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Jack O'Toole Vs Draco Malfoy

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Fan Art

This story is No. 5 in the series "Buffy/Harry Potter". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: What happens when Jack O'Toole from the episode The Zeppo in Season 3 encounters none other than Draco Malfoy?

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Harry Potter > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersBuffyKaibaHuntFR71256031,04219 Mar 1319 Mar 13Yes
Hey there! Here's a new Buffy/Harry Potter fanart crossover I decided to make one day. Hope you like it. :)

Disclaimer: Genius Joss Whedon owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer. J.K. Rowling (also a genius) owns Harry Potter. I own the fanfics I cook up from time to time.


Basically, when Jack O'Toole runs into Draco Malfoy (along with Crabbe and Goyle) one night in Sunnydale, this is what happens:

Jack: (to Draco) I get my buddies together, we're gonna kick your butt 'till it's a brand-new shape.
Draco: (coolly looks Jack in the eye) Ooh, not very friendly. (to Crabbe and Goyle) Boys, I think it's time we teach Jack O'Toole here how to respect his superiors.
Jack: (now surprised as he's realized who he's talking to) How did you know my name? And what did you mean when you said... (suddenly realizes what Draco means when he notices the meaningful sneer on Draco's face) I hope you don't mean 'yourself'.
Draco: (narrows his eyes as he looks at Jack) How dare you talk to me! Filthy little Mudblood.
Jack: What did you call me just now?
Draco: (takes the initiative and pushes Jack onto the ground instead of pulling out his wand) I called you a 'Mudblood'. It means 'dirty blood', and it's a foul name for someone who's Muggle-born. Someone with non-magic parents. Someone like you. (Jack is too shocked to get back on his feet, or even come up with a good reply to what Draco has told him, while Draco himself just sneers at Jack.) At least I noticed you were there, of course.

Pretty awesome, huh? I think so. And nice feedback is appreciated, of course. :)

The End

You have reached the end of "Jack O'Toole Vs Draco Malfoy". This story is complete.

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