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Summary: Xander and his team are sent to investigate a strange distress signal from a squad of Slayers; what they find however is something very different. Confronted by a multitude of undead foes Xander must lead his Slayers to victory or death. MA for a reason.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Heroic XanderTheTrueBardFR2111,6560498625 Feb 1325 Feb 13No

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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any related characters or concepts nor do I own Warhammer 40K or any related characters or concepts. This work of fiction was created purely for enjoyment and no monetary gain was made.

Please remember whilst reading that I am severely dyslexic so I do mess up things like defiantly/definitely, how/who to/two/too, there/their/they’re and were/where ect. Feel free to point out any error’s I may have made so that I can fix them.


The people of the city had been weak; they had been weak and allowed the sorcerer into their society, he had come bearing cures for their sick, healing for their injured and they had welcomed him.

They had been too slow in realizing their mistake and the reward they reaped for their foolishness was to suffer an existence worse than they ever dreamed possible.

They had all died; every single life had been snuffed out from the oldest to the newly born none had been spared.

Jade’s chocolate brown eyes swept over the street, it was filled with rubble and abandoned vehicles left by their owners in the blind panic of hysteria, broken furniture and other countless signs of destruction laid all around them.

Like everywhere else she had already been in the city the signs of carnage and fighting almost oozed from the walls of the buildings, these people hadn’t gone quietly, not all of them at least.

The sun was beating down on Jade and her group, it was humid and the heat parched her throat, Africa wasn’t a kind or forgiving place.

A beam of torchlight appeared in the depths of the barricaded and darkened doorway leading into the apartment complex and seconds later Claire and Susan emerged from the darkness with grim looks on their faces.

“Anything?” James, the groups Watcher asked impatiently.

“Nope, some signs of fighting but nothing else.” Claire said with a shake of her head, her voice gravelly and harsh.

Absently, Jades eyes went to the scar on Claire’s throat where a vampire had almost torn the other girl’s throat out.

“This is a waste of time.” James muttered.

The Slayers shared a look, James wasn’t the best Watcher he was a holdover from the old regime and hadn’t exactly welcomed the new way of doing things with opened arms to put it mildly.

“We better move on,” Jade said grabbing James attention, “It’ll be dark soon.”

“Afraid of the dark?” Aria asked jokingly from behind her.

“No,” Jade replied icily.

“We will search this city until I say so and not a moment earlier.” James said his watery blue eyes staring hard at the Slayers under his command.

Jades frown deepened. James seemed to assume he was somehow indestructible, as if whatever beast had made this place home would only attack them and leave him to go back home to England in peace.

Beside James the youngest of the squad Kylie was chanting low and under her breath, “I can’t feel any magic in the area. Whatever we felt earlier is gone now.”

They moved on, moving from one building to the next until the sun started to dim and disappear in the distance.

In the dying light of the day their nerve started to fray, once or twice they caught the sound of movement, echoing and distorted by the silence and the towers of concrete all around them.

Out of the corners of their eyes they saw shifting shapes and shadows only to have them disappear as soon as the turned their full attention onto them.

They couldn’t shake the feeling as if they were being watched, hunted even.

“We need to get out of here!” Kylie shouted suddenly as she franticly searched the darkness around them, “Can’t you feel it!”

“Kylie? What is it?” Jade asked urgently as the group closed ranks around the frightened girl their weapons at the ready.

“They’re coming!” Kylie screamed as her magic screamed at her.

It was too late; Kylies warning had come much too late, they were surrounded on all sides.

Out of the darkness they appeared, a mass of undead flesh; an ocean of corpses, ashen and rotted, heavy with the musky scent of decay shambled towards the group, some even ran towards them on all fours snarling and screeching like beasts.

The screeching beasts were foul abominations not even remotely human, their flesh and bones twisted and warped into unholy new forms by their master’s black magic.

Equal parts canine and man they were tall lanky things with thin arms, powerful hind legs with a large flailing tail that was tipped with a serrated point.

Their bodies had no skin, only bloody muscle and sinew warped and twisted into this new unholy form. Shining wet bone formed a sort of carapace like armor around the beast’s bodies while elongated overlapping plates of bone formed a sort of headdress over the creature’s heads, their eye sockets burned with a smoking purple light.

Impossibly outnumbered Jade gripped her swords tight, “Hold the line!”

Kylie and Susan the groups magic users unleashed their power, the raw energy of their magic shattered the bodies of the corpses hit by the mystical wave but for every one that fell it seemed there were two more that took its place.

With a howling that made her blood burn one of the bestial creature leapt towards Jade it’s maw full of sharklike teeth opened wide.

Letting her instincts guide her Jade lashed out her steel blades removing the creatures head from its shoulders with one fluid movement.

Beside her Aria grunted in pain as one of the creatures spade like tail impaled her, screaming out in hopelessness Jade and the others could do nothing but watch as their friend’s dying body was tossed backwards into the arms of the horde where she was quickly swarmed by the unholy mass.

“Aria!” Susan screamed as threw a fireball at her friend’s killer causing it to burst into flames before crumbling into ash.

“She’s gone! We can’t do anything for her.” Jade screamed with tears stinging her eyes, “Where's James...?

“I didn't see him!” Kylie shouted as she unleashed another wave of energy towards the enemy.

“The coward’s run away.” Claire growled as she bisected the unlucky corpse nearest to her with her massive broadsword.

“Then he’s dead.” Jade shouted as she stabbed her swords into the head of her foe before kicking its body backwards and into a group of corpses causing them to fall to the floor, their decayed bodies unable to deal with the sudden impact.

“Here they come!” Jade shouted, they had managed to destroy the advanced guard but now the seething throng of necrotic flesh was finally upon them, pressing in on them.

Susan and the Kylie attacked, fire rained down on the undead even as they ran towards the group on rotten limbs. The whole area burned bright, the heatwave generated by the duo’s magic was so hot it burned Jades skin, instant sunburn.

Something told her that she would be alive to enjoy the mystical induced tan.

Beside her Claire was hacking away with her broadsword in a brutal display of martial prowess, “You want some of this? Here's some choke on it! C'MON !” Claire screamed her gravelly voice strained and wet.

“Don't push forward, stay with the group!” Jade ordered but Claire couldn’t hear her, consumed by bloodlust Claire was wading further and further into the undead mass until finally one of the warped beast like creatures leapt onto her back from behind the mass shambling corpses in a deadly ambush.

“AAARRGGGGHHH!” Claire fought desperately to free herself from the deadly grasp of the creature’s sharp taloned hands and feet but it was too much.

Jade stared in horror as the creature’s wicked hooked talon like claws reaches for Claire’s face, ripping the top of her head off.

Claire’s broadsword fell from her dead hands as her corpse slumped to the floor.

The groups coordinated defence was shattered; it was a free for all now, an all-out desperate bid for survival.

Jade lunged at Claire’s killer cleaving its outstretched arm from its body but the creature didn’t even acknowledge the wound, it lashed out with its other clawed hand trying to rake Jades face with its deadly claws.

Jade dodged backwards, stumbling slightly from the growing pool of blood coming from Claire fallen form.

Jade didn’t have time to correct her balance though because the creature was on her in an instant screeching as it leapt at her.

As one the mass of undead warriors around her pressed in grabbing her from all sides, stopping her from moving.
Jade screamed in pain as the creatures powerful jaws close around her collar bone, crushing her bones into splinters and tearing at her flesh.

“Jade! JADE! WHERE ARE YOU? JADE!” Kylie’s voice calls out in terror, the young girl was clearly frightened.

But Jade couldn’t talk; she was to overcome by pain as the creature tore into her again and again. Her dying mind dimly realized that Susan must have died because she can’t her shouting, Kylie was all by…

With on last bellowing shriek of victory the creature impaled Jade’s skull with its deadly tail.

Alone and exhausted Kylie watched as the creatures wandered towards her, their dull lifeless eyes staring blankly ahead.

Two of the beast-like creatures pushed their way out of the teaming mass, circling her like hungry sharks. The closest one reared up on its hind legs, standing upright like the man it once was. Its deadly jaws snapped at her as its lethal tail flailed behind it in a twisted mockery of a dog wagging its tail.

“Oh, God... Oh, God, help me...please help me...!”

A/N: … so this is what happens when I play Resident Evil before bed and read too many Warhammer books. This fic was inspired by a dream/nightmare I had last night and written in under ten minutes on my break. Yes before you ask the beast-like creatures in this chapter are Xenomorph warrior/queen dog zombie hybrids, it was a weird dream. This fic will contain a Commissar style Xander equipped with chainsword and other fun toys as well as his personal squad of trained slayers vs. the so far unseen Lich King and his zombie army in a free for all battle of survival.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Necropolis" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Feb 13.

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