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Legal Human Practice

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Summary: Hiei brings something home to his mate that Kuwabara never expected. Series of snapshots of Hiei and Kazuma raising baby Harry. Multiple crossover. Hiatus.

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calikocatFR132424,56887824,21517 Mar 1330 Jan 14No

Rescue Mission Part 3

Rescue Mission: Part 3
word count: 2394


“I'm sorry, but I don't think I can just let you-”

Keita held up a hand. “As a court official I am already unimpressed with the way you do things here in England. It took entirely too long for the restraining order to go through. Even with proof that Dumbledore tried to invade my client's mind via energy readings and the Pensieve recollection. Now, I have all the necessary documents, and I am more than qualified to speak to the man, and unlike your entire court system I follow procedure.”

The man before him trembled...quite possibly in terror. “He's a monster, a murderer, a devoted follower of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.”

“There was never a trial; he was never even questioned, never given any Veritaserum, and his memories never put into a Pensieve for viewing. The entire thing stinks of lack professionalism and it looks as if you've condemned a man simply because you needed someone to condemn because you couldn't convict the real villain.”

There was a commotion behind him as someone entered the room. “What's going on here? I was told there was some sort of disturbance?”

The clerk let out a sigh of relief and Keita turned to look at the new arrival, a short and portly man in a suit. “Minister Fudge?” Lovely, the highest power in the British Magical Government had arrived. No wonder the clerk was relieved. “This man wants to speak to Sirius Black. He claims he's here as Black's lawyer.”

Fudge paled a bit at the Black man's name and Keita smiled as he handed the Minister a folder. “This is all the necessary documentation. The head of the Kuwabara Clan wishes for a proper investigation. We believe Black to be innocent.”

“Now see here, you can't just...Kuwabara...You're the ones that stole the Potter boy. You-”

“That's enough Fudge.” Genkai's voice was powerful and scolding; as if she were telling a child to stop being naughty. Her eyes were fierce as she stepped into view.

Fudge took a step back. Interesting. “Lady Genkai! What are you doing here?”

“The right thing. I suggest you bring Black here so that we can do what you should have done. You've been so sloppy.”

The portly man gulped. “Ms. Ambassador, please-”

Her eyes narrowed and Keita had to wonder how the man was still attempting to stand up to her. He himself was barely keeping the shakes at bay and he was her ally. She spoke down to Fudge as if he were beneath her. “You know Potter Harry has been adopted by Japan's most powerful magical family.”


“The head of that clan has been like a grandson to me. If you want to continue good relations with our government you will investigate as you should have to begin with.”

Fudge sighed and nodded, smart man. Obviously he knew he couldn't afford to botch up Britain’s relationship with Japan. “I'll have him brought here.”

Genkai smirked. “I will go with the group to fetch him. That way there won't be any accidents.”

Fudge scowled for the briefest moment.


Everything was taking entirely too long and Keita really couldn't understand how the hell Wizarding Britain had survived so long. It made him shudder to think of what Wizarding Japan would be like if the Kuwabara clan had never abandoned them. It was because of the loss of that most prestigious clan that everything changed. It was their society's wake up call. If their oldest and most powerful family could leave out of disgust it was obvious they were doing something wrong.

So they had changed, they had to. The loss of the Kuwabara's had left them crippled. And they became better for it.

A feeling of realization hit him then...what if...Kazuma's grandfather had known all of this would happen? Had the man's precognitive ability been so strong that he knew his clan's departure would bring about the changes and reform their society needed to survive? Had Kuwabara Akira saved their world from extinction by leaving it?

Genkai's sudden presence at his side made him jump and she chuckled. “Figured it out did you?”

He stared at her, still in shock at having put the pieces together. “We owe the Kuwabara's more than we can ever repay them.”

“They won't see it that way.”

“You knew him. Akira.”

“Yes. He was a fool with a heart too big for one man.”

Keita closed his eyes in remorse. “He saved us.”

“And you're repaying him and honoring him now.”

He nodded and took a breath. “Is Black ready?”



Keita looked at the man sitting alone in an interview room at an empty table. His dark eyes were hollowed and underlined by dark shadows and already he was too thin. The Dementors had only had him for a short while. He shuddered and pushed such dark thoughts aside as he put a Pensieve on the table. “I want you to think about the night the Potters were killed.”

Those haunted eyes met Keita's and there was desperate look to them. “Is Harry okay?”

Keita smiled and pulled out a picture and placed it on the table in front of Black. “He recently attended his first New Year’s festival.”

Black stared at the photo, of three toddlers frozen in time, unmoving. Kazuma and Hiei did not have a magical camera...he would have to remedy that. “Who are the other children?”

“Tsuna, his mother is a cousin to Hari's new father. The girl is Sakura; her father is also a cousin.”

That seemed to surprise him. “What?”

“Potter Harry is now Kuwabara Hari. He has been legally adopted by a very large magical family.”

Black seemed to think on that a moment. “He's happy?”


“Then I have nothing to say.”

Of all the stubborn... “I do. I think you're innocent and the head of the Kuwabara clan wants it proven. Do you not want to watch your godson grow up? To be part of his life?”

His answer was quiet. “Yes.”

“Then let me help.”


Placing Black's memories into the Pensieve took little time and he had them swirling about in the marble bowl in moments. “Now, I want you to drink this Veritaserum.” Black looked behind Keita to the men standing against the wall, Fudge and some other officials...including one Dumbledore Albus. “Don't worry about them. Genkai will keep them in line. Right, Ms. Ambassador?”

“Count on it.”

Black's eyes were a little wide at that, but he nodded and accepted the vial that Keita handed him. “Okay.”

Keita put the vial away and began. “Did you kill Potter James or Potter Lilly?”

“Merlin no.”

“Did you kill Pettigrew Peter?”

“I hope so.”

Hmm. “Did you betray the Potters to Voldemort?” He tried not to roll his eyes when several of the men winced.


“Are you a follower of Voldemort?”


Keita smiled. “Were you the Potters secret keeper?”

“No.” That answer brought a few gasps of surprise.

“Who was the Potters secret keeper?”

“Peter Pettigrew.” More gasps.

“Who betrayed the Potters?”


Keita looked over his shoulder at Fudge and the others. “I believe you found the man's finger?”

Fudge nodded. “Yes.”

“Has it been placed in a stasis spell?”


Genkai leveled a look at the man. “I suggest you take a sample from the finger for a locating spell.”

The men stared at her...almost as if they had no clue what she was talking about. Fudge in particular. “A what?”

Keita stared the man wondering how he even got into office. “You don't know what a locating or tracking spell is? What a backwards country.” He sighed. “If Pettigrew is alive we can use his finger to find him.”

Fudge outright gaped. “You can do that?

Oh for the love of the gods. “Even non-magicals use bits of hair and clothing to help them find missing people.” Granted it was so specially trained dogs could find them... “Really. Why don't you know any of this?”


The finger was brought to him in the interview room and Keita quickly cut just a touch of skin from it. He then placed it on the map he'd spread on the table within a chalk circle. Black and the other Brits watched in fascination as he said the incantation and poured the white sand onto the map. It took no time at all for the name of Pettigrew's hiding spot to be spelled out by the sand.

The Burrow.

Fudge paled and shouted for Arthur Weasley to be brought before him...eager to have a new scapegoat. A glare from Genkai calmed him down enough so that the man was brought in free instead of bound.

“What's this all that Sirius Black?”

“Weasley Arthur?”

“Oh, um yes.”

“My name is Minamino Keita. I am representing Black Sirius and the Kuwabara Clan of Japan.”

“Oh, that's the clan that took in young Harry Potter.”

“Indeed. May I ask you a few questions?”

“Of course.”

Keita pulled out another vial. “Would you mind drinking this Veritaserum? It’s very important.”

“If it will help.” He accepted the vial and drank it. “Here you go.”

Keita smiled his thanks and nodded. “Have there been any changes recently in your home?”

“Not as such. There was of course the birth of our daughter Ginevra, though the boys are already insisting calling her Ginny.”

“You have many children?”

“I have six sons and, of course, Ginny.”

Keita smiled. “You are very blessed. My wife is pregnant with our first and she's threatening to make it our last.”

Arthur laughed. “That's what Molly has said each and every time.”

“So there have not been any new additions?”

Arthur looked thoughtful. “My son Percy just got his first pet. A rat he named Scabbers.”

Black jerked as if struck. “Pettigrew is an animagus...his animal form is a rat.”

Arthur looked troubled and Keita gave him a calming smile. “Tell me, is Scabbers missing a toe?”

There was a heavy silence in the room and Arthur was paler than before. “Oh, Merlin. Yes he is.”

Keita met Genkai's eyes and she gave him thumbs up. He grinned at the men next to her. “Well gentlemen, what are you waiting for? You have someone to arrest...” He motioned to Sirius. “And someone to release...and issue a very formal apology to.”


The only reason Pettigrew was caught, forced to change and properly questioned, was because Genkai took charge of the operation. The man was given Veritaserum, questioned, his memories looked at...and found guilty. Black Sirius was a free man and Pettigrew Peter was sentenced. It took less than a day for the news to reach the Daily Prophet.

And it was with some surprise that Keita opened his hotel door to find a man standing outside his room the next day.


“I'm Remus Lupin. I was friend of Sirius Black's.”

Black peered around Keita and gave his friend a wave. “Hey Moony.”

Lupin swallowed and hung his head. “I'm sorry I ever doubted you Padfoot.”

“Its okay, I was blaming myself wanna go to Japan?”


Kazuma and Hiei were packing when they arrived. Keita stepped through the open door and waved to his friends/clients. “It’s done. Black is free man.” He motioned to the men with him. “This is Black Sirius and his friend Lupin Remus. They were both dear friends of the Potters. Now, if you don't need anything else, I'm going home to see my wife.”

Kazuma nodded. “Thank you Keita. I'll send you a check in the morning.”

Keita nodded and left, leaving the two foreigners standing in front of Kazuma. Sirius was the first to approach the tall...well he seemed surprised at Kazuma's youth. “Thank you.” He held his hand out...and Kazuma shook it.

“You're welcome.” He released the hand and bowed a bit. “I am Kuwabara Kazuma, Head of the Kuwabara Clan. I am very pleased to meet you.”

Hiei came in the living room then, little Hari hanging on to his leg as he walked, standing on the demon's foot. When his green eyes landed on Sirius he let go of Hiei and startled to toddle over to the man. “Snuffs!” He cried out in joy.

Sirius grinned, and the next moment he changed into a large black dog, bigger than any dog had a right to be. Hari however showed no fear and simply hugged the beast around his neck with a laugh.

Kazuma smiled at the scene and looked to Lupin. “My home is open to the both of you always.”

Lupin shook his head. “I'm sorry. I can't accept...I'm...I'm a werewolf, you don't need my kind hanging around-”

Kazuma shrugged. “So?” He gestured to his mate. “Hiei is a demon. Keita's cousin is a demon. My best friend is a demon. Japan is different than Britain. We don't discriminate.” He smiled. “I have a cousin who can help you control your beast if you're worried about hurting someone.”

Lupin stared at him, speechless and Hiei smirked. “We'll have to introduce him to Kagome.”

Sirius changed back, Hari in his arms. “Thank you again...give Remus a moment to process all that. He'll be fine. So...what were you doing when we came in?”

“Moving. We bought a house outside the city.”

Remus, no longer looking shocked asked. “Do you need help?”

“Yeah, that would be good.”

Shizuru stepped into the apartment, pushing past the men. Hari waved at her and she accepted the little hand. “So, how did it go? I see they made it here.”

Kazuma shrugged. “Good, you were right about sending Genkai with him.”

“Little brother, I'm always right.”

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