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Boston’s witch burnings

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Summary: Challenge 6746: Boston Witches OR Why does Maura Isles know so much about magic? I have recently discovered the show 'Rizzoli & Isles' about the tough female homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and her best friend, quirky and genius-level smart Chief Medical

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Part 18 Clearing the Air

Part 18 Clearing the air

“Well it seems like Xander’s not the only demon magnet.” Faith said with a snort.

“Yeah, oh well it’s no biggie if she isn’t out to end the world or hurt people.” Buffy agreed. “Look let’s all get to dinner I am starving.”

Just like that the tension seemed to drop.

“How come Lydia turned blue?” Angela asked. She looked warily at her grandson’s mother then at T.J.” However she was actually quite proud of Lydia for being so protective maybe there was hope for her yet.

“Well I would say that’s her true form. A lot or demons seem to be blue for some reason. It’s a lovely color on her though.” Willow said.”I actually like the green hair too.”

Lydia blushed at that turning her now human cheeks bright red.

Jane looked over at Maura who merely shrugged it off. She noted Frost seemed resigned and Korsak well he took a deep drink.

“Ok so let me get this straight. You are demon or something you and Tommy had T.J. which makes him a mix, then slayers….ok what rabbit whole did we fall into Maura?”

Buffy and the gang began to laugh loudly. It was simply too funny.
“Welcome to the real world detective believes me it gets a lot crazier. Try falling in that hole when you are just turning 15 years old and your parents don’t believe you. So not a fun ride, crazy is the name of the day and game. Don’t worry after we eat we will explain things more. Now come on that food smells great.”

Jane’s stomach growled and suddenly she was starving.

“I guess, ok so we eat.”

Soon everyone had a plate and took their seats.

The table was silent for a little while as everyone began to eat. It was actually kind of anti climatic to find out Lydia was a demon. It made Jane wonder about the general population of her city? How many people just appeared to be human? Was she or Maura even human anymore?

They all sat down to eat dinner. It would go well for a while as everyone was clearly processing and very hungry. Hunger seemed sharp to Jane but she ignored it as she filled her plate. One thing she had to give Doyle his place made stellar food.
The dinner seemed to go well and in silence for a while. As their hunger was satisfied Jane had many questions running through her head. It was clear she had questions and that these people might have answers. She might not like it but it was clear they would be forced to work with these people. Oddly enough she was suddenly aware that of the group it was Doyle she trusted the most and that was downright disturbing to her. She gave a sidelong glance at her brother Frankie. Somehow someway Frankie had done something to that red head. She had tried to pull something but her brother like Doyle had stopped her cold and that was a worry. How had he done it and what had the girl tried to do? Jane was uncertain what the woman was but the hair on the back of her neck had risen when she stared at Frankie. It made her want to pull her gun or cuffs. Her every gut instinct told her the woman was very dangerous and that they had to use care with her. Not that she thought any of the others were not dangerous merely that this woman Willow was a powerhouse. Of course Doyle had stopped her too and protected them all from at the hospital which again was wrong on so many levels. When had she begun to trust the mobster with their lives? For the first time ever she was glad to have Paddy Doyle around and more than happy he was protective of Maura. Jane trusted the mobster to keep her wife safe and oddly enough maybe she even trusted him to keep her family safe. Maura saw how pensive Jane was and caught her hand and held it tight. This simple act was oddly reassuring and calming to the detective. Jane gave Maura a smile it was full of love support and her trust. The moment and the silence at the table was broken as Kennedy spoke.

“So Maura how do you like working with the Boston Police as a medical examiner? It must be challenging work.”

Maura looked over at Kennedy it was more than clear there was a deep and perhaps painful history between the two women but for the first time Maura did not feel the younger woman was mocking her or her work. They did however have a history so Maura was of course wary. Her look said this.

This time it was Willow who took Kennedy’s hand and pulled it to her mouth for a kiss. It was an open expression of love and trust along with her unconditional support.

This action shocked Maura but it also eased her worry because it was clear Kennedy was loved and cared for. She surely had to have grown past the brash young woman she had been for that to happen.

Maura decided to answer truthfully. “The Boston Police Department has many fine officers. Detective Korsak, Rizzoli and Frost have one of the highest solve rations in the department.”

“Well if we do doc it’s because of you and your team.”Korsak said. “Dr. Isles is the best Medical examiner in the state. If there is evidence of a killer leaves behind she and her team find it and we lock the killer away.”

Faith flinched at that. The statement on its surface was nothing bad really but it did bring back a lot of really bad memories. She glanced over at Willow and noted the red haired Wiccan looked as disturbed as she was. Then again both of them were killers. Not that the gang ever considered that none of them were really lily white. It was the thing that had bugged Faith back in the day a lot. She, Willow, Giles,Oz and even Buffy to some extent all had blood on their hands but the only one ever called on it was her. Angel, Anya and Spike made them all appear to be armatures at the bloodletting. Yeah she had turned to the mayor but really she had no option when the gang had failed to support her. In fact if she was being totally and completely honest the deputy mayor’s death was as much Buffy’s fault as her own. Yes she killed the professor but really he like the deputy mayor had not exactly been an innocent. She noticed Buffy at least had the grace to blush and look down. Clearly she too had memories and maybe even a nightmare or two well at least Buffy and her had it out and settled t that between them. Hell it if Faith was honest the one thing that had pissed her off and still did for all she loved Red was the fact that the Wiccan never took responsibility for her actions. Yeah she went to the coven but did she attempt to make amends for the deaths she caused? Xander’s attitude had been the worst. Hell boy toy seemed to think she and Buffy were satan’s daughters. Her for killing and Buffy for falling for first Angel then Spike, that one pissed her off to no end because hello Xander had shot a bunch of kiddies on Halloween but did anyone call him on that? She at least had never killed a child. Anya, Spike and Angel were all demons enough said there. Ok maybe not because really when it came down to it the Scourge never as a whole never had Anya’s body count but it was fine and dandy for Boy Toy to sleep with the demon girl but her and Buffy look at a demon and they were all evil like. Let’s face it none of the gang was clean and pure. However she pushed that thought aside.

“Maybe you can catch a killer but that does not always ensure justice.” Paddy said. “Killing is not always wrong or evil some beings just plain need to be put down like the mad dogs they are.”

“Yeah well some would say you should be put down.” Frankie quipped.
Doyle eyes locked on the young officer who to his credit did not flinch or break eye contact. Jane felt her hand slip to her gun.

“Aye you may be right on that lad. I am no saint and I freely admit to not always following what one might call the law. However, I am not really human so maybe just maybe those laws do not apply to me and mine.” His eyes shifted to Faith who suddenly did not quite feel so bad about her past which was his intent in the first place.

“I suppose Patrick has a point.” William agreed.

“What do you mean not human? How can the law not apply?” Maura asked. She looked over at her adopted father who surprisingly nodded in agreement with Doyle.

“He is not human and those he hunts so Human laws are not applicable. “Willow explained. “While the ones killed appear human given what Mr. Doyle has said I am more than willing to bet most of those he has killed were demons or some variation who would come under his jurisdiction as the king in these parts.”

“Very good Miss Rosenberg but not completely true; I have killed humans but they are the ones who deal in the darkness, my duty is to protect the city and my family. I make no apologies for doing that. Yes I have made deals with demons in the past as well. Not all are bad people despite not being human but some are just bad even if they can pass. Those beings have to be regulated and controlled as you and the Council knows all too well.”

“Yeah, vamps can pass well at night and in the dark.” Dawn agreed. “They need to be staked. I have to agree with Mr. Doyle human laws don’t always work.”

“The law is all we have to keep us from becoming barbarians.” Caylin said. It was the first time she spoke.

It got her a hard look from several people.

“Caylin has a point.” Frost said. “While maybe it’s true that there are things not human out there the majority of the world does not know that and the actions some take can be or appear to be criminal. Besides who is to say some demons and supernatural just don’t want to get along.”

“We do not harm the innocent.” Buffy protested. “As I told Lydia we have a live and let live attitude which is a lot more liberal then the council had in the past. I don’t condone the past but fear makes people irrational.”

“Yeah, I get that.” Tommy said. “I almost ruined the best relationship of my life out of fear. I almost lost Lydia and T.J. and I made her feel bad because I reacted without thinking. I know everyone thought I was being irresponsible and I was but I have to admit the first time I saw Lydia all blue like I panicked.”

Lydia took his hand in hers and kissed it. “Baby you came back and we worked it out. Mom always said normal guys don’t get it. I should have told you the truth first but I feel so fast and hard and I thought I could keep it a secret.”

Kennedy snorted at that. Secrets always came out. “Well I would say you make a cute couple. Not that I’m into guys but Tommy kind of cute and your son is adorable I sure would not mind a few of my own someday with Willow’s beauty and brains of course.”

“Maybe one day,” Willow said. “What I think we are trying to say detectives, officers is that it’s not always black and white or good or evil there are sadly a lot of shade of grey in there.”

Jane almost choked on the unintentional pun. “Shades of grey?”

“Ah, well not always clearly good or bad detective.” Willow said blushing badly.

“Well I am glad Maura the medical examiner. She probably speaks well for the dead. I mean the ones lost to accidents and human murder.” Kennedy said. “Look we don’t want to step on anyone toes.”

“You are anyway.”Jane replied.

“Jane.” Maura said trying to stop the potential fight.

“We are, the reasons have been explained somewhat. However perhaps Dr. Isles needs to go into it more, that might ease your mind a bit.” Buffy said. “We honestly want the big bads stopped. If they are human you can have them. If not they will be dealt with by our laws.”

“Here here.” Doyle said.

Buffy gave him a dark look not sure his support was a good thing or not.

“I cannot agree,” Korsak interjected.”Murder is murder, yes sometime you can justify it to yourself but in the end you have killed.”

“So you have never killed anyone detective?” Faith asked. She knew the answer but decided to remind the officer his hands were not clean either.

Korsak jerked back as if slapped. “It was self defense.”

“The person is still dead. Look we can argue it all day and all night but in the end it don’t matter cause dead is dead. Wrong right, we all have to live with our actions. So l’ll make you a deal. Don’t judge us and we won’t judge you all.”

“We are the law.” Jane said defending her partner.

“So are the slayers and council in their world.” Constance said. “A world we have all just joined.”

Jane had no argument for that.

“Perhaps it will help if William gives that talk now.”

William Isles nodded and began to explain the supernatural world and the Council. Maybe once his daughter’s associates understood they were acting by the authority of most of the world’s governments things would calm down.
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