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Tailed Beasts Unleashed

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Summary: Response to my own Challenge. What happens when three complete sets of the tailed beasts are unleashed on Buffy universe.

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GeheylanFR734,4491205,8299 Mar 1320 Jul 13No

Laying The Foundations

Thanks for the reviews and sorry for the long time without updating. My life has been hectic lately, with a new baby born on July 2, having to find a new job and dealing with family issues. Anyway, here’s the latest installment of Tailed Beast Unleashed.

He ran as fast as he could, running across the water until he could no longer see land in the distance. Stopping, Ferretti opened the scroll and pushed some chakra into the seal for Atlantis.

As a great explosion of smoke came out of the scroll, he thought about what happened shortly before he left the base. His 2IC had been ordered to Boston to learn what vaporized a good portion of land and to teach the Three Nines member they suspected to be there to better control their power. Short of a Goa’uld mother ship landing on Earth, they should never have had to resort to what appeared to be a Tailed Beast Bomb.

There weren’t many that could defeat his 2IC; he knew that, especially after the day before. He wasn’t even sure he could take him on in a fight, even if he had all the advantages.

His attention was drawn back to the current time, the sun barely even peeking into the sky behind him, as the smoke cleared, revealing a city ship larger than they imagined. There was also a message painted on the side of it for what he should do next. Nodding to himself, he followed the instructions.


General Hammond sighed as he helped his daughter and her family pack. She wasn’t too happy about having to move, even if she was being supplied with living accommodations. He didn’t really blame her, not after all the moves he had to make while she was a little girl. The only reason he had managed to convince her to go was that he told her that it was safer for her and her family. He then explained that he would tell her everything once they arrived at their destination.

He had spent an hour on the phone after it became clear what they were given talking to the President about what could be done. In the end, the SGC would be moved to Atlantis, families and all. There were others that he had managed to get on board for the expanded project and even more that he would continue recruit. The last official order was to cease all off-world operations on American soil. Unofficially, they had been told to expand their operations to include other nations as well but to never become involved in Earth affairs.

Their mandate was also expanded and included operatives from a program from England that dealt with things like what happened the night before with the costumes. Within fifteen minutes of his call to the President, it had been expanded to include the British Royalty and Prime Minister. It was the British Royalty who put him in contact with elements of a group called the Watchers.

He was warned though that there were some elements that were trying to keep things from changing within the Watchers; that they were in the majority unfortunately.

He was then given several numbers for Watchers in the States who he should contact. With the late hour at the end of the conference call, he put off contacting them until that afternoon.

“That’s everything,” he heard his daughter tell him, bringing him back to the present. “When is the moving truck going to get here?”

He was about to answer when his cell phone went off. Opening, it he answered. “Hammond.” He listened to the other end for a little while before saying “We’re ready here when you are.”

He looked to his daughter as he closed the phone. “We’re going to be transported to the apartment that has been assigned to you shortly, please keep calm and I’ll explain everything shortly.”

As his daughter opened her mouth to answer, a whine started up, rising in pitch before a flash of little enveloped the room.


The Scoobies were gathered in the library, waiting for Giles to arrive, talking about what they remembered from the night before while being someone else. Kendra had headed off pretty early, heading back to where she had last seen her watcher who wasn’t answering any attempts at communication. Xander, Dawn, and Miss Calendar were all using paint brushes and ink to make seals, trying to determine if there were any differences in how they were supposed to work to how they worked.

After half an hour of waiting for Giles, Buffy jerked upright, her eyes as wide as they could go.

“I know after gaining Tsunade’s abilities I can’t see him anymore,” she started. “But what happens when Angel’s curse is broken?”

The three sealing masters looked up and then to each other. They then started talking in such rapid fire Japanese that the others couldn’t follow. Soon after they, started working on a single seal.

Buffy, getting annoyed, snapped “Do you know how to stop it?”

“We have a couple of ideas,” Xander replied. “It all depends on how we do…”

He stopped talking as Detective Stein, the biggest pain in their sides, entered the room.

“I have a message for the Hokage,” he told them as he came to a stop. “You can call me Yamanaka. My message is to beware the Mayor; he’s planning something big and needs to be stopped. I don’t know his time frame right now but he must be stopped.”

“How can we trust you?” Buffy snapped. “We don’t exactly have a good relationship.

Yamanaka snorted. “I’m not the detective,” he replied. “I’m only using his body.”

“You went as Inochi, didn’t you?” Xander asked.

“Yeah, and I’m closely associated with the Mayor,” Yamanaka replied. “I was already thinking of betraying him but hadn’t yet gotten the courage. With the courage Inochi left me, I have decided to do what is right. I will pass on what information I can but I have to be careful; the Mayor is a very powerful sorcerer who has been mayor since the town was founded. We must proceed with caution.”

The Scoobies all nodded and sighed. “With everything else, another worry to add to our list,” Buffy sighed.

With a nod, Yamanaka apologized for having to go so quickly and left. Soon after Giles arrived, with Joyce Summer dressed in an outfit Buffy recognized as being the Leaf village’s foremost genjutsu mistress.

“We’ve been given an option,” Giles started explaining. “We have been offered a place in an organization that will give us all the support we could ever ask for to protect Earth.” He looked at each and every one of them. “They are looking for all of the Tailed Beasts, all twenty seven of them. They informed me that Earth will be protected from the legions of Hell by one set of Tailed Beasts, the ones that are linked to the slayer spirit. Another set will guard from extra-terrestrial threats and the final ones would choose their own paths.

“Dawn here is one of the ones who can choose where she helps,” he continued. “That leaves us out of a job.”

The Scoobies stared dumbfounded as they realized just how Halloween had changed everything, and they hadn’t even seen the tip of the iceberg of changes to come yet.


Oz watched the country side go by, wondering just where his life would lead him. He was an American born and raised and now had a deep love for a country he had never been to. Gently, he started to strum the guitar that he was still carrying. He then started singing about the Mattawa area’s greatest hero, Big Joe.

His life had taken a big turn, he knew that but all he could do was sing the songs in his heart. Soon after he finished singing about Big Joe, he started to strum a different song; one that he knew wasn’t from his abilities and memories gained from his costume. He sung about the world and how everything was and how it could be if love was the dominant emotion, not hate. He sung for the future he hoped would come.

It was then that he decided that after he met up with Tom that he would travel the world, trying to bring about the future he saw in his mind’s eye.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Tailed Beasts Unleashed" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Jul 13.

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