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Summary: "Elliot, I think I'm hurt." Elliot snorted at his brother's comment. "Don't you go into shock on me."

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Television > LeverageTheologyDiscographyFR131136031,1732 Mar 132 Mar 13Yes
“Y’know, I think I’m hurt.” Elliot snorted at his brother’s comment.

“Don’t you go into shock on me,” he warned. Lindsey laughed, cutting it off almost immediately at the jolt of pain from his ribs.

“No, no, I know I’m injured. That wasn’t what I was sayin’.” Elliot relaxed. “It’s just, Angel finally decides t’kill me, an’ he cain’t even do it himself? He has to give the job to Lorne of all people?!”

“You should be glad. Lorne’s the only one who wouldn’ stop t’make sure you’re dead.”

“Oh, I am. I am, but it still hurts.” Elliot snorted again, standing and grabbing Lindsey’s arm to haul him to his feet.

“You care too much.”

“So what’s the verdict?”

“Bone bruises, but nothin’ broken.” Lindsey just nodded. He could live with bruises. “Ready?”

“Let’s go.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Hurt". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking