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Don't Stand So Close to Me by dulcinea

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Fan Art

Summary: Screen Capture Manipulation

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Anita Blake > General(Recent Donor)kvkFR131166043,22321 Jan 0421 Jan 04Yes
Don't Stand So Close to Me
by dulcinea

Screen Capture Manipulation



"A BtVS/Anita Blake Crossover"

Spike annoys Anita... and Jean-Claude... and Angel. I love it! Don't Stand So Close to Me by dulcinea has the creepiest villain I have read in a long time. If it were possible to read those chapters peeking between my fingers I would.

I chose Rebecca Herbst as Anita because of how LKH says Ms. Blake is viewed by most people at first meeting. Anita is all attitude and inner power. On the surface she is the tiny girl-next-door.
That's Christopher Douglas as Richard. Pic from
I'll let everyone guess about Jean-Claude.
The Spike pic from
I downloaded this picture of Ms. Herbst from
Picture of Alyson Hannigan from
All work done in Adobe Photoshop for pleasure not profit.
Component words and pictures remain the property of their original creators and assigns.

The End

You have reached the end of "Don't Stand So Close to Me by dulcinea". This story is complete.

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