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Legal Human Practice

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Summary: Hiei brings something home to his mate that Kuwabara never expected. Series of snapshots of Hiei and Kazuma raising baby Harry. Multiple crossover. Hiatus.

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calikocatFR132424,56887824,21517 Mar 1330 Jan 14No

The Boy Who Was Taken

The Boy Who Was Taken
word count: 609


Harry Potter had been missing for two months, since the night James and Lily had been killed on Halloween. He thought leaving the boy with his relatives had been for the best. If only he'd left someone to watch over little Harry.

At first he'd thought that Sirius had been responsible, but Sirius now in Azkaban for betraying the Potters, had no idea where the boy was.

This was not how it was supposed to be. Harry Potter, their infant savior was supposed to be raised by muggles, knowing nothing of the world of magic. He was not supposed to be missing.

The door of his office swung open suddenly, revealing Alastor Moody, looking very agitated in his doorway. But then everyone was feeling agitated these days. However the heavy breathing was unexpected...had Alastor been running?

“Alastor, what is it?”

His friend huffed and puffed as he made his way over to a chair in front of Albus' desk. “There are too many bloody stairs in this bloody castle.”

Albus smiled. “Come now, don't say that. You'll hurt her feelings.”

Alastor collapsed in the chair. “The old girl can take it.”

He chuckled. “To what do I owe this visit?”

Alastor's magical eye swirled about disconcertingly. “Thought you might want to see this.” He pulled a scroll of parchment from his robes and handed it to Albus. “This just arrived at the Ministry’s Office of Family Records and Bloodlines.” He pulled out a second scroll. The Head Goblin confirmed it and had to approve of the automatic transfer of funds per the Potter's wishes.”

Albus froze; his fingertips just barely touching the scrolls. “...Then Harry Potter has been found?”

“Aye. In Japan. Read the first scroll Albus.”

Albus frowned and unrolled the first scroll.

To whom it may concern,

For your records I have included all copies of the appropriate paperwork in the adoption of Potter Harry, now Kuwabara Hari. According to our sources Potter Harry was abandoned to those of non-magical persuasion. Muggles with a less than stellar track record.
As you know children are our most precious treasure. When a magical child is abandoned in such a way, according to our laws and yours, any who would take him in and give him proper security has a legitimate claim as first come first serve.
The demon Hiei, wielder of the Jaganishi has stated this claim. By demon and Fae law, abandoned children are free for the taking. The demon Hiei however is bound and mated to one Kuwabara Kazuma...the head of one of our nation’s most powerful magical families. Because he was given up Potter Harry had no ties to your society any longer. He is now Kuwabara Hari. Adopted son of Kuwabara Kazuma and Kuwabara Hiei. Any questions or concerns should be addressed to me Minamino Keita. Lawyer and council of the Kuwabara clan.

Minamino Keita.

Albus stared at the official document for some time before looking up into his old friend's eyes. “Is this legal?”

“I'm afraid so Albus, why did you not simply hand the boy over directly? If you had placed him in his aunt's arms this wouldn't have happened. Now a bloody demon has him.”

Albus Dumbledore remained quiet for a moment. “The scroll form Gringotts?”

“Just says that funds for Harry's upkeep will be provided on a regular basis to the family that took him in...what are you going to do?”

The clock struck midnight, the symbol of new beginnings. “I suppose I shall go to Japan and wish the Kuwabara Clan a Happy New Year.”

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