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Future Study

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Summary: The scientist wasn't even looking at her this time, instead he was staring at the slowly melting ice. "A few we froze as soon as they were created - for future study." Mikaela-Centered, Post-Transformers 2, Non-Cross

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Chapter Six: Back In Your Head

Chapter Six: Back In Your Head

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I believe "Transformers" belongs to Hasbro but I think Mikaela's character began in the Michael Bay Movies so *shrug* on the rights front.
A/N 1: Title is a song title by the band Tegan and Sara.
A/N 2: Reviews are Good. This has been a subtle hint from the author - Please return to your regularly scheduled reading.

When she get back to the room she barely spares a glance for the fact that it looks almost nothing like the way she has left it. They have obviously very neatly cleaned out her home. There is a bookshelf (not hers - apparently they didn't feel she would have time to pack that if she decidedly to abruptly leave one day) half full of books and very familiar knick nacks and the sunflower lamp her grandmother got her when she was eight is sitting on a dresser - supposedly filled with her clothes.

Someone even put her throw rug on the floor. And sitting in the middle of it are three covered platters and plastic cups - each carefully labeled with "breakfast", "lunch" and "dinner". Apparently, she thought wryly, they really didn't want to have to come back in here. But Mikaela falls on her late breakfast with more gusto than she thought she would ever have for fruit and granola bars while Lovely explores all the new things with open curiosity.

Now full, she looks over and is pleased to see that the bed (now with her very old comforter atop it) has been moved to the side of the room with the outlet and there is a small generator and a stack of neatly folded thick blankets beside it. That must also mean…

She just barely stops from tripping over her own feet getting up and makes herself walk instead of run to the bathroom, where the three transformers have already been placed. Two in the bathtub and one on the floor because of the lack of space.

Lovely has followed her and makes a distressed sound at the sight, she starts to crawl up her body, pressing into skin a bit too hard in her panic, but Mikaela catches her and takes her back out of there, humming until she calms. She hadn't expected this reaction but maybe she should have. This hasn't exactly been the most peaceful of days and for all of her intelligence, Lovely is still incredibly young and has been through incredibly traumatic things.

"Here, baby girl," she says gently sitting on the floor just outside the bathroom door. "Just let me talk to you a second, alright. We'll get them out. I got you free of that ice – remember?" And it is with that – that all the tension leaves Lovely and she collapses against her.

She relaxes as well leaning back more some more, thinking to the three right through the wall and Mikaela tries desperately in her mind to pull up any of her memories from the handful of baby sitting jobs she had been able to get growing up. (Why couldn't she have been kidnapped by people who wanted her to fix their cars? She was actually good at that.) But instead her eyes focus again on the little one in her lap currently fiddling with her shirt – and she follows that train of thought, lets her instincts guide her yet again.

"You've been so good with language, honey. I bet you're even really far with figuring out spoken English. Right?" Lovely nodded and cooed happily as she snuggled against her practically vibrating with pride. Mikaela very carefully tilted her little head until they were looking eye to optic. "The thing is Lovely I'm not sure if the new bots coming to us are going to find it as easy gathering and filtering information," she looked again at those antennas that had so fascinated the scientists (and shoved down the anger that threatened to rise up – that was not what she needed now), keeping her guess as to what the life in her arms used to be to herself. "You might need to help them. Would you be their big sister, Lovely?"

Mikaela paused then, she didn't know it this was a concept Lovely understood. She probably knew the word but…

"Sister?" she tilted her head. Yup.

"Sisters are females – with a bond to each other. They stand up for each other and," Mikaela stumbled between giving a dictionary definition and just telling her what she meant to say. Finally she sighed. "What I'm asking you Lovely is to be their big sister – I need you to help me look after them. Protect and teach them."

But Lovely was watching her consideringly again like she had this morning and Mikaela knew even before she said anything that it was going to be something difficult for her to answer.

"Lovely. Big Sister," she agreed, with a nod of her head. "Mikaela. Female. Parent. Mother?"

She had said them so fast and decisively, as if it was fact – if one was true than the rest certainly must be, that by the time she got to mother and Mikaela could hear the clear question she wasn't ready.

"I –" she began, incredibly flustered. She had thought about them as children and about how she need to care for them - was mothering them - but this felt different. Was too much. Too soon. So she took a deep breath and started again. "Lovely, the three in there haven't even met me and you've only known me a day. You shouldn't choose a Mom that fast. You'll see," she smiled, a twist on her face that she hoped didn't look as bad as it felt, "I'm not quite cut out to be a mother."

Then she quickly stood ushering them into the bathroom, ignoring both Lovely's confused whine and the tightness in her chest.


Lovely is absolutely fascinated by the melting process and it makes Mikaela wonder how much she remembers from being in the ice. She hopes not a lot – Mikaela doesn't want to imagine being trapped like that, only just born, not enough power to function and so so cold.

She also can't blame Lovely for staring, they look very different from her – broader, boxier, yet more compact.

Weapons that one lady had said.

Fuck her, fuck them all. They aren't weapons; they're children. She refuses to treat them any different because they have the potential to do something awful, that's not the way you should treat anyone, especially kids. (No, we can't play with her. Mommy says she's not a good girl. Don't you know who her family is?)

She goes just with the heat and not the steam this time since two are sitting in the shower and she doesn't want to panic anyone by having them come online to water falling from above. So, it takes awhile but she is right there to smile, encourage and coo for each as optics first alight.

The only difference this time is Lovely is there chattering at them from her shoulder and it is….odd. Because she has heard the Autobots talk in their language before and it didn't sound like that. But perhaps this is just a dialect she doesn't know. There has to be many of them – look at how many humans have and Cybertronians have been around centuries longer. (Mikaela finds she is kicking herself more and more for all the things she never thought to ask questions about).

And in the same way she used to hope Lovely understood her tones, Mikaela – although she doesn't know a word of what they are saying – can tell she is comforting them, encouraging them along with her. It starts to dawn on her as she wraps a towel around one, cooing as she does so – and it mimics her, that perhaps the reason her ear doesn't recognize what their speaking as a Cybertronian language is because it isn't one.

She's seen very young human children all together – the babbling nonsense language they can make up amongst themselves yet all seem to know. Why should see assume they automatically know any real language?

So, both Lovely and her keep up a constant stream of conversation as all of the ice melts and she carries them one at a time away (leaving the door wide open and talking louder as she does so) from the giant puddles left behind.

Then they are all left sitting on her bed, all hooked up to the generator, gazing at her expectantly looking absolutely adorable, each bundled in a blanket that swamps them.

"Name," Lovely says breaking the silence.

"What?" Mikaela tilting her head just enough so that she can see her.

"Name. Sisters," she responds promptly like it should be obvious. And Mikaela is very aware of three sets of optics watching this conversation avidly.

"No, Lovely," she said firmly. "Just because I asked you to be Big Sister doesn't mean they're all going to be girls." They held a glare with each other for a moment and she heard a worried chirp from bellow her before finally the bot on her shoulder gave a sound very much like a sigh and started talking to the three very rapidly quickly.

"Male. Male. Felmale," was apparently the final decision.

Then she put one of her delicate hands under Mikaela's chin and gently tilted her head toward the shoulder she was on and said in a serious tone, "Name," pointing adamantly at the others with her other hand.

Mikaela snorted at her actions from earlier being mirrored and reached for the little body, hugging her in spontaneous delight. "Alright, I'll give them names you silly goose," she laughed, only realizing afterwards she had used the nickname her mother used before….(and she quickly slammed that door shut in her mind.)

But then there was still the naming.

She bites her lip uncertainty - Mikaela knows they will instantly run with whatever she gives them and wants to be careful this time. She think about how larger than life the Autobots often seem despite the fact that Bumblebee is basically her best friend. That when she sees them fighting it still takes her breath away in a mixture of awe and fear. Fear for their safety but also because when you watch metal against metal, so many times your size, trying to beat the shit out of each other just feet away from you - it kicks off something very basic in your brain, a fight or flight instinct (and there is no chance of fighting a Decepticon that might not even notice if it stepped on you).

So, she goes with the only equivalency she can grab hold of in her brain. Going back all the way to Saturday morning cartoons when the TV would be her baby sitter for hours.

Fuck, she thinks not looking back at the camera but very aware of it, they're going psychoanalyses the shit out of this.

"Clark," she points first to the one wrapped around her leg that Lovely had only been able to described in her hodgepodge vocabulary as having light weapons (lasers probably she thinks). "Bruce," she names the dark plated one still watching her warily. "And Diana," she smiles at the last of the three, who was adamant about being female.
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