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Boston’s witch burnings

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Summary: Challenge 6746: Boston Witches OR Why does Maura Isles know so much about magic? I have recently discovered the show 'Rizzoli & Isles' about the tough female homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and her best friend, quirky and genius-level smart Chief Medical

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Part 9 Protecting our own

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters or series I am just borrowing them from their awesome creators.

Boston’s witch burnings

By: Fire Wolfe

A/N: ‘Telepathy or thoughts’, “Speech”

Friday, March 29, 2013

Part 9 Protecting our own

Hope parked the car and she and Maura got out. Even as they did so they heard screams. Both doctors took off running with Jane, and Korsak hot on their heels. ‘It should not be possible for women in designer shoes to run so fast.’ Vince Korsak thought.

Unknown to him Jane was having similar thoughts. She signaled to Vince to call this in.

They ran toward the stairs of the car park and down a floor. What Jane saw chilled her to the bone. She called out. “Maur, Dr. Martin wait!”

Neither woman listened as Hope Martin without thought tackled the Blonde girl holding her bleeding daughter. She had not heard her call for 911 and only saw Caylin bleeding. Blood she could not afford to lose.
Maura leapt to help her birth mother whatever issues she might have with her younger sister she was not about to let her bleed to death. Hell she had donated a kidney to ensure she would survive.

The attack startled Buffy who was intent on carrying the wounded girl to safety. However Faith was not stunned so she jumped in catching the second blow.
“Easy there lady,” She said “This ain’t what it looks like.”

The strong dark haired slayer’s grip scared Hope who hit her as hard as she could. The blow shocked Faith who instinctively blocked a second only to hear the woman’s wrist break. Hitting a slayer was hard on a normal person’s bones. Hope cried out in pain which caused Maura to attack Faith. Maura might not be the best fighter out there and she tended to prefer to avoid violence but seeing her “mother” and “sister” hurt triggered something primal. The slayer came roaring to life and hit Faith. The dark slayer was sent flying. “Get away from my ‘Mother’and ‘Sister’.”

Faith came up swinging. She was not happy at all. They had just stepped into help. She dove at the blonde taking her down hard. Her attempt was to end the fight quickly not wanting to hurt anyone. Even as she began to battle the blonde woman she sensed something. Maura many years of yoga came into play as she rolled and flexed using leverage to toss the dark slayer off her. Something feral came up and all she knew was those she loved were in danger. At the far reaches of her senses she saw Jane and the last thing she wanted was her mate to come charging into danger to save her. So she fought ruthlessly.

Faith was the second of the chosen two but in that moment she knew that even she and Buffy could be surprised. Buffy was trying to fend off blows from the older blonde. It was not that she could not take her but rather she did not wish to hurt her. Faith cursed knowing no help would come quickly from that quarter as a mistake could cause damage to the elder. I guess it’s on me to school this mini; but damn she is good and hell mini might not qualify as she seems older than me.

“Freeze Boston PD stop fighting right now.” Jane called out. Korsak was dialing his phone calling for help. She pulled her gun waiting to take a shot she would not let Maura get hurt.
Buffy saw the gun from the corner of her eye. ‘Shit this is getting out of hand.’ She decided that careful was too dangerous now. She dodged a blow and with practiced ease knocked the elder blonde out. Buffy caught her and gently laid her on the ground before leaping between Faith and the cop. She raised her hands. “Please put the gun away officer this isn’t what it looks like. We were only trying to help when those ladies jumped us.”

“Oh yeah like I am going to believe that one, I know both women hell all three of them so try selling that bridge to someone else. There is no way Dr. Isles would just attack you and Dr. Martin is even less likely.”

Faith dodged and her left leg swung up in a kick that shocked Maura. It caught her in the gut and robbed her of her breath and Faith swept her feet out from her in the next instant. Pinning the smaller blonde Faith Quipped, “Damn what is it with Blondes in designer gear trying to kill me, I mean really who does that?” ‘It figures we would run into the ones we are supposed to work with like this. Murphy so loves us.’
“It must be your sparking personality.” Maura quipped back through clenched teeth.
Faith grinned and rolled off pulling a shocked Maura to her feet. “Look if you can be rational we can talk. We don’t really have time for this, but I’ll make you and the cop a deal once we get the kid to a doctor we can try this again.”

The fight suddenly went out of Maura as she remembered Caylin was injured. “Oh no, Caylin she is hurt, Jane I need help Caylin is hurt and Hope is out cold.” She ran to her side and began checking her over. Caylin was now awake and shocked to see Maura fighting to protect her. Something shifted inside her and the resentment she had been feeling suddenly felt petty. She saw her mother next to her and turned to try to help her.

"Maura mom needs our help." It was all she could choke out before darkness claimed her again but her last thought was Maura was there and she would take care of them.

Willow had stepped back and away to make the call to 911. She came back and saw a gun pointed at Buffy and before the dark haired woman could speak again or fire her weapon she said. “Freeze gun to me.”

Suddenly Jane’s gun was gone and she could not move.
“Not moving would be of the good. I so hate guns.” Korsak blinked having no idea how Jane lost her weapon but he moved to pull his own only to find it to was in the red heads hands or rather it was floating in front of them. With a casual wave the weapons disassembled themselves and the parts and bullets were lowered into a waiting trash bin. “Guns are nasty things.”

Buffy and Faith both froze at the tone of voice.

“Oh fuck.” Faith said as a dark eyed Willow Rosenberg looked at them all.
“Ah B, I think we might have an issue.”

Suddenly Kennedy was there and grabbed Willow into a tight hug. “Easy baby it will be ok no one is hurt and these folks are the good guys.”

Willow suddenly seemed to calm her eyes returned to normal.

Jane saw the change and suddenly felt a shiver. The kind that said you just dodge a bullet. She looked at Korsak who seemed as pale as she was. She raised her hands deciding that maybe taking might be a good idea.

“Look its clear we all want to help the wounded girl. We just stumbled onto her. Buffy was carrying her when this fight happened. I get you were all worried and everything but she needs help now.” Faith said trying to be diplomatic. She glanced at Buffy. She hoped her native accent would help calm the situation.

The guard heard the screams and pulled his radio. He called it in and signaled for two of his fellows to come help him check. The boss would want to know what was going on and no one robbed or hurt anyone without his permission. Not that either was likely of late. Not that Sean minded. Hell he was kind of glad the boss was trying to go legit. It meant the rest of them might be able to do so as well. Plus really hi s job did not change much, and he was very good at his job.

Paddy sent wheeled his chair out. He wanted to check this out. His guards were not happy but they followed him anyway. The boss was stubborn like that looking out for his own even if they were simply patrons of his business.

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