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I Will Destroy You...

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Summary: Falling through space and time a reformed Psychotic is thrown into a strange new world.

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Anime > Naruto
Games > Sci-Fi > Mass Effect Trilogy
TjinFR1523,1231124,71421 Mar 136 Nov 13No

Young Biotic

(Unbeta'd Sorry)

Watching as the pervert left Jack turned her gaze back on the trio she had just saved, the two boys seemed to be struggling with strange Tattoo’s they had while the pink haired one simply looked on with concern, snorting at that Jack took a step towards them before the adrenaline she had been working with finally ran out, her last sight before blacking out was the two boys falling unconscious leaving their safety in the hands of the pink haired cheerleader.

Not a situation that left Jack with warm fuzzies as she finally faded out.


Groaning in pain as pain pulsated through her system Jack grit her teeth for a minute before pushing the pain away, it was rare that she overexerted herself, but when she did the backlash was something that would leave Alenko begging for his migraines again.

Forcing herself to open her eyes Jack was surprised to find herself inside a hallow of a tree, it seemed pinky had been good for something, of course the fact that the girl had managed to pull not one but three people all heavier than herself down out of the tree’s and into some semblance of shelter was nothing to scoff at.

Sitting up as she held her head Jack blinked at the sounds of combat outside hit her and sent her racing out into the woods in terror of the pervert returning, she was shocked though at the sight of pinky biting a much larger kinds arm even as he smashed a fist into the girls face, smirking at that Jack swore that she would get the girl inked as soon as they got back to some form of civilization, spirit like that deserved to be recognized.

Stepping forward Jack was preparing to draw on her scarce Biotic powers to assist when her omnitool beeped to warn her that others were approaching, she really hoped that they were friendly as she was currently running on empty and needed at least a week to get back up to full power.

Thankfully the first to arrive was a boy with a rather unfortunate dress sense and even worse haircut as he zipped in and managed to snatch pinky out of danger at the last second, smirking at that as she stepped back to watch Jack shook her head at the green spandex clad kids antics, he obviously had the timing to play the big damn hero part, but he was seriously lacking in style to pull it off.

Watching as the fight progressed and more joined the fray Jack turned back to the two unconscious kids and applied Medi-gel to the two, the dark haired kid actually took three as the strange tattoo kept absorbing it before finally fizzing away leaving a scar tattoo on the kinds neck, deciding that the freak must have used some strange ink or tried to poison him Jack simply propped something soft under the kids head before heading back out.

Getting outside jack was surprised at the rather large crowd that had gathered, all told thirteen kids were standing around trying to act like hard asses, the trio in the camo pants seemed to be the aggressors and after a seconds consideration Jack threw a massive Warp out and grinned at the panicked screams as everyone began to float against their will.

Stepping into sight the Psychotic Biotic let out her best grin as everyone finally took notice of her, it looked like it was time to teach these kids a lesson.


Sitting in the politely furnished room Jack frowned, while nice as far as Interrogation rooms went it was still an interrogation room, and that was something jack had seen plenty of in her time and she really had no desire to see any more, but the old man had sent her here and the kids trusted the old man.

And so here she sat, telling her story over and over again to the rather polite blonde as he stared at her intently while holding some strange device in front of him, finally blinking he nodded once before standing up and exiting the interrogation room.

Stepping out of the room Inoichi Yamanaka blinked several times as he rubbed his forehead before making his way to the observation lounge, greeting the Hokage Inoichi bowed once before launching into his report, “her story is while unbelievable as true as she can make it, there are no indications of memory swaps, embedding or psychosis past the obvious,” he explained before pushing on, “her otherworldy experience defies explination for anything outside of Kami’s direct intervention or an absolutely massive space time Jutsu, neither of which h she is aware of,”

Taking a moment to collect his thoughts he pressed into the next Subject “her meeting with Orochimaru was within the forest where she also first met the members of team seven, in fact there is no mention or recognition of Orochimaru within her mind at all instead labeling him under ‘Pedo-freak that I will destroy’ while team seven is labeled under ‘Loud Yellow, emo black and pinky’ of all things” he explained before moving to the next issue “Her abilities are those of a teacher and front like combatant, while she does not know any Jutsu she is considered a legend in her own world for her ‘Biotic’ abilities, an understandable situation considering she managed to stand against one of the Sannin.”

Moving some papers over to the Hokage the eldest Yamanaka leaned back before he continued “her abilities come from an unknown element she calls Eezo, or element zero, her Chakra coils are horrifically underdeveloped according to a Hyuuga expert called in to advise,” he said before setting another image next to the first “In fact the only other record we have of anyone’s Chakra coils being this underdeveloped is one ‘Rock Lee’ a genin under Might Guy whi is currently in the chūnin exams.”

Sucking in a lung full of smoke Hiruzen looked the two prints over carefully before glancing back at one of his most trusted Jōnin “Can Rock Lee learn these ‘Biotic’ abilities?” he questioned as Inoichi set another paper onto the desk.

“While Jack considers herself ‘Decent’ at training young Biotics as an outside observer listening to conversations going on around her, it is my opinion that the Administration considered her to be a rising star in educating, looking over how her students managed against the ‘Reapers’ I have to agree, if anyone can teach Rock Lee it would be her.” He described her training regimen and several of her teaching strategies to the ‘Professor’ before pushing on “actually I would recommend several of her teaching plans to be implemented into the academy immediately, at least on a trial basis” he said as the older man nodded as he read over the notes.

“I will put you in charge of it, two hours every week unless you are needed for a mission, this will be an ongoing C-Rank mission,” he said before tapping the paper “What about these ‘Implants’ of hers, if they are needed we will need years or more before Rock Lee can even begin training, and to pour all that effort into one Ninja, when no one else will even be able to use them.” The older man’s question was asked sadly as he knew how much Rock Lee trained to better himself despite his challenges.

“While the implants enhance the biotic power and allow them to be ‘Projected’ they are by no means the only source, certain drugs that she knows about allow them to use biotic powers, though with limited effect due to the detrimental side affects you can expect from most drugs, training is another option though from her memories those have a steep drop off in returns after a certain point,” he explained before setting another item down “The best option seems to be from the ‘Hanar’ a species of aquatic beings that use Biotics for everything from communication to locomotion, they found early on that certain rare stones and elements can boost Biotic powers to an ‘acceptable’ level without the need of implants. Stones and elements that we have access to, while it would be expensive I believe that the total cost to Rock Lee would be no more than a High-B low-A Mission, and that could be subsidized though the Research groups.”

Nodding at that Hiruzen signed off on the research request before moving on, “observe her for a week, I will be withdrawing Rock Lee from the Exams pending the outcome of her observation, should you still feel she is no threat then release her and get her set up, chūnin grade teachers pay with an upgrade to Jōnin if she succeeds.” He ordered before signing another order “Have Anbu detail a watch on her for the next three months” he said before leaning back.


Jack frowned as she received her ‘Order’ to train a young possible Biotic, for a moment she considered refusing, just flipping everyone the bird before heading off to find a way back home, that all came crashing down when she finally laid eyes on the kid, so much hope and pain reflected back at her from his eyes Jack felt her inner Bitch wither away and die almost immediately.

Glaring at the blonde that had given her the request Jack promptly flipped the older man the bird with a scowl before stomping over to the kid and opening his file and what she had to work with, looking the kids file over she glanced up at the teary eyes man he had obviously modeled himself after before shaking her head, the green spandex and bowl cut would have to go.

Stopping in front of the boy Jack sighed “Alright Kiddo, first things first this-“ she declared as she projected biotic energy from her implants to cover herself in blue flames “-Is Biotic Energy, pure unrefined Eezo combined with the will and life force of a living being, it allows for a wide verity of abilities,” she explained before waving her hand towards the bigger man “While nowhere near as flashy as your Ninja’s abilities it is far more destructive when used correctly, or incorrectly.”

Throwing the energy at one side of the training field she allowed the warp field to rip up a half dozen trees before detonating the energy, needless to say the boys eyes grew in wonder as the trees exploded into kindling.

“After talking with your Hokage he has given me permission to train you in Biotics, that comes with some very strict rules” she said snapping the boys attention back to herself “Rule one, What I say goes, if I tell you tie your arms behind your back and do pushups with your mind you will do it. Rule two, you will not train, play or use Biotics outside of when and where I tell you to, If I hear you training outside of my classes I will drop your ass and personally shut down your Biotics forever.” She ordered and waved her hand to cut off the boy and his mentor’s protests.

“This is not like Jutsu, your Biotics respond like your muscles you overtrain your muscles you get twitches, you over train your biotics you blow up some poor kid on the street. This is non-negotiable” for a moment it looked like the kid was going to protest some more when the older man set his hand on the boys shoulder.

“Listen to her Lee,” the flamboyant man said seriously “the Hokage himself has choosen her to teach you in a skill I can not even learn, a skill that will show the world what a splendid Ninja you truly are.” He explained before looking towards the sunset with tears in his eyes “It would be most unyouthful to ignore her teachings” the man said as he cried drawing tears from the youngs boy as well as Jack looked on concerned,

Glancing back at the Blond that had given her the job the bastard simply shrugged before walking away with a smile.

For a moment Jack was tempted to throw a warp at the guy before shaking the feeling off and turning back to her student.

This was going to take a lot of work.

The End?

You have reached the end of "I Will Destroy You..." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Nov 13.

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