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Boston’s witch burnings

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Summary: Challenge 6746: Boston Witches OR Why does Maura Isles know so much about magic? I have recently discovered the show 'Rizzoli & Isles' about the tough female homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and her best friend, quirky and genius-level smart Chief Medical

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Television > Rizzoli & IslesFireWolfeFR73786,61028418,67827 Feb 1313 Dec 14No

Part 5 Calls for help

Disclaimer: I don’t own either BTVS or Rizzoli and Isles they belong to their respective creators and owners.

By: Fire Wolfe

A/N: This is a crossover between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Rizzoli and Isles with some mention of Law and Order SVU. This is not betaed so read at your own risk.

Part 5 Calls for help

William said goodbye and answered Maura’s call. “Hello Maura what can I do for you?”

“Hello father, I am sorry to bother you but I seem to have come across something that I could use you help with. “ Maura paused.”I need someone who is an expert in ancient languages, Runes to be precise and since you have studied so much folk lore I was hoping that you could perhaps help me. I am afraid that my current case has used these writings. While I might be able to decipher them eventually it would be far faster if I had expert help. I hate to ask, the writings are….are rather disturbing but, this case it could escalate and-“

“Of course I will help you Maura. I can meet you at your office in about an hour; just give me a chance to tie up a few things here. I will be there as soon as possible, honey I know it was hard for you to ask and I don’t mind. It is in my field and if it helps prevent someone else being hurt I am more than willing to help. In fact if I can’t I have a few associates who may be able to. They are flying in for a visit and I’m sure they will be more than happy to help.”

Maura sighed with relief and not a little disbelief. However both her parents had been trying hard recently. Ever since Constance had almost been killed they had been working on being a real family. They might never be Rizzoli close but, it was far more than she ever hoped to have. “Thank you Father, please let mother know you will be here so she does not worry. Are you sure they won’t mind helping. I mean it’s not exactly ancient ruins.”

“I will darling. How about I call her and have her meet us after. We can all go out to dinner. You, Jane and your team need to eat. We can go grab something our treat.” He almost chuckled at her use of runes and ruins but decided teasing her would make her pull back. He had so much to make up for.

Maura smiled genuinely happy at the offer. “Well I can ask them. We are in Jane’s car right now and Detective Korsak, Frost and Frankie are still at the scene. However they should be back soon and we can ask. Maybe we can have Angela along as well?”

“Anything you would like Maura. We can make it a family dinner if you would like. We can go to that steak house on seventh. I am certain that your friends would like it. It’s a nice place for family meals. A full meal will probably be welcome after your long work day.”

Maura nodded. “Yes, I am sure they would like that.” She and Jane had been there before it was a nice place but not to upscale and not a dive. A nice middle of the road place, yes it would do and her friends would not feel awkward nor would she. “Can you or mother call ahead? Reservations might be needed. The steak house was rather busy the last time we were there.”

“We will arrange everything dear. Now I will let you go so I can change a few appointments. I’ll call you with a time all right?”

Maura felt a little guilty but said nothing. She wanted her father there and she let him do this for her. She wondered if this was what it felt like to know you had a family you could rely on. “Thank You father I really appreciate this.”

“Of course darling, I’m just glad I can see you and maybe be some help.” He said good bye and hung up. Skilled fingers quickly dialed Constance to let her know the change in their evening’s plans. He knew she would not mind. When he was done speaking with her he called for reservations knowing he would have no trouble getting in when he mentioned his daughter’s name. After all her biological father owned the Steak House and he had standing orders it keeps a table for them. It made William smile because he honestly liked the place not that he’d ever tell Paddy Doyle that. Of course he would never tell Maura that either because then she and Jane would never go there and that be a shame because despite everything William knew Doyle lived to catch a glimpse of Maura. Recent events made him appreciate the mobster even though at times he wanted to ring his neck. He sighed and decided men in glass houses should not throw stones because clearly he messed up at his role of father as well. However he would make amends and as much as he hated the idea he’d try to help Paddy and even Hope mend their relationship with Maura if only to help ease her mind.

The plane landed and they all got out and headed to the pick up their bags. They were surprised to see a uniformed man waiting holding up a sign with their names on it.

“Hey B did you arrange for a pick up?” Faith asked.

“No, but Giles did. Seems there a retired watcher in town and he’s willing to help us out, we will be staying at his place and he sent the driver.”

“Can the guy be trusted?” Dawn asked. Like all the gang she was really wary of the old time watchers. Too many of the survivors had tried to cause issues and split the council up. However the queen had stepped in and none of them could argue with her. The fact that she personally chose and appointed and then knighted Giles made it impossible for them to stage a coup. She had also granted the entire gang citizenship and awarded honors to both Buffy and Faith. The latter who were absolutely stunned and refused to openly accept it. Faith’s argument being she was Irish and it would not be right. The queen had laughed and said the honors were still hers she could use them or not. However she had helped save the world and she was not going to be slighted as she too was a chosen one. That had oddly enough made Faith feel good and she had reluctantly accepted the honors even if she might never use them. The Irish part of her rebelled but the practical side said she might one day need that title to help protect the minis and like Buffy she would do anything for that cause so she accepted the gift reluctantly.

Buffy had grinned at it knowing her sister slayer would yield and it had been even more funny when after they had received their rewards the Queen presented them both with matching swords and daggers. “You need weapons to defend the realm with.”

Buffy had to admit the queen had taste the weapons were beautiful. She pulled herself back from her thoughts not really sure how to answer when shockingly it was Kennedy who answered.

“Yes we can, Hey James it’s good to see you again. I did not know the Doc was sending you to pick us up?” Kennedy said with a smile. She moved to the driver and gave him a hug that shocked everyone. “Heck I did not even know it was Uncle William we were meeting.”

“Ah Miss Kennedy it is good to see you once more. The Doctor did not tell me you would be coming.” The driver hugged her. “Your godfather was expecting someone from the Council?”

“Yeah well I recently joined. I work with my girl, Willow Rosenberg this is James Flannery he’s the driver for Dr. Isles. You know the Uncle William I told you about. Though I never knew he worked for the old Council.” She frowned at that a little.

“Yes well he retired some years ago. It seems he had a rather violent disagreement with the council head. He broke his hand on Travers nose. The bastard refused to help with money for Niki Wood’s son when she was killed. Dr. Isles set up a private trust for the boy and then left the council in disgust.”

“Wow sounds like your uncle’s a stand up guy.” Faith said. She relaxed a little at the idea that maybe this would not be so bad.

“Yes, he is. He’s good people. Come on let’s go we need to check in and I am so looking forward to surprising him and Aunt Constance. “

James chuckled at that. Miss Kennedy was a little spit fire. She was at times a brat but then so were most of the riches children however she had always been kind to him and he liked her fire and brutal honesty. Sometimes he wished she had been just a bit older because she would have helped Miss Maura so much. Because maybe if they had been closer in age a lot of issues could have been avoided he sighed and led them to their car.

“Ok so the council dude is good. If we can trust him it makes our jobs easier but the thing is he is doing it to keep his kid safe. “Faith paused. “So Ken if you know him you must know the medical examiner as well?”

Kennedy’s smile faded. She looked away ashamed she had never been kind to Maura back then. Ok she was brat and and rude one. “Yeah, about that, Ah we don’t I mean I was a bitch to her. Queen C kind of bitch times ten but, Maura she never…. Well she just different. I don’t know how to describe her really. She is wickedly smart and a brilliant dresser but she is so clueless with people. I was also so damned jealous of her.”

“What do you mean?” Dawn asked.

“She just does not get people. Socially awkward would be kind. I mean she …looking back she was shy but…she did not get social ques. I think maybe she has …Aspersers or something.” Kennedy knew she was justifying but she really was ashamed of her past behaviors however she had no idea how to fix it and she hoped it would not bite them in the ass.

“Are you sure?” Willow asked her mind racing trying to understand how this could affect their investigation.

“Look I’m not an expert but after Kayla I’m pretty sure. She acts the same way. I mean that watcher is wicked smart, compulsive and she has no clue how to interact with people. It’s the same with Maura. I was a spoiled brat to her because I was jealous as hell of her smarts. I never ….I don’t think anyone ever realized she had that issue.” Kennedy looked up at the driver. “I mean her folks well Willow they are a lot like yours. Decent but distant, James can back me up on that at least.”

James nodded not really wanting to get into his feelings about his employers past actions. He knew they loved Maura but he also knew they had been at best neglectful. Oh not in the care of her she had always had the best money could buy in terms of things and education but emotionally they had been pitiful.”Sadly Miss Kennedy is correct the Isles families are/were good people but they are rather reserved. Or they were until Miss Kennedy forced them out of that tight little shell. She was a bit of a spitfire.”

Kennedy blushed a little ashamed that she had gotten the attention that her god-sister should have had. She had grown up lately and it had meant a lot of self reflection and she had not liked what she had seen. It had been hard to see that so many of the new slayers came from lives that were nightmares. She knew it that on some level many were not as privileged as she was but seeing it first hand was another thing. That and fighting in hell meant she had to grow up. She was deeply ashamed of her past actions and now they might bite her and the others in the ass. Well she could at least maybe make amends with Maura. One thing was certain she would do all she could to keep her safe because she owed her that at least.

“Hey we all made mistakes Kennedy.” Buffy said. “We will fix yours and maybe gain some new watchers. I mean if we can get Dr. Isles back it be good right. I mean he’s family and family won’t see you as expendable and maybe that will extend to the others too. Which is good right?”

“Yeah B has a point plus if he’s as smart as Giles says we may have a native covering Boston which is good cause only those who know the nitty gritty can maybe make it out alive. I mean demons aren’t the only bad out there.”

James snorted and then made it sound like a cough. Yes there were other bads like Paddy Doyle who would be in on this. The man was like a bad penny but in his favor he loved Maura and since James did to he’d tolerated the thug.

They arrived at the Isles mansion and Faith let out a low whistle. “Wow some digs.” She said as they all got out,

“The Isles family is very wealthy and connected. This is their primary home in Boston; it has a wickedly cool garden.”Kennedy said with a smile. “They make my family seem like paupers really. They go back a long way and are very important here in Boston and even in New York. Only the Cabot’s have more pull there and they are friends too.”

“Ah Ken your folks are loaded.” Dawn said. She had no idea there could be wealthier people out there. Of course they had money now to because of the council but Dawn, Willow, Buffy and Faith never thought of it as theirs.

“My family is well off Dawn that’s true enough but we are relatively new money. The Cabot’s and Isles are old money. Money that is older than this country.” Kennedy said with a smile. “I would guess only the Bartlett’s are an older more connected family. I guess it kind of makes sense that they would be watchers. I mean they been here forever and with the connections they have its almost natural.”

William Isles came out and was pleasantly surprised to see Kennedy. “Kenny my dear Dr. Giles did not tell me you would be coming?”

“I’m sorry Uncle William but to be fair I don’t think he made the connection to my family.” She said as she was welcomed with a firm hug. “It is so good to see you again. I am so glad it is you. We so need help with this.”

“Indeed it is. Now tell me did you bring your lady? Willow wasn’t it?”

Kennedy reached behind her and pulled Willow forward. “Yes this is Willow my love. Willow this is my godfather William Isles. He’s the best uncle anyone could ask for.”

“Pleasure to meet you sir,” Willow said with a smile. “I have heard many wonderful things about you Kennedy raves about your archeological skills.”

“Have you. I see, well Kenny loves you so you must be someone special however if you hurt her….even being the most powerful witch in the world won’t save you. I will bury you in salt and drop you into the depths of the ocean.”

Willow flushed. She had not expected the shovel speech from anyone in Kennedy’s family they were all far too classy. It seems she was wrong which was both good and bad.

“However if you really love her then welcome to the family Willow, I want only her happiness.” He pulled Willow into a hug. Which shocked the Wiccan being threatened and hugged was not what she expected. The combination was a rare thing.

William pulled back and winked at Kennedy. “So please introduce me to the rest of your friends my dear. I will need to know who they are so I can help introduce them to Maura and Constance.”

There was a moment of awkward silence but Kennedy jumped in. She smiled and glared all at the same time at her god father. “Uncle William this is Buffy and Dawn Summers and Faith Lehane. Buffy and Faith are the last of the chosen two and Dawn is along as our watcher along with Willow.”

William’s smile returned. “It is an honor to meet you both Lady Elizabeth and Lady Faith. Miss Summers I am charmed.”

Faith looked at him a little shocked. However she remembered her manners and said. “Thank you sir, B er Buffy and I are glad you agreed to help us. We want to solve this issue as quickly as possible without endangering anyone else.”

William looked over at the Queen of the Slayers and noticed she was carefully observing him. “We will do all we can Dr. Isles to protect this city and its people. We know you are doing us a favor and also protecting your daughter. We all understand that aspect as family looks out for its own. We don’t want a problem with the BPD and are hoping you can help us there. I mean if Dr. Isles. I mean your daughter Maura could help us do the meet and greet we could avoid having to sneak around and risk problems. We don’t want to comprise the investigation because if a human is behind this we need to be able to give him or her to the proper authorities. We don’t work like the old council we obey the law when we can.”

“I am glad of that. It will make it far easier to deal with the Police. However I should warn you that the homicide team my daughter usually deals with is tenacious and won’t be pushed aside. Jane Rizzoli is a hardnosed detective who has engaged many dangerous foes. While she may not be in the demon hunting business she has faces the worst of humanity.”

“We’ve read her file. Frankly I think I’ve faced demons that were less evil. Even the Master was not as insane as the Surgeon. However we will try not to push too hard. We want the people or demons responsible for this crime caught or slain. “Willow said.”We know it’s not going to be easy for the locals to deal with but, we have to try to work with them.” She looked at the others who nodded. None of them really liked the idea of working with law enforcement as they all had issues but, needs must.

“We won’t be taking credit for any arrests so that should help.” Buffy said. “Because really we don’t have the ability to deal with human foes however if they are demonic the bets are off. If that is the case though I think the locals won’t mind much because they can’t really hold a demon for trial. “

“Fair point, however it may take some convincing.”

“Yeah, denial and disbelief are likely to go hand in hand.” Faith agreed.”Hell even back in the day no one wanted to admit things went bump in the night. It was far easier to blame the local mobs. Not that they were always innocent but looking back I think they got a lot of heat for the demons. I mean even Spike said he did some work her back in the day. I know for a fact that Paddy Doyle took some heat for that one.”

“William the Bloody Mode of Operation was very similar. It make sense that the authorities would blame a known Killer for his work. Sadly the man was not so innocent at all. I doubt however all of the bodies attributed to him were from the Slayer of Slayers.”

“Yeah I bet, still it seems a bit unfair, I mean if you do the crime you should pay for it but, if not then so not.” Faith said. She looked away for a moment locked in her own memories. Buffy gave her quick hug much to her shock.

“We will see if we can’t let the cops in on it. I mean he may be a human bad guy but I have to agree with you on the situation. He does not need to go down for the Spike work.”
“So are we going with you now or would it be better to come in later?” Willow asked. She knew that this was not going to be easy.

“Once you have dropped off your things I think it may be best that you come in with me. I can introduce you as associates. Rupert’s call suggested that you are an experienced team. We may well need that in this.”

“Yeah it’s going to be complicated.” Faith said. “That scene is in Paddy Doyle’s patch. He won’t be too happy at all. He may be a mob guy but he has rules and killing innocents is so against them.”

William snorted at that “Yes it will be complicated. I left the Council because Travers and I did not agree on how to treat Slayers and potentials. I also did not approve of how he treated many witches and friendly demon species. We parted company completely after India Cohan was killed. I had stayed involved after Niki Wood but had retired to research only. However after the way he and the Council treated India I left. Maura was only a little younger and I could only think how it would feel if she had been called. By that time I had many doubts and I could no longer stand by and watch the way the old Council operated. The best I could do was look out for Robin and several the potentials left out in the cold. I set up trust funds for them and arranged for schooling and other support. I am ashamed to say it took Paddy Doyle to knock some sense into me.”

Everyone looked at him sharply.

“What did Doyle have to do with it?” Faith asked.

“Doyle is Maura’s biological father. Her mother and I adopted her from him and he has always kept an eye on her. It was not always easy to know but he kept his distance and he has always protected her. He will do the same again here.”

“So we need to worry about the Irish Mob and the demons plus the killer. Should be simple and easy as long as the cops don’t step into it too much, I hope you can help out with that. We really don’t want issues.” Faith said.

“Well if you are introduced as experts in the field it will help.” William said.

The others nodded and followed him into the house the sooner they settled the better.
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