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Boston’s witch burnings

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Summary: Challenge 6746: Boston Witches OR Why does Maura Isles know so much about magic? I have recently discovered the show 'Rizzoli & Isles' about the tough female homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and her best friend, quirky and genius-level smart Chief Medical

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Part 28

Saturday, March 08, 2014
Disclaimer: Please See Part One

Bastion's Burning

Part 28

Giles had listened to everything going on in silence. He knew his slayer had a reason for what she was considering doing. If it was a slayer dream it could prove to be a significant lead. He noted that the various law officers all were reading their phones. It was clear something had happened and that they had received some sort of communications. He just prayed it was not more attacks or deaths. The last thing they needed was more cases to have to investigate. He did not want to have to send more girls into danger. Well any more danger then they usually faced.

“Well we have a problem.” Jane said. “Looks like Susie’s been a busy little bee.”

“Senior Criminologist Chang is a highly skilled and dedicated worker Jane.” Maura said even as she was frowning at the news. “It seems she anticipate my ordering a search for similar cases and sent out requests for information to other jurisdictions. In that capacity she has received multiple replies and information.”

“Yeah so whats the what with that?” Faith asked. “From the looks on your faces she must have found something?”

Maura looked up confused clearly not understanding Faith’s request. “I am afraid I do not understand your request Faith.”

The dark slayer rolled her eyes. She looked over at Willow and Giles hoping one of them would act as a Scooby interpreter. She wondered if she ever be able to comfortably communicate with her sister.

Giles pulled off his glasses once more and began to clean them. Even after all these years he wondered if the children in his care ever really spoke the Queen’s English. With a tired sigh he said. “What Faith means is what has happened?”

Maura nodded and said after a quick look at Jane and Korsak “It seems that there are multiple cases across the nation. So far we have heard from Miami, Las Vegas and Washington along with New York and the state crime lab in Michigan.”

“Ok we knew about Michigan but not the others. Giles what is going on?” Buffy asked.

“Did they say what years these cases were from?” Giles asked with a sick feeling in his chest. His thought was of former Tento di Cruciamentum

“Ah New York was about 1976 no 1977. The substance was found in a woman who had her throat slashed.” Maura said reading the notes from the text.

Constance cried out and William gathered her into his arms. “Niki she was drugged when Spike killed her.” She said with a cry. “She never stood a chance.”

“How that should not have been possible? I mean she was well past her 18th year and she had already survived that damned test.” William said.

“Yeah well looks like someone hit her again only how? I mean drugs only usually work once right? Giles how could she have been drugged again and who would have done it she never went against the council did she?” Faith asked clearly looking worried. “I mean why would they do that to her she had a kid.”

“Yes she did. She like Buffy told them to take a leap and stuff their hand book where the sun does not shine.” William said before Giles could answer. “She was considering leaving slaying to raise Robin away from it all. She already left once when she was pregnant with him and after Li she wanted him safe. She said seven years was enough.”

Buffy’s face darkened then. “So someone in the Council made that impossible and called them a new slayer at the same time. Spike he just happened to be their weapon of choice. No one would have expected her to survive him so no one ever checked her blood tests I mean it was oh so clear how she died. I bet even Crowley never thought to check more deeply.”

“I would say not. He was to broken up It gutted him when she was killed.” William Isles said looking murderous. “Who were the others with that drug in their system were they slayers or witches as well?”

That news seemed to freeze Maura she never realized other witches could have been killed as her friends were.

So it was Korsak who read the next information. “Well in Miami it was a girl as well. I’m seeing it as a Jane Doe. The report says she was about 12 years old there was never an identification on who she was Ah it was 1988.”

Everyone paled and felt sick at that. They had killed a child.

“What the hell who would drug a kid?” Faith asked. “Why what harm could a kid do?”

“The old council if they thought the girl in question was not suitable to be a slayer she was probably considered too young and small.” Giles said looking quite ill. “Where and who else was drugged.”

“The report from the state crime lab lists a Haley Anderson. She was- just-“

Kennedy interrupted Korsak and said. “She had just turned 16 the week before and she was out with friends that week end to celebrate. They were attacked and she was killed by a pack of vampires and demons. She protected her friends but fell to them. They took their time and she died hard.” Kennedy said with her voice breaking up. “She was one of the girls I helped train in Cleveland she just gone home about two weeks earlier and was joining the team that patrolled the Detroit area. She was a friend of my family.” She looked gutted and now angry. The rage rolled off her when she realized her friend had been set up. “How how were they all drugged?”

Faith and Kennedy were giving Giles dark looks. Buffy moved in front of him protectively and felt his hands fall to her shoulders to offer support.

“I do not know. We …I believed everyone who knew how to make that damned drug was dead and I personally destroyed it all… all of the stock piles I knew about. I swear I have no idea how it fell into the wrong hands.”

“Look some of this was before. So the question remains was it by Travers orders or someone else’s? I mean if we have someone out there we don’t know about maybe they are still out there and maybe they are behind these attacks? As much as I hate to say it maybe there was is a serial killer who is or was council out there.” Buffy said clearly not happy with that idea or thought. “It is also clear we had no idea the old council would have done such a thing to innocent children.”

“Ok B I get that but what if they have been ending slayers a lot longer then we believed. I mean if they got tired of a girl or she got hurt whatever does this mean we have a rouge outfit running around or are all these old cases well besides the last three we got?” Faith asked. “If so what are we going to do about it because if its council wet teams they will be human probably? I mean what if these teams were hunting potentials and new slayers. If they were wild ones like you and me then maybe the old council ended them if no one knew about them or if they were not suitable. I mean you said Merrick found you and Diana found me but what if they hadn’t found us in time?”

Buffy felt sick and she remembered something Merrick had once said. It had not really registered back then not it felt like it had been a warning.

“Thank the goddess I found you in time.” He had said. At the time she thought he had been glad he found her before Lothos had but maybe, maybe he knew or suspected the old council was killing off wild slayers and he searched her out to protect her. She swallowed hard and once more said a prayer for her first watcher thanking him for his being there. “Maybe if they had more “wild slayers” then they admitted too. I mean how did they ever go about finding the other potentials. I mean even Willow has trouble and she is connected to the line now.”

“Yeah Buffy has a point.” Dawn said. “I mean how long does it take us to find a new one and that’s with all the help you all can give. I read the old spell the council uses and its way generic. Willow tried it before tossing it as useless and using the scythe to find our girls.”

“I did so maybe even with a coven they only found some. The newly born maybe then they could not find them as they got older. So maybe they killed off the ones they could not get control of.” Willow said she looked sick and the former watchers paled sickened.

“Ok so we will look into that too. I am not sure it connects to this case though.” Korsak said “Not to be unsympathetic but unless it’s the same person or people involved it could be unrelated other than the fact they are using similar ways to incapacitate the women.”

“Unless it’s the same person supplying the drugs and the way to deliver the compound. I thought it had to be injected?” Hope said thinking like a doctor for once.

Buffy winced at that flat statement and Giles blushed. However he answered it. “It is most effective if injected however I did find notes that allowed it to be ingested in certain foods and drinks. However the ingested was a weaker version and wears off more quickly.”

Buffy gave him a look that was almost grateful.

“It also has some side effects that might make the girl look for medical attention. Something I am sure made most watchers choose the injection. It was bad enough to do it too our girls without making it worse.”

Doyle gave him a dark look. He hated drugs and ended most dealers painfully. The idea that a watcher would use such a thing on his charge made Doyle want to stick an ice pick thought his heart.

“William I remember Niki said she was feeling ill that last week. Maybe they drugged her food. She used to stop at that one all night dinner a lot. She was telling me they had a new short order cook who felt off. Not a demon but she was sure he was some sort of criminal.”

William nodded remembering that. Hindsight was 20/20 and he felt sick at not making Niki go to the doctor. Hell he should have insisted. She could have sent him the bill. However now there was nothing they could do about it.

“Ok so do we track the drug or look for a common person?” Kennedy asked.

“I would say the drug first but we would need to know what is in it to do that.” Barry said. “Maybe they had to get the ingredients from someplace specific.”

“They do. Most can be found anywhere but several of the compounds are rare and difficult to obtain. They are also very expensive and dangerous to handle. The person processing these raw components has to be highly skilled and have nerves of steel. One mistake in the processing and the drug vaporizes and becomes a deadly gas.” Giles said. “When in liquid form it is not as dangerous.”

“Mr. Giles would this drug be dangerous to normal humans and what would happen if it got out to the public domain; a drug like that might attract attention of street drug dealers if it worked as quickly on normal people.” Maura pointed out.

“While it is dangerous in liquid form to normal people it would not likely be used as a street drug. It would be deadly to a person unless they got the antidote quickly.” Giles began to clean his glasses clearly disturbed by the idea of this becoming a common street drug. “As I said it is hard and expensive to make. Unless someone was selling it to disable slayers it have little or no real value. Of course if that happened we would have a very large problem.”

“That is an understatement. “ Kennedy said. “If it really was used against so many who had access to the formula back then, also who has access now?”

Buffy frowned at that. She hated the drug with a passion and if it had been solely her choice the damned drug would never be used again. However Kennedy had a very good point who had given it up? While her money was on Travers it seemed too simple to blame him for all of this. The man was dead unless someone he gave it to was using it now. She shuddered at the idea of anyone being loyal enough to him to go on a killing spree. Then again if the hit squads were still getting paid from some account they missed it could be possible.

Jane got up clearly feeling caged. Her expression said she was so not happy with each new report. “So we may have a serial killer or killer who may or may not be paid by some unknown international group and we have no idea how well financed they are or what their agenda may be. We also have no idea why they are doing this and they have a drug that can knock us out or kill us depending on the doses. Lovely, I just love easy simple cases.”

Maura reached out and caught Jane’s hand. “It will be all right we will figure this out. I suggest we all finish eating then head to the office. Maybe Senior Criminologist Chang will have more information for us.”
Jane looked annoyed but nodded. Maura was right speculation would solve nothing.

“I have a call out to all the watchers I know and trust who were around before Travers. Hopefully someone will have more information.” Giles said.

“Ah G hate to say it but…can we trust them? I mean shouldn’t they have given us the heads up?” Faith asked. She hated to be cynical but frankly she only really trusted few of the old Council’s watchers and some with deep reservations. Giles, Wesley, and Roberson were the only ones she had almost complete trust in. She had a feeling in some things Sam Zaboto was an ok guy but and this was a big but she knew he was still very conservative in his views. The only reason she had any trust in him was he was genuinely hurting over losing her predecessor Kendra. However she also had a feeling he would have done that damned test on the girl even after raising her. So him she trusted for info on demons but she would never trust him to her back. Looking at Buffy she had a feeling she had the same reservations.

“I don’t know. We tried to screen the survivors the best we could. However it is possible we missed someone. Also we had to take a lot at face value. Many of the watchers currently on duty were fired, resigned or were not a part of the program back then.” Now Giles looked sick. It was as if he suddenly realized he may have let his girls down and that failure might have been what led to there being killed.

Buffy walked over to him and gave her father figure a hug. “It is going to be ok Giles. We will solve this. Yeah it’s a mess but we had to regroup and reform. We had no options back then or now. We have to have some trust in our people. Besides many may not have been informed, somehow I don’t think most would allow for killing of innocent kids. That had to be held at the highest levels because if it got out….It be really bad.”

“I do hope you are right Buffy.” He said pulling out of the hug as he noticed the dark looks some were giving him. The one young cop looked ready to shoot him. So Buffy has an admirer. This could prove interesting.

Everyone went back to eating as it was clear they had to finish and get a move on.

Frankie glared something deep growled as he saw Buffy hugging that Giles guy. It said no she’s mine and oddly he had no intention of not listening to that voice. It said mine, want take, have and he was for the first time getting that desire. Buffy would be his.

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