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"If you're gonna be possessed..."

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Summary: Just a little one shot that emerged from the terrifying depths of my mind.

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredPhyscochimpFR715726135,3101 Mar 131 Mar 13Yes
AN You can expect another chapter of Star of Justice at some point soon, as I am just over halfway through but in the meantime, enjoy! Oh and I don’t own BtVS or any other series mentioned.

“I’d better go in and get Lance-“

“No Buffy this problem doesn’t require actual slayage, I’ll deal with it”, and with that Xander darted forwards into the African reserve house at the zoo.

“Willow, should we be worried, I mean it’s not like…” said Buffy, worried for her friend.

“No, they’re just obnoxious.” Replied the red head until some of the nastier rumors she’d heard came back to her “I think.”

“Maybe we should…”Buffy gestured at the building


However as soon as the two started to move towards the house they were interrupted by the harried looking zookeeper.

“What are you two doing? The signs are there for a reason! That building plays host to the most dangerous animal in all of Africa, possibly the world! The awe inspiring, mighty…”

“God fine, we’re going” interrupted Buffy, cutting off the increasingly weird zookeeper in mid rant “C’mon Willow, let’s go.”

And inside the house perhaps the most important event in human history took place, and yet the only thing that anyone might have noticed were four bullies running from the back entrance of the house making odd yipping noises.

They had encountered a far superior predator.


Col. Alexander Harris USAF (Ret.), CMH, VC, L. d’H, AFC took to the stand at the first meeting of the new UEG (United Earth Government) and begun his address once the roar of the millions in the cheering crowd had finally reached reasonable levels.

“People of Earth, it is an honour to be here today. As you know it has been nearly five years since I last set foot on this world, and I have to say it’s good to be back. I have the great pleasure to announce that operations in the Pegasus galaxy were a total success. The Wraith will never threaten humanity again. Our place in the stars is assured.”

“Let us not forget the sacrifices that have brought us to this point; to the Slayers who fought alone in the dark for thousands of years, we give thanks. To the brave soldiers of Stargate command, those who fought and died amongst the stars so that we could live, we give thanks. And finally, to all of those who gave everything here on this world, the cradle of humanity, we give thanks. You will be remembered.”

“However this is a day of celebration, as I can now announce that with the greatest of gratitude I will be accepting the role of President. Thank you, people of Earth, you made all of this possible. The floor is now open if there are any questions.”

The ensuing storm of questions struck with an almost physical force as the hundreds of reporters present all went for the first quote from what was undoubtedly the most powerful and popular man in human history. Despite this and the even louder cheering from the crowds one question managed to get through.

“Mr. President how did you do it?”

The man thought of as a modern day messiah because of his actions in saving the world time and again, and when that wasn't enough bringing it to new heights of civilization, replied simply

“Honey Badger takes what he wants.”


The End

You have reached the end of ""If you're gonna be possessed..."". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking