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Willow'verse: A tale of two cities

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Summary: Willow's on a mission from God

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The Queen and I

Disclaimer: If you recognize it, it's someone else's. Not for profit.

Willow tossed and turned, mumbling, "I've got to get back to her." She fell from this state into dreaming about the meeting with her Creator, after they had defeated the First, and just before she had left her universe. Interestingly, though she was a Jewish Wicca, she was still most comfortable picturing him as Morgan Freeman.

God took a step towards Willow, who stood up nervously. "Um, I don't want to be disrespectful, but..."

His low, gravelly voice interrupted her. "But you want to know which of the ways that you've known Me in your life is the right one, if any?"

Willow nodded slowly.

"Let me ask you a question or two. Did hearing the Torah read make you feel secure?" He asked, turning into a burning bush. She nodded. He turned into her vision of the Goddess, and asked, in Her voice, "And did the Goddess answer you?" Another nod. "Then I think that you have your answer." A smile matching his own appeared on her face as she worked it out. "Now that that's sorted, you need to know the world that you're being sent to."

"She's being sent to?" Everyone looked up to where Kennedy had just let out a screech. "But we-" She quickly closed her mouth at a glare from her Creator.

"Yes." His voice rumbled as he spoke. "As I said before, you all must go out individually."

"That's not very nice." Everyone looked at Willow. "You say that we're all strong, both individually, and together. Did it ever occur to you that one of the reasons we're so strong is because we love each other?" Seeing his raised eyebrow and crooked grin, she went on. "Right, stupid omniscience. Then why do you expect us to leave the people that we love forever?" She glared at him, her hands on her hips.

"I never said forever. If nothing else, you will all meet again when you sit at My table. But I'll go further and say that if you survive your assignments, I'll bring you back to this world. Together." Everyone brightened at the thought of that.

"Well- all right," Willow said with a slight frown, before looking up at him. "Where are you sending me?"

"Come with me." And they walked away from her friends, then He created a portal. "This world is a dichotomy - one part is extremely advanced in magic, to the point where it appears to be the eighteenth century; and the other part having no knowledge of magic, and having advanced enough to go to other worlds and meet other races." He looked down at her. "This must be your choice - will you go, Willow?"

"I guess." And when he motioned, she walked through the portal.

Willow stretched. Well, He sure wasn't lying about the magic side! She hopped out of bed and began her routine for the day.

Four squibs sat in lotus in front of Willow, meditating and finding the center of their magic. There had been a fifth, as Agatha had brought four with her to be tested, but in Arabella Figg's case, Willow had to tell her that not only was her magic reservoir very small, the conduit that was used to bring magic energy from her reservoir to where it could be used was too small to be useful, as well. The older woman had turned away, defeated.

"I should have known that I'd have no magic to be useful with," she had muttered. It was obvious that the very hope that she might do magic had made it hurt more when she, in fact, could not.

"You stop right there, missy!" Mrs. Figg turned around, and saw the new Witch behind her...glowing, with her hair and eyes pure white. Willow walked up and knelt in front of her. "I told you about the friends I had in my world that fought the Dark with me, right?" Arabella nodded. What I didn't tell you is that Buffy, the leader of our group, and the one that made it so successful, couldn't do any spells. Not one. And she was our leader! I wouldn't call that useless, would you?" All Mrs. Figg could do was shake her head. "And I didn't tell you about Xander, my other best friend. He couldn't do spells, either. In fact, he had no special powers or training. He was most successful as a carpenter.

"But he was vital to our group. More than once, he saved our lives, but that's not even the most important part. He always saw clearly, if sometimes a bit too much black and white, he saved us from depression with his silly jokes, and he was the heart of us. Sometimes literally. All without any arcane power or training," she ended on a wistful note. Then she re-focused on Arabella Figg. "So if he can make a difference, so can you." Arabella saw the quite determined face, and shakily nodded. "That you have no arcane power is not your fault. Not finding a way to fight the Dark, even without it, would be. Find out what you can do, and I'll be proud to call you my friend."

The other squibs had been shocked, and she noticed that they were practicing with grim determination. Sensing the energy coming from the Earth, she turned away and grinned, before turning back. "Very good, but to expand your reservoir, you're going to have to repeat this, several times a day. And it's not a quick fix." She sighed. "But you will end up able to do spells." She saw small smiles on the faces of each of her students.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, sat back in his seat and steepled his fingers, looking at the two women in front of him. Terri, of course, he knew well, but he had just been introduced to the other. "Let me see if I understand you. You wish to see Her Majesty, personally, over an issue with the Ministry of Magic?"

"Yes, David," his Home Secretary said in an acerbic tone. "What is so difficult to understand?"

"Well, nothing," he replied, his eyebrow furrowed, "except why you seem to feel the need to involve Her Majesty in a discussion with a gaggle of magicians." He shook his head. "Couldn't you just ring up that Blaine chap?"

Terri pressed her palm to her head, as Willow stared at him, her jaw completely dropped. After a few seconds, she turned and looked at the Home Secretary. "You told me, but I never would have believed it." She turned and looked at the Prime Minister again. "Listen, mister, when you were sworn in, you did get a visit from the Ministry of Magic, right?"

He straightened in his chair. "Of course I did."

"Good, because otherwise, I'm told, they would have broken their charter. Did they tell you what they did?"

"Well, of course they did. Three chaps came in, one said, "I'm your Minister of Magic," I asked if they had purview over all of the magicians, he thought for a second and agreed, and I haven't seen them since. Bloody easiest part of this job I've had."

"Mr. Prime Minister, did it ever cross your mind that they may have been actual magic users?" Willow's voice was gentle, but had a hint of an edge.

"Why would it? I mean to say, magic is simply sleight of hand and illusions. Why would anyone think -" he broke off as his two-ton desk, designed to stop small arms fire in case of an attack, rose three feet into the air. "What the Devil?"

He saw Willow lowering her arm as the desk slowly floated down and settled on the floor. "True Magic exists, Mr. Prime Minister. Perhaps you might assume that your Ministry of Magic employs wizards, rather than entertainers?"

Getting to see the Queen was far easier. This, Willow suspected, was a consequence of Her Majesty having been through several changings of the government, and subsequently, having heard the story many times. Of course, it could have been that the charter with the Crown was actually with the Royal Family.

For whatever reason, within days they were ushered into a private audience. After listening to their arguments, Her Majesty agreed. As soon as possible, invitations - well, more commands, since they invited the recipient to attend or "face the Crown's displeasure" - would be sent out, assuring that the head of every family in the Wizarding World, along with several other persons of note, would meet in a fortnight to see their Queen in the Great Hall at Hogwarts.
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