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Ancient Moon

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Summary: Two different teams, a shared past and a mystery. When two members of an SG team end in the Moon Palace by accident, two different worlds come in contact...

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Chapter 2


Part I: Ancient Moon

Chapter 2: Talking around

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon created by Naoko Takeuchi and owned by Naoko Takeuchi and Kodansha. Stargate is property of MGM

Spoilers: Sailor Moon to the end of the Dreams arc in the manga (that means, for those who only know Sailor Moon from the anime, to roughly the sixth episode of Sailor Moon Stars, although I'm following (mostly) manga continuity). Stargate to early 5th Season.

Author note: I'm going to pick elements from the anime, the live action series and even the musicals and the games to fill holes in the timeline, as well as to try to fit Sailor Moon in Stargate, so be warned about that.

Author note 2: I wish to thank Noxturne90 for betaing the story, Abyssal Daemon, Barret, Seiya and other posters in the Spacebattles thread that I don't remember just now for their contributions. And Filraen, Chargone and Alynnumbered for pointing out errors.

Near the Hikawa Shrine, Juuban district, Tokyo

Usagi and Chibiusa yawned simultaneously as they followed Ami through the streets of Juuban, towards the Hikawa shrine. Usually they would have gone to the Crown Arcade, but today Motoki was going to install the new arcade game that everybody was talking about, and there would be too many people in the place to sneak into their headquarters.

"Any idea on why Setsuna called us?" asked Usagi as they were reaching the shrine.

"No, but I talked with Rei by phone earlier, and she said that Michiru and her had premonitions last night." Answered Ami, looking at the infamous bus stop in front of them, where the case that had brought Rei to them started.

"A pity that she didn't saw those maniacs" commented Usagi, glancing at her bandaged wrist. Ami had bandaged Usagi, as her mother had taught her, after three people nearly ran over them.

"Yes, I wonder what the guy with the spotted bandanna did to have those two girls after him." Said Ami, thoughtfully, as they started to climb the steps "The thing is that the blue-haired girl looked familiar..."

"You mean, apart from looking like you?" said Usagi

"Yeas, apart from that." Said Ami, a bit absently, trying to remember, then she snapped her fingers as the memory came back to her "I went with Mako-chan to a martial arts competition, and she was there, competing for a Nerima dojo. Now that I think about it, the redhead was between the public, also."

"Oh, kami, that's where all those crazy martial artists come from." Said Usagi, groaning "Last time that I went there, I almost got ran over by a Chinese girl on a bike. And why are you giggling?" she asked looking at Chibiusa.

She didn't answered, instead she looked back at Usagi with an innocent expression, as if saying 'Who, me?' Usagi's answer was cut by the opportune arrival of Rei, clad in her miko robes.

"You are late." Said Rei as they arrived at the upper steps.

After looking at Chibiusa with 'We haven't finished with this, missy.' look, she turned to Rei.

"We were almost run over by a guy who was being chased by two girls." Said Usagi, and upon seeing Rei's amused reaction she added, showing her bandaged wrist "Not like that!"

Rei only smirked and turned, gesturing to them to follow her to the place where the others were already gathered. After the usual pleasantries, Rei told them of Pluto's call and of the dream that she had last night.

"I didn't hear those two voices." said Michiru, talking about her own premonition "I saw a woman in golden armor sitting on a throne, talking to another person, who was hidden under a heavy cloak. I didn't heard anything, but somehow that scene left me cold."

She shivered after saying this, which prompted Haruka to hold her in her arms. "Thank you, my love." Said Michiru.

She took a deep breath and continued speaking "It didn't end there. I saw a fleet of starships closing on an Earth-like planet with three moons, and then I saw the ring of stone, erupting in flames. Just before I awakened I heard a voice saying 'Hallowed be...' but the last word was drowned by the crackling of the flames."

"What is that supposed to mean?" asked Rei to Michiru, who shrugged.

"No idea, but whatever enemy or enemies are coming up, I have the feeling that they are different from everything that we have fought before." Answered Michiru, and she turned to Chibiusa, who seemed to be fidgeting "Chibiusa, do you have something to say?"

"...I think that I saw a ring of stone like that in a museum once." said Chibiusa, after a pause "I don't remember much about what Mercury said to mom, but I think that it was supposed to be an artifact from the Silver Millenium."

Thise news made everybody start to speculate like crazy from what they remembered from their previous lives, getting them bogged down in reminiscences about their past lives

"All of that is very interesting, but Pluto is waiting for us at the Moon." said Haruka, cutting Minako off as she was explaining an amusing and embarrassing anecdote involving Princess Serenity as a toddler in the Moon Palace gardens, while Usagi tried to keep her quiet. "So let's go, time waits for nobody." She added, smiling as a blushing Usagi mouthed 'Thank you' "So what...?"

"If you can wait a moment, can we do it in the garden? It would be easier to conceal a crater in soft earth than here, in stone." said Rei, pointing to the stone surface on which they were standing, and looked around. "Besides, that way we'll have a better cover."

They nodded and started to follow Rei to a secluded place in the back of the temple, inside a small grove of trees. They looked at each other and transformed into their Senshi forms.

"What exactly do we have to do now?" said Uranus

"You haven't done this before?" asked Venus incredulously

"Hey, this is going to be our first foray in space in this life." Said Uranus defensively. "The only time that we teleported, we left it in Pluto's hands."

"Venus, Uranus, now is not the time." Admonished Moon, who then faced Saturn, Uranus and Neptune "Before everything, send a signal to Pluto, to let her know that we are coming." When Uranus had done that, she continued "We're gonna hold our hands in a circle and focus our power in our destination, the Moon Palace. I'll do the rest."

They did as Moon said, their auras glowing in their respective colors, and suddenly, Moon opened her eyes and looked to the sky where the Moon could be still faintly seen, a faint sliver of silver against the blue sky.

"SAILOR TELEPORT!" she said loudly and they disappeared in a flash of multicolored light, leaving behind only disturbed earth and fallen leaves. In a nearby building, a man sent the recording that he just had taken to his superiors in the States.

Headquarters of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau, Division Six

Senior superintendent Natsuna Sakurada, head of Division Six was waiting for her number two. She glanced at the calendar on her desk and smiled wistfully.

'Two years? It feels like a lifetime ago...' she thought, her mind going back to the days before she was only one of the trusted subordinates of the head of the division, before... the incident in the old headquarters. The smile disappeared from her lips when she remembered, what had happened back then. It had been a massacre, and it could have been worse if T...

'Midori, that's the name she is using now.' She reminded herself. If Midori hadn't been there, there would have been many more dead. 'Including myself.'

Those two... things had managed to decimate the entire Division with terrifying ease and had isolated the survivors in the basement, unable to call for help. Even with Midori's help, it had been dicey.

She sighed. After that, as the senior survivor, she became the head of the department that had to deal with the strange and unexplained. In this time she had seen many things, things that were not meant to see the light of the day. She mused if some of the... things that they had fought, had been the ultimate origin of some hentai stories, to not talk of others that looked straight out of Devilman...

A good thing that came from the battle was that had been an eye-opener for many people in the high echelons of the government. The division funds had become, not lavish, but quite ampler, enough to equip the new headquarters, and they had asked no questions when quite irregular requests reached them...

The door opened, interrupting her train of thoughts. An attractive teal-haired woman, dressed in a police uniform with an inspector rank insignia entered the room. According to the files in Personnel she was Midori Nanami

'Speaking of the devil...' she thought, suppressing an smile 'And that's quite literal in this case.'

"Did we manage to identify the Senshi stalkers?" asked Natsuna, going into work mode.

"Yes, superintendent Sakurada." Answered Midori "They are Americans, and if my contacts on the PSIA (1) are right, they are working for one of their Intelligence agencies."

"Damn, I was hoping that I was wrong." Commented Sakurada, who had suspected as much "Which one?

"I would bet on the National Intelligence Department, ma'am." Said the woman, consulting her notes "According to the data that I have reviewed, this incident as well as the others are right up their alley."

Natsuna nodded, after becoming head of the division, she had familiarized herself with the different foreign intelligence agencies operating on Japanese soil. The NID, well, if the PSIA was right, a faction inside it, would be perfectly at home in the darkest chapters of Japan's history.

"Although, I have good news, well, if you can trust the black onis in this." said the inspector, using the in-house nickname for the PSIA, as she sat in front of her boss, and then added, "According to them, what they think is the American equivalent of Project Masamune..."

'Our last, best hope, if the Senshi fail' thought Sakurada, thinking of the secret project that she and her trusted number two had been briefed in, and of its origin, tied to the truth behind old legends.

" under the control of the Air Force and they have locked horns with the NID on several occasions." Ended Midori

"Good. I still have nightmares of those... things from the Infinity Academy." Said Sakurada, shivering for a split second before steadying herself "So, in recap, we have some evidence that an agency of the United States government had been funding a deranged scientist in very dangerous, and very unethical experiments, on the home soil of an ally, namely our country. The same agency seems to have retrieved some equipment from the site of those experiments, as well as stalking the people responsible for stopping the mess, when said scientist started to follow his own agenda."

"Pretty much." Said the other woman, nodding "A pretty fine mess, if you ask me."

"And this is exactly the kind of mess that I hate." Said Sakurada, grimacing "You know what... certain politicians are going to do if this bomb falls in their hands."

"If you are talking about Takashi Hino, of course I do." Said the woman, not quite snarling "Being skilled in intrigue... no, I'm not going to sugarcoat the truth, being an expert backstabber was a survival trait under... my old boss. He would have thrived there, all right."

"If you want this seat, it's all yours." Said Sakurada in jest, to which Midori snorted.

"After seeing all the crap that you have to put up with?" she said "No, thanks, Natsuna, I had enough of that shit with Jadeite."

Natsuna smiled, the woman in front of her had become her friend. A surprising thing given her past, and who she had worked for.

"Speaking of jerks, how are things with Wasagi?" she asked, moving from the boss-subordinate to the friend mode.

"He invited me to go out to the movies this evening." She smiled, and then looked at her watch "If there isn't anything else..."

"No, you can go, Midori." Answered Sakurada, to which the other woman nodded and left the office. After she left she thought 'Wasagi, if you don't treat her well, there will be hell to pay.'

Cheyenne Mountain. Briefing Room

"Sorry, I know that I'm late..." Daniel Jackson started to say when he entered the briefing room, only to find that the only people there were Jack O'Neill and Jacob Carter, who were talking about old acquaintances.

"On time, for once." Said Jack, looking at the clock.

"And hello to you also, Jack." Said Daniel, who then looked to Sam's father "Jacob, Selmak"

"Hello, Daniel." Said Jacob "Selmak is also glad to see you, but he is weary from the voyage."

"Ok, now that that is out of the way, where are the rest?" asked Daniel, as he was sitting.

"Sam is gonna be late, something she had to talk with Doc Frasier, the general got a call from the Pentagon and Teal'c is in the restroom." Said Jack, turning to face the archeologist "So, tell me, space monkey, I heard that they found our missing people."

"Jack, the situation is a bit more complex than that, and I think that we should wait for Sam, to explain this better." Said Daniel "In fact..."

Whatever Daniel was going to say was interrupted by Sam entering the room, carrying a laptop, with Teal'c in tow.

"Where is General Hammond?" asked Sam, who clearly expected the commanding officer of the SGC to be there, while she started to connect the laptop to the screen in the briefing room, and Teal'c sat in his usual place.

"Call from the Pentagon." Said Jack "Probably some pencil pusher raised a ruckus about how much we expend in toilet paper."

"Or the reason why they are hiring archeologists to work in Deep Space Telemetry." Said Daniel, rolling his eyes "Military bureaucracy can be orders of magnitude worse than anything that I have found in academic circles."

"I wouldn't go that far, Doctor Jackson. But indeed, I have wasted this time in minor bureaucratic niggling." Said General Hammond entering the room, which prompted everybody to rise from their seats. "At ease, gentlemen."

When they went back to their chairs, Hammond started to explain the situation for the benefit of those who hadn't been informed of it yet.

"As you probably already know, at 09:12 AM, SG17 and SG19 were sent to P7X-326. They were escorting a team of civilian specialists to study the anomalous magnetic field of the planet."

"And things went South." Said Jack, rolling his eyes "As they always do."

"Yes, Colonel, the situation went South, as you have put it, when they were ambushed by Anubis' Jaffa." Said Hammond, which prompted a grimace on Jack's face. This new Goa'uld was proving to be a greater nuisance than Apophis had ever been "Colonel Keller, commanding officer of the SG17 was killed in the first ambush. Major Dixon took command of the situation and ordered a retreat to the Gate. Under heavy fire they managed to return, but unfortunately Major Mason of the SG19 and Karen Takahashi, a physicist, who were the last ones in crossing the gate, didn't arrive at the SGC with the rest."

"Been there, done that." said O'Neill, realizing what had happened "I'd guess that they were rerouted to another Gate."

"That's right, Colonel. The circumstances were very similar to the ones that led to the discovery of the Beta Gate." said Hammond, who then looked at Carter "Major, would you take the briefing from here?"

"Yes, sir. The analysis of the feedback produced by the Gate led us to theorize that, as Colonel O'Neill has guessed, Major Mason and Doctor Takahashi had been rerouted to another gate." Said Carter, who paused and took a deep breath before continuing "This is when the situation started to get strange."

"Stranger than crossing a wormhole, created by an artifact of an ancient alien civilization, to go to other planets every other day, Major?" asked Jack, in a perfect deadpan tone

"Yes, Colonel, stranger than that." said Sam, chuckling "At 19:23 hours we got a communication from the two missing people. They are on the Moon, in an Ancient underground complex, placed under a building, that they have described as a Palace."

"And how is it possible that it escaped all the probes that we have sent?" asked Jack, sitting straighter in his seat.

"We don't know, sir." Said Sam, shrugging "Maybe it's under some kind of cloaking or sensor dampening screen or something."

"It's the 'something' that worries me, Sam." said Jack, who added in a joking tone "All right, but I'm warning you that I'm not sticking my head in one of those Ancient head-sucking things this time around."

Daniel rolled his eyes in response to Jack's jest, although he couldn't repress a shiver. They had almost lost Jack that time around, only managing to save him thanks to the same Ancient knowledge that had been killing him, and the fact that the Asgard knew what they had to do.

"So there is a Stargate in the Moon, Major." Said Hammond, trying to get the briefing back on track.

"Yes, sir. From what Doctor Takahashi could tell us, the complex houses what looked like an older model of Stargate, with an, unfortunately non-functional, DHD equivalent." Said Sam "The complex has also, apparently, a gravity generator, an atmospheric generator and some kind of force-field that keeps the atmosphere inside."

"My Al'Kesh is yours, to go to the Moon, or wherever would be necessary." said Jacob, looking at Hammond "Or is there a problem?"

"Thank you, Jacob. We don't have a problem with you assisting in the rescue, but there is indeed a problem" said Hammond, who then looked a Sam, "Major Carter, if you can continue..."

"Yes, sir." Said Carter, who went to explain what had happened "The problem is that they found somebody there, who is claiming that the Palace belongs to her group."

"Who? The Man on the Moon?" said Jack, with the tone of 'here we go again'.

"No, sir. A member of a group of Japanese vigilantes that are called the Sailor Senshi." answered Sam.

"The what?" asked Jack, who clearly hadn't heard of them.

'To be sincere, neither had I, before today.' thought Sam

Sam pressed some keys in the laptop, which brought several images to the main screen. The images showed a number of young women, dressed in what looked like a pervert's idea of a school uniform, if the tight leotards, the short skirts and the high heels were any indication.

"The Sailor Senshi, sir." Said Sam "From the material that I have been able to find online, they are a group of Japanese vigilantes that have superhuman abilities."

This got everybody attention, from the frown on Daniel's face to the incredulous look of Jack, to the arching of an eyebrow of Teal'c, something that she understood well, as the precedents were not exactly encouraging.

"Are they Hok'Tar?" asked Teal'c finally, voicing what was on everybody's mind.

"That was Doctor Takahashi first idea, but Sailor Pluto, the name that she used, recognized, after a bit of prodding, that she was an Ancient." Said Sam, which brought another batch of shocked reactions from the rest of SG-1, followed by interest in the case of Daniel, remembering Oma De Sala

"Are you sure that they are not another bunch of snakes?" asked Jack "Or maybe some group of alien con men... women, rather."

"I don't think so, sir." said Sam "From what Doctor Takahashi and Major Mason had reported, she seems to be a bit aloof and quite reserved, but at no moment has shown any of the behavior that we usually associate with Goa'uld. And she activated a piece of Ancient technology that had been inert until then."

"Uhuh, so no grandstanding, 'kneel before your God' or 'die, unbeliever' then? That excludes snakes, all right." said Jack "So, Sam, assuming that they are genuine, what do you think about them being really Ancient, hiding under our own noses all this time?"

"Given what we have managed to find about them, it fits. The Stargate in the Moon seems to be non-functional, and if they are a group as small as it seems to be, they may not have had the necessary resources to unearth the Beta Gate, and from what our people in the moon have said, they don't know about the Alpha Gate." said Sam, and added with an apologetic gesture, seeing Jack's expression "Too many 'maybes' and 'could be', I know, sir. But there are also their actions during the time that they have been active."

She pressed a key in the laptop and the image changed to a blonde Japanese teenager in a suit different to the others that had appeared before, resembling more a real school uniform.

"This was the first one to appear, more than three years ago, Sailor V..."

Over the next quarter hour Sam told the people in the briefing room a summation of what she could find on the Internet about what the Senshi had done in the last years. She didn't hide that most of her info came from the Senshi Fan Club website, stressing on its incompleteness and relative unreliability.

"...given the fact that they have assumed names based on the planets, I would assume that they fancy themselves as some kind of protectors or guardians of the Solar System. When we return from the Moon, I would like to do a more thorough examination of the data, to offer a baseline for their powers." Said Sam, looking at Daniel who seemed to be mulling over something in his head.

"Very well, Major." Said Hammond, who had noticed Daniel's reaction "Doctor Jackson, if you have something to add?"

"I would like more time to do a bit of research, general. But when Sam said they considered themselves guardians or protectors of the worlds, I remembered a text that I have been working on over the last days. It talked about a group of female warriors called, in Ancient, the Anima Mundi..."

"The Souls of the Worlds?" said Sam, remembering that Ancient was similar to Latin.

"That's a possible translation, but Anima in Ancient also meant guardian spirit. If those Sailor Senshi are indeed Ancients, they may be the current versions of the Anima Mundi," said Daniel, and then shrugged "I know that this is a long shot, and that I may be wrong, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck..."

"Its' really a bit farfetched, Doctor Jackson." recognized Hammond "But I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand, your instincts have served us well in the past. Anything else?"

"I was thinking about the installation, and some bits of folklore about visitors from the Moon, like the Japanese legend of Princess Kaguya, the related Chinese legend of the Chang'e, the Hawaiian story of the goddess Hina and other legends of people coming from the sky and/or being retrieved up into it, may hearken back to visits of Ancient from the Moon." said Daniel

"And what do you base that affirmation on, doctor?" asked Hammond "From the reports of Doctor Takahashi, the installation seems to be older even than the one in Antarctica."

"Sir, from what we have managed to find, the Ancients came from outside our Galaxy, and came here at two different times. The Stargate network and a number of the relics that we find seem to date from the earlier era, several million years ago, afterwards they seem to disappear all of a sudden." Explained Daniel "But the Alliance of the Four Races, and most of the things that we have found are from the later period, six to ten thousand years ago, which is coincidentally, or maybe not, the period from which we date the rebellion against the Goa'uld."

"So, you are telling us that before becoming the pricks that they are now, the Ancients may have helped us to get rid of Ra's ilk?" said Jack. "It's a bit difficult to swallow, given our experiences with them."

"Pretty much. But from what we know, that may had been their last hurrah before retreating to higher planes of existence, or maybe it was..." said Daniel, who snapped his fingers as he realized something "And I think that I may have proof."

Daniel paused for a moment while he took his notes and checked a picture of a stone with writings on the ancient alphabet.

"Yes, just as I remembered." he said under his breath, turning to face the others "In the last few days I have been trying to translate a few fragmentary texts found in the more recent known settlement of the Ancients in the Milky Way. One of those fragments, the one that I mentioned earlier, dealt with the Anima Mundi and an ancient, no pun intended, conflict in which they were involved." He then took a deep breath, before continuing. "Another fragment talked, with a hint of disapproval, which may hint that the decision to help the rebellion wasn't supported by most of the Ancients, of a figure that we only know through Jaffa legends, a woman with great powers, that they refer to as Aurora Gerula, or 'she who brings dawn'"

Teal'c arched both eyebrows, a gesture that on him was practically goggling. It was strange to see such a reaction from the usually stoic Teal'c.

"Are you sure, DanielJackson?" asked Teal'c, after a pause to recover his composure

"Yes, Teal'c, I'm sure." said Daniel, and then looked at Teal'c "But I think that it would be better if a Jaffa told it."

"It's a story that many Jaffa have heard about, even if the Goa'uld have tried to suppress its spread." He said "It is said that in the first world, when the Gods reigned, a woman appeared, a mighty warrior that even the Goa'uld were afraid to face in combat..."

"What a surprise... not" commented Jack sarcastically

"...It was said that her bow could destroy the chariots of the gods in the skies, even if she shot from the deepest pit, and her daggers shone like the Sun itself." continued Teal'c as if Jack hadn't spoken "But greater than her power was her capability to inspire the people to believe that they could be more than slaves to the gods. Her rebellion spread, until they drove Ra off of the planet."

"And what happened to her?", said Sam, who seemed to be fascinated with the legend, without noticing that Jacob had given the control of his body to Selmak.

"Her fate afterwards in unknown to the Jaffa, SamanthaCarter." said Teal'c

"Egeria, mother of the Tok'ra was around at that time, and while she chose not to pass to her progeny many of her memories of that time, we remember that she was offered the throne of Ra and rejected it," said Selmak "But beyond that, there is not much else. Apparently she died fighting one of the remaining Goa'uld on Earth in a far away land, but Egeria had already left Earth by that time."

The Moon

Sailor Pluto opened a portal back into the restroom where she supposedly had been the last twenty minutes, and sat down in the stall taking a breath. These last twenty minutes had been really frantic, she had been running ragged (figuratively speaking, she doubted that she had opened so many portals in such a short time ever) in the lower levels, trying to get the defense systems online.

She thanked her stars that the computer had recognized her access codes, after all these millennia, even if her unfounded fears that her DNA didn't exactly match her earlier incarnation, due to spillover from being reincarnated, had been accurate.

First she had to check how were the energy reserves of the system, which were nearly depleted.. Unfortunately, the system to replace spent Quantum Energy Modules was off, as an energy saving measure, she had to do the replacing by hand, while cursing all the way the long-dead moron who had compiled the energy saving program. And then she went to curse the moron that had designed the transport modules of the QEM, as it had been a real hassle to manipulate them

Then she had to put the defense systems on stand-by, being ready to be activated at a moment notice if the Princess gave the signal. Then she had gone to seal completely the access to the Space-Time Gate, just in case. She was probably being a bit too paranoid, but the possible consequences of somebody gaining access to the gate were catastrophic. And finally she had to appraise the Queen AI, who had left an active subroutine to awaken her if somebody started to fiddle with the systems, of the situation. All in all, she was nearly exhausted.

She thought back to the situation. While part of her wanted to help them, another part advised caution. As a society Earth was very fractured, and once that the threat of the Goa'uld vanished, the same weapons that have given them the victory could, and probably would, be used against each other.

'No, if, and that's a big if, we share technology, it will be on our own terms...' though she didn't know if the Princess would see it the same way as her. Suddenly, somebody knocking on the door interrupted her thoughts.

"Yes?" said Pluto, trying to hide the weariness in her voice.

"Have you finished?" asked the voice of Doctor Takahashi

"One moment." She said, as she got up from the stall and made some noise with her clothes, to make it seem as if she had been doing what she had been supposed to be doing. She was walking toward the door, when she noticed that her wrist communicator was flashing a familiar symbol.

'Uranus' she thought, seeing the symbol 'So, they are finally coming.'

"I have finished." She said, as she exited the restroom "Did you want something?"

"The SGC called, Martha is talking with them." Said Karen, waving the Senshi ahead.

They started to walk in silence through the underground corridors, while Pluto checked mentally if there was something else to do before the others came, and came up blank. After a few minutes, they finally reached the Gate room, where Mason was talking through the gizmo that they had managed to build.

"Yes, sir. We'll be here. Mason out." Said Mason, who then turned toward them "Good news, the rescue party will be here in one hour."

"Good!" said Karen enthusiastically. "I hope that the other Senshi arrive in time."

Pluto looked at her with a knowing smile, and as if in cue, the room shook a bit. 'Here they are, a Sailor Teleport' thought Pluto.

"They have just arrived." Said Pluto, keeping her smile as she started to walk toward the main surface access.


(1) Public Security Intelligence Agency, the Japanese intelligence agency

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