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A visit to Caritas

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Summary: The Thing goes to Caritas

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Marvel Universe > Fantastic FourDmitriFR71517081,4677 Mar 137 Mar 13Yes
Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, but belong to their respective owners.

Note: This is the movie-verse, rather than the comic-verse.

“So, this is Caritas,” Ben Grimm, also known as The Thing of the Fantastic 4, told his new girlfriend, Alicia.

“It is.”

“Looks really lively.”

“Is it?”

Ben stared at Alicia, who just looked back with those sightless eyes of her until he folded like a mound of tissue. “Ali, look, this whole singing thing – it more of Stretch’s bit, or maybe Sue’s. Even Matchstick could probably pull it off. Me? Even if they do not gape at me appearance, they will laugh at my voice-“

“No, they won’t.” Alicia gently, but firmly, grabbed Ben by his wrist (sort of) and began to lead him inside. “I’ve been here before, they serve all types, and you’ll fight right in-“

Ben opened his mouth to point out that he was orange and rocky, when-

“Hello, Alli-kins! Who’s your new friend?” the karaoke club’s host made an appearance.

“Hi, Lorne! This is Ben! Ben, this is Lorne, he runs this place!” Alice answered brightly. “Ben, please say hello-“

“And I thought that I was color-challenged!” Ben finally said after some consideration. “What’s with the monkey suit?”

“That, my dear Benny-kins, is merely the latest fashion statement!” Lorne said obviously without any upset. “Now, I know that you rugged men of action-“

“Lorne! Please!” Alice did her best to hold The Thing at one place, which was not working all that well, considering their respective strengths. “I just want Ben have a good time and try his luck singing, just this once.”

“Well, don’t see what harm that it can do,” Lorne said brightly. “We already had this Kim Novak look-alike come over tonight and accuse me of being an incubus, whom I am not,” he added as Ben stared at him in an even more unfriendly way. “Don’t be jealous, action man, I come from an alternate universe and all, I’ve got no moves whatsoever!”

“I can see that,” Ben said, still more than a bit cross. “So what kind of songs do you do here, instead?”

“Any!” Lorne said brightly. “Personally, I’m rather fond of the Beetles, but you can do any sort of here, really.”

“The Beetles, eh? Will definitely tell Stretch about this place – he and Sue should fit right in,” The Thing turned to Alice. “But just one song, Ali, and that’s it, okay?”

Sadly, before Alice could answer, somebody else did. “That is more than ‘okay’, Grimm, it’s over the top.”

Ben stiffened and looked over Alice. “Von Doom. What are you doing here?”

“He’s a regular, actually,” Lorne said brightly from behind Ben. “Though this new metallic look – very Forged Folk, too – is new. How are you doing, Victor-kins?”

Victor Von Doom just shrugged and continued to sneer at Ben.

“Right, that’s it,” Ben abruptly turned back to Lorne and Alice. “One song and that’s it.”

“Go for it,” Alice said encouragingly as she patted his hand (and let him go); Lorne just grinned, Von Doom – sneered.

The Thing took a deep breath and ventured forth onto the Caritas singing stage.

“It’s singing time,” he muttered to himself.


The End

You have reached the end of "A visit to Caritas". This story is complete.

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