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Ship of the Line: Ascendant Justice

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Summary: What happens when Xander dresses up as the Master Chief in command of the Ascendant Justice and Ethan Rayne sends costumes of the Scooby Gang to SG-1 for his "special" Halloween?

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween Memories
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GenukaFR151423,1512021981,56516 Mar 1322 Jul 13No

Bells and Spells

A/n: Back by popular demand.... Jenny! Apparantly my minimum no-competition review limit to add something to a story or take it out is 6.... You can also thank proofreader for the target practice ideas and BlueEyedJedi for the clarification reminder.

Bells and Spells

The two Romani made it safely to the airfield but neither of them left it by air... While the two waited several hours for their flight Enyos never strayed from Jana nee Jenny's side for long as if he were afraid that she would change her mind and try to break ties with the tribe despite the risk to return to the Watcher's side. That is until shortly before their flight was to leave...

"Jana watch the luggage. There are important items that the tribe seer and other elders require." Enyos ordered. "I'll only be a moment." With that he headed for the bathroom, never realizing that his niece had petulantly slipped an exlax in his food earlier.

Jana sighed. Her revenge on her uncle wasn't any where near satisfying but it would have to do until they got back and she could petition to be assigned as a liason to the Scoobies. Turning too quickly she knocked over the book that her uncle had been carrying around since arriving and a letter addressed to her slipped out from between its pages. Curious and wondering why her uncle had not handed it to her when he arrived she saw that it had already been opened. Quickly opening it herself she began to read...

My Dearest Jana,

Likely your Uncle will try to hide this from you but Tsura assured me that you would recieve it. The Council of Elders and Tsura reviewed the information that Nadya, Nuri, and Tsura all recieved through their gifts. We must ally with the group you have become a part of. Vengence on the angelic beast has no meaning if we cease to be ourselves. It has been decided that as our favored daughter you are to remain with the group and press suite with one or more of them. Bring them into the clan little one. Without them we will not survive the coming turmoil. Tsura says that you have fulfilled the first part of the final binding as a symbol of our clan by the time you read this. I know that this first half of the binding is usually all that is needed and is often quite painful in some way for the one to be considered as the symbol of our people. You are to finish the binding. Follow your heart and it will all fall into place. Let none stop you! Go, go now!

Jana nee Jenny didn't finish the final part of the letter she dropped it and she ran. A few minutes later Enyos would come and read the final portion...

The child was never yours to take, Enyos. By now the binding is complete and our favored daughter has claimed her mate. Our tribe is once more safe...


With these words ringing in his ears Enyos slumped over next to the abandoned pile of luggage, staring sightlessly ahead. He never noticed when a passing demon picked him up and took him home. He never noticed when that same demon killed him before preparing his fresh corpse for supper.

Jenny ran, and ran, and ran. She ran through the rapidly darkening streets of Sunnydale even as her eyes began to burn like acid had been poured into them. She ignored it and allowed both her memory and the romani heart magic to guide her. She only hoped that they would all be there when she arrived...

It took her no more than twenty minutes to bolt across the town but to her it was an eternity. By the time she reached the school she could barely see vauge shapes, enough to open the main door of the High School and navigate the small set of stairs but she was completely blind by the time she reached the Library doors. She collapsed against them sobbing and called for the Scoobies to answer. It took 5 minutes of her hitting the library doors and sobbing for the Scoobies and the recently arrived SG-1 to come out of their research haze and find her. They gently carried her into the library and set her on the quickly cleared research table.

"I'm sorry." She sobbed. "The spells, I..I.. I tried to tell you. *sob* blood bond magic is basic. *sob* told I had to break *hic* ties. Choose. *sob* no choice in choice. *sob* I'm sorry. *sob* Ruruupert.." she broke down crying again but it had been enough.

Ethan, Daniel, and Giles all exchanged glances of understanding. She had tried to be obedient to her family even when they had given her no choice but now she was choosing them over her Romani tribe. Giles shushed the technopagan and gently kissed her on the forehead.

"We have to change the blood alligence or it will go further than simply blinding her." Daniel reminded the other two softly.

"I know." Giles said simply. "Jenny, Jana, do you love me?"

"Ye..*sob*sss." Jenny cried quietly.

"Will you marry me?" Giles asked just as quietly.

"Yes! *sob*" Jenny cried more loudly, now.

Giles looked at Ethan. "You wouldn't happen to have a spare bust of Janus would you?"

Ethan stared at his blood brother in shock which quickly spread into a giant grin upon realizing exactly what his old friend was planning on doing. "Just a mo. I'll be right back with it. You do realize that if we do this, even having a proper wedding later, we all become allied with Janus?"

Giles snorted. "I very much doubt that but its something that we can deal with later. Right now I just want to marry this mad, beautiful woman."

Ethan laughed and quickly returned with a small pocket sized bust of Janus which he quickly set on the checkout counter. He bowed his head before it for a moment as Giles continued to hold Jana nee Jenny before turning back to the group. "I now act in my responsibilities as High Priest of Janus. I have witnessed the bond these two share and see no reason not to wed them. They show the both the dual nature of Janus and the are ready to step through the doorway into change. I ask now if there is any reason why we should not recognize their bond." Ethan waited a moment then nodded before pricking his hand and using the drawn blood to anoint the forehead of Giles and Jana nee Jenny. "I now pronounce you man and wife. Remember that change is neither good nor bad merely different. We recognize your step through the doorway and your change. You may now kiss the bride." Ethan smirked.

Giles looked at Jenny and smiled before leaning down and giving her a deep kiss, sealing their bond and marriage. There was a flash of light and both were suddenly standing under an archway of flowers and leaves inside the library. Jenny was no longer sobbing but instead kissing Giles back passionately, fully healed and the spells now recognizing SG-1 and the Scoobies as part of the tribe, as family. They didn't stop kissing until the others started providing catcalls and tossing wadded up pieces of paper at the two.

"Alright, alright. Enough." Giles said in amusement, batting away a well aimed piece of paper.

"That's one more for the family." Xander said cheerfully. Then a thought crossed his mind that made him pale. "Um, guys? What are Cortana and Mrs. S going to say when they hear about this? Aren't they going to be mad that they weren't invited?" This thought sent a shiver down everyone's spine.

"We are sooo dead." Jon moaned.

Jenny looked on in amusement and then, taking pitty on them offered. "Why do you think we women indulge in multiple weddings? We'll just let Cortana and Joyce plan the big one. This one was more to keep the spell from advancing but no less important. Just as the spell proscribed Jana Kalderash will never see the sunrise again. Instead Jenny Giles has taken her place. Now we only need to deal with those men that kidnapped me, the Watchers Council, and the Mayor of Sunnydale. Life is never boring around you, Rupert." Giles blushed.

"Oh the gunmen aren't an issue." Xander told them confidently. "Willow and I asked Cortana to detain them but practicing on pinpoint shooting them without harming a single civilian was an option we left for her. I think that she remotely operated the Molinar Armor and chased them onto one of our transport vessels. Knowing her she's probably using them to test the internal security and targeting system. She couldn't talk to us but she's been listening the entire time through my new watch." He showed them his watch.

Willow nodded in agreement with a slight smile on her face. "Cortana and I designed a nightmare battlefield for them to navigate all across the lower levels of the Justice. They aren't enjoying having to dodge equipment and weapons that Cortana's running against them. Half of them are already dead and they admitted that they work for the Watchers council so Cortana has targetted all of the Council's air craft and is waiting for us to tell her to go ahead and blow them up. It will be good practice for pinpoint orbital strikes."

Giles looked at his children with a small smile and shook his head. "I had forgotten... but that is only to be expected. I and Dr. Jackson are more alike than one would think. Your costumes, both sets were a bit more diverse. Tell Cortana to leave some of the wankers alive. I do believe that we all will want our pound of flesh, later. For now perhaps some take out..."

The others quickly agreed and they got take out before bundling all of the research books they could manage and everyone else back aboard the Justice...

A/n: Questions? Comments? Thoughts?
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