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Magic and Mayhem

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Summary: What if Xander made it a bit farther than he sain on his summer trip? (WARNING! New revisions being added over time)

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Anime > SlayersYoukoRayahFR1315,206123,59022 Jan 0422 Jan 04Yes
Disclaimer: If you think I won these characters, I have some nice desert land in Florida to sell you.

Warning: Rated R so far. Crossover Slash and Hetro pairings.


1: I'm taking all kinds of liberties with this, and I haven't actually done all that much writing this year... so bear with me.

2: Forgive me any misspelled names of ppl or places from the Slayers Anime. I'm having trouble finding them on the net. I've found three spellings for Zel's name alone.

Fandom: BtVS/Slayers

Pairings: Xander/Spike (implied), Buffy/Riley so far.

Magic and Mayhem

01/02 (Revised 12/03)

Youko Rayah

Part 1:

Xander Harres had returned to Hellmouth. There was no fan fare, nobody cheered, and there was no to do done about it. No one believed that it was of any importance when the classic car rolled down the street to one of the apartment buildings in one of the nicer parts of town. No one took note of the dark haired youth who went to the managers office and arranged for an apartment.

And certainly no one took any notice at all of the fact that all the furnishings were delivered by less than natural means. This is, after all, Sunnydale, and no one took notice of the out of the ordinary.

Xander smiled at the finished product. TV, VCR, DVD, stereo system, and surround sound system, all in a very nice entertainment center. A couch with two recliners (one on each end) and a few comfortable chairs (including a glider rocker) formed a semi circle around the coffee table. The walls were decorated with a few wall scrolls that were actually wards against evil, and a matching throw rug covered the hardwood floor.

The kitchen was done in reds and browns, with a black gas stove, refrigerator, and microwave on one side of the room with a long stretch of counter sporting a coffee maker, sink, bread maker, and toaster. Dishes, silverware, glasses, mugs, pots and pans were all neatly put away in drawers and cupboards. The pantry, freezer, and 'frigge were all stocked, ready for use.

And his bedroom was ready as well. A large four poster took up the middle of the room, with bookshelves covering all the walls. Some were filled with obscure books on magic, demons, and other archaic things. Others were stacked full of rare magical ingredients, found only in the most remote of places.

What one wouldn't see, were the magical wards traced on the walls behind the bookshelves and headboard of the bed. Wards just like those woven into the wall hangings in the living room, and behind the cabinets and stove.

The bathroom had a full shower and bath, and was rather spacious. The tillings had been changed, and were now patterned with wards as well. Xander had taken no chances. He had made more than a few enemies while traveling, and he would not have them trashing his home.

Thanks to his trickster friend, he had a well paying job waiting for him at a lucrative art/antique dealership that would be a feasible cover for where he was getting the money for such a nice apartment. The car would be explained as payment for a favor he did a magic user in Detroit. All in all, he had his bases covered, and it was time to get in touch with the Scoobie gang.

He walked over to the phone, and dialed Giles' number. "Giles? It's Xander. Just giving you the heads up that I'm back. No it was good. Got my head straight and all that. Mmm hmm. I'll be there. Bye."

So he had gotten back just in time to face the impending apocalypse. What joy. He had hoped that he would have more time to settle into his life, to get used to hiding what he could now do, before facing this manner of things. Oh well. Such is destiny, as one of his teachers was fond of saying.

Two hours later, he was walking into Giles' apartment, greeting Willow, Buffy, and Giles, and taking a seat.

"So what disaster have I arrived home in time to be in?" he asked.

"It would seem that within the next three days, a demon will threaten to open the Hellmouth. And according to this, the student of the Slayer will stop it."

Xander raised an eyebrow. "But Buffy doesn't HAVE a student."

"True. It may mean that it will be a student of the Slayer teachings."

Privately Xander got the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that he was the one being referred to. After all, he had studied under the one who had slain a god of destruction.

The research party was in full swing when Giles dropped the surprise on Xander.

"Xander? I am sorry to do this to you, but I am expecting a guest soon..."


"Well you see, recently a covert military group captured Spike, and..."

Giles went on to explain about how the vampire had been experimented on and the chip's affects. Then he told the youth of the need to keep an eye on Spike.

"And since you're having company, you need me to watch him."


"*sigh* All right. I'll do it."

The vampire in question was watching the proceedings in silence from the door way to the kitchen. He hadn't said a word since the dark haired young man had arrived. Of all those present, he was the only one who had seen the changes in Xander. He moved different, and he smelled ever so faintly of magic. A magic he couldn't identify.

He had a feeling things were about to change, and not necessarily for the good. It was time to speak up. "You want me to stay with the brat? Not bloody likely!"

"You have little choice, Spike. You cannot stay here, Buffy and Willow are staying in a girls dorm, that leaves Xander."

"Bloody hell."

"Yeah well, I ain't exactly thrilled over all this either."

When the meeting broke up, Xander and Spike left, heading for the young man's new home. As they walked, Xander cast the deactivation of the wards in his apartment. He would need time to work out an exclusion spell for Spike. Until then, no wards.

That was the easy part. The hard part would be hiding the things in his bedroom. How was he going to... it might just work. If he used a combination spell shield and glamour, he might be able to make it seem as though his room were considerably smaller, without the bookshelves.

When they arrived, Xander hesitated. He really didn't want to do this. With a great heaving sigh, he invited the vampire in. When they walked into the living room, he turned and said, "Make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back."

Spike watched as the whelp went down a short hall, and trough a door, firmly closing it behind him. Seconds later, he felt a small pulse of passive magic, followed by Xander returning sans jacket.

Xander gave Spike free rain over the TV remote and curled up on the couch with one of his more obscure spell books, disguised as a SciFi novel. He easily deflected questions about the apartment and it's furnishings by stating that he had done some favors for various people on his summer long trip.

Late into the night, as the two were dozing off, it happened. The Initive solders had followed them, it seemed. And as the two were disoriented with sleep, they rushed in and captured them both. The last thing Xander saw as the needle plunged into his arm, was Spike collapsing under the chip generated pain of trying to defend him self.

When Xander woke, he murmured a Detoxify to clean his system of the sedative he could still feel working. He remained still as he covertly observed the room. He could see the blonde vampire strapped into a chair, and many people in the room. It looked as if they... were... experimenting on the vampire.

During his travailing, Xander had met a great many people. Many of who weren't human. He had even met a Vampire who had become a good friend, while travailing Zona. In the Catito Mountains, he had befriended several Dragons, and Zelgodis had become someone he looked up to. He had no real problem with non-human types. Hell, Xellos was a good friend, as well as someone he had learned a great deal from.

He had seen enough. It ended now. With his decision made, he abruptly stood, startling several of the solders, and cast a Balist Wall to keep them from attempting to restrain him. Calmly, he walked towards the writhing vampire, and released him.

"Spike," he murmured. "Get up, and stay behind me."

"How are you-"

"No time. I'll tell you later." This said, Xander turned to the nearest solder and said, "You have three minutes to evacuate this compound. After that time, I am going to burn this base to slag. I won't be held responsible for any left behind."

"Why should we be afraid," the man demanded.

"Explosion Array."

The man suddenly became one with the ceiling. "That's why."

Spike looked at him with wide eyes. "You know magic."

"Yes. I learned while I was away." He turned to one of the other solders. "You now have two minutes."

The base was soon a flurry of activity, scientists gathered research and notes, solders grabbed weapons and armaments. Their intentions were to kill the youth.

Spike flinched back as the gunfire ripped through the air. Bullets couldn't kill him, but they did hurt. And in his weakened state... But the bullets never hit them. The shield Xander had cast, was more than enough to protect them.

"You now have one minute."

Their nerve broke. Dropping their weapons, they broke and ran. And as time ran out, Xander drew a breath and began to chant.

Source of all power

Chrimson Fire burning bright

Gather in my hand and become and Inferno


He released the spell, the power leaving him in a rush of bright red light. He focused on his shield then, reinforcing it to withstand the coming explosion. He wasn't disappointed by the results. The natural caves and man made passageways the base was made up of acted rather like lava tubes, keeping the heat and the magic going, vaporizing or melthing everything down. Just as promised.

When it was over, Xander turned to Spike, and said, "Let's go."

And that was the start of it. In the days that followed, Xander would introduce Spike into his magic filled life, and slowly tell him of his training. But for now, they were safe and content. That was all that mattered.

Part 2:

Dawn broke to find Xander and Spike asleep in the recliners on the couch when Buffy showed up. She was stunned to see a splintered in places door propped up, and barely staying up at that.

"Xander? What happened!?"

Her shrill shout roused the two, and Xander winced. He didn't need this. "Hi Buff. What ya doing here?"

"Giles asked me to drop off the blood for Spike. What happened to your door?"

"Those solders you said captured him showed up last night," he said as he moved to make coffee in the kitchen. "Me and Spike had ducked out for a bit after getting here last night. We just missed them."

"You have to move! It's not safe!"

"Actually it is. They already searched here, and found nothing. They won't waist man power searching over old ground."

"How would you know?"

"Leftovers from the Solder."


Spike blinked in surprised at how easily the blonde Slayer accepted the flimsy lie. How could she, the watcher, and those witches have missed the boy's magic potential?! The boy could well be the most powerful magic slinger in the state! Maybe the country!

"Well," Buffy said after she and Xander put away the blood supplies, "remember research party tonight."

"Right. See you then."

That afternoon the slayeretts were pouring over the prophecy, when Xander noticed it. There were lines that gave him the key needed, a key Giles had no clue about.

-Neither sword of Darkness,

Nor Mind of Chaos may be used.

Call upon the Garnova to conquer the evil.

Grant it the Spell that Slays the Dragon.

These shall be wielded by

the Student of the Slayer of Ruby Eye

The Keeper of Secrets will come

To one who shall find

And the Legacy of Dark Star

Will be given 'tween they who Bare

The Power of Darkness beyond Twilight

And the blood of the Promise

And the legacy shall regain-

With the whole thing translated, Xander had the answer. It wasn't the Vampire Slayer's student. It was the God Slayer's student. It was him. Further musing was cut short by the chiming of his watches alarm.

"Well that's it for me! I gotta go to work."

"All right Xander," Giles said. "We'll fill you in on anything else we find tomorrow."

"Okay. I'm gone."

An hour later, Xander was doing inventory of a new shipment at the Antique shop. He was almost done when he found it. At first, he didn't realize what he was looking at, not until he looked at the inventory list.

Item # 34. Sword hilt. Germanic in desine. Projected age: 1-2 centuries.

After reading this, he took a long look at the sword hilt. He remembered Lina's description of Gourry's sword. He made certain that he was alone, then he sent a trickle of his conciseness through the hilt, and was rewarded with a white blade. Decision made, he shut down the blade, and went to his employer.

"Mr. Canwell?"

"Yes Xander?"

"Did you order this hilt for someone?"

"Why no. The individual I received the perches from wanted to get rid of it, since it didn't match the rest of his collection. He threw it in for free."

"Would it be all right if I buy it from you?"

"I don't see why not. May I ask why you want it?"

"Well, I have a friend who would like it, and his birthday is coming up," Xander told him. And I sort of need it to take down a demon, the dark haired magic wielder thought. But you don't need to know that.

"Well, I suppose. Would you like me to dock your pay?"

"Naaah. I've been saving up to get him some stuff, and unless it's more than a few thousand, I can afford it."

They hammered out the details of the price, and Xander packed up the Darkstar Weapon to take home at the end of the day.

When he got home, he stashed the weapon away in his room and sat on the floor and sighed.

"Tired pet?"

"Mmmm. A bit, I think I'll relax by going through my inventory."

Spike watched in amazement as the human pulled out a large trunk out of his jacket. "How did you do that?"

"Magic," Xander replied. "My coat is enchanted to have almost unlimited storage space."

"You going to tell me where you learned magic."

"Well, I went off to find my self, and ended up bounced into another world. Met a rather powerful sorceress, and she taught me magic. The Trunk is part of the things I brought back with me."

"Where did ya get it?"

"Well you have to understand about Lina. Her magic makes her almost immortal. She's over six hundred years old. She has done a lot of things in her life, and these days she does the whole treasure hunter/mercenary bit. And we went on this treasure hunt a few weeks before I came back."

Xander smiled at the memory. "We found a city that had sunk into the ground during an earthquake. It was more dumb luck than anything else, but we did it."

"The wealth of an entire city?"

"A wealthy city in a medieval world. Mostly gold, silver, jewels... there were books on magic and objects of power... In the end we just split the whole lot by weight, and we each took a pile. I'm not even a third of the way sorting through it yet."

"Need help?"

"Sure. Coins in piles by type of metal. Loose gems in a third and Jewelry in a forth, but DON'T put any on. Some of it's enchanted, and the spells can be rather nasty."

They worked mostly in silence then, with the piles growing steadily. Spike would question where to put certain items, but soon everything was sorted into piles. Stacks coins separated into gold, silver, and copper; a pile of loose gem stones next to a pile of jewelry; a few books that Xander would pour over later, and a small dagger. All in all, a nice bit of treasure.

"Now I need to separate the magical from the mundane," he told the vampire.


"A simple spell. It will make anything containing magic glow yellow."

That which is rare,

Let be revealed.

Mystic of keen,

Take up a glow

Of summer's gold

Breath of Dragon

Ruby light

Chaos dark

Healers white.


Two necklaces, three rings, an earring, and a matching pair of silver arm bands began to glow softly.

"Huh. Looks like I need to check these."

As Xander sorted out those items, Spike began to poke around the gem pile. "Hey, pet? Some of these are glowing too."

He and Xander picked threw the pile, separating the glowing stones. Xander held up a glowing peace of amber. "Well, well, well. Looks like someone sealed some spells."


"Most of this is amber. That, topaz, and quartz are good for containing spells."

"Really? I knew about the topaz, but not the others."

"It'll take me more than a week to figure out what these gems are for, and the jewelry is going to take longer. As for the rest? I know some coin collectors, and I can always sell to a museum. Let's pack the non-magic stuff back in the chest, and I'll browse through these books while you watch TV."

He quickly retrieved three velvet lined cases, and they placed the magical items in them when they were done with the trunk.

"Pet? There's some kind of writing on the in side of these bracelets."

"Yeah. There are some on this necklace pendant too. lemme see if I can read it."

It took three hours for Xander to find the answer. One of the books was an inventory and detailed description on all the magical items that would be found in three separate trunks. Two of which, Xander didn't have. Lina had one, and Zelgodis had the other. He made a mental note to make a copy of the book for each of them.

"According to this, the arm bands and the pendant are a set of magic amplification talismans. They should increase the users existing magic by a factor of three."

"Nice. Those might come in handy in an emergency."

"No kidding."

Part 3:

It happened the next night. Xander was on patrol with Buffy when the demon attacked. It was large, and had a roughly human appearance. At least it WOULD have if not for the six eyes and lack of a mouth. It appeared out of thing air, and threw fire like energy at them.

The two scrambled away, taking cover. It would have been over then and there if Spike hadn't shown up when he did. The vampire came out of no where, and tackled the creature away from them. In the following confusion, Xander threw up a shield spell, protecting them from the attack.

He ignored the blonde's gasp of surprise as he focused on the two non-humans. Fire spells were out, so was electricity. As was a Flow Broke. That left his options limited. An Ice spell it was.

Supreme King with the frozen soul

Grant me the power of your icy rage


The ice slammed into the monster, halting it temporarily. "Spike! MOVE!"

The vampire sprinted clear, keeping out of the line of fire. Just in time, the ice exploded in a surge of power, and the creature looked at them with malice in its eyes.

"A sorcerer. How unexpected." Then it vanished.

"Crap," Xander growled.

"What was it," Buffy asked.

"No clue, slayer," Spike said.

Before a fight could break out, Xander spoke up, "It was a Mazuko. Let's get to Giles' place. We have to talk."

Later, when everyone had arrived, Xander began his explanation. "When I went on my road trip, something happened. I... got sent to another world. Literally. I met people there and made some really good friends. One of them started to teach me magic, and soon the others were teaching me stuff."

"Like what?" Willow asked.

"Sword fighting, how to read and speak more than a dozen demon languages, healing... things like that. I was there for three years, then I came back."

"Why didn't you tell us," Buffy demanded.

Xander looked at her for a moment. "I've never been the one with the powers, Buffy. Or anything special really. Then BAM! I'm slinging magic and I wasn't sure how you and the others would take it. I didn't know how to-"

"Am I late?" a voice interrupted.

Xander looked up and saw-

"YOU!" they shouted as one.

Spike dove for cover as Xander readied a spell. "What breaking into my apartment wasn't good enough?" Xander demanded. "You had to come back for more?!"

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Buffy demander as she moved to protect the intruder. "Riley, what is he talking about?"

"You know this guy?" Xander demanded. "He led the commando raid on my apartment! They Drugged me and kidnapped BOTH of us!"

"But you said-" Buffy began.

"That was when I was still trying to figure out how to tell you guys that I know magic! What was I supposed to say? 'The door? Well you see a group of solder type guys broke in last nigh, drugged me and kidnapped me and Spike. Don't worry though, I blew up their underground base and me and Spike got away.'? Yeah. Right."

"You protected Hostel 17!" the man behind Buffy accused.

"If ya mean Spike, then ya damn straight I did. It's one thing to kill vampires who hunt humans, and demons that threaten noncoms. But it's a completely different thing to experiment on the supernatural, evil or otherwise, to develop weapons to use on humans. It's not right to torture them! And don't tell me that I'm wrong about what you people were doing, cause the only other excuse for it is that you're a bunch of sick bastards that get off on other being's pain."

"Do you know how many died when you blew the base?"

"No and I don't care," he snarled, ignoring Willow's gasp of shock. "I gave them fare warning, not my fault they hung around to kill me. As for the Demons and vamps still there when I blew the place, better a clean, quick death, that slow, painful end."

"You little bastard! I should-"

"Go ahead and try. I studied under a God Slayer for three years in a world of swords and sorcery. A jumped up solder boy does not impress me."

"God Slayer?" Giles asked.

"Yeah. Lina Inverse. She killed one of the seven pieces of a God of Destruction called Shabrinigdo, and another God a few years later."

"You're the one the Prophesy mentions! Now we need to figure out the rest and-"

"I already know what most of it means.

"-Neither sword of Darkness,

Nor Mind of Chaos may be used.

That talks about two of Lina's most powerful spells. Both are too dangerous to use. Especially here. One can cut through dimensional walls, which would create a new Hellmouth we probably wouldn't be able to close, and the other could well blow up the world.

Call upon the Garnova to conquer the evil.

The sword of Garnova is a weapon that acts as a lens for the wielder's mind and will. It can also act as a controlled means of delivering a spell.

Grant it the Spell that Slays the Dragon

Would mean the Dragon Slave. It's the spell that I used to blow up the base. Cast through the Garnova, it wouldn't take out the town, just the demon.

These shall be wielded by

the Student of the Slayer of Ruby Eye

That would mean me, and as for the rest? I'm not sure. Keeper of Secrets sounds Like Xellos... but I don't know why he'd show up, other than to be annoying."

"W-w-what's a Dark S-s-star?" Tara asked.

"Dark Star is-WAS a god of Destruction. Lina killed it three years ago. Just before I landed in her realm"

"Three years ago?" Willow asked, finally noticing the time reference.

"Yeah. I think time passes faster there than here," he replied. The room fell silent for a moment as Xander finally took a seat next to Spike.

"So we need to find this Garnova thing, and Xander can use it to off the demon."

"Already did. I have it here with me." With that, Xander reached inside of his jacket and pulled the hilt out of his subspace pocket. "This is it. The Sword of Garnova."

"There's no blade," Giles said in surprise.

"Doesn't need one. Light Come Forth!" The blade of pure power sprang forth with a soft hum, giving off a soft white glow.

"There's no magic," Spike said.

"No there isn't. It's not a magic weapon. Rather it's a lens."

"So what do we do now?" Buffy asked.

"I find the Mazuko, kill it, find how it got here, and keep it from happening again," Xander stated.

"Well, let's get started," Buffy said.

"We are not going to do anything. I said I'll take care of it."

"At least let us help look for it," Willow pleaded.

He agreed and they went in search of the creature. The first place the dark haired man went was to the old school. If the Mazuko was going to open the Hellmouth, that was the place to start.

It paid off. It was there, inside of a magic circle, chanting a spell in an old language.

Oh fuck, Xander thought. He's not aiming for hell. He's aiming for the Sea of Chaos!

Drawing a breath, he put every shred of power into it as he could.


The negation/binding spell slammed into the area of magic casting, stopping the casting of the gate spell.

"I don't THINK so," Xander growled. "I am so not letting you flood this world with chaos energy. Been there, done that. Not gonna do it again."

"Do you think you can stop me, mortal?"

"Yeah I do." Drawing a breath, he called for the blade. "Light Come Forth!"

Darkness beyond Twilight

Crimson beyond blood that flows

Buried in the stream of Time

Is where your power grows.

I pledge myself to conquer

All the foes who stand

Before the mighty gift bestowed

In my unworthy hand

Let the fools who stand before me

Be distorted by the power You and I posses!


"Sword of Light, accept this spell of Darkness!"

He lunged at the monster. He incorporated every trick, movement, and tactic, Gourry, Zelgodis, and Zangulas had taught him in sword play. The Mazuko was good, but he was better. The blade connected solidly, and the spell rushed into the creatures in a deafening rush.

When it was over, and the smoke cleared, it still stood.

"Aw shit."

"Is that the best you can do? Truly pathetic."

"Oh yeah? Try this on for size!"

Three bound as one Your Power called forth Grant me all of your might

The talismans he wore, one on each wrist and a third as a necklaces, began to glow. Xander, focused on the spell, didn't hear Riley and Buffy arrive.

Darkness beyond Twilight

Crimson beyond blood that flows

Buried in the stream of Time

Is where your power grows.

I pledge myself to conquer

All the foes who stand

Before the mighty gift bestowed

In my unworthy hand

Let the fools who stand before me

Be distorted by the power You and I posses!


The spell was again pulled into the white blade, turning a deep red. Xander grinned and said, "Let's try this again, shall we?"

This time, it was enough. This time, when Xander caught the creature with the back swing of his weapon, the Mazuko was cut in half. Xander, Riley, and Buffy watched as the creature slowly dissolved into a black mist, and vanished.

"Never underestimate the resourcefulness of humans," Xander murmured.

"Xander?" Buffy began. "Are you all right?"

"Just tired, Buffy. Let's head back to Giles. I'm about half starved."


The others met them on the walk back to the former Watcher's apartment. Spike fell into step with the dark haired spell-caster, and gave him a concerned look.

"I'm fine, Spike, just hungry. The Dragon Slave takes a lot out of a guy. *heh* Now I understand how Lina could eat so much, and stay so thin."

When they reached Giles' place, they received a surprise. There was a man with chin length purple hair, dressed in strange robes waiting for them there.

"Hello Xellos. Good ta see you," Xander greeted.

"Xander. I'm glad to see you alive, and relatively well."

"Two Dragon Slaves in quick scission, and the second was amplified."

"You have a set of talismans?"

"Yep. Not as nice as the ones Lina got from you, but they suit me."

"Will you be keeping the Garnova?"

"No. Give it back you Gourry. He and Sefile are expecting right? It should stay in his family."

"Of course. It would seem that the Blood of the Promise will keep it' legacy."

"What?! Xellos what does that mean?"

"Gourry's grandmother Meliroon, was an Elf from the Isle of Mephros. Mephros means 'A promise to be kept.' And His Grandfather, Roudy, used the sword to kill a Mazuko who threatened to kill the Elves."

"So Gourry is 'blood of the Promise'."

"Yes. And you are the other," Xellos said.

"*heh* So all along, I was meant to find it and give it back to Gourry."

"Yes." Xellos peered at him for a moment. "You never had any intention of keeping it, did you."

"Can you imagine the trouble this thing would attract if it stayed here? Riiiiiiiight. Give it back to Gourry. He'll need a new sheath, but that shouldn't be too hard to arrange."

"Of course. I will see he gets it."

"And hive Lina and the others my regards."

"I will. Stay safe, Xander."

"Right. And don't forget to duck."

The dark haired figure burst into laughter, as dark power swept around him. Moments later, he vanished.

With a grin on his face, Xander walked to the phone and said, "Who want's pizza? My treat!"

At their blank stairs, he blinked. "What?"


1: Mine! Made this up spur of the moment and Syx came up with the name.

aggressive magic: combat spells

evasive magic: Movement based (flight spells)

defensive magic: protection spells

Curative magic: healing spells

Passive magic: illusions and wards (the later going aggressive or protective depending on the kind).

The End

You have reached the end of "Magic and Mayhem". This story is complete.

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