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Ship of the Line: Leviathan Jr.

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Summary: Xander didn't get the costume he wanted, Dawn decides to match his...

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Television > Farscape
Stargate > General > General: SG-1
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Chapter Four

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer is owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy Productions, 20th Century Fox Television and others.
Stargate SG-1 is owned by MGM Television, Double Secret Productions and Gekko Film Corp.
Farscape is owned by The Jim Henson Company.

“Mom? What are you doing here?” Buffy whirled around, stunned that her mother had managed to enter the library without anyone noticing.

“What am I doing here? What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be looking for your sister?” Joyce snapped back.

Buffy just looked at her mother, letting the biting remark slide, she was clearly strung out, obviously worrying about her missing daughter.

“Why are you all just sitting here for, and why would I be the least of Xander’s troubles?” Joyce looked around the people in the library, finally noticing the look on Xander’s face. “Xander, what do you know about Dawn?”

Xander was already standing ramrod straight, so he couldn’t really snap to attention at Joyce’s question. It doesn’t mean he didn’t try. Good thing too, as every fibre in his being was telling him to do what Dawn had done so very well. To run. He suddenly realized something. *Dawn,* he thought over the link.

*Yes, Xander.”

*Are you pouring your feelings into me, making me want to run?*


*Please stop, I doubt I’ll survive your mother if I try.*

The need to flee lessened, a little, and he returned his focus back to the reality of the library, only to jump a meter back, and stumble over the library table. Joyce had been standing not thirty centimetres away when he opened his eyes again. She didn’t look happy. At all.

“J...Joyce. Ms. S. I didn’t do it.” he blurted out, automatically. Later he would blame Dawn for his lack of nerve in the face of the ultimate terror any teen can encounter. A girl’s mother.

Of course blaming Dawn was a bad move in its own right. For a while showers could have something other than water in them, or none at all. Doors would refused to open, or opened when he’d rather they didn’t.

She may only be a twelve year old girl, but she was indubitably a Summers girl. With all that this entails.

Joyce closed the distance to Xander, where he had ended up after stumbling into, onto and then off the table, and to everybody’s amazement lifted Xander off the floor one handed, by his ear.

“Now, what do you know about Dawn’s disappearance?” Joyce demanded.

Buffy decided to help out, “A great deal, mom. But I’m afraid you are not going to like it.”

“Buffy. Please stop helping me, I think it made her” Xander pleaded, barely able to reach the floor, while being held firmly by the ear. And he was right, the grip tightened, and Joyce definitely looked very angry.

“Joyce, please try to calm down. Xander had nothing to do with Dawn’s disappearance.” Giles decided to step in.

That was about as far as anyone got, before the skylight was smashed in, and a transport pod was trying its very best to come into the library, that way. At the same time half a dozen DRD’s burst through the library doors, and started to poke at Joyces feet, obviously trying to get her to release Xander’s ear.

She didn’t and instead of just retreating, she was dragging Xander with her, and the DRD’s got even more irate, zipping around angrily, frightening Joyce even more.

The end result was that Xander stumbled over one of the DRD’s, dragged Joyce to the floor with him, and they ended up in a tangled mess. Luckily they were both fully clothed, lest their position would have put the Kama Sutra to shame.

With the help of Buffy and Willow, they managed to untangle themselves, and get back on their feet.

The transport pod was still trying to wedge itself through the too narrow skylight, when Buffy finally got to her senses. ”DAWN! MARIE! SUMMERS! STOP THAT! RIGHT NOW!” she snapped at the top of her lungs. It worked, as everybody stopped. Including the DRD’s.

The transport pod slowly edged back out of the hole in the roof, and landed in the ruins of that skylight.

While it was doing that, the six DRD’s took guarding positions at Xander’s feet, pointing their smalls guns at everyone in the room, and not quite directly at Joyce.

Buffy’s exclamation had left everyone’s ears ringing. Once that started to subside it seemed that Joyce’s ire was homing in on a new target. Xander released a sigh of relief.

“Buffy?” Joyce finally said. Growled really. The Kelvin scale was starting to struggle to stay above zero at this point.

“Mom.” Buffy was almost timid. Xander couldn’t blame her. She may be the slayer, but he was sure that had the slayer essence ever combined with Joyce instead, no demon would want to be on the same continent as the combination of power and pure intimidation Joyce was so obviously capable of.

“Mom,” Buffy repeated, “Please have a seat. We really need to tell you something.”

At the same time, there was a low, almost subsonic hum coming from outside the library, through the skylight. The transport pod moved aside, and allowed the appearance of a glistening black and red shape just outside.


“Sir, it’s back,” Carter stated, once she got through to the General.

“What did it shoot this time?” Hammond wanted to know. Dreading the answer.

“Ehrm, nothing, sir. Yet”


“Well, we did pick an odd radio transmission coming from it as it entered the atmosphere at high speed.”

“What did it say?”

“We don’t really know, sir, the technicians are working on it now, sir.”

“What’s wrong Carter, I know that voice.” Hammond demanded.

“Well, sir. It sounded like a girl screaming ‘Mom! Get your hands off my boyfriend!’. sir.”

“I did ask.” Hammond muttered, almost inaudibly, “Get the technicians to work on it faster, and please find out where it was heading.”

“Already on it, sir.”
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