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Boston’s witch burnings

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Summary: Challenge 6746: Boston Witches OR Why does Maura Isles know so much about magic? I have recently discovered the show 'Rizzoli & Isles' about the tough female homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and her best friend, quirky and genius-level smart Chief Medical

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Television > Rizzoli & IslesFireWolfeFR73786,61028418,69427 Feb 1313 Dec 14No

Part 15 Driven

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters or series I am just borrowing them from their awesome creators.

Boston’s witch burnings

By: Fire Wolfe

A/N: ‘Telepathy or thoughts’, “Speech”
April 28, 2013

Part 15 Driven

Officer Francesco Rizzoli drove like a mad man. His sister and sister in law might be in danger. It did not matter to him that Janie had Maura along with Korsak and Frost to watch her back. His sister was once more in danger and that was not something Frankie would ever allow he had failed her far too often for him to let it slide again. He had not been able to protect Jane from the monsters and lately he had failed to keep Maura safe however that was at an end now. It had to be for his sanity. He was not letting some strangers come in and mess with them. He turned on the sirens and raced through the streets of Boston toward the Isles family home. He was not going to be intimidated by their wealth or power. If they endanger Janie or Maura they would damn well answer to him. If not as an officer of the law then as Francesco Rizzoli he was not a man to be trifled with. He flexed his fingers and opened them feeling the power well up he forced it down. Now was not the time to lose his temper. Not for the first time he wondered about that power but he pushed it aside. It was there and his and he would use it if needs be. He wished his grandmother was there so he could ask her about it. She had always told him that it was a gift but a dangerous one and that he had to use it sparingly and wisely least it be dangerous. She had said he was blessed by the gods. He had never really understood that as he was a good Catholic boy who had no real understanding or belief in the olden gods and goddess. However his Nona had said it was a gift of their line passed down to the one who was the most worthy in their family. It had been hers and his grandfather’s but it had passed their son and eldest grandchild. Frankie was never sure about the worthy part as Janie was by far better a person police officer then he could ever hope to be. However his Nona had merely smiled and said that Jane had a different destiny and that this prevented the power from becoming hers. She had her own. He never really got that until Hoyt and then he figured it was the power of will to live and survive. However he never told Janie about his gifts and while he could use them he did so sparingly like his Nona had said and worked to control them. However if someone was a danger to his family well then they would see he was not just Janie’s little brother but her protector. He tossed off a shot of power out the window as his temper flared. The power flew and blew up an old trash can. Yep he could keep her safe this time. He might not buy the part of inheriting the power of the Gods but he would damn well use it to keep those who were his family safe. He had kept this a secret from everyone except his grandparents’ for their protection and maybe it was time he stopped pretending to be just a normal police officer. Maybe if he used his power some Janie might not be in so much danger. Well one thing was for certain he was done taking crap and letting Jane and Maura get hurt. He had the power to protect them and he would damn well do just that. If the Gods blessed him surely he was supposed to use it for good and not hide.

Jane listened to Maura and knew she was trying to be as honest as she could be. It was just not possible for her to lie it was one of the traits that was the most endearing at and at times the most disconcerting. Maura would literally become ill if she tried to lie. However because of this trait Maura was very likely to edit what she told you or what information she shared. It had taken Jane a long time to realize this as generally Maura was a very open person. She sighed and decided that Maura believed what she was saying and it was probably best to go along for now. One thing was certain she did feel different. It was as if she drank a thousand energy drinks and worked out for hours in the gym. She felt alive and hyper and so full of power. Her senses were on overdrive and her vision was well perfect. She was having trouble driving as her reactions seemed faster and that was making it hard to drive. Even the normal rush hour traffic was annoying.

“Jane damn it slow down for god’s sake you cut that short, I so want to live to see my next birthday you are driving like a maniac!” Korsak shouted as she weaved in and out of traffic with ease.

Jane merely sighed and slowed down when she noticed she had been cruising at around 70 in and out of traffic. Ok that was weird even for her. Barry hung on for dear life and recalled why he hated to let Jane drive.

This whole situation was crazy. However unlike some Barry knew there was more out there than just the run of the mill baddies. He had been around the world and seen many things. He still recalled that vacation in Hati he had taken with his father and mother. They had gone there to visit his great aunt who was ill at the time. His mother had insisted they go and since his father was on tour in the Caribbean islands it had been a time she called for family. It was one of the rare good memories he had of his younger years. Hell his father had seemed almost human on that trip and he had felt really connected to his great aunt. She had helped raise his mother and in many ways filled the role of grandmother for him and mother for her.

Atabei Martine Toussaint was a strong and educated woman who had helped raise his mother Mahalia Marie into a woman who would fight to change the world into a better place. He smiled as this memory flooded him.

Somehow he had a feeling it was important. Then he recalled his great aunt’s last words when he had left that year.

“Be wary Barold for the darkness will come and you must remember that the darkness is not always evil. That the power is neither good nor bad but it is the wielder who chooses its purpose. The dark can be a refuge a protection or protector or it can be the thing that hides evil. Be certain that those that walk in the dark are your allies or else you will fall to it.”

Back then he had merely nodded not sure she was even aware of what she was saying as she was in and out of it.

She had never mentioned it when she recovered. He sighed and decided maybe she was right he would have to tread with care. He knew somehow this case was all about the dark. He made a mental note to call her and ask about this insanity somehow he had a feeling she would have some answers.

Vincent Walter Korsak had seen much in his years as a police officer however this case so far had been the most disturbing and given their recent history that was saying a lot.

He sighed and not for the first time he wished he had retired. Scratch that he was not leaving this mess to Jane and Barry. They were good but, he was better. Ok maybe he might not be tech savy like Frost and he might lack Jane’s hunter ability but, he was a damned tough cop and he had street sense something sometimes his other partners did not have. Hell it was why he had a semi-alliance with Paddy Doyle.

He hated it but to keep Maura safe he did what he had to do. Family came first. He sighed and pushed his hands through his hair knowing this case was going to be another to add grey to it. Why the hell could they never catch a break anyway? Now they had big wigs tagging along and it was once more all tangled up with Jane and Maura.

He swore those two drew danger like wet on rain. He guessed this one was going to take a lot out of them. He looked over at Barry who seemed resigned and taking this a lot better than he had expected given the information they just got. Witches, magic and fuglies yep Frost was taking this way to easy that did not ease his worry at all.

“So Magic is real and your folks knew. Did they tell you?” Korsak asked.

“No, but somehow, in this case I think it was probably their way to protect me.” Maura said. “There is more going on then we know and I will be asking questions but, the case has to come first. Somehow it’s all connected.”

Jane rolled her eyes. ‘Of course it was. After all Murphy loved them.’

They arrived at the Isle home and everyone got out. The officers arrived just behind them and joined them in the house clearly wary.

Jane looked out and was not all that surprised to see Frankie speeding in with lights flashing. 'Yep this was going to be interesting for certain. The look on her brother’s face was pure thunder clearly he was as worried as she was.'

She grinned most never got it. Frankie was a dangerous man though most never realized it. He was every bit the cop she was only he was a lot more subtle about it.

Hell he was advancing rapidly and she knew it was not because of her but in spite of her. Yes he was a good cop and he was not going to let them down. She turned to face the Isles with an expectant look.

The elder Isles merely turned and headed inside not even bothering to invite them in, well hell that was so not stopping them as they followed.

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