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To Suffer the Slings& Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

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Summary: After the Scoobies have all died, an immortal Buffy is asked to go back to the beginning of the 3rd age and protect the people of Middle Earth. These are her adventures.

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Thanks for reviewing, and one of you wanted a warning about romance. Well I’m not going to write a romance novel, but I suppose this chapter has some love stuff in it. So that’s all the warning you’ll get. Anyway, Joss Whedon owns Buffy, Tolkien owns every Lord of the Rings. Let me know what you think.

Chapter Eleven Annúminas Year 130 of the Third Age

King Valandil of Arnor was a man known for answers. Brought up in Imladris by his mother with the elves while his family fought and died at the Black Gates of Mordor he was thought wise and learned. People came from all over his kingdom seeking help with problems and despite his noble birth and kingship, he was happy to help answer questions or solve problems for anyone that asked, except of course the most important question. Why would he not marry and produce an heir?

His mother paraded women through the castle, some from as far as Gondor, but he would take neither the fairest nor the richest. It was a mystery to all. He was passionate, loving and the ladies speculated that his wild and fiery temper would translate to something best left mentioning behind closed doors, though nobody was able to get behind closed doors to find out. When his mother asked him why he would not marry, he honestly could not tell her and hid behind the example of his predecessors who often married very late in life. He was only a hundred and thirty one years old he reminded her and was certain to live at least another hundred years.

He did not know why he wouldn’t marry, but as fate is sometimes reluctant to give away her secrets until she walks up to your draw bridge and bangs on the door, so Valandil was unable to answer the question until the princess of Greenwood rode up to his castle and demanded to speak with him. She came with grave news, but nothing could detract from his instant passion for her. He took her advice of course. It’s what his council would be anyway and ordered all the people in the outlying villages be brought into the castle, and into the other fortresses around his realm. He sent riders as far as Fornost Earin, Weathertop, Lond Daer Enedh, and even the tiny young town called Bree to warn his people. Scouts were also dispatched far and wide to find from what direction the orcs were coming and he commanded his people to prepare for war.

But even the oncoming war could not completely distract him from her. She was the loveliest being he had ever laid eyes on, and his eyes followed her everywhere. She was, well you know what she looks like, but to Valandil she was new and intriguing. Her golden hair was always shining and uncovered. Her eyes were green and as radiant as the Elessar, or so he thought. He had never actually seen the real Elessar, but he was sure that her eyes had the same powers and more. She was sunlight, he thought to himself, or had captured it and used it to warm everything she touched.

He was so taken with her that he couldn’t imagine the impropriety of following her to her chambers to finish a conversation, and out into the night unattended, or even allowing her into the war room to speak strategy with his captains and advisors. If he thought about these things at all, he justified them with thoughts of their marriage. Soon she would be his queen, and all these things and more would be hers. On top of her grace and commanding presence, she was a mystery. Stronger than all the men of his kingdom, as fast as any horse, able to leap great distances and work tirelessly without thought for rest or food, though it must be mentioned that she could out eat even the largest or youngest of his men, and he could not understand where it all went. In the haze of love, these gifts were not something to be feared, but praised, and he made sure she knew how rare a woman she really was.

She did not speak Westron well, but having learned the basics in her youth in Greenwood, she picked it up rather quickly. It would take some months before she was proficient enough to have an easy discussion, but the king being raised with Lord Elrond’s people spoke Sindarin well and they had an easy time communicating; easier than she did with the other people of his kingdom.

The most important thing about Miniel Erynel, Buffy, or the Gilrin as her elves called her was that she seemed to return his affection, but with orcs bearing down on them she was distracted enough to keep her attentions busy preparing his city for war. Valandil was also attempting to keep his focus on the battle, but he found himself almost useless as she took over the city and began locking everything down. It was a good thing too, because he found himself unable to concentrate on anything but this beautiful girl. His mother, Aglaril, was cautiously optimistic. After many years of waiting, she wasn’t going to worry about the girls’ parentage, or even her short size. She was clearly related somehow to the elves, and wasn’t Arnor founded by the faithful? She could look beyond these minor details if only she could get the girl in a dress long enough to marry the two, she might die a happy woman.

Not everyone was as happy with Buffy as the king or his mother was. Drawing the king’s eye turned Buffy’s already cool reception icy. The ladies at court were disgusted by her lewd display, and even more scandalized because she drew in the king in ways that not even the greatest beauties of Arnor could. She pranced around in mail with weapons for all to see, not even concealed in her dress! It was quite shocking, though nothing more so than her trousers. She walked around like a man in tall soft leather boots and if not tight, at least fitted trousers. Her hair was plaited at least, but haphazardly at best, and some suggested that even the golden colour of her hair was not only obscene, but an obvious ploy and probably conjured by some fell spirit under her command. No woman could be born with such hair. There was talk of women in the east and south with lighter hair, but not among decent folk. Within a few days it was certain that she was some sort of spy for the orcs, and probably worked for Sauron.

The lords and soldiers were hardly better than their ladies, but it took longer to earn their dislike. The king allowed her into the war rooms and actually let her speak, which was unheard of and then followed her suggestions as if the girl wasn’t completely mad with her visions and prophetic dreams. Now they were wondering about the king’s state of mind. They were certain she must have bewitched him and probably the poor fellows that followed her. They were a curious lot, especially the leader whom she called Mablung. He followed her orders and directions without delay or argument. Even the king’s soldiers began to listen to her, as if she had taken over the leadership of the men. It was not to be born, and the captains and lords tried without success to get her thrown out of Arnor at least once a day.

The rest of the people of Annúminas liked her very much. She put the children to work helping collect rocks while she carried boulders from the river which she mysteriously placed along the outermost walls and in other more conspicuous places inside the city. She recruited the younger children to search through the fields for healing herbs, and smaller rocks and instructed them on how to make the best slingshots and poultices. She paid in tiny gold coins that she seemed to have a never ending supply of, and each day she called for children to help, more turned up. In the hot afternoons as the city was gearing up for war, Buffy could be found (king not far off,) helping the children to exercise their nerves and playing conkers with them on the cobblestones leading to the river beneath the old willows. When the king asked her what she was about, she calmly explained that they were as nervous, if not more so than the rest of the people of his kingdom, and needed distractions and oh boy was she a distraction.

Her strength, which scared the adults, was something wondrous for the children. When she was through with the business of war, she was led away by the children and asked to demonstrate her strength. Each day they brought her to some huge rock, or very long dead tree, and would ask her to lift it up, or show them how far she could throw it. Catching on quickly they also wanted to see her speed and fighting skills, and peered into the training yards as she tried to quickly teach the younger soldiers and non-soldiers that would be sent to the wall some basics. The king’s warriors were already well trained, for humans, and she didn’t try to rock their foundation, but showed the others a few quick moves that might save their lives. She also made them practice their shooting. More than anything, that would be their best offence against the orcs, and she didn’t want them shooting willy-nilly and wasting arrows.

The city was founded in a very defensible spot with the Hills of Evendim to the south and northwest, it was situated on the southeast corner of Lake Nenuial and the orcs would have to cross the river Baranduin before they could get to the city walls if they came from the north or east. Even if they came from the west, which was doubtful, there was still a smaller river to cross from the south, and of course the Hills of Evendim, but it was unlikely they would come from the west because the elves of Lindon guarded their territory well, and there was not armies or orcs known to be living in the Blue Mountains. They were not likely to come from the south west either, or directly from the east, so it was not a shock when the scouts finally returned with news that the orcs were coming from the north east. They seemed to be avoiding Fornost, and a huge army, perhaps the biggest since the war was now heading in the direction of the capital. At least fifteen hundred and they would arrive in the next three or four days, nearly a month after Buffy arrived.

Annúminas was a beautiful city. Settled on the southeast corner of Lake Nenuial, amid a few old growth forests and surrounded by the lake, hills and farmland, the natural beauty was not as dramatic as the white caps of Gondor and the flowers of Lossarnarch, but it had softness to it that Gondor did not. There were hills rather than mountains, slower moving rivers, and a lake that reflected all the beauty of the stars up to the heavens for Manwё to see. They lived in and around a walled city rivalling anything Buffy had seen in Gondor, the Grey Havens, or Edhellond and because it was originally meant to be the ruling city of all of the Númenórean settlements in Middle Earth more attention was paid to its majesty.

The people were tall, dark of hair and eyes of grey and blue that lived sometimes to a very great age. Sometimes double or more the natural age for humans. Because of its distance from Mordor there were more alive from the Númenórean stock than that of Gondor, especially women and children, though the population was growing again. There was also a mix of people descended from the indigenous people that lived around the lake when Valandil’s grandfather first settled the area, and from the Númenóreans that came to the western shores before Elendil escaped the downfall of Númenor.

These people lost many in the last great war, but the distance was a blessing. They did not suffer the same debilitating losses of people, structures, farms, and even culture. They retained much of the knowledge and customs of Númenor and their traditions were firmly established, but that was not only because of the war. Gondor was not quite as firm about the old ways as Arnor would prove to be, and that had little to do with the war, and more to do with the ruling families. These traditions did not generally include women of importance, except in name. Supposedly if the king bore no sons, or a daughter first, she was considered to be equal, but in all the old tales, there was always a man stepping in to take over for her as king. The problem with Buffy was that the common people liked her almost instantly. She blew swiftly into town with a storm of orcs on her tail and basically took over the city. She was everything the common people wanted in a queen, fair, honest, hardworking, and ready to defend people she didn’t even know and if that wasn’t enough, the king was in love with her. The Lords and Lady’s would have a difficult time trying to rid Annúminas of her, after the battle that is. Even they were smart enough to realize that she was going to be important in keeping their necks firmly in place atop their heads.

The orcs came at night, as evil baddies do and the soldiers and the people watched as they burned and destroyed the small farming communities, forests, and anything else in their path. The orcs were surprised and angry that the people were missing from their homes and it only fuelled their want to kill and destroy. The ground rumbled as they neared, and the men began to get very nervous. They were well prepared, as well as can be expected with nearly a month’s warning for an attack, but the screams and cries of fifteen hundred orcs moving toward your home would probably make you nervous, even if you had Buffy to defend you. In war men die, no matter how prepared, and add to that the fire and darkness, smoke and monsters and you have a very anxious city of people.

The smoke began to blot out the moon and starlight, but Buffy was very visible standing on the wall next to the King with Mablung on her right and the kings captains standing with him. The other elves stood in pairs along the wall with the soldiers. The king had two hundred good bowmen and swordsmen along the wall, and another three hundred prepared to step in as they were injured or killed. There were fifty or so at each gate, prepared to fight if the orcs were able to get through, and because Buffy insisted, most men women and children, soldiers or not were armed with a sword or some kind of weapon, be it as small as a slingshot, and whatever armour they could find, just in case.

“Are you ready for this Mablung?”

“Yes Gilrin.”

“And you remember that no matter what I do, leap from the wall and join the fray or stay behind the safety of the wall, you are under no obligation to follow me, and truly your responsibility is to these people, right?”


“You are not allowed to put yourself in danger for my life, no matter what. That is an order.”


The king looked at her oddly and asked, “Do you honestly expect your own people to leave you to die?”

“Yes, we are here for you and your people, and sometimes I get a little overwhelmed but I always make it out alive. I don’t want them distracted by me, unless I give an order. Distractions get people killed, and I expect you to do the same. I may be a woman, but I am stronger than any man here, and I don’t want you sending anyone after me if I fall. Keep your people safe. That is the most important thing.” She pulled her bow out and the elves followed in unison.

“As soon as you can be sure of hitting them, fire at the orcs carrying the tree trunks. They will use them to bridge the river.” Even with the pounding and chanting of the orcs they could hear her, and began taking aim. The men that would shake were shaking and the men that were brave, stood tall, ready to defend their people as the elves by their sides began taking the first shots.

There was no clear, ready, aim and begin. The battle started with Buffy and the elves continually shooting down the orcs carrying the gigantic logs, and as soon as the orcs were near enough, the men and began shooting as well. They had the high ground but the orcs clearly had the numbers, and plenty of poisoned arrows. Buffy thought they must have picked up a few on their way because there were more than fifteen hundred, but it didn’t worry her too much. She could use a good fight, but she didn’t want any more casualties than were necessary, and she was glad she arrived early enough to help get the people ready, and that they let her.

The higher numbers did mean that eventually the orcs were able to get the trees across the river and next they carried crudely made ladders and began to try to penetrate the wall, both over the wall and through the gates. The men pushed the ladders down, but Buffy ran around trying to pull them up and tossed them into the courtyard below. They caught on and soon the orcs were putting their focus on trying to break down the gates. The city was surrounded, but the people had the high ground and all the defence.

When her arrows were spent, Buffy ran along the wall killing any orcs that managed to climb wall and reach the top alive, and hurling the rocks she had stashed in corners she knocked them down like bowling pins. Arnor was doing well, a few men were shot and killed, but for the most part the walls were holding up. The problems started when the east gate finally began to splinter and crack under the constant barrage of the ram. Buffy jumped down to where the men were trying to reinforce the door, and began readying the soldiers on standby. Valandil came down to the door and made ready to help but Buffy stopped him in his tracks.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“The kings place is with his men, and right now they need me.”

“No, this is the most dangerous place for you right now, as soon as that door opens, arrows are going to shoot through and kill anyone that’s not shielded. This is no place for the king.”

He scoffed, “But it’s the right place for a princess?”

“This is what I do, now get back to the wall before I have one of your own men arrest you.” He backed up with the throng of soldiers moving into the city, forced was more like it, but he let them lead him away, but remained close enough to watch, hidden with the soldiers that seemed to know what she wanted them to do. He watched, curiously as the torches were extinguished and everything stilled and was quiet waiting as the door was splintering.

She turned back to the door as it began to crumbled and yelled at everyone to get back and under cover. Jumping up to the top of the door she hoisted herself onto the stones supporting the archway. She planned this with the guards. They knew what she was about, and as soon as the door blasted open, the orcs began to shoot arrows into the city but nobody was in the line of fire, and their arrows were wasted. The soldiers on the wall still shot down at the orcs on the ground, but all the lights were out, and as the orcs barged in they were met with no resistance and a dark city. They stopped shooting, something was wrong. This was a trick, but maybe the humans had retreated?

Buffy jumped down from the arch and landed amid the smoke, dust and broken pieces of the door. She looked at them and smiled. “Took you long enough, but what can you expect from slimy goblins like you?”

“Get her!”

She leapt up to the arch and suddenly they were being pelted with arrows from the darkness of the city. When the arrows stopped, she jumped back down, and ran into the melee. The men behind her began rolling the boulders into place that Buffy put near the door earlier in the week, and effectively blocked the entrance. They wanted them there in the first place, but Buffy didn’t want to have to move them if the city needed quick evacuation, so she ordered them to wait until the gate was broken. There were other ways out of the city, other gates, but she was afraid that if an evacuation during a battle was necessary the people would lose their heads and run for the exits they knew, and she didn’t want them blocked with boulders unless there was no other choice.

Valandil made it back to his spot on the wall, and began trying to cover Buffy with arrows as she ran through the orcs directing his men to shoot if she seemed overwhelmed. Many of the orcs were actually afraid of her, and ran off as she approached, but still more were not and she had a good many hours of fighting ahead of her. Mablung and a few of the other elves joined her, but until most of the arrows were spent, the men were under orders to stay behind the wall.

The king was so awestruck by her fighting ability he was nearly shot down paying more attention to her than his own safety. Truly she must be a gift from the Valar for she fought with something beyond men or elves or anything he could comprehend. She relied heavily on her sword, eerily lit beneath the black blood of the orcs was the blue of a true elfish sword, and she wielded the axe as if it was an extension of her arm, but they were not her only weapons. Her whole body was used. Indeed she was the best weapon in her arsenal. Stabbing her weapons into the orcs on either side, she used them to balance herself as she kicked the two in front of her and then swung around to kick the two behind. It was these sorts of moves, and continuous movement for hours that took the attention of the king away from the rest of the battle, and he was not the only one. Even the orcs stopped to watch her and this provided the kings men with easy targets. His captain finally spoke to him in a shakey voice.

“My Lord, she, she is, she,”

“I know.”

“My Lord, we are lu, lucky she, did you see that?!”

“Yes, is there something you wanted?”

“Sir, the men have informed me that we have nearly spent our arrows, what are your orders?”

The king was almost too distracted by Buffy’s most recent decapitation when he thought through what was asked of him and finally responded. “Send whoever is willing to join her. I have no doubt she could finish off every last one, but that might take several more hours, and I think it’s time we finished this.”

“Yes my Lord.”

There were perhaps six hundred orcs still able to fight when two hundred men swarmed out of the south gate, and rushed into the fray. When people like Buffy, well there aren’t people like Buffy, but when heroes fight with courage alone against an enemy much larger than themselves, they inspire heroic deeds from others, and so the men fought as though they too were stronger and braver. Urged on by her bravery, and that of the elves, they forgot their tiredness and the aches and pains that troubled them, and fought like the men of the old tales their grandfathers recited. Each orc was imagined to be Morgoth, and they were the Valar smiting him into the void, or Sauron and they were Isildur stabbing him valiantly with the mightiest sword of their people. The orcs didn’t stand a chance.

When the last orcs were killed and the city was cheering, Buffy was just about to chase down those fleeing when she looked around and seeing for the first time in her life what happens to regular men when they fight wars she stopped and began trying to help as many as she could. If she didn’t spend so much time killing and maiming the enemy she might have been sick, but the truth was, even in the face of so many dead, Buffy was used to blood and gore and death. The people flooded out of the gates in the early morning light, and began collecting the wounded. The battle lasted the whole night, but they were victorious and now came the aftermath.

It took almost a month of preparations for one night of fighting, and it would take almost twice as long to get the city back to something resembling normal, and that did not include the rebuilding of all the farmhouses and hamlets that were destroyed as the orcs marched south to the city. Not a large amount of soldiers were killed, but each death was felt, and many more were injured. Buffy was appalled at the lack of basic medical knowledge these people had, but they were very knowledgeable with herbs and plant remedies and Buffy tried to help where she could. She was no doctor, but she knew enough about field dressings and battle wounds that she could help, and after trying to explain germs and hand washing she hoped she might help stop some of the infections that were often the cause of many of the deaths after the battle was over.

The healers understood infection well enough, though they didn’t quite understand her explanations about tiny bugs that were like orcs trying to invade the city, but they knew about using alcohol and it made sense to wash their hands as often as they could. The elves that were not injured helped as well, and knew a lot more about healing than Buffy anyway. She tried to use Narya to help heal the most gravely injured, but it wasn’t as effective as she hoped. She vowed to spend more time working on it, but her hours spent with Lord Elrond learning his remedies were the biggest help.

When she had done all she could for the injured, she spent weeks helping to round up and burn the corpses of the orcs, clearing away the rubbish and began helping to rebuild. She was not a carpenter, but she could carry heavy things with ease, and made the farmers feel safe when she kept watch and helped them in the fields. This spirit of helping like the inspiration on the battle field brought people out from the walls, to help others rebuild their homes, and just before the worst of winter set in, everyone was either settled back in their homes, or brought into a temporary arrangement until spring came. Even the king spent time helping where he could, and paying builders when money was needed.

People came from Fornost with supplies and to offer help, and knowing Valandil and Buffy might need it, even Cirdan sent a party to help with the crops that were burned or trampled. The food supply would be tight, and hunting would be a priority so the people didn’t starve, but to the delight of the citizens of Annúminas Buffy promised to stay the winter and continue to help. Eventually all the elves but Mablung returned to Imladris, and though she encouraged him to go, he would not leave her unless she ordered him away. She always shrugged her shoulders and told him that she wasn’t one for giving orders, and that he could as he liked. He refrained from telling her that it was Glorfindel that ordered him to stay, and he would not return without her, whether she ordered him or not, even without the order he would stay. Like most others that met her, he was drawn to her, and wasn’t ready to be parted from her if ever that time arrived.

When the fleeing orcs were chased down and killed, the rubbish cleared away, and the injured on the mend, there was a grand celebration and heroes were honoured, speeches made, and songs composed, and way to much wine was drunk, but the people were joyous and ready to celebrate their victory. It was a grand party, but not quite as happy as the anniversary party a year later when the king announced that Buffy would stay with them as their queen.

She returned to her chambers the night of the anniversary celebration to find a red gown with gold trim and belt lying on her bed. There was a fresh white underdress and soft matching red slipper shoes, and the smallest matching headdress that could be found and considered proper was there also. She was known for her dislike of large ridiculous hats and hair coverings. They were too warm, and not at all functional, but if she would wear the dress for the party she could humour the king and put on the hat. It wasn’t an order anyway. Always a request with him, and never a disappointment I she refused.

After a thorough scrub, her attendant helped dress and arrange her hair into the style that was preferred at this time in Annúminas. She didn’t understand why they took so much time with it, as most of it was covered anyway, but she let the woman plait and wrap it as she liked and soon Mablung came to escort her to the great hall.

She was already nervous, and when the room hushed as she entered she began to fidget. For the first time since her arrival she appeared in front the noble families of Annúminas dressed as a lady, with the exception of Ringil which she would always carry with her. At other occasions she wore a dress, and acted the part of visiting princess, but most of the people were unused to seeing her dressed as royalty. She was nervous, so much so that the king teased her when she arrived at his table.

“Why Buffy, I do believe you are blushing.”

“Is it too late to change my mind?”

“Don’t tell me the warrior that slew half the enemy almost by herself is afraid of a dress and a party.”

“It’s not the dress that is making me nervous, and thanks by the way. Why are they all staring at me like that?”

“Perhaps it is because you are just as beautiful in a gown as you are in battle, and the pleasure is all mine, I assure you.”

“You don’t look too bad yourself.” She smiled at him and said, “And I love the shoes.”

“If it’s not the dress, then why are you nervous? You haven’t changed your mind already have you?” He said it in jest, but he was beginning to worry that she might change her mind.

“No, of that I am sure.” She smiled at him and took his hand. “It’s just that the lady’s already don’t like me, and now they’re really going to wig.”

The king was so far beyond in love with her, that he couldn’t imagine anyone else not feeling the same, and when she said things like this, he always thought she was joking, though she didn’t seem like it tonight.

“Nonsense, how could they not love you? I have it on good authority from my mother that you have a surprisingly good influence on the whole of the realm, and especially on the landowners.”

“She just tells you what she wants you to hear. She is almost more excited about this than I am.” She smiled congenially at his mother.

“Of course I’m excited. When you have sons that refuse to marry, you will understand my woes.”

“Sons that won’t marry? They must be stopped!” Buffy chuckled and began to relax. Speeches were made, and wine was poured and just as the table were being cleared the king stood and made his announcement.

“Tonight we remember the battle for Annúminas and the free people of Middle Earth.” Cheers were heard throughout the hall. “Many fought bravely against the goblins, but none so much as our Lady Gilrin of Greenwood who came to us in our time of need.” Cheers and shouts came from all around the room and he continued as they died down. “A gift to us from the Valar of the west, to all of us, and especially to me and to my mother.” The room was silent. He chuckled heartily and said, “Because she has agreed to be my wife and your queen!”

The room exploded with cheers. “Hurrah, hurrah,” and shouts of joy and congratulations were heard. It was a night to remember and as the wine flowed, so too did the pledges of fealty and devotion to the future queen. It was true that with the exception of a few of the lords and ladies, Buffy already had the love and loyalty of the people of Arnor, and they had hers. She felt more at home in Annúminas than she ever did in Greenwood. It was the people that she needed, more than anything. Besides a little training the elves of the world didn’t really need Buffy, but these people did, could use all the help she could give them in fact, and to be needed and wanted was something that she hadn’t felt in years.

It is true that elves love very deeply and once their love is given it is given for life in most cases, but there is something about the particular kind of love, free and easy and passionate that the second born have that is necessary for a happy existence, at least for humans and that includes Buffy. The elves were passionate, there was no doubt about it, but the people of Arnor were filling some gap in her heart that she needed at this stage of her time in Middle Earth and Buffy accepted it gladly.

The wedding was a grand affair and took place on one of the long piers that extended into the lake in the early evening of a glorious autumn day. Cirdan and Mablung stood with Buffy in place of Thranduil and Ernil, she decided it was better to tell them after the fact, and with the quickness with witch the wedding was set in motion there would not be enough time for them to travel all the way to Arnor anyway. Elrond and Celebrian would not leave Imladris with two young sons, but they sent congratulations and an invitation for the new couple to visit in the following year. Buffy knew they would have to travel to Greenwood at some point, but she was content staying at Annúminas for the near future.

The following year Buffy bore a son, whom they called Eldacar and several years later she gave birth to a little girl they called Idril. The next hundred years would prove to be some of the happiest of Buffy’s life in Middle Earth. With a husband, children and many relatives that lived very long lives, she did not have to watch them die as quickly as most humans do. They were strong children, born with the blood of Númenor, descended from the brother of Elrond who long ago chose to live the life of a human, the choice given to all the Peredhil. Of course that choice was not extended to the children of Elros like it would with the children of Elrond, but Eldacar lived more than two hundred years, and Idril almost three. They were both very tall, but Eldacar looked very like his father, with his mother’s keen sight, green eyes, and tendency toward war and a love of battle. Idril took on the shape of her mother’s face and her golden hair, but was more reserved in matters of war, like her father. She was of course a trained killer, her mother wouldn’t have it any other way, but she preferred her father’s library, and they indulged her.

Both of the children spent many of their younger years traveling to and living in Greenwood and Imladris and even Mithond though Buffy would go there when she needed to escape more often without the children. The children spend many summers with Lord Elrond Children, and though the journey was long, Buffy was happy to make it back and forth and even to Greenwood and Gondor. It would ultimately be her need to travel and protect the other peoples of Middle Earth that would cause the biggest rift between Buffy and Valandil. He never bothered her about her appearance, or about playing the part of dutiful wife, but when she left the kingdom and their children to fight battles in faraway places, he couldn’t help but to show his displeasure.

At first she tried the same tactic that she had all those years ago with Thranduil. She was the Gilrin, and belonged to the entirety of this world, but just as Thranduil said all those years ago, Valandil did not accept it, and fought her every time she left to fight a war, or defend a people. If she left to visit, even taking their children hundreds of leagues away, he said nothing, but the minute she took up arms for some other kingdom, he fought her. As he aged, the king began to lose his mind and in his madness he drove her away, and eventually Buffy left the city returning only when his life was almost over, so they could forgive each other and he could die in peace.

Despite the problems before his death and the arguments about her fighting for other kingdoms, their marriage was a good one, and Buffy loved Arnor perhaps best of all the human kingdoms of Middle Earth. She continued to come to its defence long after her children were gone, and the people celebrated her even after the kingdom ended.
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