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The Hellmouth Guide to a Zombie Apocolypse

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Summary: On Willow's flight back to Sunnydale the dead come back to life, she arrives at the airport not seeing her friends anywhere in sight, but instead sees zombies. As she searches for her friends she finds a group of survivors living on a farm in Georgia.

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Author’s note: While the majority of The Walking Dead history is based off of the show I’m going to add in a few bits from the comic books as well, they are minor changes so small that you’ll be fine if you haven’t read the comics. Andrea and Dale are a couple. Sophia was not in the barn when they killed all of the walkers in it. Rick didn’t kill Shane. Lori isn’t pregnant.

Since this takes place in the beginning of season 7 of Buffy and the beginning of season 4 of Angel I made a few changes to the history of Angel, none to Buffy. Fred and Illyria are two separate people (I will explain this). Cordelia and Lorne’s story remains about the same.

Summary: While Willow is on the plane back to Sunnydale the world changes into one where the dead rule, upon arriving at the airport to find the dead walking and her friends nowhere to be seen. She decides to go on a search for the magic used to change the world and ends up finding a group of survivors on a farm.

I know it gets a little confusing when I start explaining the physics of magic, but just bear with me its important. Hope you guys like it!

Willow had been searching for so long. It had all started when she returned from England. When the plane had taken off the world had been normal, and when it landed the whole world had become a hell mouth. Willow was, of course, accustomed to the dead coming back to life she just wasn’t used to her friends not being there to make them all dead again. She had arrived at the airport to find most of its occupants either being eaten, already eaten, or doing the eating. Of course she had assumed this phenomenon to be something exclusive to Sunnydale and a somewhat normal occurrence for the small town, maybe slightly above abnormal, but things like this had happened often in her home town, maybe not this exact thing, but horrors that other people only saw in their nightmares had been the stuff of reality for Willow Rosenberg and her friends. The fact that scenes like the ones she had witnessed were happening all over the world did not even occur to her. The whole flight she had been afraid she wasn’t ready to see her friends again after what she had done, and apparently they hadn’t been ready to see her since none of them were there to welcome her back. She had expected at least Xander to show up, after all he had promised as much on the phone.

The sight of the dead nearly caused her to regurgitate the peanuts she had eaten on the plain. She was used to grotesque creatures what with living on The Hellmouth and fighting the various monsters that accumulated on such a spot of dark magical power, but nothing had prepared her for seeing the different corpses in the many different stages of decay it was too much for her. Some of the creatures had brownish red organs falling through holes in their pale skin and through gaps in the solid white of their ribs she could smell rotten blood, it smelled like mold and iron a very pungent smell. She could see the yellow maggots digging their way out from inside the bodies, the bugs would sometimes spill from a hole they had just burst through in one of the many mobile dead and as if a flood of yellow had been released the little things would scatter to the floor squirming as they made contact with the linoleum grey tiles that covered the whole of the airport. At one point she shot a fire ball at one of the corpses only to have the smell of rotten blood be replaced by the smell of melting flesh and burning hair, the smell was a strange mixture of a camp fire, steak, and rotten fish.

She decided to go to the house to see if maybe they were just busy dealing with this apparent supernatural event. But when she got to the house the door was open and no one was inside. She had walked all the way from the airport to get there and on the way she had stumbled across many scenes like the ones that she witnessed when the plane landed. She had even saved a few people from a few of the zombies. So she knew Buffy and Dawn probably weren’t home. She decided to try The Magic Box see if they were meeting or researching there, but no one had been there either. She searched everywhere in the whole town she could think of; Spike’s crypt, Xander’s, the new High School, The Hospital, even Anya’s apartment.

That had been so long ago now; she didn’t even know how many months had passed anymore and it didn’t matter. She was still searching she knew Buffy and everyone wouldn’t be dead these zombies were weak and slow nothing compared to vampires the only trick was to destroy their brain. After a few months of waiting for Buffy Willow reached into The Earth to see if she could feel any of her friends, she couldn’t, though she could feel a powerful foreign power it seemed to be radiating from Georgia so she packed her bags and left hopping to run into her friends on the way. If something mystical was causing the virus she knew Buffy would be searching for it. On her journey she discovered that the phenomenon was not mutually exclusive to Sunnydale.

Now here she was in Georgia in the middle of a forest. Dehydrated and starving she hadn’t been able to find food for days and when she was just about to give up on life her car broke down in the middle of a highway blocked with traffic, traffic so bad that she was definitely not going to be able to get through without walking the whole way. Since walking on highways was always dangerous she walked into the woods off to the side of the rode hoping to eventually find a farm, but she hadn’t yet and she was starting to feel dizzy. Her legs were not co-operating with her mind and her limbs were shaking. She knew what hunger was, she remembered from the days she refused to eat when she had first arrived with Giles in England. The witch decided that resting was the best coarse of action, she layed down in the leaves looking up into the blue sky outlined by the green of the trees shading her. She imagined how she would greet Tara as she entered the afterlife, or if she was even going to be with Tara in her afterlife. She closed her eyes wondering what she would see once she opened them again, it couldn’t be any worse than the hell she was already living in.

Daryl was again in the forest, searching for Sophia even though everyone else had given up. He really didn’t know the girl that well he mostly kept to himself, but life was something to cherish, especially a child’s life. There was so much death now days, always in your face trying to eat you or bite you. Death was what they had been running from for the past few months so he was going to find her, alive and hopefully not having gone through death in order for her to achieve that goal. He was getting pretty close to where they had lost her and he knew he should search somewhere else, but something was telling him to search here. He could see something lying on the ground and it looked like a body.

“Sophia?” He ran to the body holding his crossbow steadily just in case she was dead or if it wasn’t her. It wasn’t Sophia. It was a woman with long red hair and a very slight frame. He couldn’t tell if she had any bites or if she was even alive. He could tell how pale she looked. Something told him she was alive, but he wasn’t willing to risk it so he poked her with his foot. She didn’t move. He poked her again, and again no movement. He set his crossbow on the ground a pulled out his pocket knife with his right hand for a precaution and felt her pulse. She was definitely alive, and she didn’t feel like she had a fever. He rolled her onto her side so he could check for bites. There were none. “Now what do I do?”

He slung his crossbow back over his shoulder and put his pocket knife back in its holder so that he could pick her up, he saw she had a backpack on her back so he just put it on over his cross bow and pulled her into his arms. Hopefully they wouldn’t stumble upon any walkers.

The sound of people talking was what she heard first. “She seems to be dehydrated and malnourished. She definitely would have died if Daryl hadn’t found her.” The voice sounded like a man with a slight Southern accent. She tried to move her hand, but something was holding it so it could only move a few inches before a cold metal would cut into the skin of her wrist.

“Rick she’s awake.” Apparently the voices had noticed her ministrations because another voice spoke, this time it was a woman with a Southern accent.

It took Willow a few moments to open her eyes and another few for them to adjust to the dark. The room wasn’t completely dark; a gas lamp was burning on the table next to the bed she found herself laying in. There were four people around her bed one an old man, another a brown haired skinny woman, next to her stood a blond who seemed very confident, and the one closest to the bed was a man with blondish brown hair and a beard the same color he looked like a kind man his eyes had the same look as Buffy’s had they looked like they had seen too much pain and the pain was hidden beneath the surface so as not to show weakness. “Where am I? And why am I handcuffed to the bed?” She was still confused and she looked at the restrictions with trepidation if she wanted she could remove them, but these people obviously didn’t trust her, which was understandable after all she lived in the same world they did. As well as doing magic within the first moments of meeting them would probably not help to build there trust. Willow understood the precaution, but the metal contraption still made her feel unsafe it was night time and she was handcuffed to a bed. Her life in Sunnydale had taught her never to trust anyone you just met particularly people you meet in the middle of the night, even more so if you don’t remember how you got to where you are.

Since The End of The World demons were everywhere there were almost as many demons as there were zombies, and they didn’t hide themselves in the shadows any more. Willow had run into so many demons and so few humans she was beginning to wonder if there were even any humans left. Demons were used to death and the slow undead possed no problem for the strong beasts. For average humans it was quite different, while the dead were slow and weak, if cornered by a large group it was nearly impossible for a common person to escape. The few humans she had encountered on her journey had been supernatural in nature they were either witches or half-demon. If these people were indeed human Willow imagined that they must have be large in number.

Rick smiled at the young girl she couldn’t be older than twenty-one. “You are in a house near where you passed out from dehydration. We like to be careful with people we first meet its nothing personal. I’m Rick.” He pointed to himself. “This is my wife Lori.” He pointed to the brunette. “That’s Hershel, this is his house.” He pointed at the old man and gestured with his thumb to the blond woman behind him. “And this is Andrea. What’s your name?”

She smiled at each person as they were named. “My name’s Willow. May I ask how I got here? It’s all kinda fuzzily and not to be offensive but I really don’t trust new people either and being handcuffed to a bed while safe for you is not so safe for me you see. I mean for all I know you people could be a part of some strange cult that likes to.. I don’t know… do… weird culty things and I’m not really in the mood for cults they aren’t really my thing, so if you could please un cuff me. I promise I won’t do anything to hurt anyone.” The group looked completely lost by the end of her words. “Make it a sign of mutual untrust since we can’t trust each other. I feel fine now anyways so if you could please uncuff me and I shall be on my merry way back the way I came. I don’t need any trouble.”

The old man smiled at the girl she seemed so innocent like his youngest daughter. “I don’t think you can leave just yet. You are still very week you should probably eat some food and rest for a few days then we can let you leave.”

The red head pursed her lips and rolled her eyes. “Sounds like you want to fatten me up. You see I have a fast metabolism so even if you guys were planning on eating me I would be quite tough. It would take more work to eat me than it would to just go and find a nice innocent deer to eat, instead of some nice innocent Willow.”

Rick thought it was weird that this girl was more worried about them being a part of some weird cannibal cult than she was about sensible things. She must’ve had some crazy experiences. “I can take the handcuffs off, you seem pretty harmless.” He took the hand cuffs off and the red head flexed her hand. “We are just survivors no cannibals here. We just want to make sure you are strong enough to where you won’t be passed out in some ditch somewhere in a few days.”

“How long have I been out anyway?” She asked as she rubbed her wrist. Willow focused and allowed herself to see without actually using her eyes, she could see the four people’s auras and while somewhat depressing they were honest and good.

“About eight hours.” Andrea responded. Willow definitely got some gay vibes coming from that corner.

Herschel pulled the chair Andrea had sat in (while watching the girl for those eight hours) behind him so he could sit down; he was getting tired. “Super is almost ready if you feel up to walking?”

“I’d be up to flying for food right now I haven’t had real food in days.” She stood up and followed the four into the dining room. In the dining room was a long table that had at least twenty chairs of different shapes, sizes, and wood. She could recognize which ones originally went with the table, only about seven, the rest were all from somewhere else a few had a matching one somewhere else around the table and a few were just random chairs. It made her think of how all these people from different places and lives came together in these strange times some completely alone like her and others with their families or loved ones. “How many people live here?”

“A little over fourteen.” Rick replied. “But some of us live in tents out back. Only Herschel and his family live in the house.”

Herschel went out the door to the side of the room that opened onto the porch he rang a bell that hung from the ceiling. “Dinner time!” He yelled. Willow was already seated when one by one the different people who lived on the farm came through the many different doors into the dining room each one that came in gave her a strange look. She could tell whether or not a person was from Herschel’s family or from the group that lived out back, because members of the family sat in the chairs matching the table and the others sat in any chair they could find. A woman with short grayish hair helped Lori carry in the food and Willow’s mouth began to water.

The last person to sit at the table was a guy who looked to be in his late thirties he had brown hair that was cut in a buzz cut the angry looking man had a large nose. She didn’t like the look of him. He glared at her. The demon hunter had seen that look many times before, though rarely in a human.

“Alright let’s say grace and then dig in.” Herschel announced from the head of the table. The red head looked frightened when he said this and he wondered if she might be an atheist. He understood that when the dead start coming back to life it tended to make people question the existence of an all knowing being. Hell he didn’t even think he believe in God anymore, but he kept praying so that his kids would have something to believe in, if life was hell maybe they could have something to hope for in the afterlife.

“…Amen.” The young boy finished Willow had kept her head raised but had been very polite. She was eating their food after all and seeing as they had saved her life, it was not her place to be disrespectful. She was never one to insult anyone’s religion anyway being a Jewish Wicca. The second the words ‘amen’ left the young boys mouth everyone jumped onto the food.

She listened to their conversations as they ate Andrea had stood up to go take some food to someone named Dale she assumed he was watching for zombies which reminded her that she could do something to pay these people back for feeding her and saving her.

“So what’s your story?” The guy with the buzz cut asked as he chewed on his steak rather violently. “What were you before this all happened?” All the small conversations going on around the large table stopped. She thought about telling them she fought vampires and demons she decided against looking crazy.

She smiled sweetly at the man even though he disgusted her. “I was a computer student in California.”

He looked at her as if he knew that wasn’t the whole truth. “What were you doing when the virus broke out?” That was pretty blunt.

“I was in a plane on my way back from England.” They didn’t look as surprised as she would have expected. “The pilot announced that no one was responding to his radio so we landed at the airport and got out via the emergency exit after sitting on the plane for about five hours and when I got to the doors of the airport to look for my friends who were supposed to pick me up all I saw were zombies so I went home to look for my roommate and her sixteen year old sister, who lived with us, they were not there so I went to a… shop that my friend owned where we usually went during ap… earthquakes and no one was there either. I searched for them but I couldn’t find them anywhere and so I called another one of our friends from LA and he said they were heading to Georgia so… here I am.” She lied about the last part, but what was she supposed to say? ‘I could sense a large amount of magical energy coming from somewhere around here.’

“So you came all the way from California to find your roommate and her sister? Why didn’t her sister live with her parents anyways? You’re only what no older than twenty-one?” Rick asked, this story was so strange, but then again his own story was pretty out there. He could tell there was something she wasn’t telling them, but now days everyone had something they didn’t like to share with others. Everyone had their own burdens and pain that they carried by themselves.

Willow sighed she added too much information again she needs to learn to just say the basics. “Their mother died two years ago.” She suddenly remembered something “Did someone happen to have picked up my bag when you guys found me?” Everyone looked to a guy with sandy blond hair and a very redneck looking appearance.

He nodded. “I left it next to the bed when I brought you in.” The red head jumped up and ran back to the room to check on her bag. She had enchanted it back when they had to flee from Glory. She hadn’t wanted to leave any of their magic books or items behind when they had left on the RV so she had put a spell on it to supply any book or magical item she requested from either The Magic Box or her personal collection. When she gave up magic she had told Buffy to take it to Tara. Upon returning from England she had found it in a box of Tara’s things Buffy had brought back to the house after she died. Willow of course kept some of the more important books with her like the book that had the first spell Tara and Willow had done together. It was mostly about meditation and floating objects. She knew that if she were to ever lose that bag she would be completely alone, and that she would have lost all hope of ever finding her friends.

She needed a specific book to help perform a spell that was made in the early Seventeenth Century. It had been created when a warlock decided to resurrect the dead in order to take over all of the farm land in France. It was a spell meant to protect a large area that was far too big for the barriers made of sand like Tara and her used to make to protect everyone’s living spaces. Tara had showed her the spell thinking it could protect a whole town from vampires, but when Willow researched it she had discovered it only worked on zombies which was pointless back then because zombies were rare. She hoped it would work on non-mystical zombies. “Bag of tricks deliver unto me a book that I desperately need to read. Bag of tricks deliver unto me a book I desperately need to read. Top shelf, Magic Box, Third title from the left Protection Spells Used to Stop the Dead Resurrection of 1615 In Rural France this is the book I need urgently.” Willow finished the incantation and felt the bag grow heavy with the newly added book. She opened the small leather bound object finding the spell easily and memorized it just as quickly as she had found it.

Once she had all of the ingredients she needed, which had been not hard to find (since the spell had been created for farmers and not practiced witches) she headed back toward the dining room. The large room was now empty, she assumed everyone had gone outside which was perfect for sneaking out without having to worry about making excuses for venturing off into the abandoned fields. She headed off into the middle of one such field that would be far enough away from the house so the others couldn’t look out and see the lights from her casting.

She followed the instructions on how to mix the pot using the Tinker belle spell for light. Once she was done pouring the powder in a circle around her and placed the talisman in the middle of the circle. She began to chant. “Osiris hear my plea, keep the living dead away from the, let this farm be free for me.” It was a pretty easy spell especially since Osiris didn’t like the dead coming back to life the witch knew this first hand. She could now feel the protection spell working.

The red head stood up grabbing the talisman which was the key to Xander’s apartment and hastily returned to the house no one any wiser to what she had done.

All of the survivors save the young ones were gathered around the camp fire the flames illuminating the faces of those huddled around it. The warmth that radiated from the bright flames was hardly comforting since it was the middle of a humid summer night. Shane was the first to speak. “She is definitely hiding something. She said she came all the way from California just to look for her friends. I don’t trust her and it’s just one more mouth to feed. We definitely don’t need that.” He was almost growling. He didn’t like the redhead from the start she seemed weak and something didn’t seem right about her. She seemed much too at ease with the horrible world they lived in. Most other survivors the group had encountered had a certain look in their eye, looking around the circle he could see that look in every single person seated. But when he looked into the girl’s green eyes he saw hope, no one had hope anymore. Not in this new hell.

This angered Dale he was starting to get tired of Shane’s selfishness this girl had clearly traveled a long way and had been alone for such a long time. He hated that everyone wasn’t as accepting as they had been when they had first all met. “I can’t believe we are even talking about this she is just a child and we are seriously debating about making her leave? I won’t have a part of it. I shouldn’t even have to point out how wrong this all would be. Sending her back out there would be the same as killing her. You saw how sick she was when Daryl carried her here. She was standing on the edge of death.” Everyone was nodding their heads except Shane. “We have all been lucky. We found each other. Remember what it had been like traveling around out there, try to remember the horrors we saw. Now try to imagine being completely alone and facing them by yourself Shane.” His eyes were wide now and the grey eyebrows that were usually set in a caring manner were now raised as high as they would go, the light accentuating every wrinkle in the man’s forehead. His face was a mix between a begging puppy and a snarling wolf.

“Seeing as this is my farm I say she stays until she wants to leave and that is final anyone who thinks otherwise can leave for all I care.” Herschel stared straight at Shane as he spoke with finality. “I would much rather have that innocent young thing here and be rid of some of you. And it is my food that I am sharing with all of you, if I want to hand out more of it to some stranger I damn well have that right.” Everyone from Herschel’s family was now looking at some of the others with anger. Herschel had had enough of these freeloaders trying to tell him what to do on his own farm.

Shane looked as though he was going to jump over the fire and attack the old man. He breathed in heavily. “She is definitely hiding something… How do you think a weak girl like her made it all the way from California completely by herself? She isn’t alone I know that much. Did you all seriously believe her bull shit story about being in a plane from England when the virus started?”

Herschel was now standing looking down at the ex-cop. “I have already said what is to happen with her, and if you say one more vile word I swear to God I will happily send you out there to fend of walkers by yourself!” The survivors from the farm stood and followed Herschel into the house.

Willow awoke the next morning feeling well rested and ready to continue her journey. Something was telling her she shouldn’t leave. ‘They’re human, you may have put up a protection spell against zombies, but demons are everywhere now.’ It wasn’t just that either something else was telling her she needed to stay, something saying that this was exactly where she needed to be. There was a knock on the bedroom door.

“May I come in Willow?” It was Herschel.

“Ya its your house after all.”

He opened the door and sat down in the chair next to the bed. He could tell Willow had been packing when he entered. “We all got to talking last night and we all agreed that we would really like you to stay, at least for a few weeks until we can be sure you are strong enough to continue your journey.”

She thought about what she was going to say for a second. She gave up and sighed. “I think I would really like that as well. It has been incredibly lonely out there. I haven’t even spoken to a real person in God knows how long, I was beginning to fear for my sanity. Being amongst civilization again gives me hope that the world can change, even if it is only a little tiny bit of what it used to be. I think I will stay for a few weeks and then I will think about it again.” She put her bag back under the bed. “Does this mean I need to move outside with the others?”

The old man laughed. “No, no you can stay in this room. Carl started sleeping in the tent with his parents again so we don’t have to worry about that.” He stood and began to walk out the door when he turned “Breakfast is ready.”

The witch followed after the man and sat down at the table. It was nice to have somewhere to call home again. It was nice to have people to sit and eat breakfast with. She smiled all through out the meal listening to the many conversations the different people were having. They weren’t talking about zombies or the people they had lost they were talking about pregnant cattle and crops happy things. She was positive she could call every person by name now and it was nice. When everyone was done eating every person went in their different directions some to go fix parts of the fences, some to go watch for walkers, and some to go look for Sophia. Willow didn’t know where she should go until someone spoke to her.

“Willow why don’t you help Lori, Andrea and I clean the dishes?” Carol asked kindly. Willow also noticed that most of the men had left while the women were either cleaning dishes or out hanging laundry. She didn’t like this, but she still helped clean the dishes anyways they all exchanged small talk while they washed. The discussions ranged from things like how Carl was healing to the new romance between Glen (the Asian) and Maggie (Herschel’s eldest daughter) they all seemed to be happy in this little farm that was shielded from the horrors taking place beyond its fences.

“So why does no one sleep in the barn?” The red head asked.

Everyone exchanged glances, but Lori was the one to answer. “Hershel had walkers in there you know his family and friends who had been bitten. He thought that if there were ever a cure he could save ‘em. But a few of us were afraid of the dangers that it posed when we found out about it and ended up killing them in order to keep the farm safe. It still smells in there.” Willow could tell she was leaving something out.

“What about you? Did you have any family or a husband before this all started?” Lori asked her. The young witch thought about Tara and decided against telling them she was gay she wasn’t in California anymore after all. That fact was blatant just by the separate tasks men and women were assigned.

“No not really, my friends were my family.” Willow smiled at them.

Andrea started to leave the room when Lori stopped her. “Where‘re you going? We haven’t finished with the dishes.” The woman’s Southern accent became prominent.

“Just going to help Dale watch for walkers.” The blond responded.

The other woman sighed. “You hardly help around here anymore.”

“I help by watching for walkers and protecting the farm.”

“That’s not your job. The men can handle that fine by themselves somebody has to clean and make sure everything else is taken care of.” This really surprised Willow she noticed the obvious sexism before, but decided not to bring it up then, but now she couldn’t keep her mouth shut. She would not accept being told to stay in the kitchen and clean and cook while the men protected her. They didn’t even need to watch for zombies anymore. Her protection was working she could feel it. But she couldn’t tell them that.

Willow waited for the shock to wear off of Andrea’s face before she spoke. “I’m sorry, but I will not sit by and watch as women are forced back into the kitchen.” Her voice was very squeaky and uneven. “If Andrea thinks her efforts are needed watching for zombies then so be it.” And at that Andrea stormed out of the kitchen leaving Lori, Willow, and Carol to clean in awkward silence. As the repetitive task of drying the dishes began to form a pattern the witch’s mind began to wonder as it often did. She imagined what the two women standing next to her would think if they ever met Buffy or if they found out she was gay. Her thoughts were interrupted as the dishes were done. Having nothing else to do Willow decided to go look for Andrea and make sure she was fine.

The Scooby was not used to being treated like this. She was quite used to not being the person sent on patrols and stuck back researching but that was because Buffy was The Slayer with super strength and what not, and she was the best at computers so she was of course left behind to hack and research. Even Riley was not allowed to go on patrol with Buffy sometimes and he was masculinity incarnate. Giles and Xander were the only men who were permanent members of The Scooby Gang, yet they were the only average humans in the group.

She began to think about that, it was crazy once she realized that almost every man in their large group of demon hunters had always been the ones with no powers, in L.A. Gunn and Wesley were the main fighters besides Angel and still they were labeled as such not because they were men, but because they were strong. Whereas Fred was a genius and Cordelia had the visions to tell them where to go. Everyone had a role to play in each group, and each person’s role was based solely on his or her personal strengths and not by their sex. She was glad she hadn’t mentioned being gay. She wondered what Anya (the patron saint of scorned women) would have said had she been in that situation, probably something incredibly blunt she would probably somehow found a way to include sex in the argument, she always had a knack for talking about sex whenever the conversation was not even somewhat about the subject.

She found Andrea sitting on top of an RV with a gun in her hand she didn’t know what it was called because the witch didn’t know anything about guns. Willow climbed up the ladder to sit down in the chair next to the brooding blond. “How are you doing?”

“I’m fine. I’m just so unused to being treated weaker than someone else simply because I am a woman. I was a lawyer a very good lawyer as a matter of fact. Men and women feared me because I was powerful. But now… It’s good you’re here now. Before there wasn’t any other independent woman except maybe Maggie, but she’s a farm girl so she gets to go help with animals and such. She doesn’t get forced to help clean.” Andrea smiled at the young red head. “I think you are probably going to be the only other liberal here besides me and Dale. It’s nice to have another woman who sees your views on this. You want to come with me when Shane comes back? He’s been teaching me to shoot.”

“Oh no, I really don’t like guns.” She really hated guns ever since Tara had been killed by one and died in her arms.

“But you need to learn, so as to protect yourself.”

“Oh believe me when I say I don’t need a gun for that.” This alerted the blond to something. When Daryl brought Willow back she didn’t have any weapons on her she had just assumed she had kept a gun in that bag, but now that she thought about it that seemed weird. Andrea had learned the hard way to always make sure your gun was easy to get to. How did this girl travel all the way from California to Georgia without a weapon of any kind? How had she traveled for so many months by herself without going insane?

“How did you protect yourself on your way here without a gun?” She asked.

“I am very good with my hands.” It wasn’t completely a lie. “And I am very very good at avoiding the dead all together.” She was, she could turn herself invisible and walk right past them.

Andrea thought about this for a minute. “I guess that makes sense.”

Willow was contemplating asking Andrea a question and decided she should. “I’m kind of nervous about something and I’ve never been in this sort of situation. I’m from California where most people are accepting and my friends never had a problem with it…”

“Problem with what?” Andrea was expecting what Willow was going to say, she had always been good at detecting these things.

The witch ignored the interruption “Like you said I’m not used to being treated differently just because I am a woman, and I’m not used to Southern culture, I’m just afraid that already with the sexism and what not that who I am will be even harder for people to accept me into the group. I was raised Jewish and converted to Wiccan. I don’t want to say anything to anyone because I’m afraid they might not want me to stay here, but I don’t like hiding who I am.” Willow was disappointed in herself for not being able to say what she was really hiding, but she suspected that the people she was now living with would find her religious beliefs just as offensive as her sexuality. She watched the woman expecting surprise, but not seeing any.

While the young College student’s statement had surprised the lawyer, she had been expecting something else. “Honestly it’s The End of The World and I’m sure they are worried about other things so much so that they wouldn’t do anything about it, but then again it’s The End of The World and some people may care too much but then again without society’s rules they might not be held back from voicing if they did have a problem with it.” The blond thought about it for a moment. “I don’t care about people’s religion that’s their business and honestly it doesn’t change my opinion of you.”

“I think if it comes up I will say something, but like you said people have other things to worry about.” Just one more thing she needed to keep secret.

“Do you really think your friends are alive?”

“I know they can’t be dead, at least not all of them.” Her eyes began to tear up.

“What makes you think they’re still alive?” The woman found herself asking.

“They are too strong not to be.” Willow knew that came off as harsh. She knew that right now Andrea was probably thinking about everyone she lost asking if they just weren’t strong enough.

“I hope they are.” She really did, she knew how hard it was to lose someone. “You should ask Rick to tell you his story it’s even more bizarre than your plane ride to hell.”

Willow and Andrea sat in silence for a while watching the horizon. Until Dale walked up with a pale of water “You girls thirsty?” He asked. Willow hadn’t really talked to many of the other members of the group she knew their names by now. “I think everyone else is done with their many jobs for the day. I thought I could come keep you both company.”

“Come on up Dale!” Andrea waved her hand to the graying man. “He might be able to give you better advice than I already did.”

Dale handed Willow the pale of water as he climbed the ladder. “Did I hear something about advice? I like advice its easy, so few things are easy anymore.”

“Willow has a secret she doesn’t know if she should tell the rest of the group.”

“What sort of secret?” The man reminded Willow of Giles, she liked him already. She could tell he was the wise one of the group, the moral compass. Which also reminded her of a time when Giles had scolded her for using a powerful spell.

“Well I’m a Wiccan.” She whispered.

The man rubbed his chin and looked up as if the answer would be written in the sky. “I wouldn’t tell anyone. It’s sad that humans cannot accept differences, but the fact of the matter is that most of the people here are not very open minded, and I would not want you to get hurt or shunned just because of your religious beliefs.”

Just then Shane drove up in a truck with Jimmy, Carl, and a few others riding with him. “Hey Andrea you ready to go practice shooting?” The woman handed the gun she was holding to Dale and smiled at the man. Dale and Shane shared an angry glance and Willow could tell the two had a problem with each other. “You should come too Willow we want everyone to know how to protect themselves and others.” The man’s tone of voice sounded anything but inviting, chills ran down her back at the memory of the last time she had held a bullet in her hands.

“No thanks…” She smiled at him “I think I will stay here and help Dale watch for zombies.” He looked like he wanted to say something to her, but turned around and got in the truck anyways. As they drove off Willow turned to the elder. “Something seems off with him. He gives me the belly rumblings.”

Dale laughed “Shane is a very… special kind of person. You steer clear of him you hear? I do agree with him about one thing though.”

“And what’s that?” She looked up to look the man in the face.

“You should learn to use a gun.” For the second time in the past few hours Willow thought back to her dead lover and just exactly how she had died.

Willow just smiled at the man. “So what exactly happened in the barn? Lori told me the gist of it, but I felt like she was leaving something out.”

“Hershel believed that maybe someday he could save the people who had been infected, so he locked them in the barn. When Shane found out he went and killed them all. I don’t trust that man. Willow you need to be extremely careful around him. Once he sets his mind to something there’s no stopping him. And I’m afraid he doesn’t like the idea of the addition of a new member to our group.” The man looked at the twenty-one year old girl.

“Don’t you worry, guns aren’t the only way to protect yourself I have my ways.” She nodded with her lips pursed.

They sat watching for walkers for the rest of the day and once it was time for dinner again Dale told her she could go eat if she wanted; that he would stay and watch.

Dinner went by slowly. Andrea had left to take Dale food. Shane kept watching her like a hawk. When Andrea returned she looked worried. “It looks like some walkers are out by the fence.” Shane, Daryl, Rick, Jimmy and Andrea left. While everyone else cleaned up the food. Willow went outside to meditate in a field where no one would be able to see her. She had been meditating for a few moments when she heard not one gun shot, but multiple gun shots by multiple guns.

As she ran up to the scene she could see one person lying dead on the grass she could feel that the group was just outside the boundary of the protection spell she had just cast the night before. There were hundreds of the monsters coming from almost every direction except from behind them. “Hey everyone come back this way!” She yelled at the group that had begun firing at the stumbling figures again.

Andrea was screaming as she shot at them “That’s for…, and that!” Willow couldn’t make out who the first shot was for because the blond had fired her gun just as she yelled it and had stopped to fire again “Is for AMY!” The dead were getting dangerously close to the angry woman. One reached out and almost grabbed her when Willow sent a spell that was a ball of compact air going so fast it blew the corpses head right off. “What the?” Everyone stopped shooting and looked at Willow her eyes were so dilated they took up almost her whole eyeball, she had veins running across her face and her hair had turned black.

“Get the fuck behind me now!” She screamed at the group. And they complied not knowing why they did it they just did. “Shit’s ganna get real!” A crazy laugh erupted from the witch’s mouth as she ran into the crowd of zombies “You humans stay over there while I take care of this. I’ve been meaning to blow off some steam.” The group watched horrified as Willow began to cast a spell. The walkers were almost completely touching her when she finished the spell and out of nowhere the roots of the trees in the forest rose out of the earth it was as if large snakes at least twenty to thirty feet long came up out of the ground their heads cocked back in the strike position, but instead of striking their victims they just went straight through their brains and came back out causing the dead bodies to fall to the ground limply. This took out at least fifty of the group that had now grown to nearly three hundred.

The young witch looked so calming slightly floating in the middle of the battle field using the roots of the trees over and over again as the undead crowd just kept on growing the rest of the group couldn’t figure out where they kept coming from or why they seemed unable to walk past a certain point. “Hey all of you! Will you go make sure no one goes beyond the point where the zombies can’t pass? I know a few people were asleep in the tents and the house. I don’t want anyone to accidentally wonder off not realizing that I put up a protection around this place like you guys did. I’m about to do a spell that might end up hurting some of you because I can’t always control this one.” The whole group was still in shock about what was even going on no one understood. They were happy to go somewhere that wasn’t there. Rick felt like he shouldn’t leave because if she died she would end up leaving the whole farm unsafe, but he left like she said anyways.

Carol and Lori were cleaning dishes talking about the young red head when they heard the gun shots. Lori stopped and listened. “What was that?”

Carol looked out the window facing the direction the shots had come from. “The walkers probably just got out of hand they can handle it.” The woman said not only to reassure Lori, but herself as well. The swinging door to the dining room banged open and the two women ran over to see what it was just as Glen and Maggie ran through the swinging object.

“Did you two hear gun shots?” The Asian asked with a hushed voice. “Should we go check and see if everything is…” He didn’t get to finish his question because loud screaming was now coming from the same direction as the gun fire had and he ran out the door.

Maggie ran upstairs to see who was in the house she found Hershel as he was walking out of his room. “What was that Maggie?”

“Guns.” He turned around immediately and got the rifle that he always kept next to his bed. “Is anyone else up here?”

“Beth was asleep in her room when I went to bed, and I think Carl was asleep on one of the couches downstairs as well. Patricia was in her room reading. I think that was it.” He tried to remember if he saw anyone else.

“And Jimmy?”

The man tried to remember. “I think he went with Rick, Shane, Andrea, and Daryl to deal with the walkers at the fence.”

“What about the red head? She had been in the downstairs room when we left.”

“Guys!” Carol was yelling for them “I think you need to come see this.” The two ran down the stairs seeing Carol and Lori standing on the porch, flashes of green and gold lights could be seen out in the distance and they could see six people running towards them the flashes acting as strobe lights, one second they could see the people running the next they would disappear into darkness and then be closer once the next flash happened.

Glen, Rick, Andrea, Daryl, Dale and Shane all arrived on the porch a little out of breath. “What’s going on?” Maggie was the first to ask.

Rick responded “Willow…” He took a breath. “She’s some sort of… of…”

“Witch or something!” Andrea finished his sentence. “There was at least two hundred walkers when we left.” The flashing lights were beginning to get brighter and lasting longer.

“Shouldn’t we go help her then or run or something?” Hershel was worried he liked the young girl much more than he liked anyone from the other group.

Dale was the one who spoke this time “No, she said that she put a protection up around the farm so no walkers could get past it… We saw them, it was so strange, they’d just stop walking and stand there staring at nothing once they got to a certain point. She told us to leave because she wouldn’t be able to control whatever that light is.” He was more winded than anyone else in the group.

Fred, Gunn, and Connor sat huddled in the RV they had stolen to exit L.A. they still weren't sure where everyone else was. Angel and Cordelia were still missing when they decided to flee L.A., Lorne had moved to Las Vegas and Wesley decided to go find him. Since none of them really knew the people from Sunnydale they had left out on their own without even contacting the group. Once the outbreak happened Fred remembered a class she had taken called "Pathogenic Viruses" Fred didn't like Biology, but she had had to take at least three Biology classes to get her degree so she had taken that one since viruses were easier for her to understand than other life forms. In this class she remembered being told of a place called the CDC, and she knew that if anywhere could find a cure that would be the place. So they packed up and headed towards Atlanta.

They had arrived in the city to find its population whipped out and replaced by the dead and the building that had once been The Center for Disease Control gone. Now they had spent the past few weeks searching for a place to wait out the apocalypse, and upon doing so had ran into a blockade of cars on a highway. They were going to make their way through it, but seeing as it was now night and dangerous to travel through the long stretch of cars they planned to wait until morning to begin the remainder of their journey through the ghost highway on foot.

Gunn had been devastated to leave without Angel, Cordelia or Wesley. Conner had told him countless times that it was for the better, that there was no point in staying in the city where they had no way of helping anyone, and that surely the others could protect them selves. They had delt with zombies before, but these zombies were different than the cops that had once attacked Gunn and his friends. For one thing they didn't have super human power if anything they had less than the power an average human had, and they were extremely slow as well as they couldn't talk or remember their past lives.

Suddenly a light filled the sky causing the occupants of the car to jump. "What was that?" Connor whispered as he leaned his nose forward and inhaled a large sum of air. "It smells like magic." He growled as he opened the passenger door.

Gunn opened his door to the car leaving Fred the last one to get out of the vehicle from the back seat. "It looks like magic to me. We should go check it out, they might have answers to the apocalypse."

Willow stood straight up she was starting to be able to control the explosions there were only a few zombies left and the stream had slowed instead of fifty arriving every few seconds now only five or six would walk up to join the group. She decided to use the trees again, but when she reached into the Earth with her senses she could feel something. There were people, living people walking in the forest. Something felt familiar about the people she could feel. They felt like home. She began running and the undead followed. She used the trees to kill any that got close and kept it so the explosions continued to erupt even though she wasn’t there that way if more showed up it would stop them, not that the boundary wouldn’t stop them.

Willow could feel them getting closer there were three, one had a strange sort of power kind of like a vampire's but not as evil and a little more human the other two were just average humans.

They had been walking for at least thirty minutes and the lights were still going off. “Those lights seem to be getting brighter we're getting close."

"What d'you suppose they are doing with those lights? They obviously don't care that every zombie within a few miles can see them."

Connor stopped moving as listened closely to the sounds of someone walking, it wasn't a dead's footsteps he could hear, they were always slow and he could usually smell the monsters before he could hear them. "Shh, someone's coming." The sound stopped.

“Come out from behind the tree!” Gunn's deep voice echoed through the woods.

Willow recognized that voice! It was one of the people from L.A. she couldn't remember the man's name, but she distinctly remembered it being named after a weapon of some sort, maybe Axe or something like that. She stepped around the tree smiling as she saw recognition play across the black man's face.

"Aren't you Willow? The person who came and told Angel that The Slayer was dead?" Gunn was smiling at the red head.

"That's me! And I'm sorry I can't seem to recall your name." She walked up and shook the man's hand. The three people were not exactly who she had been expecting she had been expecting the powerful presence she felt to be Angel, but all the power was coming from the teenager standing off in the shadow of a tree watching her as if she were pray and he were a predator. "I seem to remember it being something like Axe or something like that."

The tall man laughed "Gunn, its Gunn. First time I've heard that one though."

She turned to the skinny brunet and hugged the small girl. "I remember you though of course. Fred right? Cordelia tells me that you are the L.A. version of me." She smiled.

"Yep, that's me. I'm Fred, the other genius." Gunn always loved when Fred laughed.

Connor coughed. "This is all well and nice, seeing a mutual friend of Angel's, but we should keep moving, that light is starting to slow and its dimming." The boy didn't move from his spot.

"Ahh, and he must be Angel's son. Cordelia told me about him over the phone. He's got that brooding down. " The witch walked over to the tall boy in question and gave him a big hug. "Don't worry about those lights, I just ran into a large group of the dead things and while I was killing them off I felt you guys walking through the forest." She patted him on the shoulder. "I'm Willow I knew your father." She turned back to the two adults. "Where is he anyways? And Cordelia and Wesley? Are they waiting for you guys back where ever it is you came from?" Her eyes searched the bushes hoping to see her old friends pop up from behind a bush.

Fred and Gunn's faces fell at the mention of their friends. "Sadly Angel and Cordelia went missing a few months before this whole thing started we are sure they are alive though. They have to be. Wesley went to go find our other friend who was in Las Vegas." Gunn told the other demon fighter. "What about you? Where's The Slayer and your friends?"

Now it was their turn to watch Willow's expression turn sullen. "I've been alone for the past few months I was on a plane back from England when the virus started, and when I finally arrived I couldn't find my friends anywhere."

"You poor thing!" Fred yelled and then covered her mouth. "Sorry I didn't mean to shout at cha."

Gunn looked at the tiny woman with love. "I think what Fred here is trying to say is; why don't you come with us? We've actually been looking for somewhere to stay more permanent than the car we currently live out of. Having a powerful witch would help us out a lot."

A small smile spread across her face though. "I found a group of survivors yesterday and they took me in. They are the first group I have found that are not supernatural in any way, so I decided I should stay with them and protect them not only from the zombies, but ya know demons and vampires and such. They live on a farm a little ways back the way I came. If you are looking for somewhere permanent they took me in, and it would be nice to have fellow demon hunters to help out when the forces of evil come a knockin."

Gunn looked at Fred and the woman nodded, then to Connor who shrugged. "We're down. Lead the way super witch." Willow turned to lead the group towards her new home.

"I don't know how they're going to react when we get back. They kinda didn't know I was a witch until the horde attacked... I think I might've freaked them out what with the lights and all." She sighed. "The truth is I'm not even sure they will let me stay, so I don't want you guys getting your hopes up."

Willow had told the three to wait until she could explain things to the group of survivors, she wanted to explain what had happened in the field first. She approached the porch and they all saw her and waited for someone to say something.

“So… What are you?” Andrea asked first.

“I’m a witch. That was magic I used, sorry if I seemed a little rude, but sometimes when I do magic it gets to me, I didn’t use any dark magic or anything...” Willow babbled on.

“Okay, okay, wait. Go back a second. First of all we want to know what you did to make it to where the walkers couldn't go past a certain point, it was like a barrier or something blocked them.” Rick interrupted.

Willow sighed "A protection spell or a ward, as we who are magically adept call them. It isn't one that can keep out every thing that might be hostile, to do that I would have to make a circle of sand around the whole farm and this place is huge and by the time I got finished on one side the sand from the other side probably would've already blown away. Now I'm babbling again. The spell I used only keeps out zombies." She said quickly so not to get side tracked again.

Dale sighed. "So what does that mean? That we don't have to worry about the walkers coming on the farm?"

"Yep, no more worrying about little zombies out taking a midnight stroll through your back yard." She nodded her head.

The group sitting on the porch looked around at each other smiling and patting each other on the backs. They were extremely happy and Willow felt horrible for having to burst their bubble so soon after good news. "But like I said it doesn't keep everything out, just the dead."

They were still celebrating some were even chanting her name saying "Willow the witch! Willow our savior!" But Daryl could tell she was trying to say something, and he listened. "Wait what else would we want to keep out? We can handle humans? You solved the problem we've been trying to solve all summer. You found a way so we can live without having to worry about walkers."

Willow sighed she couldn't hold this back from them they deserved to know the truth, the truth that walkers were the least of their troubles after the lights she had used to destroy the dead, darker things would probably be coming to see what the source of that magical power had been. "There are far worse things out there than the dead coming back to life. Demons."

The group stopped their celebrating as soon as the word left her mouth. "Demons?" The old farmer asked. "Demons aren't real."

"You would have said the same thing about zombies before this whole mess began. Demons are very real, and very dangerous. To be honest you are the first group of humans I have met since the first few days this thing started. I have ran into other groups, but they were demonic or supernatural in some way or form. I hate to be the one to break the news to you. I had hoped that I could just stay here and protect you all without your knowledge, but after tonight, after me not telling you about my ward caused that boy Jimmy to die, that was my fault. If I had told you all about the protection spell you wouldn't of crossed over it and put yourselves at risk. No, leaving you ignorant would leave you all vulnerable you need to know these things so that you can protect yourselves." Willow had a tear in her eye the death of that boy was her fault, if she hadn't been so scared of not being accepted he would still be alive. "My friends from California, before this happened, together we fought demons and vampires. We made sure things like this didn’t happen. I know that’s a lot to put on you, but I have been looking for them for months and months. There were two separate groups of us that fought demons. There was our friend Angel who he and his friends protected L.A., and the group I was a part of that fought demons in a small town called Sunnydale, California."

Rick was getting frustrated. After so long fighting the walkers and then finally, even if short lived, having a salvation, thinking they could begin to live a somewhat normal life, he already missed the elation that had been in the forefront of his mind only moments ago. Now there were things stronger than walkers, things that this woman had spent her life fighting.

The witch took a few breaths before she continued. “You see I grew up in a town where things like the dead coming back to life was not very strange and happened on an almost daily basis. Though it was hardly ever zombies, the undead were usually in the forms of vampires. On occasion we would have to fight very alive demon. One time we had to battle a hell god, but that's a different story.” She took another breath. “Sorry I got side tracked again. Anyways my friends and I would fight these vampires and demons. You know my roommate? She has superpowers that she used to fight the evils of the world, and me well I’m a witch and I’m not explaining this very well.” She took a few more breaths. "Let me start over. So while I was fighting the zombies I could feel people walking in the forest. There was something familiar about their auras, so I went to go see who they were. When I found them I discovered three of my friends from L.A. who had also been separated from our group. They got stuck on the same road I did, and they saw the flashing lights, thinking it was something evil they came to scope it out, but they found a very unevil me instead."

Herschel could tell the witch was happy, her voice had rissen in pitch, and he was starting to notice that when she was nervous she would babble and get side tracked from the conversation. "That's great Willow, but now that we know about demons we would wish you would stay and help us fight them. Obviously none of us have the power you do. Nor the experience." He was hoping she would ask to have her friends stay here, not only would it mean getting to remain a fatherly figure to the young woman, but it also meant more people who knew how to fight demons. He was also certain that any friends of Willow's were probably going to be just amazing as she herself. He noticed her face fell at the mention of her leaving the farm.

She had grown to think of this place as home, and now they were telling her to leave. "Yes Willow. Since you found some of your friends does that mean you are going to leave?" Rick was now worried about the twenty-one year old leaving. She had power not only to protect them from walkers, but these demons as well.

"No... I was hoping you would all be generous enough, and willing to allow my friends to live here as well. I don't think it would be right for me to leave you all unprotected. I mean I've grown to think of you all as friends, and its been so long since I had a place to call home. There is also the fact that they can help me to fight demons should we ever need to."

“Willow after all you did for us tonight, without you we would probably all be dead. I think we owe it to you to let your friends stay here. I think I would like to meet them first though." Herschel was smiling at her. "I'm sure anyone willing to put their lives on the line to fight demons on a daily bases would probably be incredibly selfless people, so I am sure we are going to like them. Where are they?” Hershel was the one to speak this time.

The young witch nearly jumped with excitment, not only did they not hate her for being a witch, they were grateful that she had helped them, and now she was even less alone than before. While she couldn't really call Gunn, Fred or Connor her friends it was a step in the right direction. They were like members of her extended family, the ones you see at weddings and you recognize from a family reunion from when you were a child. They were familiar faces in a hellish world. "I'll go get them. I just asked them to wait while I explained the situation."

Gunn and Fred were leaning against the fence while Connor stood looking at the large group of people standing around Willow, the two humans couldn't see or hear them, but he could. As he listened to the conversation play out he noticed that he liked this witch. He could tell that she wasn't like the people from L.A. she had a clear moral compass. He had overheard his father and Cordelia talk about the group from Sunnydale, and there had been the random demon that would mention them as he was interrogating them or killing them. His father had warned him about The Slayer when he was poisoning the boy against Angel. His father had used The Slayer as an example of what Angel truly was, their story was proof that the vampire's soul always had the dangerous possibility that it could be lost was constantly present. When his father had told him the story about the two lovers he had thought it incredibly depressing, the fact that just at the moment of The Slayer's victory over the demon he had had his soul returned to him and instead of having to kill a demon she had to kill her lover. As he grew older and had heard the story countless times he had grown to respect The Slayer for doing what was right and killing the man she loved to save the world. He wondered if Angel's friends would be able to do the same thing. He knew Cordelia would, but what about the others?

He knew darkness, he also knew that darkness was sometimes needed in order to protect the innocent he had felt the darkness inside of him when he condemned Angel, his biological father to the ocean prison he was probably still in. "So do we know the witch's story?" He asked the two lovers.

Fred and Gunn exchanged looks, they remembered what Cordelia had told them before she had gone missing. The story about the witch's lover being murdered and how she had flayed the man who had done it and tried to end The World. While they understood the pain she must have been in, they also knew how judgmental the teenager could be. The two decided against telling him. It wasn't their story to tell anyways. "Just that she is some crazy powerful witch, and that last time Angel lost his soul she was the one who cast the spell to put it back. She's also on par with Fred when it comes to smarts." As they told the boy the things they knew about the witch besides what they decided to leave out, the half-vampire looked back towards the group of survivors talking.

"They told her we can stay, they want to meet us."

The group of survivors watched as Willow made her way out into the darkness and returned a few moments later with three people following her. The first person the survivors noticed was the tall black man holding the hand of a rather petite brown haired woman, and behind them was a teenager who looked just as skinny as Willow and the brunet. The black man was the first to introduce himself.

He extended his hand taking Herschel's in and shaking it happily. "The names Gunn and this is my girlfriend Fred, and back there that's Connor, don't let his stand off nature scare you. He just gets nervous around new people." As he said their names he pointed to the person he was talking about, and Fred stepped forward to shake the man's hand as well.

"Thanks alot for the hospitality. I don't know what we would've done in the morning, our car got stuck in a rather nasty build up of broken and abandoned cars." He could hear the woman's Texan accent.

Connor just moved his hand into the air slowly and said "thanks" with a monotone voice.

Once the introductions were completed the respected parties left in their separate ways. The three demon hunters and Willow went out to see how nasty the barn was. While the survivors went to discuss the events that had just taken place.

Everyone stood inside watching out the window that looked out on the barn, where they could now see the four shoveling out whatever had been left in the red building after Shane had killed the walkers that had been inside. “Where is Shane? He should have something to say about all of this?” Lori asked. Rick shook his head he had no idea where his old partner had run off too.

Andrea sighed. “I know no one wants to hear this, but it needs to be said so here goes. What are we going to do? We were already worried about running out of food before these three new people showed up... I mean did you see how many walkers were there when we left?” It wasn't that she wanted them to leave, in fact she felt a whole lot safer with the new additions to their farm, but the idea of food had already been an issue even before Willow had arrived.

“I think now that we have help we can go get more stuff, and if they are as powerful as she is we should have no trouble going into town now.” Glen responded. “I wonder if she can turn herself invisible?”

Daryl stood in the back of the group picking the dirt out from beneath his fingernails. He was actually glad about the new additions, not only was the group larger and he believed strength came in numbers, he had indeed seen what the little carrot top could do. If her friends were even half as powerful as she was they wouldn’t have to worry about anything again.

It was Dale’s turn to speak. “I don’t know how she did all of that stuff, and I don’t even want to try to work it out, all I know is that those walkers couldn’t even walk past whatever wall she put up around the farm. And nothing can deny the fact that she stood up single handily against a horde of walkers, she was willing to sacrifice herself for the rest of us. Personally I am glad she found some of her friends after spending such a long time alone.”

Rick cleared his throat. “I say we get to know them see what they are like and then we decide. I don’t like the idea of having a group far more powerful than us in our backyard, if they wanted they could just take this place from us and kick us out on the streets, they already know where we are of course and we all saw what that Willow witch could do. If they seem like reasonable people we will definitely take up their offer of protection and help, but if they are not reasonable it seems there would be nothing we could do anyways.”

Something thudded loudly behind where the group was standing all eyes stopped looking out the window to turn and see a very angry Shane with his hand through the white wall. “I told you all she was hiding something, and now look what’s happened her friends have come to take over the place. I will not stand for it! Demons and witches! I may not be a very spiritual man, but I do know an unholy creature when I see one.” He stopped talking to pull his hand out of the wall. “You were all fooled by her sweet smile and innocent manners. For all we know they could be the ones who created this plaque. For all we know they could have been waiting for us to let our defenses down just for the opportunity to come in and kill us all. Dale you say you saw the walkers stop at the fence? Well what if that is because the damned witch has control over them?”

Herschel was shacking he was furious. “This house has been in my family for countless generations and you just punched a hole in the wall! You know what I’m tired of your bull shit!” The room grew quiet, Herschel’s two daughters stared at their father with their mouths wide open they had never heard their father curse before. They had seen him mad, but never this mad. “I want him out of here now Rick! If I so much as see his face I will shoot him myself.”

The Governor could see flashing lights out of his window and he had already sent Merle and his people to go and capture whom ever was causing it. He hadn’t seen lights flash in the sky in so long. He could feel the magic. He had never felt someone so powerful before. He had sent every zombie in the area to the brown haired witch that he could see through his minions eyes. He wanted her.

Eventually they grew tired of cleaning the barn and decided they should sleep and finish cleaning it out in the morning. To most people living in a barn would seem weird, but these people were not at all normal. Living in a standing structure with four walls and a ceiling seemed luxurious to the three who had been traveling and sleeping in a cramped car for the past few months. Until they could completely clean out the barn Fred would sleep with Willow in the room that Herschel had made hers, while Gunn and Connor would sleep in Jimmy's old bedroom. Gunn felt weird about sleeping in someone elses room, especially when the previous owner had only died a few hours prior, but there was a bed, and a bed was so much more comfortable than the driver's seat of the SUV they had traveled in. The next morning they were planning on going to get the car so they could drive it to Herschel's farm and unload all of their supplies.

The next morning they woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs, a smell that even in the deepest of sleeps would have woken the starving Californians. As Willow awoke, having already grown accustomed to the smell of food cooking after only two days at the farm, she noticed the other side of the bed was empty. She was afraid that the previous day was all a dream, that the L.A. demon hunters hadn't actually appeared out of nowhere and started living with her. It seemed like something out of a dream, but she soon heard laughing coming from the kitchen a distinctively Fred kind of laugh at that, she dismissed her previous notion and rose from the mattress, and made the bed before she left the room.

Almost everyone was already awake eating the food that was sitting on the table. The demon hunters were already beginning to fit in to the small community and were happily making conversation with the other survivors. "Nice of you to join us Willow." The old man that Willow was starting to think of as a fatherly figure spoke with joy in his voice.

"I figured I should get up before all the food was gone." She took a seat next to Andrea. "So Gunn are we still planning on going and getting the car from the highway?" She asked the man sitting across from her.

"If you're down. We didn't realize we were going to find a place to live when we left it, so all of our stuff is still in their. Ya know most of the weapons from The Hyperion along with a few of the books and artifacts that Fred thought we should bring with us when we left Wesley took most of the rare books and objects with him when he left to go find Lorne."

"Alrighty then once I get done eating I can walk us back, I can feel where the road is when I reach into the Earth." The witch's mouth was already full with food, I can also feel where zombies and humans are if there are any."

It didn't take them long to find the car and for them to find the entrance to the farm, but as they were driving through the gate to their new home Willow felt something. A powerful presence was back by where the highway had become congested. It wasn't a zombie or a human, and it was very powerful. "Something is back by the road."

"What is it? What do you feel?" Connor asked.

Willow closed her eyes and focused on the object. "I'm not sure, it isn't human nor zombie, it is powerful, extremely powerful. I can't even tell if its evil or good. I do know whatever it is has an immense amount of magical energy all around it. Its looking for something. There is no way I didn't feel this power coming from miles away. I should've been able to feel it from hundreds of miles away." She began to clutch her head, her roots were beginning to turn brown, the power it was intoxicating she could feel Evil Willow longing to steal the power, longing to make that amazing power her own. She opened the door to the car as they pulled to a stop in front of the plantation house. "It is coming towards us, though whatever it is is still about an hours walk away it is still coming." She was barely holding on to herself now, she began to concentrate, to feel her connection to The Earth, she wasn't going to let the power win.

Dale had seen the witch barely able to stand straight up from the perch atop his RV, where he had started his first day of what he liked to call "Demon Watch". He climmed down the ladder that was on the back of his look out and ran over to the group that had just returned. "What is it? What's the matter with her?"

"We don't know. All she said was that she could feel something powerful coming, and then she started acting like that." Willow sat down as Fred finished telling the man what was going on, the witch crossed her legs beneath her placing her hands atop them and closed her eyes.

She was in The Earth for only the third time since she had left The Coven, The World had become to polluted with evil magic for her to try to reach into it, but this new magical being was too tempting she needed something to distract herself from it. She was The Earth completely, she could feel every human left in The World, all of them except her friends. The meditating witch began to focus on demons now, she searched to see if any were near this area, there was one, she already knew about the one on the road the one that had caused her to begin meditating so she focused on L.A. to see if she could feel Angel. Apparently her skills were slipping because where the magic showed her where he was, was in the middle of the ocean, and that was impossible. This alerted her to something, The Earth was telling her that someone around her knew where Angel was, she focused on that feeling, Connor. He knew where Angel was. Willow could feel the darkness slip back under her control. She opened her eyes. Looking around at everyone standing around her.

Sorry I just needed to meditate in order to figure out who it was coming. I had an idea though. I may not be able to put up a ward around the who farm, but I can at least put one up around the house, the camping area, and the barn. I need my bag, can one of you go get it from my room. Fred ran inside and came back with the Bag of Tricks. She did the mantra, but instead of asking for a book she asked for sage, ward sand, and three scented candles. She didn't need a book to tell her how to do this spell, she had done it so many times.

Once the sand was scattered around all three areas Willow could feel the demon was almost to the fence. She whispered the spell and felt as the barriers went up around the different living areas. If no one left these three areas they would be safe from the demon. They might be very powerful, but they were no where near as powerful as Willow, and as such would not be able to break the ward. It was only a matter of minutes until she knew she would be seeing the demon.

Everyone except Connor and Willow were either inside the house or sitting on the porch watching as the witch did her magic. Waiting for what they were expecting to be a long battle between Willow and whatever powerful being was approaching.

"Their here." Willow whispered as a figure hidden beneath a cloak approached, its face hidden behind the hood and the rest of the thing's body was covered by clothes.

The End?

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