. He knew that he was somehow responsible for this. He could feel the bed and toys as if he was holding them in his hands. Everything came crashing to the ground when he heard a small gasp coming from the doorway. It was his nanny of the month. His father made sure to change them for a new one whenever he thought that they were getting too attached to his Xander. He should probably start calling himself Julian now that he was stuck in this world.

“Uhhh this isn’t what it seems.” Julian said with what he hoped was his most enduring smile. Apparently it was to no use since the woman slammed the door shut. A few seconds later he heard a clicking sound locking him inside. This didn’t mean anything good. Knowing his father and his need to keep up an appearance he was in a lot of trouble. Xander…no Julian sat in his room for what seemed like hours. He had just managed to make his teddy bear float a few inches off the floor when the door abruptly opened. His father looked down at him and then at the floating bear. Without saying a word he turned around and left. Julian was once again by himself. Whatever was going to happen to him it was beyond his control. If he could get these weird powers to work he might be able to defend himself and maybe find a way to get back to Sunnydale.

It was hours later that the door opened and let his father in along with a giant of a man. Well he felt like a giant to Xander's small seven year old body. The man was wearing a leather jacket and a single glove on his left hand. He looked at Julian with a cold inspecting look. He obviously didn’t like what he was seeing.

“You didn’t tell us that this dangerous weapon was only a child.” The man said turning his glare towards Julian’s father.

“I told you that I had a dangerous mutant for you and I do.” His father said.

“We expected a weapon that we could actually use not a kid that we would actually have to take care of.” The man said reaching behind him and pulling out a gun.

“Now wait a minute. Think about this. He’s young and impressionable you can mold him into the perfect weapon. I showed you the recording of him using his powers. There is no doubt that he could be useful for you guys.” His father said with his hands up in front of him.

“That was never in question. What was at stake here was your further usefulness to my employers.” The man said raising his gun and firing three times into Julian’s fathers chest. The man put the gun away and turned to Julian.

“Come child we have a plane to catch.” The man said motioning for him to come over. Julian stood up and walked over to the man holding tightly to his teddy bear. He knew that this stuffed animal wouldn’t protect him and that he had the memories of an eighteen year old in his head but right now he really did feel like a little kid whose whole world had just changed. The man looked at him with what looked like regret in his eyes.

“Don’t worry kid something tells me that you’ll be better off where we’re going then you ever would have been here.” The man said picking him up. Julian couldn’t do anything as he was led into the unknown.

How did Xander always get into these situations? It was like he had a huge sign over his head asking any higher being that came along to play with him. He could only hope that his friends were doing better in their new lives.

Cordelia couldn’t keep in her scowl as she was thrown to the floor yet again. Wherever that bitch of a blonde was when Cordelia got her claws on her she wouldn't be able to get out an apology fast enough to prevent Cordelia from gutting her. Cordelia pushed herself off the ground and looked at the old man that was her teacher. The old man was annoying in the fact that he insisted on teaching her martial arts and Chinese but he was the only person who treated her like a human being. Even called her by name when they were alone instead of by that stupid label everyone else called her. There was no way she was going to answer by X-23. So in this weird bizarre world that Buffy the Skanky had wished her into, Cordelia was a clone grown in a petri dish. That didn’t mean that the Queen C was going to lower herself to answering some label that sounded like some product being sold in the grociery store.

“You are doing good Cordelia but you still have much more to learn.” The old man said.

“I know sensei I am ready to learn.” Cordelia said as she stood up. She knew that they were being watched by that scumbag of a doctor that had ordered her creation. She could smell his stench seeping into the room. The man practically smelled of daddy issues and anger every time he entered the same room as her. Her Sensei had told her about the fact that the twisted doctor had insisted on her being male and had thrown a fit when it had been proven impossible. Sensei told her how the doctor had forced her mother to carry her as a punishment for failing him.

Cordelia remembered her mother in this life. She had been a young lady with sadness in her eyes that only seemed to disappear when she was looking at Cordelia. She had tried to treat Cordelia like the child she was. She had even brought story books that she hid as books on war tactics. Her happiest memories in this life were of her mother reading her Pinocchio. Then she had gotten too careless and had let the doctor catch her reading the kids stories to his little science project. That had been the last time she had ever seen her mom.

Scratch that she needed to learn what the Sensei was teaching her so she could get revenge. First Dr. Zander would die than she would find Buffy and give her a taste of her claws.

Willow couldn’t contain her joy as she ran through the garden trying to catch her twin brother. It had taken some time to get used to calling Oz brother; on the other hand it had taken no time at all to get over her previous feelings for him. In this life they were siblings and those feelings would have been just plain creepy. Instead those feelings had been replaced by those one would feel for their family. So as far as wish worlds went this one wasn’t so bad. So Oz and she were now twins that were hiding with their mother in Moscow from their terrorist mutant father. That didn’t seem too bad.

“No fair using your powers.” Willow yelled as she chased after the boy. Willow laughed as she saw her brother zip by in a blur. Willow lifted her hand and sent out a blast of red light that hit the floor in front of her brother causing a root from one of the trees nearby to burst out just in time for her brother to trip over it.

"Huh..." Oz muttered looked down at the root that had appeared out of nowhere. Willow smiled innocently at the scowl that was being sent her way.

“The same could be said to you.” Oz said as he picked himself off the ground. Willow threw her arms around her brother.

“Ahh don’t be a bad sport. My powers are just better than yours.” Willow said as she messed up her brother’s hair. She loved teasing Oz about his white hair. It was so funny that the boy that had changed his hair color every other week was now stuck with snow white hair. No matter what color they had tried to dye his hair it never took.

"No they're not. I can run at Mach 10." Oz said sticking his tongue out at her.

"Well I can make things happen." Willow responded.

“Wanda, Pietro what did I tell you about using your powers outdoors.” Their mother yelled from behind them. Both of them turned around to smile guiltily at their mother.

“Sorry mom we got too into our game.” Willow said as they walked over to her.

“You two need to be careful. There are more people than your father who would kill to have your powers at their disposal.” Their mother said as she ran her hands through their hair affectionately. Willow couldn’t help but lean into her mothers hand. She had never gotten this kind of attention from her parents in the other world. She knew that things wouldn’t stay this good forever especially since they had been given these new lives from a vengeance demon but she intended to make the most of these good times as she could.

She just prayed that Xander and Cordelia where alright where ever they had ended up
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