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He is the law, well tonight at least.

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Summary: Another one shot, this time YAHF inspired by one of my favourite comic book characters.

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Comics > 2000 AD > Judge DreddPhyscochimpFR1315222142,14017 Mar 1317 Mar 13Yes
AN YAHF. I thought I’d give it a try. Oh, and I own none of any fictional universes mentioned.

Xander stared up at the costume in front of him. Dark, strong, and from what he could make out way beyond his price range. This fitted perfectly with the theme of his day, especially with his practical emasculation at the well-meaning but annoying hands of one Buffy Summers, whom he had spotted fawning all over a crappy looking noble woman’s dress to impress Angel. ‘I’m sure he’ll be *dead* please to see her dressed like that’.

Chuckling darkly at his thoughts Xander was completely surprised by a quiet cough from directly behind him. He turned around quickly to see the store’s owner looking bemusedly on at his customer’s expression of shock.

“Ah, I see you’ve found my masterpiece then”

“Yeah it is kinda cool; it looks a lot better than that one Stallone had in the movie”

“Don’t talk to me about that rubbish, this one is rather special. It was a special order but the chap unfortunately cancelled a couple of days ago”

“Really? I mean I totally agree about the movie, but still this is really nice. Looks just like the ones in the old comics Giles showed me”

“Ah yes well, for another fan I can make you a special offer. $20”

“Sure!” and with that the teen reached into his pocket and removed his wallet and the single precious $20 bill it contained. He rapidly paid the smirking store owner and left with his new purchase, missing the almost manic look of glee in the owners’ eyes as he began to close up his shop. The second he had finished closing up Ethan made arrangements to stay at a hotel that night thinking that it would be better to be far away if he, no *when* he came calling.

3 Hours Later

Spike gripped the terrified noblewoman around the throat and smirked at the helmeted figure who faced him,
“All right mate, this is how it’s gonna go. You put down the gun or I kill the girl!”

The figure did not reply merely raising his weapon and drawing a bead on his opponents head, using the shockingly bright hair as a target point.

“Wot the ‘ell are you up to? I said I’ll kill her!”

“I heard you hotshot”


“I said, Hotshot”


The last thing Spike ever heard was the crackling of flames as they immolated his body from the inside out. His last thought however was how that at least he wasn’t alone. His killer had taken out his wanker of a grand-sire in front of him just moments before.

Scant seconds later a dizzying wave of energy flooded across the now bullet scarred Sunnydale; Judgement had come and found it wanting.

The now fully restored slayer looked over at her friend. Her…tall, unshaven and heavily armed friend.

“Xander, who the hell were you?”

Xander turned and looked down on the Slayer, whilst his lip curled into a smirk.
“The Law.”

AN Just watched Dredd 3D on my new TV. Buy it. Seriously awesome film.

The End

You have reached the end of "He is the law, well tonight at least.". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking