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Ship of the Line: Ascendant Justice

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Summary: What happens when Xander dresses up as the Master Chief in command of the Ascendant Justice and Ethan Rayne sends costumes of the Scooby Gang to SG-1 for his "special" Halloween?

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween Memories
Games > Sci-Fi > Halo
GenukaFR151423,1512021981,89216 Mar 1322 Jul 13No

Dreams of Vengeance

A/n: Alright is anyone else lurking over this challenge or is it just me? Vianca, thanks for the tip about the ion cannons!

Dreams of Vengeance

Thor stared at his screen. He had viewed the general briefing briefly before leaving the Sol system and downloaded everything on magic and the Halo games that he could reliably find. He was now staring at the proposal that the Justice had provided his people and the what little technical specifications that he could find on the equipment from the Halo universe. While the slipstream systems clearly wouldn't function in their universe, not with the way they functioned... unless... no, that would be madness! But it might be worth looking into. Later. As for this UNSC's cloning technology it held possibilities even with so scant and unreliable of a briefing as what could be found on the Tau'ri internet. As the humans would say, Loki really screwed up this time. Thor only hoped that the High Council would agree to the alliance and agree that attempting to placate the new comers as well as get their cloning knowledge was a good idea, vital even.

If nothing else this escapade seemed to have truly brought home the damage he could do to Loki. Maybe this time he would stay in his cell and actually consider the light punishments they had been giving him in their true light. After all they all wanted to survive but there was still a proper procedure, way, time and place for such things. The younger races had the right to develop at their own speed, unmolested by the higher races.

Back aboard the Justice....

"Are you sure you weren't kinda hard on them?" Jon asked. "I mean yeah, what Loki did crossed a line but he was still trying to save his people."

"Ye... yes, Xander. Wasn't denying them access to the knowledge that you hold which could save them a bit harsh?" Giles asked carefully.

The girls stood quietly to the side discussing the possibility of an emergency shopping trip before Xander and the Justice headed out into the Galaxy to start destroying Goa'uld strongholds. Completely ignoring the conversation now occurring between their 3 men. Cortana, of course, monitored both conversations and calculated exactly how much they would need to beg, barter, or steal to fund both the shopping trip and to supply the Justice. She also adjusted the programing on the ion cannons so that they actually collected the ions correctly.

Xander looked at them with a thoughtful expression on his still helmeted face, they only saw the impassive face of the helmet and became increasingly uneasy, not knowing how he might react.

"Now, why would you think that I would completely cut off such good and advanced allies? I'm just upping the ante a little." Xander's words made both men relax in relief. They did not want to have to learn how to operate all of the new toys on the fly & in combat no less. "Of course that means that I have to limit which pieces I give to earth, at least at first. That and because of the damned TRUST and NID. Wouldn't want them getting any bright ideas." Xander smirked.

"Its to bad you didn't dress as a Starfleet officer, Xander. Then we could have had multipurpose transporters." Jon said casually. "But then we wouldn't have gotten things that we could probably produce now, once you give us the blue prints, and we kinda need the fire power to take out the snakes."

"Hey!" Cortana protested.

"And we wouldn't have gotten this lovely little lady either." Jon quickly added. He did not want Cortana angry at him. He shuddered, there were far to many things that she could do to him in retaliation ranging from lethal to only mildly embarrassing. Yeah, he didn't want to find himself accidentally spaced without a suit.

"I think that we're all due for an ice cream and Twinkie run." Xander suggested. "We just averted a couple of minor political apocalypses, apocolypi? Any way its been a long week and Snyder's probably already expelled the three of us and fired you Giles so I don't relish trying to head back to school. Especially since I'm now more than capable of actually killing that little troll if he decides to start in on us again, and you both know that he will."

"Yeah." Jon admitted glumly. "I would just love to make sure that..." Jon trailed off before an evil smirk started to form and spread across his face. "Hey, girls? Wanna destroy Snyder?" Jon called to the other group. That immediately got their attention.

"We can't kill him, no matter how much we want to." Willow warned. "He's still a teacher."

"We also still haven't found any evidence that he's an oogly boogly. So I can't slay him." Buffy said sadly.

"What if we could still destroy him? No bodies, no death, well at least not on our part, and no slaying? Would you be up for it then?" Jon asked still smirking.

"As much as I should be discouraging this that little troll of a man needs to be taken down a peg or two." Joyce told him firmly. "Rupert? I believe that the children are studying their school work in the lounge. Perhaps we should join them while Cortana runs her simulation?"

"Ah? Yes, I suppose that we should. No, explosives or lethal weaponry." Giles told them sternly before trailing along behind Joyce to establish their alibi.

"Now, how much of a prank war are we going to turn this into?" Xander asked avidly.

"A major one." Jon told him approvingly. "The only thing is we're also going to use it to search his stuff and if we find anything that we can prosecute him for, we grab it and make sure that it gets to not only the right people but to people who will act on it. Agreed?" They all voiced their agreement and the four teenagers started plotting.

A/n: Questions? Comments? Thoughts?
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