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Future Study

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Summary: The scientist wasn't even looking at her this time, instead he was staring at the slowly melting ice. "A few we froze as soon as they were created - for future study." Mikaela-Centered, Post-Transformers 2, Non-Cross

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Chapter Four: Comfort Eagle

Chapter Four: Comfort Eagle

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I believe "Transformers" belongs to Hasbro but I think Mikaela's character began in the Michael Bay Movies so *shrug* on the rights front.
A/N 1: Title is a song title by Cake.
A/N 2: Reviews are Good. This has been a subtle hint from the author - Please return to your regularly scheduled reading.

"Lovely," she whispered her hand hovering uncertainty as she knelt beside the pile of blanket, wincing at the decibel of the noise that was somehow shriller the closer she had gotten. "I know it hurts but your making it worse for yourself. You've gotta quite down a bit."

Instantly the sound shut off, Mikaela's eyebrows went up in surprise. "Huh," she said with a quirk of her lips, thoughtfully letting her hand finally rest on top of the lump in the covers, "glad you took my word for it."

A small head ducked out to look at her before going back under with a hiss.

"Yeah," Mikaela murmured in agreement. "You'd think they would at least turn the lights back off."

Although the noise which she guessed was the Transformer equivalent to a babies cry had stopped their were still whimpers of pain and although she wanted to help she was a bit stumped. Finally irritated at her inaction she just went ahead and picket Lovely up blankets and all.

"Don't know about you, hon," she said in a forcibly light hearted tone, "but I'm tired of the floor."

Mikaela brought them over to her bed in the corner lying back and making the blanket into a small tent around them. Lovely automatically settled with it's head onto her chest again reminding her of a child wanting comfort.

"Here we go now," she whispered. "See, it's alright, we can do this," God, Mikaela who are you trying to convince? she squashed the thought as soon as it crossed her mind, focusing wholly on the little creature that needed her. There was not time for second guessing herself right now.

"Just try to block...," a horrible moan was her answer. " can't then," she voiced the obvious response. And looked again at the little bot and it's position against her, an idea came to mind - one she went with instantly. "Well," she continued with barely a pause, "if you can't block everything else out than you'll just have to concentrate on one thing." Those white eyes were watching her desperately as if she was the only solid thing in the world. Lovely trusted her in an utterly complete way Mikaela wondered if she had ever possessed. She actually wasn't sure if humans were able to.

She couldn't look away now though, couldn't falter under that stare.

Mikaela stroked her hand over it's head again and the arms held tighter, head burrowing into her chest. "That's right," she murmured. "You hear that sound right under your head? That's my heartbeat. Just close those beautiful optics, Lovely. The whole universe right now is you and me under this blanket - don't try for any more than that. Just train all of your sensors on my heart beat."

She missed the light the moment it was gone. It soon became stuffy but she didn't move, because this seemed to be working. The desperate tension in the little bots metal frame was easing, the sounds had stopped almost within the first few moments. They stayed like that for a good fifteen minutes.

Finally though, the small space was again lit by two white lights.

"Good?" she asked gently, feeling free to shift her body slightly now.

"Mikaela. Female?," there was a clear questioning tone to the second word. She was working with general impression that Lovely knew everything she was saying (at least the words, if not the complete meanings which she knew could get layered, contextual and complicated). And Mikaela wasn't sure if this was knowledge came from her previous form - which was still hard for her to guess but she bet had something to do with those antennas - or an inherent knowledge. Did Transformers get that?

But this question came out of nowhere.

"Well...yeah," she answered lamely, glancing down at her own chest.

"Lovely. Female," there was a determined sound to it's voice.

Instantly, she understood and almost felt like laughing. Of course, even in pain, the little bot had been listening to her earlier conversation with Dr. Pratchett.

"Lovely," she finally sighed. "You shouldn't choose to me a girl just because I am."

"Why?" was the only response. And it was an honest question - there goes the inherited knowledge thing, she thought wryly. But it also utterly stumped her.

"I don't know," she admitted. Because she didn't know how such things were with Cybertronians - if it was something you were born with or something you chose (and if you chose at what age and what the deciding factors were). Mikaela wondered if she was actually being horribly insulting to not be able to just tell by its form.

"Female," Lovely said with a nod.

And like the night before Mikaela just gave in with a small laugh, hoping that when (if, a part of her whispered treacherously) she ever got out the Autobots wouldn't be to mad at her for botching raising this little one so badly.

Because that is what they had her doing she realized with an odd lurch – what they wanted to study. A human raising a Cybertronian from its creation.

She swallowed hard against the sudden press of responsibility she felt against her. Mikaela knew well how important children were to the Autobots with their world destroyed and sparks so few and precious. It didn't seem right that she was doing this.

All of the Autobots had lived for so long, seen so much. Mikaela had never stopped to imagine them as children, had somehow foolishly thought they had always been the way she saw them. But that was silly, this pointy metal body curled so trustingly in her arms was younger than her. Lovely had never seen Cybertron – had never known the War that now stretched centuries. She knew nothing of Autobots and Decepticons.

She was just a child. A baby.

Mikaela hardly knew anything about raising human children - had never honestly thought that she would ever be a mother. Had never wanted to be.

But Lovely had needed her and now she depended on her, Mikaela was going to try her hardest not to break that trust.

"We'll be all right," and quite confidence burned in her voice.
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