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Buffy the Viking.

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Free Fall.". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Legends tell of an age when Fenrir the Wolf would swallow the sun. It was to be an axe age, a sword age, a storm age, when brother would fight brother, until the world was finally destroyed and to this age would come, Buffy the Viking!

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(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR151334,42035710,9905 Mar 1324 Mar 13Yes

Chapter One

Buffy the Viking.
By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the movies ‘Erik the Viking’ and ‘The Thirteenth Warrior’. Neither do I claim authorship of any scripted words you might find in this work of fiction. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: BtVS with ‘Erik the Viking’ and ‘The Thirteenth Warrior’.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar; Written in glorious English-English which is different to American-English..

Timeline: Post BtVS season 5, pre season 6.

Words: Thirteen chapters of 2500+ words.

Warnings: Swords and axes are not toys; they have sharp edges that may cause serious injury, or even death, if used correctly.

Summary: Legends tell of an age when Fenrir the Wolf would swallow the sun. It was to be an axe age, a sword age, a storm age, when brother would fight brother, until the world was finally destroyed and to this age would come, Buffy the Viking!


All you need to do is take
One step into the sky.
Give yourself to gravity,
Give death another try.

Turning away from Dawn, Buffy paused for just a moment before she started her run towards the rising sun. Her long strides soon took her to the end of the platform; stepping off Glory’s tower, she leapt into thin air and fell towards the portal that glowed beneath her. As she fell she felt the weight of the world being lifted from her shoulders, she heard the wind rushing in her ears and a loud, calm, female voice that seemed to fill the entire universe.

“…and now the marks for artistic interpretation…” The voice started to recite numbers. “Eight point five, eight point seven, eight point…”

Slowly the voice faded away and Buffy found herself caressed by a soft, warm, blackness and for a time a feeling of utter peace surrounded and engulfed her, until…


In the beginning there was darkness, a blackness so complete it hurt Buffy’s eyes as it pressed in on them. Then, as her senses slowly returned there was a red flickering light, like tiny flames at midnight. Slowly the flames grew in size and she started to hear things; voices perhaps. Yes, there were voices that slowly got louder, people shouting and screaming.

Her focus gradually sharpening, Buffy saw that the flickering flames were actually houses burning. Thatched cottages burning, sending flames and sparks into the night sky. Standing on a muddy street she saw great billows of smoke illuminated by the light of the fires rising into the dark sky. The shadows of men ran in front of the fires, armed men waving swords and axes. Amid the cries of rage and fear were the sounds of metal on metal as men fought and died.

A shape came out of the flame shot night. Eyes wide, Buffy saw it was a man dressed in a rough tunic and baggy trousers he carried a spear clutched in both hands. Seeing Buffy he thrust his spear at her belly. Instinctively she raised the sword in her hand and parried the clumsy spear thrust with a backhanded blow, cutting the shear-point from the shaft as she did so. Without even thinking she brought her sword around and slashed her assailant across the throat.

Clutching at his neck with frantic fingers the man fell to his knees as his life blood fountained from his throat. Buffy felt something warm and wet splash against her cheek as she watched the man die; slowly he fell face down into the mud at her feet. Curiously she felt nothing, which was strange in itself; she’d just killed a man and she felt nothing other than a vague sense of disappointment.

Turning away from the dead man, Buffy was just in time to dodge a pair of fighting men as they struggled in the street. Stumbling a little, she reached out to steady herself; her hand coming into contact with the flimsy door of a building that faced onto the road. The door gave way under her weight and she crashed into the low ceilinged, smoky room beyond.

Catching her balance, Buffy quickly tried to take stock of her situation. For the first time she noticed something heavy on her head; she reached up with her free hand and took the metal helmet off. Puzzled she studied it for a moment before dropping it onto the straw covered floor. Only after she’d taken off the helmet, a simple conical thing with a metal mask-like visor, did she notice that her hair was done up in two, long, blonde plats that reached halfway to her waist.

Frowning she looked around the room, outside people were still fighting and dying. Indistinct figures ran by in the street or struggled hand to hand. The room held little of interest to her, there was no sign of treasure or weapons nothing she’d want to take home. For a moment Buffy froze wondering at these strange thoughts. Treasure? Weapons? What was she thinking of? People were fighting and dying all around, she’d just cut a man down in the street and all she could think of was that there was no weapons or treasure to be had.

Turning Buffy moved towards the door; the sound of a gasp froze her in mid stride; turning again she lifted her sword ready to fight. Slowly her eyes penetrated the darkness. Stepping towards where the sound had come from she made out the shape of a figure standing at the back of the room. Reaching out with her free hand, Buffy caught hold of the figure’s arm and dragged it into the light. Before her stood a girl with red hair, she didn’t appear to be much older than seventeen; a look of abject terror marred her pretty features. However, there was something else there, Buffy looked closely and recognised what it was. Although the girl was obviously terrified she was also defiant, her eyes hard with anger.

As fast as a striking snake, Buffy’s hand lashed out and ripped open the girl’s shirt exposing her heaving bosom. Feeling strangely excited at the sight of the girl’s ripe breasts and her fear filled eyes; Buffy presented the edge of her bloody sword at the girl’s throat and pushed her backwards over a table. Pushing the girl’s legs apart with her knee, Buffy stood between her legs and started to fumble with the wide belt around her own waist. Her strange feeling of detachment changed to one of frustration as the belt refused to come undone. Buffy sighed in annoyance and without thinking put down her sword so she could work on the belt with both hands.

“You ever done this sort of thing before have you?” the red haired girl asked as she watched Buffy struggling with her belt.

“Me?” Buffy looked down at the girl in surprise, “Of course I have!” she reassured her, “I've been looting and pillaging up and down the coast all summer.”

“Ah,” the red head nodded her head sagely, she gave Buffy a sceptical look, “Looting and pillaging, eh?”

“Yeah!” Buffy didn’t like the defensive tone her own voice was taking.

“But what about the raping?” the girl asked knowingly.

“Shut up,” Buffy pleaded as she gave up trying to undo the belt.

“It's obvious to me that you haven't raped anyone in your life,” the red head looked at Buffy closely for a moment, “and you’re a girl! Just what did you hope to achieve anyway?”

Yes, thought Buffy, just what had she been hoping to achieve? A few options for girl on girl sexual assault popped unbidden into her mind; she shook her head to empty it of these disturbing images.

“Shhh!” Buffy covered the girl’s mouth with her hand and looked round to make sure no one was there to overhear; half-heatedly she made another attempt to undo her belt and trousers as the girl watched her suspiciously.

“Do you like women?” The girl asked freezing Buffy’s fingers in mid fumble with her words.

“Of-of course I like women...” Buffy didn’t know why she’d just said that; she examined the statement for a moment and yes she ‘liked’ women, she felt she needed to add something, “I love them!”

“You don't love me.” The girl pointed out reasonably.

“No,” Agreed Buffy, all the time wondering who was putting all these words in her brain and mouth. “Like, this is totally rape. Now I'm not saying I couldn't get to like you...” Buffy gave up all thoughts of trying to rape the girl, she picked up her sword and went to sit down on a stool on the other side of the room; released from the threat of imminent sexual assault the girl stood up, rearranged her clothes and watched Buffy closely.

“To be totally honest,” Buffy sighed, “I prefer it when there's like some sort of mutual feeling between two people...

“What?” asked the girl frowning down at Buffy, “Rape?”

“No,” Buffy replied miserably, “It totally wouldn’t be rape then, would it? I don't suppose you...” Buffy shook her head, “…no, silly of me to ask really”

“What?” the girl looked at Buffy questioningly.

“I don't suppose you...” Buffy felt embarrassed as her cheeks flushed, “…do like me at all?”

“NO!” The girl glared at Buffy, “What d'you expect?” she pointed an angry finger at her would be lesbian rapist, “You come in here, burn my village, kill my family and try to rape me...”

“Sorry,” Buffy mumbled, “please don’t say anything about this to anyone.”

“What?” the girl gave Buffy a puzzled look, “About raping me?”

“No,” admitted Buffy miserably, “about not raping you...”

“You don’t like it, do you?” the girl added quietly.

“Well,” Buffy fiddled with the end of one of her plats, “like, it just seems so totally crude, y’know?”

“What about the killing and looting?” The girl was standing up now straightening her dress, “That's just as crude, isn't it?”

“Oh well,” Buffy shrugged, “you've got to do that.”

“Why?” for a moment Buffy didn’t have an answer for the girl’s simple question, however one soon popped into her mind.

“To totally pay for the next expedition, of course!” Buffy laughed at the girl’s foolishness.

“But that's a circular argument!” Exclaimed the girl, “If the only reason for going on an expedition is the killing and looting and the only reason for the killing and looting is to pay for the next expedition, they cancel each other out.”

“Oh!” Buffy threw her sword onto the floor in anger and frustration, “Stop talking like we’re married!”

“Well,” sniffed the girl, “you started it.”

“I just said I didn't feel like raping you,” Buffy replied miserably, today just wasn’t going like it should.

“I was just saying,” the girl pointed out, “that rape is no more pointless or crude than all the killing and looting.”

For a fleeting moment Buffy wondered if all village girls were this well versed in philosophical argument. Another thought elbowed the first out of the way and waved its arms in the air trying to get Buffy’s attention. “Scream.” Buffy ordered the girl; she’d forgotten she was supposed to be raping her.

“Ah.” The girl screamed unconvincingly.

“Louder,” pleaded Buffy as she picked up her sword.

“AAAAGH!” The girl put more effort into her cry, “RAPE!” she added for good measure.

“Thanks,” Buffy smiled at the girl just as two men with swords burst into the room, they both appeared to be slightly drunk.

“Rape?” Asked the first marauder as his eyes shifted from the girl to Buffy he looked slightly puzzled; Buffy and the girl were standing, fully clothed, about six feet apart.

The fact that Buffy was obviously a girl didn’t appear to worry him or his comrade.

“She raped me standing up!” the red haired girl blurted out; Buffy smiled her thanks at the girl for saving her any more embarrassment.

“You finished, then?” asked the second marauder.

“Um, yeah,” Buffy mumbled without thinking, “Like, I suppose so...”

“Right! Me first!” the first marauder jumped on the girl knocking her back down onto the table.

“No!” cried the second marauder, “Its my turn!”

There was a short tussle between the two marauders as they sorted out who was going to rape the girl first. Buffy looked on stunned as ‘marauder one’ won the fight and jumped back on top of the girl.

“LEAVE HER ALONE!” Buffy grabbed the second marauder and pushed him out of her way in an effort to get to the girl and save her.

The would-be rapist stumbled to one side as he dragged his sword from its scabbard. Buffy’s and the reserve rapist’s swords clashed together sending sparks flying about the hut. Easily parrying the molester’s blows, Buffy buried her blade in the man’s stomach, gasping in pain he collapsed onto the bloody floor as Buffy pulled her sword free.

The man at present on top of the struggling girl was too busy ripping her clothes off to notice Buffy come up behind him. Raising her sword, she thrust it into his back. The rapist screamed as the sword sliced through his vital organs before he slumped down limply on top of the girl.

Pulling her sword free, Buffy heaved the man’s body off the girl and then looked down in horror at what she’d done. In her rage and anger at seeing the girl attacked, Buffy had trust with too much force. Her sword blade had passed right through the man and had entered the girl’s chest just below her left breast.

“Oh, god I’m sorry,” Buffy felt the tears start to burn her eyes as she frantically tried to stem the bleeding.

“Thanks for saving me from a fate worse than death,” the girl tried to laugh but it came out as a cough and blood stained her lips.

“I didn't mean to!” Buffy pleaded cradling the girls head in her arms.

“Oh, that's all right then...” the girl gasped for breath as she looked up into Buffy’s eyes, “it's the thought...that counts...”

“You told them I raped you…why?” Buffy asked.

“I dunno...” the girl’s voice was barely a whisper now, “…you looked helpless...”

“Tell me your name?” Buffy begged the girl, but she was already dead, “Tell me...” Buffy’s tears fell onto the dead girl’s face.

Realising after a moment that she’d gone, Buffy gently rested the girl’s head back on the table; she stumbled over to the stool and sat down and stared at the girl’s body. She remained like this for a long time, listening to the sounds of rape and slaughter outside that echoed through her head. Her mind whirled as she tried to rationalise what had happened to her. Why had she been brought here? What was she supposed to do? Surely there must be some way of living that didn’t involve all this killing, looting and raping. Maybe that was it, the thought flashed into Buffy’s mind like a dagger that stabbed at her conscious. Perhaps she was here to find that better way and save this world from whatever was happening.

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