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Summary: The League of Shadows needed somewhere to experiment before their assault on Gotham. What better place than the second most corrupt city in America?

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Prologue - In Detention

June 2011

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

She spoke at the exact moment the nondescript man opened the door, "Are you a psychiatrist? Please say you're not. They're about as useful as cars with square wheels."

The man snorted. "Hardly."

She slumped in her chair. "Thank god. Another evaluation and I'll be ready to strangle myself with my coat. Did I mention how I hate discussing my feelings?"

The man looked at her levelly a moment, then down at the file he brought in. "No, but thank you for clarifying. It only took you two weeks."

"Anytime," she said derisively.

"Now," the man, eyes still on the file. "You are known as Emily Fletcher, born in Lompoc, California. Moved to Thousand Oaks when you were thirteen, graduated from Thousand Oaks High School, and majored in Journalism and Mass Comm. at CSU Long Beach."

"That's right!" Emily said brightly.

He put the file to the side and looked her in the eye, hands clasped in front of him. "You spent, along with your friends Nathan, Chloe, José, and Brian, several weeks there before all five of you dropped out unexpectedly. Your departure was quickly followed by criminal accounts of fraud, conspiracy, assault and battery, blackmail, larceny, and..." he trailed off, "over four thousand counts of murder and manslaughter."

She said nothing. Her mouth only opened and closed continuously while she turned the color of ice. The man said nothing, but his gaze went cold as he stalked out of the room.

As for Emily, she extended her impression of a dying fish long after the door was secure. Memories came flowing forward, and as much as she impeded their progress, they ignored her.

She was close to him now. Very close. She'd make sure Bane regretted the day he met Veronica Mars.

"For you, Dad," she vowed, "Please, remember it's for you," and covered her face.


Disclaimer: Veronica Mars belongs to Rob Thomas and Warner Brothers, whereas The Dark Knight Rises belongs to Christopher Nolan, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures.

A/N: After seeing just how corrupt the city of Neptune, California could be, it struck me that Bane (and possibly Talia) would find the city as a great way to perform a "practice run" of sorts, in preparation for their final assault on Gotham. Please R&R!
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