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Rupert Potter

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Summary: James Potter had a brother he liked to call Ripper.

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Harry Potter > Giles-CenteredTLCdemonFR1535,2610207,6357 Mar 1320 Mar 13No

Chapter Three

I only own the characters, words, and places that are not owned by anyone else.

20 years ago

Rupert walked the long street his black trench coat wrapped tightly around his body. Even though it was Summer in England he was still so used to the Summer weather in America that the chilly night air was creeping in through his jacket causing him to shiver. He had already been informed of his brother’s death. He knew it was coming. He was there to retrieve his nephew to hell with what Dumbledore said about some protection Lily had made in her last minute that forced the one year old to go live with his maternal aunt and uncle.

He had only ever met the husband and wife once and that had been at his brother’s wedding they had been cruel to Lily and James through the whole ordeal and had caused Ripper to instinctively distrust them. He was now looking through the window where Harry was eating off the floor while the great fat baby that must’ve been his cousin ate in a high chair with substantially more food than the smaller boy.

A crack of a twig came from behind him “Ripper? What are you doing here?” A familiar female voice pierced the air, and he smiled.

“You are not even supposed to remember your last name much less be in England. Voldemort may be gone, but his friends are still searching for Harry.”

“So what? I didn’t erase my memories. I am here to protect my nephew, and take him back home to our estate where he belongs.” He turned to glare at his favorite teacher in her cat form and addressed her by the nick name he had given her as a student. “Professor Fuzzy.” On his first day in her class he had believed that it was a cat teaching the class until she turned into her human form.

“You know you cannot protect him, not the way they can. I know how you feel. I’ve come and checked in on him since he started living here, and this…” She wasn’t able to finish her sentence.

“Protect him? They’re muggles Minerva, they can’t even protect him from themselves, much less care if he were taken or killed. They would undoubtedly be the worst choice. Even Sirius would be a better parent than they.” He sighed

The cat gasped “You do not know then do you? How Voldemort found them.”

“I’ve heard the rumors, but they are lies surly. Sirius could not harm a hair on James’ head he was obsessed you know that as much as I do.”

“That may be true, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is in Azkaban. As well as the fact that Harry is safer here than anywhere else besides Hogwarts. Lily cast a spell that would protect him and it only works here for some strange reason she trusted her bigoted sister. I wish she could’ve had her memories of you, maybe things would be different, but they are this way. Ripper you must go about your life. One day you will meet him.”

Rupert shook his head in anger. “I don’t care what Dumbledore says Professur he is my blood and I will bring him back with me.” Just thin a pop came from the drive way and all the lights disappeared. “And speaking of the devil I think I am in for a lecture.”

The tall cloaked figure walked toward the wizard and cat and extended his arms “Rupert? Is that you?” The old man laughed. “I knew you wouldn’t erase your memories. You Potters and your loyalty to family… I tell you now if you take him he and you will surly die. Leave here or I will erase your memories myself. He is safe.” Rupert knew there was no arguing with the old head master. He would be back. Another loud crack reverberated through the neighborhood.

Present day

“Are you Rupert Giles?” The young twenty year old boy asked.

“Indeed.” He was not going to make it easy for his nephew, and he could see the discomfort, he could clearly see the unease in the boy.

“I’m Harry, Harry Potter and this is my wife Ginny.” He pointed to the red head.

Giles could spot a Weasley from a mile away, he laughed to himself that his family seemed unable to resist red heads.

Anya gasped as she realized why she had recognized him. “Harry Potter? The boy who killed Voldemort in my shop!”
Harry ignored the remark, it was a common occurrence. “Well I don’t know how to go about this…” He looked at the group gathered around him and his wife. “Could we speak more privately?” His uncle nodded. Harry was unsure about whether or not the man knew who he was, both Harry and the man himself.

Giles led the couple to the workout room in the back.

Anya still had her jaw dropped. “What do you think Harry Potter wants with old Giles?”

Tara and Willow had been whispering to each other when the couple had entered and had stopped, looking as though they were listening but they had been doing quite the opposite. And so when Anya mentioned Harry Potter Tara’s head shot up. “Harry Potter? That wizard from England?”

“What’s so great about him having killed this Moldy Wart? I’ve vanquished many a wart! Maybe no moldy ones, but still I imagine you just freeze them like all of the others.” Buffy proclaimed, and Willow laughed.

“Buffy, its Voldemort, with a ‘V’. He was a powerful Wizard who mostly affected Europe not so much America, but he was pretty powerful and pretty evil. He mostly didn’t deal with any demons and that is why you wouldn’t know about him, mostly just witches and wizards. They were extremists, planning on eradicating all unmagical people and human born witches and wizards like me.”

“Oh…” Buffy was still a little confused. “Then what does he want with Giles?”

Tara looked to the door they had disappeared behind. “Who knows.”

“So, Mr. Potter what is it I can help you with today?” Giles asked.

“I believe you are my uncle Mr. Giles.” The boy was afraid because it was possible the grey haired man knew nothing about his actual family.

“You are.” This infuriated Harry. He knew this man knew about him, and he never tried to contact him or save him from his other Aunt and Uncle.

“So you remember me and our family?” Harry squeezed Ginny’s hand as she moved her thumb slowly over her husband’s wrist.
The man looked to his feet and nodded “I do, and I always have.” He closed his eyes waiting for the boy to lash out.

“Why? Why didn’t you look for me or contact me?” Tears fell down his cheeks he could feel that feeling he had always gotten when watching other people’s families how easy it was for those kids he had envied. They knew they were loved, Harry had not been so lucky, he had been sure growing up that his parents loved him, but they were dead and no one living had cared about him until he was eleven. He was feeling it again, the feeling of not being loved.

“I tried to steal you from The Dursleys, but Dumbledore wouldn’t allow it. Something about you being safer with them… I was there though. I was at your first Quidditch match. I watched you in the Tri-Wizard tournament. I helped Sirius on a number of occasions; I had been at the castle helping to defeat Voldemort. I know all of that is no excuse, but Dumbledore wouldn’t let me. I am sorry Harry. I so despise Sirius for getting to write to you and talk with you on holidays. If there was one thing I could change it would be letting Dumbledore tell me what to do.” These words had surprised Harry, and if anything made him realize that maybe all his life he had been loved.

“Why did my parents make you erase you from their memories? And why did I inherit the castle and the vault when clearly you should be the one who did?” He would get to the sappy stuff later he had questions and for once he was going to get them all answered. Harry felt like this guy was similar to his old Head Master in the way that he may speak in riddles. “And I want real answers none of this riddle crap that you old wizards seem to like.”

Giles could tell he was speaking out of character, he was not articulating. This subject was something he had debated with himself about for years, and he had even planned out how he would tell Harry why, but the words were forgotten. “Well after Voldemort killed my daughter and my wife, James thought I should run, and he knew that if I ever got captured they would try and torture me to tell them where you all were. The thing is though that I had already lost everything I loved, so if I were ever tortured I would rather die than betray James and Lily, my family had even been killed in front of me and I didn’t tell them where they were. So I think James wanted to do it more for me, to not have to worry about him anymore. I think he wanted to let me forget the pain of my family. I know now that you cannot just erase memories to forget pain.” He sighed.

“The reason you inherited the castle was because I was in hiding everyone believed me to be dead or they didn’t remember me at all. The problem with owning a castle is that everyone knows where you live. As well as I didn’t want the memories of living in a castle that had once been filled with my loved ones who had all been murdered. I didn’t want their ghosts anymore.” Giles finally ended.

Harry got depressed something his Uncle had said. “Why was your family killed?” He had a feeling it was because of him.
Giles knew the question was coming, knew it would hurt the boy the same way it would have hurt Buffy to know someone had died to protect her as an infant. Giles wasn’t going to tell a lie though the boy deserved as much. “In order to force me to tell them where you and your parents were hiding.” He said flatly.

“Me? They died for me?” So many people had died for him; from the time he was born so many people had died to protect him great people.

The voice of Giles’ daughter echoed in his mind “Don’t you tell ‘em daddy! Don’t you tell ‘em!” And his words after “Don’t you worry baby, I won’t.” He had said that just as a killing curse filled the toddler’s body. He knew his daughter would’ve been a Gryffindor for sure and his wife her words as she watched them kill her daughter. “You kill me! Kill me now! You mine as well he won’t tell you a word!” And a green ball hit her right in the chest as she fell to the ground.

“They did… And after their sacrifice Peter Petigrew told them a few days later. If only he had told them sooner.” Giles stopped and smiled at his nephew. “I had you though. Every time I would long for my family I would come visit you. I would imagine teaching you to play soccer or baseball and quidditch. When you got older I imagined introducing you to Buffy. You two would get along great I imagined, and I saw the Weasleys take you in and watch over you. I am so glad. I told Arthur so myself on one visit he had caught me, it was Christmas and he told me to come on in and have a cup of tea, I refused. Your dad?” Giles nodded his head at the red head.

“Yes I am a Weasley.” Rupert smiled at the girl.

“I have always adored the Weasley clan. Arthur and I had been great friends in school. He was in my class you know.” He laughed.

“Scared him half to death when he saw me in the bushes thought he’d seen a ghost. Told me most ghosts don’t age after death, told me I was doing it wrong.” He sighed. “Let’s speak of sad things later. For now I want to at least introduce you to my new family.” He stood from the chair he had been sitting in and led the two back out to the store.
Anya was helping a customer, Buffy was reading the paperwork The Council had left, though she looked spaced out, Willow and Tara were whispering to each other again, Xander was playing with some statues as if they were toys, and Dawn was doing homework. He smiled; these people had brought him back from death, and from depression. When he had started as Buffy’s watcher he had expected it to be a short gig and he had promised himself he wouldn’t get attached. However, the teen had a way of getting people to trust her and care for her. Once Anya was done helping the customer he went and turned the sign to “closed”.

“Hey! We need to make some money we were closed all week.” Anya was angry. “Xander, tell him we need money.”

“Ahn honey, I think Giles wants to tell us something.” Anya pouted after that and sat down at the large round table. Dawn looked up from her book and Buffy jumped she had been asleep. “So… what is it G-man?” Harry already liked this burnet man, he reminded him of Ron.

The blond woman who had gotten angry about Giles closing the store shot up her head as if she had just remembered something.

“Not another big bad is it? Does Potter need our help or something? If so count me out, we already have a hell god to deal with. And my evil fighting only goes so far.”

“No, Anya. I just wanted to introduce you all to my nephew. Everyone this is Harry.” The room gasped and Willow and Tara went wide eyed as if they had only just started listening.

“Wait, wait did I miss something?” Willow asked. “Did Giles just say he has a nephew?” She looked to Tara. “Were you listening?” She whispered thinking no one else heard her, but Buffy did and Buffy laughed as Tara shook her head which was turning red.

“He did!” Dawn pointed at the old man. “He totally did! He has a nephew!” Buffy was stunned Giles had never told her about any family she thought he was an only child.

“I thought you were an only child Giles?” She looked hurt. “Why didn’t you tell me you have a nephew?”

“I do apologize for not telling you Buffy, but I will explain in a moment after I introduce you all.” He was smiling, he had imagined this moment for years.

“Harry, this is Buffy.” Giles walked around behind Buffy and placed his hands on her shoulders. “The Slayer.” Then he walked to Xander. “This is Xander.” He placed his hands on his back, then moved to Willow who was next to Xander. “This is Willow” Then he moved to Tara. “This is Tara.” He did the same with Dawn and Anya. “And Dawn, and Anya of course.”

“You all have such weird names…” Ginny spoke more to herself than anyone else.

“Oh and Harry isn’t weird at all?” Xander had gotten out of his seat and was patting Harry on the back. “Nice to meet you.” Harry knew he was older than all of them especially the teenager that had a text book in front of her, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that they were older and wiser than he. He had felt the same way when around members of The Order, like they had seen more and done more than him. He had never gotten that feeling about Hermione even though she was wiser, but she still had the maturity level of someone his age.

“So… Mr. Giles if Harry is your nephew that means you are either related to his muggle born mother or his wizard father.” Tara was about to ask a question and Giles smiled sweetly at her.

“That is correct. I am related to Harry’s father.” He smiled more wide. Leave it to Tara to notice something no one else did.

“Giles you’re a squib?” Anya yelled.

Harry arched his eyebrows at her, he hadn’t thought of that. “No, I am a wizard.” Giles laughed. The room erupted in gasps again.
Willow, Xander, and Buffy didn’t gasp, but Dawn, Anya, and Tara had gasped loud enough for everyone to hear. “Where is your wand?” Anya pointed at him.

“Not all magic needs a wand; I threw mine out years ago and haven’t practiced wand magic in almost fifteen years.” It was Harry and Ginny’s turn to gasp. Not because of the statement about wands and magic they already knew that, but that a wand wizard would throw out his own wand. “I mean I sold it to the wand maker in America. I didn’t throw in the waste bin if that’s what you were thinking.” A more relieved sigh escaped the couple’s mouth this time.

“So… Harry how long you stayin? We’d like to get to know you and your wife over there.” Xander asked.

“We were not planning on staying. We need to get back to our book.” Ginny looked to Harry, if Harry wanted to stay she would. After all he had an Uncle now. He hadn’t stopped smiling since Giles had told them about how much he cared for Harry.

“Ah yes your books. I read your first one it was interesting. Where are you going for your next one? I heard rumors you were going to The Orient.” Tara asked.

“That’s true we were planning on going to Japan and meeting some wizards who are well known over there.” Ginny told them. “But if Harry wants to stay we can stay for a week or two.”

“Had you planned on writing on American magic?” The red head asked this time.

Harry smiled “Yes, but not till later. America is such a melting pot for magic that we wanted to go over everywhere else and then cover North America last.”

“Well…” Giles spoke “If you ever need to know anything about American witches Willow is one of the most powerful witches in The World and she is a wandless witch who practices wand magic without a wand.” Another gasp came from the couple.

“That is incredible! I’ve never heard of a wandless witch able to do that, except for the incredibly powerful ones. Not even Dumbledore…” Ginny was whispering by the end. Tara was looking at her lover with such pride.

“And…” Giles continued. “Tara is an aura reader and has been raised to practice sacred magic that almost no one knows about, a magic passed down from the oldest of families.”

To Harry this Tara person seemed to be a new member of the group. Everyone else called his Uncle Giles, but Tara called him Mr. Giles as well as she would often get shy when asked a question or spoken about. She was red in the face now.

“Oh my god… Giles, we can’t call you Giles anymore! Potter we have to call you Potter now.” Dawn was pointing in the air.

“Dear lord…”

The End?

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