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The War of the Witches: Tara

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Summary: A story about Willow, Tara, and Dawn living in San Diego after Buffy’s death, and how they met The Charmed Ones. Set during the future (now past) where Phoebe is going to be burned at the stake.

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Charmed > Tara-CenteredTLCdemonFR1512,5920463819 Mar 1319 Mar 13No
Summary; A story about Willow, Tara, and Dawn living in San Diego after Buffy’s death, and how they met The Charmed Ones. Set during the future (now past) where Phoebe is going to be burned at the stake.

Disclaimer I only own the characters that no one else does.

Willow walked into the room Tara and Dawn following close behind. It was a large underground factory. There were people of all different ages and religions living inches away from each other. They had watched everything on the news from the second it began. One of Tara’s friends had been raped by a famous baseball player. Janis, a fellow Wiccan that Tara had met just when she, Willow, and Dawn moved to San Francisco, after Buffy’s death.

A new Slayer had been called to take Buffy’s place and unlike Buffy she was very much in favor of what The Watcher’s Council had to say about “civilians” Giles, Xander, and Anya stayed behind. Since there was nothing for the three girls to stay in Sunnydale for once Dawn graduated High School they left. The same could not be said about the other three; Anya with The Magic Box, Giles as the new Watcher, and Xander being married to Anya.

Willow had been offered a job designing software for a gaming company. She had discovered that all of the knowledge she had about killing demons and other such Hell Mouth life she could create some pretty fun games and some scary monsters that were rumored to look a lot like fairy tale creatures.

Tara had decided to open a Magic Box in San Diego seeing as it was another place of mystical divergences. Dawn had of course gone to college and was studying to become a Teacher.

Janis had asked Tara to come to the trials with her and her partner, Phoebe. Since opening The Magic Box San Francisco Tara had met almost every single witch that lived in the large city, seeing as The Magic Box was well known in their secret World as being the best for magical needs. Anya had made quite a name for herself. Her new business had created a great way to meet with other people like her. She was one of the most known witches in San Diego, and Willow was even more known because of her silly game and enormous power.

Tara had met Janis the same way she had met almost all of her friends, at work. The first time the other Wiccan had come in had been her second day of being open.

“Hello welcome to The Magic Box!” Tara had noticed that unlike Sunnydale the opening day of a magic store was not a town event and the first day had gone by quite easily. Of course everyone had told her how they had heard of the store through an acquaintance. San Diego was different from Sunnydale.

A rather skinny blond walked through the door as the bell rang, she was followed by a burnet who was just as skinny, but had larger breasts. The store was an exact replica of Anya’s. “Hi!” The blond walked over and held out her right hand. “It is so nice to see a new store in town, and I hear you moved here from Sunnydale! How lucky we are to have a fellow demon fighting witch in town as well.” Tara allowed her hair to fall in front of her face.

Phoebe rolled her eyes she hated how Janis would bluntly ask questions that let the person in question know that she had already gossiped about them.

The Sunnydale witch was nervous; no one else had asked her about her personal life. All of the other patrons only ever asked for help with a spell or an ingredient. All she could do was nod behind her wall of hair as she shook hands with the older blond witch.

“Well that’s settled, I like you… what was your name?” Phoebe walked up next to Tara in order to take some tension off of the shy girl, and patted her on the back. “I’m Phoebe and this is Janis. Don’t let her scare you, she only listens to the good things said about people, and believe me girl alls people have to say about you is good.” This made Tara smile.

“Hi… I’m Tara, Tara Maclay.” She turned back to the blond “And what can I help you with today?” She had her lop sided smile displayed.

The woman leaned back on the balls of her feet and began to think. “Well I think we need to refill the newt droppings jar at home, Piper would be glad, but really I came to talk with you. I am the head of The San Diego Coven of course and as such it is my duty to welcome new Witches to town. You do know of The Laws don’t you? Any witch needs to announce themselves to The Coven Head of any territory one is entering, you don’t have to join us, but you do have to check in with me every now and then as does your roommate.” She had heard rumors that the two “roommates” were lovers, not that it bothered anyone in The Magical World. She was gay, and she knew how touchy people could be about their personal lives.

“Well we are involved with The Coven in Devon. Do I still need to check in with you though?”

“The Devon Coven? Only the most powerful… Sorry, I had not been told. And yes, you do still need to check in with me.” Janis was surprised no one had told her of their previous affiliation. The Devon Coven was known throughout The World as the elite. This Coven had been made especially for the extremely powerful witches, a way to more closely monitor them; almost every member was a high up in The Witches Council. The strongest of priestesses in The World was their head priestess.

Piper was pretty ticked with her sisters. This was their entire fault. She understood Phoebe’s reasoning, but Prue… Prue was a different story. She had used magic to get rich, and that was a horrible thing. Piper was sure Prue had, finally, been the one to mess up, and now the whole World was dealing with the Karma.

She was standing in the corner of the large room, the room she had volunteered at for the past few months, ever since her sister decided to kill that man. She had escaped the tyranny of The Witch Police, and was not known as a witch. She still felt angry though, not at Phoebe, but Prue. She watched as a familiar face walked in with a blond late twenty year old and a blond early twenty-year old. The familiar face was that of a dirty red head woman with a slim body. The three were covered head to toe in dirt.

“What on Earth happened to you?” She laughed at the three. Tara had purposefully stayed away from The Charmed Ones, except for the occasional help from Phoebe and Janis when a demon was giving them trouble. Willow didn’t really need any help dealing with demons any more though. When they had first moved it had been a different story. So the friendly nature that Piper was speaking in was surprising. She was used to being the one who knew everyone. Willow being acquainted with someone she wasn’t was not surprising. After all when people talked about the most powerful witches of their day “Willow” and “The Charmed Ones” were always mentioned.

Debates would usually follow about how Willow was powerful by herself, while The Charmed were only powerful together. Tara hated when people talked like that around her, as did Willow. Willow wasn’t even sure how people could think she was powerful.

Willow giggled. “Well ya know those pesky Witch Hunters! Their smelly little robots! Tara was smart and figured to go to the stinkiest place in town! Chased us into the dump! They just came, busted down our little shop door and chased us! No rights read or anything! Chasing us through the streets like criminals four days we have been on the run.”

The three didn’t look depressed at all. They seemed like it was a normal day. “Don’t you worry I’ve been telling everyone it’s probably just that Ginger Bread demon!” She waved her hand like it was nothing. “Last time it got the whole town in an uproar tried to fry me and a few of my friends, extra witchy style. We stopped him though. Not before Amy turned herself into a rat… oh no! Amy! Tara, we left Amy in her cage!”

“Don’t you worry dear.” She patted her lover on the back.

“Ya Will, they’re looking for witches! Not rats! Wait what about witches turned into rats?” Dawn laughed.

Willow rolled her eyes. “I’m more worried about who will feed her… What can they do put her in another cage?”

“Anyways…” Piper was confused she wasn’t sure if they were talking about having someone in a cage, or a rat in a cage? “What are you doing here you guys should be running! You own a magic shop for Christ’s sake; you will be on the black list for sure. Not to mention Willow is like a nerd celebrity! You’ve been on all those talk shows about how you are a Wicca! You already told me about the rumors that you’re gay…” She was getting frantic now. “And Tara, every witch in San Diego, hell, in California knows you.”

“Oh don’t you worry about us… This is nothing compared to the Hell Mouth.” Dawn patted the woman’s shoulder. “I’m Dawn by the way.”

“Y-yes Mrs… Miss Halliwell. We are fine. Everyone told us this would be the safest place to go.” Tara hid her face behind her hair. “May I ask how Janis is?”

“We were able to remove her from the hospital before they started the raids, the raids you three were involved in.” She pointed back to a curtained off room. “She’s giving orders from her bed as we speak.”

Sitting through the trial had been hell so far for Tara, it reminded her of things that had happened to her as a teenager, but she kept the memories in the back of her mind as she listened to one of her good friends recite the events that had happened. She could feel Phoebe’s anger, her small body would shake uncontrollably when something particularly horrible would come up. The trial had of course made national news, and the cameras were always pointed in Phoebe’s direction.

This had scared Tara at first, she and Willow were very secretive since a few lesbians had gotten raped or beaten to death a few months ago. Somehow the murderer had found a list and gone and killed every single one on the list before the cops caught him, thirty women. The World had devolved people hated gays more than ever. Probably the reason why so many didn’t really care about the rape, more about the famous baseball player and that the accuser was openly gay Wiccan.

“Mrs. Halliwell where had you been only hours before the supposed event took place?” The defendant’s lawyer asked.

“Objection!” The ADA shouted.

“Continue with your questioning.” Tara knew what was going to happen next. The man would probably get away with it, especially since there was no evidence and the only thing they could prove was that they had been on the same street. The defense was that the baseball player had only walked down the street, and the woman had seen it as an opportunity to get a settlement and make some money. Most everyone believed this.

“I’ll repeat my question Mrs. Halliwell where were you on your way home from?” The balding man asked again.

“I am not ashamed of my heritage I was at a Coven meeting.” Janis would never openly announce that she had magical powers or any such nonsense, but normal people knew about Wiccans even if most Wiccans are not true witches it is still a commonly known religion.

“And what exactly may I ask were you doing at a Coven meeting?”

“No you may not ask.” She laughed with tears still falling down her face.

“Answer my question you are under oath.” He was pointing at her.

“Oh very well… I am not ashamed of my religious beliefs I am a Wiccan and every week on Tuesday nights my Coven has a cleansing ritual, it was at my friend’s house.”

The man sighed ‘finally’ he thought to himself. “And what is your role in this Coven?”

“I am the Head Priestess of the San Diego Coven.”

“And that is your occupation? How much money do you make?”

“Objection!” The ADA yelled again his fist coming firmly down on his table. He was appaled that such a notion would be used to expose the victim’s religion. In the Judge’s Chambers they had debated about allowing the defense attorney to question her about her religion, but since they’re whole argument had been made about the woman’s money they could ask these questions.

“Over ruled, go on.” The Judge waved his hand as he took notes.

“It is my occupation, though I am not at liberty to discuss my personal income, I can however tell you that my wife who writes makes enough money for both of us.” That was it. Tara and Phoebe had begged her to tell them how much money she got from The Witches Council, but she refused because it could lead to questions about where the money came from. The Witches Council was a secret organization that ruled over all of the Witches in the World. They handled the magical law breakers, and their laws were Universal. No matter what country you lived in.

A few days later the Jury was coming back with their verdict which was of course not guilty, and the man walked free.

Later that night Tara got a call. “Tara? Is that you or Willow?”

“It’s me. What’s up Phoebe?” She recognized the other woman’s voice immediately, though it was a lot more sad than usual, and that was saying a lot.

“Well you remember that time I helped you and Will out? Well I’m calling in that favor.” Willow began to reach her arm out to her lover searching for the comfort of the warmth the blond gave, and when she felt the empty bed she awoke to see her wife on the phone.

“Okay, it better be important.” She knew it was.

“You and Willow meet me at the Hospital in two hours.” Tara’s eyes went wide.

“Who is in The Hospital?” Willow shot up out of bed at hearing Tara speak those words; to Scoobies hospitals were worse than cemeteries. Phoebe hung up the phone before Tara could ask again.

Tara walked to the curtain and pulled it back allowing Willow to walk in first and leaving Dawn to go get cleaned up by herself.

“Tara! It’s good to see you! And Willow! How grateful am I to see you two!” She tried to jump out of the bed but the doctor sitting next to her stopped her from doing so. “We’ve been searching all over for both of you. Looks and smells like you’ve been dumpster diving.” She laughed as the two shrugged. “Well now that you’re here we can break Phoebe out.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "The War of the Witches: Tara" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Mar 13.

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