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Dreaming of Temporal Screw Ups

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Summary: Ship of the Line Challenge Response

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AeneaFR1523,9911408,49923 Feb 1324 Feb 13No

Prologue: Deus Machina, Inbound.

Dreaming of Temporal Screw Ups

He awoke. Which was odd because where he had been he hadn't been asleep. He was also with the Deterrence Fleet, which he had expected as his last known position was directly outside the currently sealed Sol System. Instead he was on Terra. He engaged an internal memory scan coming back showing an added seventeen years.

Expand and review.

He was young and a girl was crying; he gave her a yellow crayon. Willow Rosenberg

Meeting Jesse McNally.

He was older, his parents drunk not caring that he needed a permission slip signed.

Older his first meeting with Elizabeth 'Buffy' Anne Summers.

The death of his best friend at the hands of an aberration



Dimensional portals.

The current date.

A costume; talking his friends into dressing up as characters from the same book. Buffy, Willow, Dawn.

[Oh Crap]

Local Ping

Sensors Online: Quantum Signature Review: Current Universal Signature does not match records.

Local space out to 6,000 Parsecs

Networks and databases with ten light seconds.

Ping return: Subject: Cat within three meters.

Offensive systems online. Neural Disruption Pulse

Active hack: Memory Scan: Delete: Personality: Subject: Cat

Ping Return: Identify: Paula Myo:

Transmission Outbound: <Relax I've got this covered, we'll talk later in debrief.>

Ping Return: Identify: Protocol Acknowledged


[Joy, Her.]

[Hmm, now what to do what to do. This reality is definitely the bottom of the barrel if it has Demons]

Threat Detected: Seventy Three (73) non conforming high level quantum signatures within seven light seconds of current location. Seven Active Aberrant wormholes.

Database: Amended with access to Star Gate Command: Goa'uld: Star Gate Network: Asgard: Nox: Ascended

Rescan: Seventy Three (73) non conforming high level quantum signatures plus One Hundred Seventeen (117) conforming high level quantum signatures within 15 light years of current position.

Reclassify: Ascended: Conforming high level quantum signatures

Database: Amended Seventh wormhole is limited ability portal network.

Database: Amended with access to Watcher Codex:London

Reclassify: Hellmouth: Aberrant Dimensional Portals

Reclassify: Higher Demon: Non conforming high level quantum signatures

Tactical: On going threat to human species from beings not currently from this reality with limited ability to move assets and maintain goals.

Code Black Authorization Approved

Lifting Weapon Restrictions to Level Three

Primary Objective: Destruction of all non conforming quantum signatures within 600 Parsecs of Sol Primary.

Amendment: Two conforming quantum signatures class as Active Threats.

Database: Mayor Richard Wilkins. Anubis.

Secondary Objective: Neutralization of all species labeled Hostis Humani Genrii in Watcher Database; London.

Tertiary Objective: Neutralization of all Six detected wormholes classified Hellmouth.

Rescan: 13,483,982 pure blood demons from species labeled Hostis Humani Genrii in Watcher Database now detected.

[They'll just have to deal with any hybrid themselves]


Higgs Inhibitor: Online

Hawking Generator:Online

Nuclear Force De-coupler: Online

Weapon: Hawking Generator

Targets: Higher Demons

Firing .

Targets Eliminated:Minimal Disruption to Baseline Reality: One mEv increase to cosmic background radiation over area of one cubic parsec

Weapon: Nuclear Force De-Coupler

Priming: 10,000 Kelvin for one picosecond at each location internal of targets

Target: Individuals of Species labeled Hostis Humani Generii


Targets Eliminated: Incidental Casualties: Ten Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Three (10,483)

Primary Objective: Achieved. .

Secondary Objective: Achieved

Tertiary Objective: Ongoing

Weapon: Higgs Inhibitor

Priming: Simultaneous Release Five (5) Targets

Cleveland: Load package: Higgs Inhibitor: Fire:Target Eliminated: Minimal surface disruption: 0 casualties

Rio: Load package: Higgs Inhibitor: Fire:Target Eliminated: Minimal surface disruption: 2 casualties

Singapore: Load package: Higgs Inhibitor: Fire:Target Eliminated: Minimal surface disruption: 1 casualties

Delhi: Load package: Higgs Inhibitor: Fire:Target Eliminated: Minimal surface disruption: 3 casualties

Prague: Load package: Higgs Inhibitor: Fire:Target Eliminated: Minimal surface disruption: 0 casualties

Targets Eliminated: Incidental Casualties: Six (6)

Tertiary Objective: To be complete with Elimination of Sunnydale Hellmouth.

Warning! 98.762% chance of reality reversion on successful completion of objective.

Mission Review and Future Probabilities

90% chance hosts of Higher Biology being retained upon awakening

Two ships detected: Leave as is hosts will be able to correctly operate

100% Chance Host Alexander Harris Will Retain Abilities of Deterrence Fleet.

Locking Access to Deterrence Fleet with release key authorization for Code Black: Clear and Present Danger to Terra or Sol Primary.

Release Key Phrases sent: Host Summers; Host Rosenberg, Host Summers, SGC, Watcher's Council

Minimum Three Concurrent Releases within 60 seconds for Code Black

ANA Database to be backed up with Host Harris.

100% chance of government inquiry within 30 standard days

Amending.....Mission Review and Report to be forwarded to SGC, Joint Chiefs, and POTUS as operators of extra terrestrial missions.

Amending.....Mission Review and Report to be forward to Watcher's Council with suggestion they get in touch with SGC detailing prior knowledge of species Goa'uld.

<Oh Just get on with it will yah? God your slower than Ozzie without coffee.>

<Melanie? How...>

<What you think your the only one that can operate this fast, it's only been fifteen seconds and anyways the clean up looks good. My host is happy, the Others probably won't be as much, but whatever. Now lets go home already I wanna go see if this Dawn girl exists in our universe; she's a lot more interesting than I thought at first. And I'd like to get back to watch my Grand Daughter save our Galaxy, thank you very much.>

<Copy. You will at least stop by and add your own report to this some time this century. Mission Reports Sent. Firing>

Transmission Ends

A/N: The Usual Disclaimer Apply. Joss owns Buffy, someone owns SG1 and Peter F Hamilton owns the Commonwealth Verse. Yes I dropped Mel in Dawn's mind :-) The Key Plus Silfen Paths = where the hell is Dawn today.
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