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Ancient Moon

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Summary: Two different teams, a shared past and a mystery. When two members of an SG team end in the Moon Palace by accident, two different worlds come in contact...

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Chapter 3


Part I: Ancient Moon

Chapter 3: Travelling Abroad

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon created by Naoko Takeuchi and owned by Naoko Takeuchi and Kodansha. Stargate is property of MGM

Spoilers: Sailor Moon to the end of the Dreams arc in the manga (that means, for those who only know Sailor Moon from the anime, to roughly the sixth episode of Sailor Moon Stars, although I'm following (mostly) manga continuity). Stargate to 5th Season.

Author note: I'm going to pick elements from the anime, the live action series and even the musicals and the games to fill holes in the timeline, as well as to try to fit Sailor Moon in Stargate, so be warned about that.

Author note 2: I wish to thank Noxturne90 for betaing the story, Abyssal Daemon, Barret, Seiya and other posters in the Spacebattles thread that I don't remember just now for their contributions. And Filraen, Chargone and Alynnumbered for pointing out errors.

Author note 3: I'm using to note when somebody isn't speaking in English in a situation where several languages are being spoken.

Cheyenne mountain complex. Mess room

Sam Carter entered the mess hall and immediately located her father, who was eating a light meal while they waited for some special gear that she had requested to be moved from Area 51 to Wright-Patterson.

"Dad, do you have a minute?" asked Sam, when she reached him.

"For you always, kiddo." Said Jacob Carter, smiling kindly to his daughter, as he had already finished the meal.

Without preamble, Sam put a paper over the table. It was the drawing that she had been "doodling" just when everything started. She explained quickly about the dreams that she had about the Stargate, and the headaches that usually went with them.

"I never told anybody about the dreams, dad. I figured that they were the result of my anxiety about the program, dressing it a bit. And then this morning, I found myself drawing this..." she explained, pointing to the paper "The Stargate that I drew is identical to the one in my dream, the Ancients signs are genuine and, according to Daniel, what they say seems to fit with parts of the Ancient lore that we have recovered. And then, Martha and Karen get lost and end in the Moon in a room, which with a Stargate, and the environment that they describe is very similar to the one in my dream. What the Hell is going on!?" she nearly wailed the last part.

"Sam, I'm sure that..." he started to say in a reassuring tone, before he stopped himself and frowned "Damn it." He said softly.

"That doesn't fill me with confidence, dad." Said Sam, her voice shaking a bit.

"Selmak want to talk with you, Sam." He said with a very serious expression.

"...All right" said Sam, steadying herself for what she suspected was coming.

Jacob gave control to Selmak. It always made her slightly uneasy, due to her experiences with the Goa'uld, to see how his eyes glowed slightly when that happened, not to speak of the deeper voice.

"Samantha, while I can't verify if your dreams are accurate or not, I can tell you that this kind of Stargates do indeed exist." He sighed before speaking "Anise previous host and my previous host were in a relationship, a century or so ago..."

"Wait, but your previous host was..."

"Female?" said Selmak, smiling a bit. Ta'uri hang-ups regarding relationships always amused him. Although the symbiote was technically asexual and many symbiotes favored one gender or another in their hosts, all of then had spent part of the time joined to the opposite gender.

"Well, yes..." she took a deep breath, before making a dismissing gesture with her hand "That's not the problem just now, you were telling me that because of..."

"Well, she showed my previous host a few artifacts, including a fragment of one Stargate like this, discovered in a world with Ancient ruins. She said that it was far older than any of the standard Stargates that we have found."

"Damn." She said, hearing the answer that she had feared. "But what the Hell those dreams mean? One moment..." She said, as her mind kicked into scientific gear "You said a fragment, that meant that the Stargate was broken, but anything able to destroy an Stargate would level any kind of buildings in the site, and half of the continent around it, if not further."

Selmak smiled sadly before answering.

"I asked the same to Anise, and from what she said, those Stargates were built in less durable materials than the ones that we see most, so they were less able to resist the ravages of time. She thought that those Stargate were early test models." He then shrugged "I'm not a scientist, Samantha, I can't say if she was right or not."

"Thanks, Selmak." Said Sam, still troubled "But I still have the feeling that there is something else about those dreams..."

Selmak put his hand on Sam shoulder and looked into her eyes before speaking.

"Samantha, I have seen your father memories, and I am sure that whatever is happening to you, you'll pass with flying colors."

In another part of the complex, a technician retrieved a little device and replaced it with an identical one. A couple hours later, after the end of her shift, she would leave the device, until them hidden carefully in her bra, in the breast pocket of a jacket that she would send for cleaning. There, a laundry employee, would take it, and send the file recorded by the device through a private server and an encrypted connection to his bosses in the National Intelligence Department, where the recording would be transcript and sent to the desk of Colonel Simmons, to be read next morning. It contained the recording of everything spoken in the main briefing room of the SGC in the last two days. Little could anybody know the storm that that little bit of news would cause.

The Moon

When they arrived to the surface, using the proper access this time, they found ten people waiting for them, eight teenager girls of varying ages and two preteen, all of them clad in the uniform that the Senshi Fan Club had dubbed "sailor fuku". Karen recognized most of them from the pictures published by the Fan Club, although she only could hazard to guess the names of the two oldest and the pink-haired girl, and she hadn't seen the black-haired girl with the odd-looking polearm anywhere before.

"Puuu!" said the pink-haired girl, running toward Pluto and practically jumping into her arms before Sailor Moon or the black-haired girl could restrain her.

"Sorry for Chibi Moon, she can be a bit... over-enthusiastic, sometimes." Said Pluto. "And before you ask, only Uranus, Neptune, Mercury and me speak English with a certain degree of fluidity. "

She started the presentations, addressing the Senshi who didn't speak English in Japanese. This way they learned that the Senshi who Karen didn't know where Uranus, Neptune and Saturn, and of course Chibi-Moon, whom Pluto had already named. After the presentations, Pluto went to talk to the Senshi far enough of Karen and Martha, so they would not to be eavesdropped.

"Now, if I have understood well, the Silver Millenium was one of many settlements of the Lunarians..." said Mercury, after Pluto had told them a brief version of the history of their people arrival to the Milky Way.

"Actually the proper name would be Celestians, given that our original homeworld was called Celestis." corrected Pluto "But that's not important just now. What it's important is that we developed a net of wormhole portals, the Astria Porta, or Stargate. That way we only needed to key an address in a calling device and we'd be there almost instantaneously.."

"How...?" said Mercury, her quick mind starting to process how could this be possible.

"I can't say the specifics, it was never my field of expertise, but the computer should have some of your own work with them back in the Silver Millenium." answered Pluto.

Making a mental note to check it later, Mercury nodded. She knew that her computer held a lot of info that she hadn't yet checked, specially from her former self wide range of interests... including some things that she really hadn't wanted to know about her.

"I always got the impression that the Moon and Earth Kingdoms were nearly alone in the Galaxy." said Mars "Having been a great number of settlements are news to most of us."

"The reason why you got that impression was because when Metallia appeared they were under quarantine." continued Pluto "There was a Plague, which forced the survivors out of the Solar System to eventually flee this Galaxy."

"And the Stargates remained," said Uranus "Which I suppose paved the way for the current mess."

"Pretty much." said Pluto. "Apparently a few millennia ago, a race of parasitic beings with delusions of Godhood called Goa'uld, took over Earth, using reverse-engineered versions of our own tech to pose as the gods of the old mythologies, before being expelled by a rebellion."

"So the Ancient Astronaut thing is real?" said Venus, and promptly added, answering to the incredulous glances of some of the other Senshi "What? I like to read those books, if only to see if some of those authors got it right about the Silver Millenium."

"Anyway, they still control a good chunk of the Galaxy." continued Pluto, obviating Venus interruption. "The Americans found the old Stargate, and ended in a conflict with the Goa'uld. And by accident two members of the organization that manages the Stargate were sent to the old prototype Gate in the underground levels of the Palace. And that's how we ended in this situation." said Pluto, who then looked to the two women in Air Force uniform and added, more quietly "Or at least all that have been explained to me."

"You think that they have been lying to you about what they have been doing." asked Mars, always going to the heart of the matter.

"No, but they haven't told me all what they know, Mars." answered Pluto.

"Pluto, does that... Stargate look like a big, upright ring of stone?." asked Neptune, thinking of her dreams. Seeing her friend reaction, she said "It does, isn't it?."

"How..." she asked, with a shocked expression, something that was very rare to see in her face.

"We have a lot to discuss, Pluto. And I think that it ties into what you have said about those Goa'uld." said Neptune.

Karen and Martha, on their own corner of the ruined gardens, were talking in hushed tones, so the Senshi couldn't hear them.

"Did you get Pluto to let slip something?" asked Martha.

"Nope." Said Karen "So you realized that I was playing it up?" Said Karen, rolling her eyes.

"Well, I had my doubts. You are such a geek sometimes..." started to say Martha, as Karen punched her in the arm "Hey! It's true!"

"I admit that I had a bit of a 'geekgasm' upon meeting Pluto here. I'm a Senshi fangirl, after all." Said Karen with an sly smile "But I can use my geekiness to make people think that I'm harmless."

"And it worked?" asked Martha.

"Not at all." Answered Karen with a sigh.

"Well, some people... " Started to say Martha, who then noticed that the Senshi had ended talking and were now approaching them. "Sshhh, they are coming."

"The girls want to see the Stargate." Said Pluto, who seemed to have been chosen as the unofficial spokeswoman of the Senshi "We're going down, but we'll be back with enough time to receive the rescue party."

"Actually, we have to go back there also, in order to guide them here. It would not do if they had to overfly half of the Moon to find us." Said Karen.

'Really smooth, Karen' thought Martha. 'And the best part is that it's all true.'

Pluto looked back, while Mercury translated what they had said. After thinking for a moment, Moon nodded.

"Suit yourself." Said Pluto, shrugging, as she started to walk toward the entrance to the underground levels.

They descended in silence and walked through the corridors, looking around. The Senshi were trying to keep their expression neutral, but just seeing the place was awakening some memories inside them. Memories of the Silver Millenium.

Mercury, in particular, was the most affected, as she seemed to have been a frequent visitor. She suddenly remembered finding Venus talking with an old man in the uniform of the Royal Guard and a young blonde scientist in civilian clothes. Strangely Venus was not wearing her Sailor Fuku, but an orange sleeveless short tunic, with sky blue tight pants underneath, shoulder length gloves and dark orange boots, with the only part resembling her usual uniform was her tiara.

She shook her head for a moment, trying to clear her mind 'Where the Hell did that come from?' she thought. As far as she knew, her Sailor Fuku had been her uniform back in the Silver Millenium...

'I have to ask Pluto about this.' She thought.

Moon on her part was thinking about what Pluto had just told them. It seemed so... big. A galaxy-wide conflict raging on during the last years, and they, the self-appointed guardians of the Solar System hadn't known about it. It was a bit humbling, actually.

And it actually gave more weight to something that she had been thinking about in the last weeks. Their victories had almost always been a thing of luck, well if you can call luck at having the right McGuffin at the right time. But they couldn't depend on that forever.

'And even if I got it from an anime, I think that I have an idea of how to deal with it.' She thought, with a feeling of finality.


To everybody they looked like another couple in a date. They had just seen a movie and were walking through the park. He was talking, while she answered only with monosyllabics. Suddenly she realized that he had stopped talking and was looking at her worried.

"What is happening, Midori? You have been weird since we saw the movie." Said the man.

Midori Nanami sighed and closed her eyes. He may be a bit of a jerk, but he was quite perceptive on occasions.

'Just like Jadeite.' The thought came unbidden to her mind, only to be angrily dismissed. 'Brainwashing or not, nothing excuses what he did to me.'

"It's that scene... you know the one, when they get overloaded by the rage... it brought back memories." She finally said, her eyes closed.

Toshio nodded. He and the boss were the only that knew the real identity of "Midori Nanami". It was scary to know that part of the young woman besides him was literally older than the mountains themselves.

"Do you want to talk about it, Midori?" said Wasagi in a soft tone.

"No, Toshio... but I need to." She said, not facing his eyes.

"Let's sit down, then." He said, sitting in one of the park benches.

Midori sat without a word, and when she started to talk it was in a flat tone. She explained briefly about the Moon Kingdom, the Golden Kingdom and the Dark Kingdom and about Atlantis, and the Plague.

"...One day we heard that Atlantis had taken off, apparently they had a case of the Plague in the city and they had panicked." Said Midori "This only heightened the tensions between the Golden Kingdom and the Dark Kingdom, and Prince Endymion was accompanying Princess Serenity, who often visited Earth, to the spaceport when they were surrounded by assassins sent by the Dark Kingdom."

"Who they wanted to kill, Serenity or Endymion?." Guessed Wasagi, having heard already about Beryl's character from Midori.

"We never knew, but I'd guess that the objective was the Princess." Said Midori "Endymion was killed by the assassins, and the Prince's closest advisors, the Shitennou, were captured trying to cover the Princess flight. Including Jadeite, my boss."

"And...?" asked Toshio, knowing that there was something else there.

She closed her eyes, before continuing.

"Beryl, that bitch, did... something to them, some kind of brainwashing. That's the only way that they would be leading the assault against the capital, not a day later..." She leaned back in the bench and looked at the night sky where the moon could be seen against the backdrop of stars.

"If you don't want to follow..."

"No, Toshio, now that I have started, I have to tell it to the end." Said Midori "Anyway, as the Shitennou were high in the chain of command in the Golden Kingdom military, it was easy for them to take the capital, as they knew the disposition of the defenses and the best way to neutralize or bypass them." She shook for a moment, trying to contain the tears that the memory were bringing, as she remembered how so many young soldiers had died in that battle. She took a deep breath and with a strained voice, she continued "We retreated into the spaceport. It was only a temporary refuge, at best, but we had wounded, and also an envoy from the Moon Kingdom to send back, one of the Princess tutors, I think he was, in order to ask for help. I chose the best pilot that we had, Ajax, a true mountain of a man, and send them their way. If I had known what Beryl was readying, I would probably try to get everyone of us in ships to go to the Moon."

"Why? I mean, her objective was the Moon anyway, and I don't think that a few more troops would have changed the final result." Said Toshio

"Not the result, but at least they would have died like people, not like crazed beasts." Said Midori "We had noticed an strange increase in sunspot activity over the last days, but we didn't gave it importance. Even with the news that they had seen... something accompanying Beryl in the assault to the capital, I dismissed the thing about the sunspots as a coincidence." Said Midori. "And then, next day..."

Somewhere in the wilderness of the Golden Kingdom. A long time ago

She had been feeling uneasy over the last hours since they marched out of the Spaceport at nightfall. Now that they had stopped and she could think about, she realized what was making her feel so uneasy. There had been no flights at all over them, or patrols, or anything, after Beryl's soldiers had taken the spaceport. It was as if they were readying to attack the Moon almost immediately after taking the capital. But that made no sense at all.

Any invasion force had to go first through the Moon Navy, and there were no way that the Dark Kingdom could have so many ships. Hell, even the Golden Kingdom at its zenith could have not mounted that kind of operation with an acceptable possibility of success. Not to speak of the possibility that remaining Golden Kingdom forces could mount a counterattack with so many of their forces involved in the invasion.

'They must be up to something, but what?.' She thought

She got he answer as a noticeably darker and redder Sun climbed over the horizon line. She only had time to gawk for a moment as something clicked inside her brain, unleashing a pure, unadulterated murderous rage inside her, a rage that she unleashed on the person next to her, who gave as well as he received. To her the next hours would always be a blur of blood and gore, but she always had the distinct and nauseating memory of ripping somebody's jugular with her own teeth after gouging out his eyes.

Suddenly her mind cleared, and found herself, disheveled, covered by blood, swinging a makeshift club against somebody who she knew well, her former boss, Jadeite, with his immaculate uniform and his infuriating smirk. But there was also something in is eyes that it wasn't there before, cruelty and coldness. Jadeite picked her club effortlessly and threw it away, which make her start to notice her surroundings, She saw the mutilated corpses around her and the blurry memories of the last hours came back, making her fall onto her knees and vomit in the spot.

"Well, girl, as I see it, you have only two options: join me or I let you go back into the madness and die." Said Jadeite...

A park in Tokyo. Present day

"...And to my eternal shame, I chose to join him. He put his hands on my head and I fell asleep. When I awakened, I was in front of Queen Beryl and Jadeite...and I felt very different about everything. I became an outright monster. I suppose that they used the same thing that they used on the Shitennou." Said Midori and added in a whisper "I became Jadeite's right hand again, and... Well, you know the rest."

"Midori, what were your intentions when you accepted?" said Toshio, while holding her hand.

"To gather intelligence, and later escape." She said, "I should have known that..."

"How? You knew that the Shitennou had been turned, but you didn't know how Beryl had done that." Said Toshio, patiently. "You took a risk and it backfired on you..."

"And many people paid the price." Said Midori. "That's why I'm so driven in the Section, Toshio. I have seen the consequences of failure first-hand."

"All right, Midori." He said, recognizing defeat. He knew that when Midori sank in on of her funks, there were few things that could make her lift her spirits. Fortunately, he knew one of them "You know, it's not too late, and I know a good restaurant..."

Selmak's Al'Kesh. Flying at 300 feet over the Moon surface.

"Ok, I recovered the signal. Now I can triangulate" Said Sam, as she made a set of calculations, after checking the sensors augmented by some of the special equipment that they had embarked, even if the console that she was manning, one of the additions, stuck like a sore thumb in the Al'Kesh cockpit. "If I'm doing the triangulation correctly, they should in this coordinates" she added, sending a set of data to the control console.

"All right." Said Selmak, turning the ship with skill into the new course.

They flew in silence for a few minutes, aided for the fact that Jack had been banished from the cockpit after the hundredth 'Are we there yet?' As they neared the point, they saw a faint glow in the distance.

"What the Hell is that?" asked Daniel, pointing to the glowing area.

"Doctor Takahashi mentioned a forcefield." mused Sam "It must be surrounding the palace area, keeping the air inside and protecting it from harmful solar radiation. "

"It will be able to let the ship pass through?" asked Selmak.

"I won't know until we are nearer." Said Sam, apologetically. "If not, we brought enough of the new prototype spacesuits for everybody and a few spares."

"Part of the 'special equipment', I gather." asked Selmak.

"Of course." Said Sam smiling. "It's not everyday that we can do a field test of our new tech that doesn't involve combat. By the way, Teal'c..." She said, turning to the big Jaffa, who had just entered the cockpit. "What is Colonel O'Neill doing?"

"I was taking a nap." Said O'Neill who had been behind Teal'c, and was out of the door. "Look, I haven't entered the cockpit."

"Come on, Jack. And this time, we are nearly there" said Jacob, Selmak having given him back control.

"All right." Said Jack, looking ahead where the glowing patch had resolved into a glowing transparent dome, with a few interconnected buildings under it. "So that is the palace?"

"It match the description of our people there." Said Daniel, looking with greater attention "Sam, can you project a clearer image of the palace?"

"One moment." She manipulated some of the controls of the enhanced sensor equipment and a screen came to life, projecting a clear image of the Palace.

"Thanks, Sam." Said Daniel, who then turned his head to the image "Hmmm..., it's strange..."

"You mean, apart from finding a palace in the Moon, spacemonkey?" asked Jack.

"Jack, I mean that it's strange that the Palace don't resemble, as far as we know, Ancient architectural style." Said Daniel "In fact, the palace seems to have been built in an style reminiscent of European Renaissance, with elements of Byzantine architecture and the Neoclassical period."

"Maybe the Ancients had regional styles, it's not like we have found that many remaining structures." Said Sam, shrugging. She kept her face composed, hiding the fact that her headached had returned with a vengeance after seeing the image of the Palace.

"Maybe. But if that's the case, it suggests that the Ancient culture had regional variants, at least in the older period of settlement. It's fascinating, really..." he paused, seeing the blank looks in the others face "Well, it is for an archeologist."

"We noticed." Said Sam, smiling, before turning back to the console "Now that we are near..." she checked the results "All, right, we can pass through the forcefield with the ship." She said, sounding vaguely disappointed.

"You really wanted to test those spacesuits, kiddo?" said Jacob, smiling.

"I have been working on them for quite some time." Acknowledged Sam, with a smile of her own. "Well, maybe we can take a bit of an stroll out of the forcefield, as a test." She shrugged philosophically, and moved toward the Comm station, activating it "Lost Children, this is Fairy Express. Do you copy?"

"Fairy Express. Lost Children here. We receive you load and clear." Said the clear voice of Major Mason through the speaker of the Comm unit "We are ready to leave NeverNeverLand, ma'am." She said using the first part of the code words to confirm that the extraction could proceed.

"We are coming. How are things there?" asked Sam, waiting for the confirmation

"Things are just peachy, ma'am." Said Mason, providing the second part of the code, the one that indicated that there would be, probably, no problems in the extraction.

"Glad to hear it. Now can you indicate a good place to land the ship?" asked Sam.

"One moment, ma'am." Said Mason, who left the channel open, probably to let them hear what was being said. So, Sam cranked up the volume.

"Well, where can they land the ship?" asked Mason.

After a pause, they heard somebody asking something in Japanese.

"Where can we leave them to land the ship, Princess?" translated Daniel, almost simultaneously.

Another voice answered in a quite decisive tone that belied her apparent youth, Daniel again providing a simultaneous translation "The front courtyard."

"Moon has offered the front courtyard of the Palace." Informed the first of the two unknown voices, speaking this time in English with a slight accent. "That is the big open space in the other side of the Palace from where we first met."

"Okay. Thanks, Pluto, Moon." Said Mason, who, presumably, then went back to talk to the radio, while Sam quickly cranked the volume back to the original value. "Fairy Express, the landing zone is..." she said, giving them indications of where they could land the Al'Kesh.

"Thank, you, Lost Children, we'll see you in a short while." She said, cutting out the communication. She got up her seat. "And if you excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom." 'And take another Tylenol. Janet was right, these headaches are not normal.'

The Al'Kesh maneuvered to get through the glimmering forcefield, which they did without issue, as well as landing where they had been indicated. That way they gave a good look at the Palace as they moved.

"Pretty, in a Disney sort of way. The only thing that we need is a pretty Princess." Said Jack, as they started to gather.

"Jack, Sailor Pluto called Sailor Moon Princess." Said Daniel, before musing to himself "Moon Princess... I wonder if she is called Kaguya."

In order to look less threatening, they had agreed that they'd only wear their sidearms, and zats, and in the case of Teal'c, his staff. While Selmak (and obviously Jacob) would come with them, another Tok'ra, Rakor, would remain in the vessel, ready to take off at a moment notice, and pick them with the rings. They didn't think that it would be necessary, but it never hurt to be ready.

SG-1, followed by Jacob, who was wearing a standard Tok'ra attire, walked out of the ship and saw the twelve people that were waiting them. The two familiar figures in military fatigues only seemed to enhance the sheer weirdness, to them, of the appearance of the other ten people. The pictures haven't really readied them for seeing them in the flesh.

"They look like children!" said Jack, verbalizing the thought that was in everybody's mind.

"Children or not, sir, they hold the keys to this." said Sam, making a gesture as if to encompass the entire palace. "It's imperative that we don't antagonize them."

A grunt that charitably could be taken by a sign of agreement was Colonel O'Neill only answer, but he knew as well, as his XO, that to find a reservoir of Ancient tech on, literally, Earth's doorstep could, probably, be considered a gift from Heaven. So, it was time to start a type of mission that the SG-1 had done several times before, try to win the trust of possible allies. Although they never expected to do so on Earth's own Moon.


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