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Ship of the Line: Ascendant Justice

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Summary: What happens when Xander dresses up as the Master Chief in command of the Ascendant Justice and Ethan Rayne sends costumes of the Scooby Gang to SG-1 for his "special" Halloween?

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween Memories
Games > Sci-Fi > Halo
GenukaFR151423,1512022183,10916 Mar 1322 Jul 13No

Ascendant Justice

A/n: I looked it up, Halloween was a Friday. Aside from this minor time frame reference I will be minimizing such references since I suck at syncing up timelines aside from "this happened before this but after that and these two overlap..." I just reeeeeaaaally suck at syncing up that actual dates/times so I'm not going to even try it; And yes, I am well aware that I have faaaaaarrrr to many ongoing fics... But musey wants to play with this one. Eh, what can you do?

7035: Ship of the Line == Also I'm being creative as to the definition of ownership for the flagship in this story. In this case the capture of a flagship by the enemy constitutes a change of ownership at least that's how I and the Halloween spell are interpreting it. So, yes I know that the Master Chief was never technically assigned command of a ship, but he did steal one or two that fit the bill. *smirk*

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS, Halo, or Stargate SG-1, much less anything else that's recognizable which may or may not appear in this story. This a work of fiction (of which I make no money) to keep myself and others from going insane.

Ship of the Line: Ascendant Justice

Xander Harris stared in disbelief. The shop owner of the new costume shop had taken down a nigh on perfect Spartan costume and was about to just throw it in the trash! Sacrilege!

"Wait!" Xander said frantically as he rushed over to the man, his name plate said Ethan, who had paused with the costume suspended over the trash can. "I'll take it! I don't have much but at least its something and you won't loose out entirely and youhavenoideawhatthatcostumeisandwhatitmeans!" He babbled, practically assaulting the man to get the costume.

Ethan reeled back a bit at the babble and Xander's attempt to rip the costume from his hands. After pulling the costume from Xander's clutches he examined the boy, giving him a thorough once over. "I suppose..." He said slowly. "But from your reaction, even damaged, I had it in the wrong section of the store." Xander's face fell, now he would never get to be the Master Chief for Halloween.

"Hey, Xander! What's the what?" Buffy bounced over, she already had her costume in her hands. It was a beautiful 18th century dress.

"Nothing Buff. I'm just not going to be able to pull off Herr Snyder's demands is all." Xander told her morosely. "All I've got is maybe 5 bucks, tops. I was hoping to just grab a gun prop and maybe go as a soldier or an undercover cop. The shop guy was gonna toss out the perfect costume and I was too overeager to take it off his hands. Now its forever out of my reach. *sigh*"

"What do you mean you only have 5 dollars, Xander?" Willow asked from behind him making him jump at least a foot.

"Jeez, Wills. Give a guy a heart attack will ya." Xander groused, patting at his chest.

Willow gave him a light version of her resolve face. "What did you mean when you said you only have 5 dollars, mister?"

"My parents forgot to give me food money again." Xander said softly.

"So? Just bring lunch from home." Buffy told him, not understanding. "Can I check out please? I've picked out my costume!"

"Of course, my lady." Ethan bowed his head slightly. "I'll be with you both in a moment." Both men watched the two girls head for the checkout counter with Willow occasionally throwing a worried backward glance toward Xander. When it was clear that the two were no longer paying them any attention Xander turned back to look longingly at the costume again and Ethan went back to studying Xander, this time in a new light.

"Well it appears as if I was mistaken, young man." Ethan told Xander softly with a twinkle in his eye. "I thought that this was not purchased but it appears as if my memory recalls you putting down most of the retainer for this costume early this morning? Of course that single remaining dollar doesn't really matter one way or the other but it is the principle of the thing."

Xander looked at the man in gratitude. "I have the dollar right here, sir! I'm sorry I forgot that last dollar earlier." Xander played along. He knew it was more of a pity gesture and an act of charity but just then he really didn't care. He was going as the Master Chief for Halloween!

"Just out of curiosity. I don't know that much about whatever series this comes from but... is this costume of a hero or a villain?" Ethan asked absently as they headed for the checkout counter.

"A hero!" Xander told him enthusiastically. "I mean yeah, you could probably go as a villain in that get up, a traitor spartan, but I'm going to be the Master Chief! He's the biggest hero in the entire game series!"

"Xander?" Willow questioned, watching them come up to the counter.

"We had both forgotten that he'd paid most of the price for this early this morning." Ethan lied as Xander nodded his agreement. "I had it in the wrong section at the time and he spotted the steal that it was. Now, why don't I ring you all up together to cut down on how much the sales tax will be?"

"Sure." Buffy chirped. "I wanna get back and actually eat some lunch before the Troll decides that we aren't allowed to eat even though he's forced us into servitude."

"I'll pay for whatever is left on Xander's costume," Willow offered. "and we can eat at my place tonight after we've taken the children trick or treating, since Buffy's mom is going to that Gallery thing in LA."

"Yes! Movie night after dealing with the hyper rugrats!" Xander started dancing the snoopy dance much to his companions' amusement.

"How strange young people have gotten these days." Ethan murmured as he rung them up. "Ah, well. At least its a Friday. Enjoy your weekend, and be careful what you wish for, you just might get it." The three paid no mind to Ethan's unusual parting words as they headed back out into the midday sunlight of All Hallows' Eve or better known as Halloween.

Elsewhere in Colorado, USA....

"Welcome back SG-1! Get yourselves checked out. Debriefing in half an hour." General Hammond greeted his premier team's return through the Stargate from a routine survey mission to P3X-895. As he watched SG-1 head for the infirmary he noticed that Dr. Jackson was limping. From the way that his teammates weren't paying it much mind the man must have tripped, maybe twisted an ankle. Hammond shook his head. They were his best team but also the team that came back the most beat up the most often.

"Oh, one more thing SG-1. An Ethan Rayne sent you all Halloween costumes. The note said something about you needing the morale boost after watching the skies for so long. Doctor Fraiser has them so if you want to change while in the infirmary and put off the debriefing until 0800 instead." Hammond informed them with a glint in his eye. "There's just one thing, either you all dress up and come straight to the party in the messhall or you all report for debrief in my office in half an hour."

"I think I speak for all of us when I say, we'll take the costumes, sir." Jack told him before practically dragging a tiredly protesting Daniel and Sam out the door as Teal'c trailed along behind asking. "O'Neill. What is Halloween and why do we need to don special apparel for it?"

Back in Sunnydale 5 hours later...

Xander knocked on Buffy's door and waited until Joyce opened it. She gave him a once over as he saluted, never saying a word.

"My, my, aren't you a handsome space marine?" Joyce said admiringly. "Xander I presume?" At his nod she waved him into the house and called up the stairs. "Buffy! Willow! Xander's here and he looks as battle ready as ever!" The mirth was clear in her voice.

"... I still don't see why you wont leave the uniform open a bit to show off the shirt I lent you under it." Buffy complained as they came to the top of the stairs together. "Well at least its better than that ghost costume that you were going to wear. I'm glad you went back and got something else, Willow." Willow just stood next to ^Lady^ Buffy and blushed in her UNSC uniform.

"It isn't that simple Buffy. This is armor and supposed to protect me in the middle of a firefight. You know, like with guns? *sigh* Never mind. Its just a stupid game." Willow's blush started to fade a bit.

"Well at least you're wearing a Tactical/Trauma Kit on that uniform." Xander said only it sounded more like. "murr ur eest ur airing uh acicle/rama et"

Joyce looked at the young man askance. "I see why you didn't say anything when you got here. I couldn't understand a word of what you just said." Causing Xander to blush beneath his helmet and thank god that he had one.

"I know you're only supposed to wear them with one of the armor suits but he had it in the random accessories bin." Willow blushed again. "Besides my character isn't exactly normal. She's a computer and communications expert but got a crash course in being a field medic. She did so good in the on-site emergency training that her superiors decided she needs to be properly cross-trained and ordered her to get certified. She did and was glad that the Master Chief managed to save her and the others when he captured the Ascendant Justice."

"You made up a back story?" Buffy asked archly.

"Yup. I figured with Xander being the Master Chief we needed to figure out where we were in the timeline and I really wanted us to have a ship for Halloween even if it's a stolen one. Xander's in charge and there are only like 5 other people not counting Cortana since she doesn't have a body. If I remember the date right in the games its September 23, 2552." Willow told her with a grin, then, mindful of Mrs. Summers' presence she asked. "You know, everyone carried a belt knife during the time period that you're supposed to be from Buffy. Why don't you ask Giles if we can borrow one from his antique collection just for trick or treating?"

"guf eyedea illo" Xander agreed which translated to "Good idea, Willow."

Willow nodded enthusiastically. "I even know where Cortana is! She's in the computer of the Ascendant Justice." This single declaration would either be their undoing or their salvation that night and for many nights to come.

"Well lets go pick up the rugrats. The sooner we get them the sooner we can return them and veg out at your place Willow." Buffy told her changing the subject.

"Don't stay up too late and have fun. Do you have your key, Buffy?" Joyce told them as she ushered them out the door and grabbed her own purse and overnight bag for her mini-trip to LA.

"Yes, mom." Buffy said totally not meaning it but still having her house key. Joyce just smiled and shook her head before locking the front door and driving away as the trio walked the rest of the way to school...

7:00pm Ethan's....

Ethan had just closed up shop and smiling about the good profit he had turned on the costumes. He still couldn't remember what had happened to a few of his costumes. He'd found the "gifts" for his and Ripper's old acquaintance Daniel Jackson and 2 or 3 of his friends earlier so perhaps he had sent out the wrong package to "Clueless Jackson" and his few on-base friends. It was a pity since he'd specifically gathered those personal ingredients for a later prank on Ripper and his brood, but he wasn't the servant of chaos for nothing. It was time to start the ritual...

7:15pm SGC, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado.....

"Carter, stop fidgeting!" Jack complained. He was wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt over a T-shirt and some blue jeans as he slouched against the wall.

Samantha Carter glared at her commanding officer. "I don't see why I have to wear this red wig and skirt!... sir."

"You are the only female of our team." Teal'c pointed out reasonably as he examined the stake, knife, sword, and scarf (he'd turned it into a sash) that he had been given for his costume. He was only wearing a pair of pants and shoes along with the weapons and scarf/sash. "I believe that I will enjoy portraying this, Chosen One for the evening." He told them gravely.

"I still don't see why space-monkey gets the leather jacket." Jack sulked.

"We flipped for it and you lost. Besides your shoulders are too wide." Daniel reminded him smugly.

"I coulda tied it around my waist or tossed it over my shoulder." Jack groused.

"Just be glad we went along with your ^get out of briefing until morning^ scam." Daniel pointed out.

"All you did was let me hang onto my blackmail material." Jack told him smugly.

"What blackmail material?" Daniel asked suspiciously. "Jack? Jack. Jack!" Jack made a break for it across the room with Daniel chasing him the whole way just as the spell kicked in...

In orbit a Covenant CAS-class assault carrier carrying the name Ascendant Justice phased into existence in stationary orbit directly above Sunnydale, California. The first thing that Cortana immediately noticed that they weren't where they were supposed to be. She also noticed that the Covenant AI's were suddenly very co-operative. Too co-operative. She went looking for an explanation and was astonished when she found out why. A single line of code had been added to the primary core of the AIs. One line of code.

program "Cortana" = priority Alpha;

"I didn't write that in there, though now that I think of it that's a good way of getting around a lot of the hassle and threat of these Covenant AI's." Cortana muttered to herself. "Now, where's the Chief and what has he blown up this time?" After a moment she found him. He was on the planet directly below her on what appeared to be late 20th century Earth. "That's not possible... Well we better get his ass back up here or we'll never get home. Good thing these AIs are now actually obedient or doing this would be suicide. Lets see transfer to that Phantom and tell the ship AI to stay put while I go get the Chief, aaaaannnd we're good!"

The Phantom left the assault carrier's hanger and headed straight for the transponder signal telling her where her lost Spartan had gotten too...

A/n: Questions? Comments? Thoughts?

Now beta'd by alynambered!
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