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Boston’s witch burnings

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Summary: Challenge 6746: Boston Witches OR Why does Maura Isles know so much about magic? I have recently discovered the show 'Rizzoli & Isles' about the tough female homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and her best friend, quirky and genius-level smart Chief Medical

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Part 4

Saturday, March 02, 2013
Disclaimer See Part One
Boston’s witch burnings

By: Fire Wolfe

A/N: ‘Telepathy or thoughts’, “Speech”

Part 4

Patrick “Paddy” Doyle listened as his minion explained about the meeting with Detective Jane Rizzoli and her sidekick Vince Korsak. He supposed it went as well as he could have hoped but, his daughter’s lover was not going to listen and it was going to cause a clash. He complicated the situation that was about to go FUBARED in a very big way. He had done many things in his long life that he was not proud of and if things had gone just a little bit differently he would be spending the rest of his life behind bars. However, fate was a fickle mistress and sometimes she threw a curve ball that could save even an old mobster like himself. He wheeled his chair over to the bar and waited for the barman to pour his favorite brew. He knew that while the chair might seem limiting it had in fact saved his life and his relative freedom. He knew that one of his biggest errors was raising a gun and pointing it at that idiot FBI agent. However he had not stopped to think only reacting to the preserved threat not to himself but to Maura. He would do anything to keep his children safe. Hell he had given them all away to keep them from having to be involved in his life and world. Well that mistake caused Jane to shoot him and put him in this chair. Well on the plus side his “frail” condition was to much to force him into a prison cell. He had been released on compassionate grounds and was only tied to a tether. A tether that really did not cause to many issues as he could only not leave Boston. Well he never intended to do that so it was not an issue. Yes he had to check in weekly but that was simple enough to do. A dozen or so burn phones and he was back in business. The ironic thing was he was checked several times a day by BPD at random so it made it hard for rivals to even think of attacking him. The BPD made wonderful if unimaginative body guards. His own merely were a secondary defense.

Well his trying to protect Maura and Colin had worked so damned well. Colin was dead murdered and Maura she almost been. He took a long sip of the cold beer he really was not supposed to have and considered Faith. Now there was his biggest fuck up. No other words covered that mistake. However, he had tried. Faith’s mother Honor had been a wonderful woman. She was a lot like Hope in that she was far too good for him. Only Honor came from a family of people that had been very well connected. Not to the same level as the Isles but, they were movers and shakers. Honor’s father had been the assistant district attorney who was on the rise when he met her and fell in love. He still remembered thinking he was insane to try to woo her. Hell after Hope he never intended to fall in love again. Colin’s mother had merely been a good friend who understood his life and it had been friends with benefits thing for t hem both. Colin had not been planned but she not rejected him and she had raised him well. Sadly the boy was too much like him to ever live a law abiding life and it cost him. He had wanted excitement and easy money and fell in with the man who would betray him. Well that was one traitor that would never do so again. Ok so Doyle let him live, but only because it was far more entertaining to let the little prick sweat it out and worry about what day would be his last. Looking back he knew he was lost because when he had meet Honor well he lost all sense. After letting Hope go and giving Maura to the Isles he was selfish and he intended to marry Honor and try to make a new life hell he had earned it really. He cleaned up the gang helped stabilize his corner of Boston and he had helped end a few feuds. Hell he had even gone so far as making a deal to get out of the life. He had it all planned out. He would retire and marry Honor and live a decent honorable life. He would be the poster boy for reformed mobsters.

Circumstances however changed all that. The influx of crack and the more violent Russian and South American gangs meant he could not leave. If he did his community would fall under people that did not care for them. Paddy was no saint but he did have his own code of honor. He did not let drugs be sold anywhere and he did not prey on children he was very strict about prostitution taking care of the women who lived in his Whore Houses protecting them and seeing they got a fair shake. The new mobs had no such rules. So he stayed not being willing to let there be a power vacuum. Honor had pulled away not understanding the shades of grey. She refused to see him and had not even told him she was with child. He had learned it by accident. He still remembered how angry and hurt he had been. He’d gone to her and pleaded trying to explain but she refused to listen. Instead moving home to her family, it was a place he could not go because her father wanted his head. Of course when he learned of Faith he understood why hell he’d have felt the same but, he still hated they had shut him out.
He had almost been killed one day on his way there so he pulled away to protect his beloved. He put her and Faith behind him even as he set up a trust fund for her. It was the same as the ones he had set up for both Maura and Colin. He might not have the wealth of the Isles or even that of Connor Brain Fitzjames but he was not a poor man either. What had gone wrong was he had not keep a close eye on Honor and Faith. He sipped his drink. Honor had married a year later and in doing so provided Faith with a father she firmly refused to see or speak to Paddy anymore. He had finally let it believe she was happy. He had not realized until later that the marriage was forced and that Honor was only protecting him. He sighed it was such a mess. He had a feeling even if he explained his daughters would want to kill him. He pulled out a cigar and lit it. His body guard Duncan glared at him. Hell he only lived once and he needed to think. Smoking helped him think. He leaned back. Faith got sent to her aunt her mother’s half sister when Honor had been killed in a car crash. That still angered Paddy because her so called husband had been beyond drunk and killed her. He had gotten away with it too. Hell he had not even gotten a slap on the wrist. Paddy forced his rage down so he could consider who he could get to contact both his remaining daughters. They deserved to know they had each other. Lord knows Hope’s youngest needed a kick in the ass. Hopefully his Faith would give it. He grinned thinking about her she was sadly much more like him then even Colin. However that did not make him upset, it made him proud. It meant she was strong. Of course to survive what she had she had to be but still it was good to know she could look after herself and maybe Maura to. Having Maura and Faith made him think maybe he did something right in his life; he knew he could not really take credit for their goodness and skills but he was their father so maybe he would and could get one or two positive points for siring such fine Doctor and a Slayer. Ok that brought him back to finding a way to inform both sides about the other and make them believe it. He sipped his drink thinking.


Crime scenes were never pleasant. Maura knew that. Generally speaking she could compartmentalize the scene. She could see it only as a place where the crime had happened not a place where someone died. She might know that was a fact at least much of the time but she could separate herself and be professional. However today the scene almost undone her. Today she was once more looking at the bodies of people she knew and cared about. Her ability to project a calm cool professional manner was strained. I need a vacation, time away clearly it’s almost too difficult to separate this. I wonder if Jane would consider it when this case closes. We earned it and we do both have an abundance of vacation time. Maybe we could go to New York. Not the city but the mountains. We could rent a place for a week or so and just be….together. Yes maybe I can get Jane to agree. She was so deep in thought she did not hear her partner walk up.

“Hey Maura…Maur are you ok?”

“What? Oh yes I was simply deep in thought. What’s wrong Jane?”

“Korsak and I found this.” She held up the blade. “It might be the murder weapon.”

Maura looked at the stylized knife and nodded. “Yes, it could be. The lines seem to tentatively match the pattern drawn, plus there is a dark stain on it.”

“Yeah I thought so. I know, I know you need more tests but it’s at least a start.”

“Indeed it is. Well I’m done here. I will need the lab to do more and a complete autopsy. Can I ride back with you?”

Jane nodded and was relieved to see Maura peeling out of her coveralls and boots. While she knew the protective equipment was needed it always threw here to see her girl dressed so generically? It never looked like Maura when she was in coveralls.

They headed out and Jane absently opened the car door for Maura who smiled. She loved her girl friends chivalry. Jane would have been a knight in a different time and place. Jane started the car glad that one of Maura’s many assistants was riding with the body. She had to talk to her and it would be best to have that conversation privately. She certainly did not want to have it but, she knew if she delayed it would come back and bite her in the ass. Hell most things dealing with Doyle seemed to do that. Lord I love you Maura but I so wish your sperm donor had been a baker or candle maker and not a butcher she thought.

The phone rang at BU and Dr. William Henry James Isles picked it up. “Isles here, how may I help you?”

“Dr. Isles My name is Dr. Rupert Giles and I am with the SWWW formerly known as the Watchers Council. “
There was a pause.

“Please Doctor we need your help and frankly so does your daughter Maura.”

“What! If you or your bloody Council hurts her I’ll-“

“No Doctor, we want to help keep her safe. There a case that she is involved in and it deals with our world.”Giles said quickly. He had never meet William Isles but he understood the man’s desire to protect his child. Hell Rupert wished he could have protected Buffy, and the others from the life they lead.

William stopped mid rant and sighed. “What? What has happened? What has Maura stumbled into now?”

Giles would have laughed at that rueful question if he did not also understand the man’s frustration. How many times had his own brood of misfit children stumbled into some mess that would almost lead to the end of the world? While he was rather certain Maura Isles did not deal with demons the wary tone suggested she like Buffy and her friends often ended up in life or death situations. He wondered if it was a curse of the line, something he would have to look into.

“There have been several murders the past few months. They seem vaguely connected with the latest happening in Boston. Four young women have been killed. Two were members of the Coven there and the last two were what we call mini-slayers. That is they were called either at Sunnydale or soon after.” Giles explained.

“Yes I heard about that. I thought it was a rumor but, I’ve seen the results the kills here have been steadily declining. The vampires are not making the impact they once did.” William said. “So Maura is the medical examiner on the case then. I suppose her friend Detective Rizzoli will be the lead on the case as well.”

“We assume so, only we have no other watchers currently in the area. They may need help and support. I know you left the council for a good reason but we are in a tight spot. We need help Doctor. I have several of my top people flying in from Washington D.C. today to help find who or what did this. However only one of them is familiar with the area and while she will be able to look in her old haunts she does not have the ability to move in society or the connections to stay off the BPD radar. Sadly a past misfortune means they may not take kindly to Faith being there and frankly none of the others have much better records they will need a connected contact to help.”

William pinched his nose. He had left being a watcher when the council refused to support first Niki Wood then India Cohan. He had never intended to work with them again. He sighed deeply. “I’ll arrange a place for them to stay. I have a house here they can use. It’s large and warded. I will also try to smooth the way with Maura and her detective but frankly that might not work. I love my daughter Dr. Giles but, she is firmly on the side of science and the Supernatural will drive her insane. She won’t comprehend it well. I also hate to have to break it to her detective. I think short of staking a vamp in front of her she won’t believe in it.”

Giles laughed at that. “When you meet Buffy the Slayer Prime ask her how she reacted to her first vampire. It might help.”

“Hardly, when do they fly in?”
“They should be there in two hours.”

“I’ll have a car waiting.” William said. “Send me what information you have. I’ll see what I can find. I will help you if only to keep Maura safe. If harm befalls her however there will be hell to pay.”

“Agreed, the world is not simple Dr. While many more are fighting to keep it safe some fall my people merely want to keep that number as small as possible while protecting the world. Buffy and Faith have defended the world since their teens and will keep doing so as have their friends. Do not discount them or think I consider them expendable.” Giles warned.

“While I would seek to end you if harm came to my daughter Paddy Doyle would do so. That is the warning I am giving you. I know the job a slayer does is hard and thank the heavens always that Maura never was one. I suppose it is past time I return to the Council.”

“Good and welcome back we need you.” Giles said “When this is resolved please contact me so we can arrange a meeting perhaps you and I can discuss your role more at that time.”

“Agreed, I have to go Dr. Giles I have a call coming in, it seems Maura is calling.”

“Good luck and be careful this could be dangerous.” Giles warned.

William said goodbye and answered Maura’s call. “Hello Maura what can I do for you?”

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