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Ship of the Line: Leviathan Jr.

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Summary: Xander didn't get the costume he wanted, Dawn decides to match his...

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Chapter Eleven

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer is owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy Productions, 20th Century Fox Television and others.
Stargate SG-1 is owned by MGM Television, Double Secret Productions and Gekko Film Corp.
Farscape is owned by The Jim Henson Company.

Xander had excused himself, as he started feeling a little lightheaded around Joyce, and instead headed upstairs to the ruins of the clock tower, wanting some fresh air.

Meanwhile, Teal’c was slowly waking up, his ears still ringing after whatever had been used to knock him out. He looked up, and noticed a short girl marching towards him, with a frying pan, ready to strike.

“Buffy!” Giles snapped, “Please don't hit our guests again.”

“But,” she started, “he’s waking up.”

Giles, and her mother just leveled their stares at her, and she eventually backed down. “I’ll go talk to Xander then,” she muttered, and left the library.

Giles turned to the now awake, but still tied up man on the floor. “I do apologize for that, she can get a little enthusiastic at times.”

“Indeed,” was the only reply he got. The only verbal one, the glare and single raised eyebrow spoke volumes on their own.

“Why are we tied up?” Teal’c finally asked.

“We saved you, then you pulled a gun on me. Well, your … What’s her name?”

“Major Samantha Carter of the United States Air Force,” came the reply, with an impressive growl, from the blonde. “And you are?”

“Joyce Summers of … Frell. One moment.”

Joyce walked over to Giles, whispering, “They are military. What do we tell them?”

“Can this get any worse?” Giles muttered.

Murphy, the little know god of unfortunate timing and improbable events, happily accepted the challenge.

A tall, beautiful woman, dressed in black, and with something of a manic expression on her face, waltzed into the library, she looked around. “Where is my kitten?”


Buffy and Xander were standing on the roof of the library, when they saw a plasma bolt streak up through the broken skylight in the library roof. They merely looked at each other for a few seconds, then started sprinting towards the library below.

They barged through the library doors, knocking Giles off his feet, as he was trying to run the other way, and ended up with a face full of library doors.

Inside, Buffy and Xander were by met a scene indicating a fight, but no one else was there, other than Giles, who was trying desperately to get back on his feet. Without much success.

“Oops, sorry Giles,” Buffy said, “I didn’t see you there. Where is my Mom?”

“Dru...Druschilla tookch her, and the othersch,” Giles was very hard to understand, as his speech was slurred, after having been nearly knocked out twice, first by Dru, then by Buffy. “They wentch into the sew’rsch!” he waved towards the rear of the library, before giving up getting back on his feet, and passed out.

Buffy immediately started running towards the rear of the library, and the oddly conveniently placed sewer entrance, behind the stacks.

“Buffy, wait,” Xander yelled, as he went over to check on Giles, and started dragging him further into the library, to make him at least a little more comfortable.


“We need weapons!”

Buffy looked at her frying pan, then back at Xander. “You are right. I need another one.”

“Stakes, swords, arrows. and more,” Xander exclaimed, exasperated.


They each stocked up on various items, far more than they really needed, but if there was one thing both had learned on the Hellmouth, there is no such thing as overkill.

Xander stopped at that thought, and opened his link to Dawn, telling her about her mother.


They followed the sewers towards the warehouse district. The only place they knew they could find a self respecting master vampire, and her lair.

It did take them a few tries before they located the right lair, though. The first one surprised them, and they had to slay the minions living there. The next three lairs they just took note of the address, and left, moving on to the next. Dawn needed to have some fun, as well.

They had discussed it after finishing the first lair.

“Leave them to Dawn.” Xander suggested.

“Why her?”

“What scares you the most, Buffy?” Xander asked, “A petulant. jealous, scared, or angry Dawn, or a bored Dawn?”

“Good point. Lets move out,” Buffy replied after barely a second of thinking. A bored Dawn had been scary enough, when she was human.


Peeking through the sewer lid, Buffy and Xander managed to get a feel for the layout and number of vampires in the lair, where Joyce and the four military types were being held.

Drusilla was prancing around, and kept alternating between referring to her kitten, and his new fangs, and sad Angels taking her Spikey away.


They quickly formed a plan of attack, building on a Hollywood classic; storming in, yelling at the top of their lungs.

Taking care of the few minions was easy, but Buffy had trouble keeping the crazy Dru from rushing towards Xander.

“Hey there, are you alright?” Xander whispered to the 5 people inside the holding cell, while he started to strap a pair of sticks of dynamite onto the door.

“Define ‘alright’,” Jack snapped back.


“Then yes. We are alright.” Jack noticed Xander’s actions. “Are those explosives?”

“Don’t worry, this is a shaped charge.” Xander replied.

Carter eyed the charge Xander was placing, “What kind of shape?” she asked, having a bad feeling about the whole thing.

“Spherical,” Xander replied, before diving for cover, giving SG-1 only a few seconds to look for cover themselves. Inside the empty cell, there was, unsurprisingly, very little to be found.

At the same time, Xander had told Dawn to destroy the other three lairs they had found. She happily obliged.

Xander’s own charge blew at the same time Dawn leveled the second warehouse. The third target was different though, and when she put a blast into that, the containers inside reacted violently, almost singeing the nose of Dawn’s new form, she moved backwards, and a fourth round was discharged in surprise.

Due to her rolling, and trying to avoid the flames, the blast hit nowhere near the warehouse district. She didn’t have time to register the mishap though, as she took stock of the devastation, she started to get concerned by the, now, flattened warehouses neighboring the one she had intended to hit..


“I’m here Dawn, what happened?”

*One of the warehouses you told me to shoot, exploded. It wasn't my fault...* she trailed off.

“Don’t worry too much about it, Dawn. I’m sure everything is fine.”

“What did she do?” Buffy almost growled out, as she tried to disentangle herself from some fallen debris, without letting go of the now unconscious Drusilla.

She looked at the wooden handle in her right hand, and in disgust, rammed the remains of her favourite frying pan, into the chest of the vampire, ending her unlife.

Carter was speechless, “She killed that woman in cold blood!”

“I’m more concerned about how she did it,” Jack muttered.

“A Slayer?” Daniel muttered quietly. But not quietly enough.

Xander had made his way to Buffy. “Dawn destroyed the warehouses we agreed on. One of them was a little … explosive.”

“Another one of your shaped charges, I take it,” Jack growled as he approached the two teens.

“Ah, not really. but it worked, didn’t it?”

Jack deflated, he couldn’t really find fault in that logic.


“Yes Dawn, what is it?” Xander replied.

*You know that ugly Wilkins statue in front of City hall?*

Xander hid his face in his hands, and started mumbling incoherently. Finally he looked at Buffy. “Your sister is going to be the end of me, you know that?”

“You won’t get any sympathies from me, mister. I’ve known her for twelve years, you’ve only had to deal with her for a day.” Buffy replied.


Xander tensed, waiting for it...after ten seconds he looked at Buffy, “No explosion this time?” he asked hopefully.


*Yes, Xander?*

“Just checking. You didn’t fire your weapon this time?”

*No, I didn’t. I can control myself.*

“Except for the Winkins statue?”

*I was surprised, ok!*

“She shot the Wilkins statue in front of City hall?” Buffy interrupted.

“Apparently” Xander replied. Then he got the distinct feeling there was more to that story.

“Dawn, what else did you hit?”

*You know the City hall?*


*Well, it might just need a little paint.*


*A new hall?*

“Just kill me now Buffy, please.” Xander replied, before slumping, and slowly walking out of the warehouse, defeated.

“What’s his problem?” Carter asked Buffy.

“Just my little sister. She has a little problem controlling her guns.”

SG-1 collectively did a double take. Even Teal’c was speechless.
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