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Boston’s witch burnings

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Summary: Challenge 6746: Boston Witches OR Why does Maura Isles know so much about magic? I have recently discovered the show 'Rizzoli & Isles' about the tough female homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and her best friend, quirky and genius-level smart Chief Medical

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Part 6 Gathering the team

Disclaimer: I don’t own either BTVS or Rizzoli and Isles they belong to their respective creators and owners.

By: Fire Wolfe
Wednesday, March 20, 2013
A/N: This is a crossover between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Rizzoli and Isles with some mention of Law and Order SVU. This is not betaed so read at your own risk.

Part 6 Gathering the team

Maura looked over the bodies of her associates no her friends. It seemed all too often recently she had to conduct autopsies on those she knew at least in passing. She was a professional and would do her job but the easy compartmentalizing she used to be able to do was slowly disappearing. There had been too many cases that hit close to home recently. Yet she was determined to speak for the dead perhaps even more so because they had been if not exactly close friends then at least cherished acquaintances. The bodies were badly burnt and it would be guess work to assign identities to them based on pure conjecture or so she told herself as she reached for the phone. She needed some expert help or maybe she just wanted some more moral support in any case she scrolled down the list of contacts until she found Hope Martins and pushed the call button. She just hoped her biological mother would help. Because she wanted to make no mistakes on this case, because Jane’s guts told her this was just the beginning. Of course Maura would have argued with that if her own unease was not rising. She knew how powerful these women had been and that all four would not have been easy to take down even more so as they had been together. She knew they all excelled at self defense and that at least two of them were at optimal fitness levels for human females. Even her beloved Jane would have been hard pressed to keep up with the youngest girls. Not that she would say anything to Jane just yet. However if the criminal who did this could take down these women then most would have little or no chance against them. If this was the beginning of a serial killer spree they had to have all the help and forensic evidence they could use so calling in Dr. Martin made sense. Or at least that was her justification. Maura was highly skilled but even she knew sometimes she needed help. She knew her biological mother was the help she needed if only to help her maintain her professional demure.

Hope Martin answered her phone on the second ring. She pulled the towel around her hair and tied it off before doing so. It never failed she was always in the shower when she got a call. “Dr. Martin how can I help you.” She had not pulled on her contacts so she did not see Maura’s name on the caller id. Not that it would have stopped her from answering only she might have been a bit more pleasant. As it was she almost snapped annoyance clearly in her voice.

“Dr. Martin, Hope this is Maura. Dr. Isles.” She said suddenly not certain that this call was wise despite her justifications to herself. Maybe she should not have called?

Hopes heart jumped. She and Maura had been making slowly getting to know each other recently. Maura’s willingness to try for a relationship had been the second gift she gave her. It was hesitant and uncertain but her eldest had tried to give her room to know her. The first being her sister’s life when she donated the kidney her youngest daughter needed. It had saved her life and the act proved beyond a doubt to Hope that she so did not deserve Maura in her life. She had been a fool and had never expected more. However she had been surprised when Maura had reached out recently. It had been on a more professional basis but given how she had reacted to her eldest admission to being hers she deserved no less. She had decided to take what she could get and hope that in time she could mend her relationship. It helped that Caylin had finally stopped resenting her. The indifference of her youngest might not seem like a lot of improvement but it beat the outright hostility she once had. Since her youngest was now getting ready to enter college at BU she had chosen to relocate to Boston much to her cringe. Of course Caylin wanted to live on campus but that had to wait at least until she was stronger. So she had purchased a home on Beacon Hill not far from her eldest’s home. Caylin had not been pleased but she had accepted it. She pushed those thoughts aside and said. “Hello Maura I’m sorry I was not expecting a call. I just got out of the shower. Is everything all right?”

Maura paused the awkward silence fell for a moment then she sighed and said.”No, I’m afraid not. We have a case and we have four bodies to identify. I am afraid I may need to ask for your assistance again in a professional manner. I believe we know who the women are but, I hesitate to speculate and make assumptions. Your forensic techniques would be invaluable to helping me confirm their identities and perhaps to determine cause of death. The killing was very brutal and there seems to be a ritual to it. I have already asked for expert help to decipher the runes that were carved into the bodies but the damage is excessive the best chance to confirm for certain that these women are who we think they are is to use fingerprints. If I am right about who they are this may just be the beginning of a serial case. The South end could become a hunting zone if we do not stop this killer.”

“I see, give me a little while to finish cleaning up and I will come down to the Morgue to help. “ She glanced at the clock. Caylin was not due home just yet as she had some tutoring at a friend’s house she was sadly playing catch up with her classes. “I’ll meet you there is a little while all right.”

“Thank you. I will see you in a little while. Goodbye”

Maura hung up and sighed with relief. It may be pushing professional relationships and it may lead to her appearing weak to outsiders but she would not let her lack of skill in certain areas fail her patients. Dead or not they deserved dignity and respect and the best and in this technique that meant Dr. Hope Martin. She was also relieved that it had been the situation that had caused her birth mother’s impatient tone. She almost smiled at her actions now as it was something she had done often enough. One more thing they had in common.

Hope hung up the phone and sighed deeply. It might not be an invitation to dinner but it was a start. Then again after the last dinner they had she was fortunate indeed that Maura was even willing to entertain the idea of a deeper relationship. She sensed this case was disturbing her eldest deeply and she was not about to let her down. She picked up her phone and texted her youngest. This was business as well as personal but she knew setting it up as the former rather than the latter would make it more palatable for Caylin to accept. She was slowly coming around but it would take time. Much of her attitude was Hope’s own fault for never realizing how insecure she was. However she was determined to make it up to her and to Maura as well. Both deserved to know she loved them and was proud of them. She would not fail either. After texting the message she rapidly got dresses. Like Maura she was always impeccably dressed. Professional Image mattered and if she was honest looking good was as much for Maura’s sake as her own. She would not embarrass her daughter for anything. Plus dressing well gave her confidence in herself. Twenty minutes later she was driving her new Leaf toward the Boston Police department.

Willow wondered about the murders. It was not an easy thing to disable slayers or witches. She looked over at Buffy and Faith and knew they too were worried. The girls that had been taken down were not unfamiliar with their powers. While they were not Sunnydale Slayers they each had been among the first to answer the call. The Wiccans were also highly skilled in magic. In fact while they lacked Willow’s raw power they had her on experience and knowledge. That worried Willow deeply because like the slayers they would not have easily fallen. It would take some high level of skill to take them down and out. Their magic had to have been unavailable to them for this to happen.

“Dr. Isles do you have any more information on this case?” Willow asked.

“Maura seems to think it was some sort of ritual. There is script or runes of some sort on the various bodies. The method of killing seems to be ritualistic and the lead detective found a knife. From the description I would say it is an Athame. However I have not seen it yet to confirm that fact. Maura believes that the victims may women she knows from the local herbal shop. They are if memory serves Wicca’s though I am not certain if Maura is aware of this fact or not. Our family has purchased supplies from this shop for many years as both my wife and daughter prefer all natural products when possible. Plus they like to support the local’s economy.

“So you may all know the girls than.” Faith said. “Won’t this compromise the investigation, I mean won’t the local PD object to Maura helping if she knows the people involved?”

William laughed ruefully. “Sadly of late that seems to be most of the cases Maura catches. I believe her professionalism will help her in this case. Plus if I do not miss my guess she will call in an outside expert to help id the bodies and to prevent any appearance of her being compromised. Not that it will be the case but, she will do all she can to ensure justice.”

“Can we trust the outsider?” Buffy asked clearly concerned.”How can Maura trust the woman, I mean I hate to say it but I think maybe your daughter knows more then she is letting on. I mean the Wicca’s had a shop and from what I know of them they were proud of their religion and skills.”

“You may be right Lady Elizabeth but, if she is she never told me or her mother. As to trusting the outside help Dr. Martin is highly regarded in her field and has helped Maura in the past.” He paused clearly considering what to reveal then he said.”As to trusting her to protect Maura, I believe she will, she is after all her birthmother and she is trying to reconnect. It’s complicated but I do honestly think she will protect my daughter.”

“Good enough then. I suppose she will need to be filled in as well.” Buffy said “At least there is a connection that will help ease it a bit.”

William nodded clearly not liking the idea much.
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