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Rupert Potter

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Summary: James Potter had a brother he liked to call Ripper.

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Chapter One

Author's note: hope you don't mind I switched a few things around to make the time lines sync.

I don't seem to own the characters of Buffy or Harry Potter.

James Potter stood looking down to his brother, he was significantly shorter than he, his grey hair already starting to come in at the roots, the war had not been good on his brother. Voldemort had tortured his brother's wife and daughter in hopes he would tell the location of James, Lily, and Harry. He had not given in. Family is more important to Potters than life itself. "I want you to be the one that does it. I don't want Dumbledore, I want you." The graying thirty year old nodded his head in agreement.

"I still don't understand why you have to do this. They've already taken everything from me James." He responded. "God forbid you and Lily die. Who'll be there for him? Sirius? Lily's muggle sister? That woman is not a fit parent you and I both know that. I should be the one, I am family." He was beginning to despise Dumbledore with all of his planning, he knew the man knew best, but he felt like a coward running away with some fake memories and a fake family. "Let's forget this folly."

James sighed how he longed to know his brother would be there for Harry, but the man had already been hurt enough by James and his family, he wouldn't allow him to sacrifice his career for him. Ripper had been involved in the council for so long already, and he was being sent to The States to look over The Watchers council's head quarters in North America. Ripper had even told him that he was probably going to be assigned to the next Slayer called. "Do it. Our son is not your responsibility."

Rupert Potter raised his wand and muttered the words "Obliterate." His brother's memories slipping into his wand.

"Oh hello there. What's your name? I'm James." The man held out his hand to shake the stranger's, but the graying man was gone before he could respond.

Twenty years later

Harry and Ginny were laying in bed naked, limbs tangled together. Most morning had been like this, but most mornings were not the first morning they were spending together as husband and wife. A knock could be heard coming from the door. Their flat wasn't that big, after all Ginny and Harry had only just published their first book, it had been the first in a series. A series about their travels around the world discovering the many different ways magic was utilized they had traveled to Greece to learn about the ways the ancient culture had cultivated their forms of magic. They used herbs and chanting and calling upon the many different gods and goddesses to use their magic. Their next book was going to be about the Oriental forms of magic.

Harry had gotten dressed quickly and was prepared to see their editor or Hermione and Ron, but instead were faced with a very serious looking wizard dressed in a muggle suit and holding a briefcase. "Hello Mr. Potter." Ginny peaked her head around the corner of the door to see the wizard as well "And Mrs. Potter, I am Briggs, Johnathan Briggs, Lawyer. I am incredibly sorry to interrupt your newly wed life, but the will of your father had been very in depth about the details." He shook the two lovers' hands, and Harry led him in to their living room.

"What will? I had never heard of a will? I thought I just got the money in the vault and since the house was destroyed by a curse you can't even build anything on the land so I figured that would be it." He was confused.

The balding man nodded. "Oh yes Mr. Potter. Your father had made a specific vault for you, however The Potter Family had its own vault that is substantially larger, there had been specifics on when you could be allowed access to that one, but the one he had set up for you was to be available upon their death no matter what. And the house they themselves owned was to be given to you, but its destruction was an unforeseen possibility, though you were also left The Family estate in Wales upon the same clause as the vault."

Ginny squeezed her husband's hand. "And what clause is that?"

The man pulled out the paperwork from his briefcase and began to read aloud. "If my wife and I are to perish we would like for our son to be given our house and the vault I set up for him upon such an occasion, however he shall not receive his full inheritance until the day after his marriage. Yep, that seems to be all he wrote." Johnathan Briggs pulled two keys from his briefcase one a small golden one much like the one he already possessed for his vault, the other large and old and rusted. "You will find that the vault number is on the key, and the address for your new estate is Potter Estate, Potter Dr., Granbury, Wales. Some of the money in the vault has been taken out in order for upkeep and a groundskeeper for the rather large estate, but this did not even make a dent in it, you will find it to still be rather large." The man now handed Harry a large stack of paper that listed off all of the many withdraws from the account for payments annotations were next to each one would either be listed as "Butler" or "Groundskeeper" at the bottom of the last page he saw the balance, Ginny saw it and nearly passed out.

"What do you say about a trip to Wales?" Harry asked Ginny.

"I'd say... What are we waiting for?" She laughed.

Driving up to the large castle had been more than breathtaking Harry had known his family was rich, but just how rich they were had never crossed his mind. He had believed that the balance in the vault he had had since he was eleven had been the sole amount of money his parent's had possessed when they died, but now he was learning so much about his family. It was exciting. What had he expected though? The Potters were one of the oldest families in England, they were older even than the founding fathers and mothers of Hogwarts, after all, Harry's ancestors had all been the original owners of The Deathly Hollows. The Malfoy's couldn't even trace their line back that far.

He didn't know what to do once they made it to the doors of the large castle. Should they knock? Should they just walk in? He went with knocking, a rather old looking man in a butler suit opened the large oak door. "Hello Mr. Potter! Oh how nice it is to say those words again... Come in, come in." His hands beckoned the couple in. "Mrs. Potter..." The old man bowed. "Welcome home!" Harry took in the scene around him, lining the walk way towards the stairs there were six different moving paintings there was one of Harry's father as a teenager surrounded by an elderly man and woman and another boy slightly older than his father. One of his father and mother with him in her hands, one of the same man in the family painting with a rather beautiful woman holding a toddler girl. One of his father, mother, and the family from the other painting, the toddler was looking fondly at Harry as a baby. One of the toddler sitting by herself on a chair, her hair was the same as Harry's but her eyes were blue like who Harry assumed was her father. And finally one of Harry and Ginny at what looked to be their wedding day.

"How did you get that painting of us done?" Was Ginny's question.

The butler smiled. "They are enchanted to show the most recent likeness of each family member. Mr. Potter has had his own painting since he was a baby, only just recently did you, Mrs. Potter get added on." Harry was enchanted by his mother and father.

"Mom? Dad?" He remembered back to Hogwarts how the paintings could talk and speak as if the people painted were actually alive.

"Yes Harry!" They responded in unison. "It is so amazing to see you!" His mother spoke this time.

"Let's see her then." His father was the one to speak this time. "Who's the lucky lady?"

Harry pushed Ginny forward. "This is Ginny, well Ginny Potter, but she used to be Ginny Weasley, my wife."

Another voice came from the left. "A Weasley?" The voice sounded similar to his father's but with more of a correct venacular much like Professor Dumbledor's voice. "My nephew married a Weasley? Can't get any better than a Weasley! Must be old Arthur's daughter?" The man who had a toddler crawling up his arm was laughing. The word 'nephew' rang in Harry's ears.

"You're my uncle?" He asked. "I didn't know I had an uncle." The man was nodding.

"And that is why you were not allowed to inherit this place until you were married. I figured it would mean The World was safe if you were getting married, and if it wasn't still then you needed to meet him. We had had your uncle erased from mine and Lily's memory so that Voldemort would not be able to find him and torture him for information on you." James was speaking. Harry looked at the plaque beneath his uncle's painting it said "Rupert Potter aka Rupert Giles and family".
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