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A New Balance

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Summary: Being the Hokage does mean meeting some interesting people when they wish to move to Konoha. This new group though was certainly unique. Especially when they claim ties to some powerful clans.

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Chapter 3

Naruto belongs to VIZ and Buffy belongs to Mutant Enemy. No copyright infringement is intended. Fanfiction is, in my opinion, free advertisement. There are many things I've bought because I enjoyed fanfiction that crossed into a new fandom. I encourage everyone to purchase these products.

A New Balance - Chapter 3

"Madara Uchiha died a long time when this village was still young. I was a child then," Sarutobi said loosing all semblance to kindly old grandfather that he normally had.

Jessica smiled bitterly, "How old do you think I am?"

Sarutobi looked her up and down, aware that she was not under a genjutsu, all the experience he had with Tsunade assured him of that. "40," he guessed suspecting she had to be older than she looked unless she'd been a child bride since she was standing next to her son who was at least 20.

"I am 80 years old," Jessica stated calmly, ignoring the shocked looks from her son and his friends. "My aging has slowed down consistently since I was around 20. I'm not even sure if that's when it started. I don't know if it was a side effect of what my father did sending me away or because of the strange chakra that permeated the very land where I ended up or even if it was the combining of my bloodlines, maybe even some combination of those things. Even returning to the Elemental Countries, regardless of whether or not I start aging normally, won't tell me."

"Mom," Xander said staring at her a slight wobble in his voice. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I saw no need to unless you started showing signs of aging like me. Most people think they'd like to live forever young, but... Did you know Sunnydale has half the the average life expectancy of the rest of the country? Everyone dying around you of strange injuries. I'm a Uzumaki, even without any real ninja skills I'm much harder to kill than the normal civilian. It's part of why I started drinking. However I knew even as a child that you had inherited that strength from me. And there was something about the land there, it wouldn't let me leave, anytime I got far enough away something would happen and I would have to stop and eventually return. Remember your road trip when you were 18? You got almost twice as far as me before you were eventually pulled back."

Xander's eyes widened as many things in his life suddenly made sense. From his childhood never having to go to the hospital when his father hurt him. Or as an adult when he was hit by a troll hammer, that thing was powerful enough to hurt a god but he was able to get back up after being hit by it.

"I'd hoped you had only taken after my mother's family because you'd shown no signs of being like him when you suddenly had his eyes… His red eyes…"

-Flashback- Nightmares s01e10 afterwards

Jessica wobbled a little as she moved through the hallway to her room after getting another beer from the fridge. She paused as she saw her son through the door to the bathroom… Alexander… He preferred Xander, she recalled while swaying slightly. She stared at him as he was staring at the bathroom mirror with his reflection staring back at him.

"My eyes," he was muttering over and over.

And suddenly he was staring with red eyes. Jessica gasped. With a grace of foot she hadn't used since she'd been a child she fled as quietly as she could to her room. Shutting the door firmly with a soft click. How, she chanted in her mind. He'd never shown any signs of the sharigan. She'd been so scared when she'd realized that she'd gotten pregnant during a drunken one night stand that she'd create another monster like her father. The sick relief she'd felt when he never fought back against his father. And now… Jessica placed the beer can onto her dresser, sat down on her bed and sobbed, gasping for air as her silent cries shook her entire body.

-END Flashback-

"Why didn't you tell me when you knew I could never be a normal civilian?" Xander asked, his hand grasping the hand of his companion tightly.

"I was scared," Jessica said, her eyes gazing into his and all those watching knew she still was.

End - Chapter 3

Reviews inspire me!

Sorry this chapter is a little shorter than I'd like. But I'm happy because I'm working on more than one story! I'm trying to finish some of my stories and this is in my top three.

I'm trying to put Jessica's betrayal by her father between Madara's defection from the Leaf and before the battle at the Valley of the End. Please let me know if her age would be wrong for that. Getting a good Naruto timeline is hard. I'm cross-referencing 3 of them for this as it is.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A New Balance" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Apr 14.

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