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Tailed Beasts Unleashed

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Summary: Response to my own Challenge. What happens when three complete sets of the tailed beasts are unleashed on Buffy universe.

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GeheylanFR734,4491205,8229 Mar 1320 Jul 13No

The Stirings of Greater Things

Thanks for all the good reviews. And Oxnate, who ever said it was a prophesy? I may have used the wrong words to try to convey what I was saying, something that I’ve corrected but I never said it was a prophesy. I’m sorry that I haven’t had a chance to change anything for a while but hopefully it’s fixed. There are some things that were done on purpose though. And Darksnider, as for the request for Fourth War Naruto, well never really thought of it, or if I did you will just have to wait and see. If you recognise the characters, I don’t own them, nor do I make any money off them.

General Hammond shook his head as he finished explaining to Jack O’Neill that there wasn’t anything he could do to reinstate the stargate program, especially in the light of newest intruder.

Suddenly, an airman came running in, followed by the rest of SG1. “Sir, SG2 have reported in. When they were briefed about the reason for the recall, Sargent Ferretti said they may have some information about what the Prophesy meant.”

“For the last time, it is not a prophesy,” snarled Daniel Jackson. “Prophesies tell of things about to happen; the first line states that it was something that had already happened and that the ones it was refereeing to would be Guardians of humanity. It’s a warning of things to come.”

“We know Daniel,” Jack grumbled as Sargent Ferretti entered the room.

“Report, Sargent,” General Hammond snapped.

“Sir, this may sound strange but my team and I ordered some costumes for Halloween from a place in California called Ethan’s,” Ferretti answered. “Everything seemed to be in order but when we were wearing them earlier, for a short period of time we seemed to become the characters we dressed as.”

“What does this have to do with the Three Nines?” Daniel asked. When everyone frowned in his direction, he simply shrugged and explained that the group and the warning needed to be referred to as something.

“Two of my team dressed as hosts for beings known as Tailed Beasts,” Ferretti explained. “There are nine altogether, varying in strength from one tail up to nine.” He paused as he saw the comprehension on the faces of all present. “I think that the warning referred to the existence of three groups of nine Tailed Beasts.

“There’s something else,” he continued. “This scroll,” he said as he removed a large round object from his back with Japanese writing on it, which none of those in the room had even noticed. The cylinder was about three feet in diameter and four and a half long. “I originally thought it was the summoning contract for the Toads, whom my costume held the contract for, but it’s a sealing scroll with twenty different seals.”

He unrolled the scroll to the first seal and pointed to it. “The scroll is labeled ships but the first one says it’s called Atlantis, the second Destiny.” He paused and looked at those in the room. “There’s a warning on the scroll,” he informed them. “It says that realising the items requires a lot of space but doesn’t say why.”

“What’s a sealing scroll?” Captain Samantha Carter asked from where she sat.

Ferretti unrolled the scroll until the last seal was revealed. “This one says it contains a ZPM, only one for demonstration purposes. There is another seal containing ZPMs, but it says that it holds 3296 of them.” He activated the seal by sending a very small about of chakra into the seal. Out popped a small crystalline object about a foot and a half long and six inches wide. He handed it over to Sam who started examining it.

She paused, frowning, and pulled off an attached letter. Her frown deepened as she read the letter, which she handed over to General Hammond after she was done.

“Greetings SGC,” Hammond read aloud. “I, being the trickster I am, decided to play a prank. Kinsey, whom I’ve hated since first seen him while watching the adventures of SG1, is one of many that I’m playing this prank on. Atlantis is an Altaren city ship large enough to house all the family and personnel of the SGC that would greatly improve your ability to protect Earth and your way of working around Kinsey’s order to shut down the program. Continuing to use a US military base is not an option but they never said anything about the use of something that isn’t owned by the United States.

“The other ships are just simple presents although I had an alternate motive for giving you Odyssey. It has advanced transporters that will allow you to remove certain items from the possession of those who would abuse them. Atlantis contains records of all the missions for the next ten years. Have fun.

“Yours truly, The Trickster.

“P.S. I was the one responsible for the costumes that caused the permanent quantum imprints. No thanks are necessary.”

Hammond looked around at the people that were under his command. “I don’t know if we can trust this Trickster but we only have one option right now. Earth must be protected and if the size of Atlantis is as he says, then it gives us many more options. Give out orders for all the families of all SGC personnel to prepare to move out; we will use this Atlantis to house all the stargate operations from now on.”


Her Watcher stood by looking on as Kennedy threw what was best described as a tantrum. He wasn’t sure why she was throwing such a tantrum since she was a slayer but who knows why some girls acted the way they did. Some of the things she was doing were things he had never seen before. Her ability to control sand was something he had never even heard of, never mind seen.

He really wasn’t sure just what to tell the council about her.


Faith Lehane smiled nastily as she batted around the cloven hoofed vampire. She was heavily drawing on the being she now hosted. She may not be the strongest of the Nine, but she was strong enough for what she had to do. With eight tails waving behind her, she waded through the vampires who had come to help the really fugly vampire she was fighting.

The minions were easy to defeat but even with all her power, she was had only been able to injury the master vampire. Having enough, she fully transformed into her partner and started gathering her power in front of her mouth.

Once she had a sphere of highly condensed power, she swallowed it and aimed in the direction of her opponent, thankfully away from the main part of the city. Opening her mouth, she unleashed her tremendous power.

The master vampire instantly vaporized, along with the wall of the warehouse and a deep trench heading out to the ocean.

“And that is why you have me and not Kurama,” her partner commented to her.


Buffy, Xander, Willow and Dawn all met Giles and Jenny Calendar in the High school library. Xander and Dawn arrived first followed shortly after by Willow, then Buffy carrying a young dark skinned woman who appeared unconscious.

At the looks of the others, she shrugged. “She appears to be the host of the One Tailed Beast,” she replied. “But her outfit looks familiar for some reason.”

Giles sighed. “Because if you retained the memories of the one you went as, then you would remember the stories that Hashirama told Tsunade when she was a little girl. It’s the outfit that the Sage of the Six Paths wore.”

Before they could say anything else, the girl sat up with a gasp. Looking around her, she moved into a defensive position.

“Why have you kidnapped me?” she snarled in a heavily accented voice. “I’m the slayer and you’ll find that I’m not so easily captured.”

“Hey, you’re no slayer,” Buffy snapped back, cracking her knuckles in a way that Willow and Xander recognised as being like that Tsunade herself when she was angry.

Xander suddenly gasped as he realised something. “She can be actually,” he said as he held up his hands in a calming manner. “You died, even if it was temporarily, and it could have been enough to call the next in line.”

“And once a slayer, always a slayer,” Buffy groaned.

A deep voice suddenly started chuckling, startling everyone when they noticed a small raccoon made of sand on the table. “Yes a slayer but not one of the new ones,” the raccoon commented. “She was compelled to come here by the highest of powers from what I’ve seen of her memories. Kendra was then directed to the costume of the Sage. The slayer spirit was warned that it was Kendra would die.”

“Um not to be rude, but what on Earth are you?” demanded Kendra, staring at it.

“The best description is an echo of the one tailed beast, Shukaku,” the raccoon replied with a sigh. “I’m inside you and can see all your memories.” He paused and looked at each of those present. “We will not let our hosts be abused, nor will we suffer that which the Watchers have done in the past; they may be able to suppress the powers of the slayer but they will never be able to suppress the Tailed beasts.”

The raccoon looked up at the group with a very serious expression. “Before the Sage died, he did leave us with a warning; he told us that the tides are turning, that the battles of the youngest Nine must not remain in the Shadows,” he explained. “He also warned that something is coming, a battle that must not be lost.”


Daniel Osborne looked to the sky as he walked towards the bus station. It wasn’t something he had to do, but it was something that he wanted to, especially with the memories and thoughts of Him in his head. He hadn’t thought much of it when he had chosen the costume he did but now he knew what he must do.

As he walked, he started humming a song. As he hummed, a vampire that was sneaking up behind him burst into dust, without anything even touching him. He didn’t even notice the other seven that burst as well even though nothing touched them. When he reached the bus stop, he knew he had to sing the song or it would be stuck in his head for days.

Oz, as he preferred to be called, unslung the acoustic guitar he carried and started playing, stomping in tune to the music as he sang the song he had stuck in his head since he had momentarily became his costume.

“I thought I heard someone singing old Bud,” a man said as he stepped out of the bus depot. “I haven’t heard that song so well sung since I left Canada. If you’re heading that way, young man, I am myself. If you want I would love to have you come with me. With you along, I’ll feel more comfortable; Tom was well known for creating music that brought such love to your heart that only those of pure heart could stand to listen.”

“I would like that very much,” was all Oz said in reply.

I won't say who Oz went as, only give hints in the story about who it was. I would like to see if anyone actually recognises him.
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