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Boston’s witch burnings

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Summary: Challenge 6746: Boston Witches OR Why does Maura Isles know so much about magic? I have recently discovered the show 'Rizzoli & Isles' about the tough female homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and her best friend, quirky and genius-level smart Chief Medical

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Part 21 The Primal speaks

Boston is burning


Part 21 The Primal speaks

Paddy leaned back and wanted to smile. He had two of his three children here and they were safe. Hell he might not be overly fond of Rizzoli and her brother but he knew damned well they were fine police officers. They were the kind that one wanted in the law. He knew they like Sean were good people. Well Matty was too but he was his boy so he got a pass at being a cop. It was rather ironic really that two of his four children were on the right side of the law while two had not been. Not that it had really been Faith’s fault that she got into trouble. The reports he had received said that t he first being that fell to Faith stake had been evil and well human or not he was slayable. The deputy Mayor had accepted the Mayors plans to ascend and Faith had perhaps help set that back some. However she had fallen to the dark side for a while. Paddy really did not mind because he had never been a white hat. At times it would be pushing it to say he was even grey. Yes he was Druid King but even that did not excuse all of his actions. He had taken vicious revenge for Collin and he had ended several threats to Maura that even she had Jane did not know about. Hell he had even killed Hope’s ex because he had sold her out. Not that he would ever tell her that of course. She and perhaps Caylin did not need to know that he had only ever married Hope for money and the chance to get at Paddy. He had known and because the bastard had been so close to Hope he had been forced to make several costly concessions to a rival family. No he would never tell her that her ex and used her. She had been hurt enough. Arranging for him to die in an accident well it was the least he could do for them both. Caylin might be a bit of a ditz but she deserved to believe her father loved her. Paddy knew if he ever had a chance to make it right he would have to accept Hope’s youngest. It went against the grain but, he still loved her and he was a man who denied himself nothing. He would have her again and if that meant he had to have another daughter he would deal with it. Besides he had taken her father from her and his code was demanding he would need to replace what he had taken. He hated the idea but, he lived by the code and so he would make it up to her. Maybe it could be his penance for failing his own children?

Hope watched Paddy as she ate her dinner. She hated that she was still drawn to him. He was a bastard and had stolen both her children yet…yet he looked so damned good. Even at his age and having been almost killed by Jane he radiated power. He was a striking man. She swallowed hard and looked away. How can I complain about Caylin falling for a master vampire when I still want Paddy? Damn it why are we all drawn to bad boys?

Faith watched the interaction with amusement. She had to admit her old man had some guts. His look at that Hope lady showed she was on the menu. Faith recognized the look. Want take have own. Hell now she knew she came by that feeling honestly. Somehow she really did not mind much. She was still pissed at Paddy Doyle but she got he had tried to do right. She more than perhaps her other siblings was willing to cut the old man some slack. I mean how many times had she back in the day tried to do right only to have it blow up because Murphy loved them? Yeah Doyle was a mobster but he clearly loved his family and Faith at least was willing to give the old man a chance. Besides she had a feeling they would need him. She was so not throwing stones cause she so l had lived in the glass house. Damn I am sounded educated now so not good been hanging around the nerds to much of late.

Faith smirk made Buffy want to laugh. It was clear that she at least was taking the finding of a long lost father in stride. A part of Buffy was jealous. She pushed it back. Faith deserved some good in her life. Hell they all did. Besides having Doyle as a father was so not going to be all white picket fences, of course not it be a challenge. However having a caring and loving parent might just help her sister slayer finally heal from her past. I had mom so I so cannot be jealous she had this guy. Besides it’s not like he can buy her a pony and stuff.

William Isles knew that the next few days or weeks would be a challenge. He had forgotten the chaos of the Council or maybe the old one never had this vitality? In any case life was now going to be a real risk again. Oddly enough that did not bother him. He rose as dinner was finished. “I think I am going to retire it’s been a long day. Goodnight we should all get some rest we can’t do more tonight. Sleep well everyone.”

Constance rose and followed him out as did the others. He was right they all needed their rest. Each group retired to their room. As the door to the master suite closed William caught Constance and pulled her to him and kissed her with passion and love. She was shocked but did not resist. She had missed this. He had been so careful of her since the accident but …now….now she was better and she had a desire to find out if being a slayer changed things. She pulled back and smiled up at him. “So,watcher care to spar with me? I mean it’s been way to long beloved.”

He laughed and swept her up into his arms and carried her to bed. “Constance I need you. I missed you.”

She grinned and kissed him and decided that the change was worth it if she could be with her beloved again. Both soon were lost in each other not remembering or worrying about slayer hearing.

Jane and Maura followed her parents out and headed to Maura’s old room. Jane suddenly wanted to be alone. She felt a desire flood her. Maura caught her hand and dragged her into the room. The door slammed shut and Maura pushed her against it hard. She was on her in an instant kissing her beloved. Passion rising. Jane gave no thought to it and went with it fire burning. Maybe being this slayer would not be so bad.

The gang watched the others leave. Faith chuckled at her elder sister almost pulling her wife to the bedroom. “Well B looks like they handled the hungries now they are on to the h—“ Dawn covered he mouth with her hand quickly.

“Really Faith that TMI, besides its so not something we need to discuss in company.”

Faith pulled away and laughed. She glanced over at Sean and winked. The Marshal turned beet red and rose. No way was he taking Paddy’s girl up on that at least not until he could get his head around the idea that she was his. Plus if he treated her causal like he knew his uncle or not Paddy have his balls on a stick.

“AH I’ll ah check the perimeter. You all go get some rest.”

Faith laughed loudly and headed to her room. Oh well maybe next time big guy she thought. Don’t think you are getting away that easy.

Buffy and the others all rose. Kennedy pulled Willow in for a kiss and winked at the queen of the slayer. “Well night all its past our bedtime I mean it be midnight back home.” She dragged Willow toward their room.

Buffy sighed at that and said. “Yeah time to sleep. Dawn you coming?” She glanced at Frankie who seemed to stumble as he rose clearly following Sean. He too was so not ready to deal with what his gut was telling him.

“Sadly no,” Dawn quipped. “However I could sleep.”

Buffy rolled her eyes and noted Paddy was laughing at them all. Or he was until his eyes locked with Hope’s. The doctor stumbled back and quickly excused herself nearly running to her and Caylin’s room. I am so not going there with Paddy that’s in the past. Even as she knew her love and desire for the mobster was as alive as ever. Damn the bond. It had never left either of them and it was flaring.

Caylin unsure of her-self followed clearly confused. Though to Buffy’s experienced eye she too was feeling the primal side, that god the vamp was not here or they would so have a problem. However she was still scared and that had to be a good thing. She decided to warn Sean to keep a look out. Because Buffy suddenly had a really uneasy feeling; what if this Vamp really was Caylin’s mate it would so complicate things. Dracula’s line was different enough that it could cause issues. She so had to think about this. Maybe it be a good thing she be alone tonight not that the slayer inside was in anyway happy about it. However, sometimes the slayer had to wait; besides she wanted more than a quick roll with the young cop. He was more than a quick playmate. She had a feeling he could be the one if she took it slow and easy. The slayer inside growled. Yep, he might well be the one if the primal feelings she was getting were right on. Damn why can it never be simple.

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